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You were living a calm, happy life together with your father on a small farm, when one sunny day your life completely changed. Malicious bandits raided your home, burnt it to ashes and your father went missing. A darkness has now fallen over the whole country, and it is up to you to set off on a dangerous journey to places you've yet to explore, overcome your fears and search for your father in the greatest adventure of your life to become the Hero of the Kingdom!

  • Fulfill quests
  • Gather herbs, hunt and fish
  • Collect sacred artifacts
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 134 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Hero of the Kingdom


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Hero of the Kingdom

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Hero of the Kingdom 4.1 5 193 193
Hero of the Kingdom Despite the poor initial review, I tried this game and by and large I like it. Its more of an adventure/strategy with embedded hidden objects than time management. There is no timer so it is an easy game to to pick up and put down and go back to. December 21, 2012
Hero of the Kingdom Well, not as bad as the first review made it out to be. Lots of hidden things to find. Lots of people to help. This game isn't the greatest I've played but it has its fun factor. And keeping up with who needs what and where to get it is a pretty good challenge. All in all....I liked it. December 21, 2012
Attention to detail This is a clever game and there is a lot to do at each setting. You do have to pay attention and look around. Often, when your cursor is hovering over an object, it will show the name (for example, "eggs", "Crayfish", etc) and you can collect it. I had no trouble generating income to continue the quests as needed. The storyline seems interesting, and I will be buying this to see how far I can get. With no time limits, it's a fairly laid-back adventure. Keep an eye on your energy and always have a little food in your pack. The artwork is very detailed, so be sure to examine each scene closely! Clicking on the lines of dialogue will make them go faster. December 20, 2012
Good game I liked this game. It had quests to perform, and different ways you could go about earning money, such as fishing or hunting, and then trading items with multiple merchants. You could also earn money without spending any heart points by finding items people lost, simply by clicking on them around your screen. That being said, it is a very simplistic 'rpg' with basic graphics. But I am of the thought that game play is more important than graphics, so I am okay with that if the game is interesting. I moved through the different screens pretty quickly, even though I only played the demo, and it seems like it is a really short game, although I didn't buy it...yet. Even with the simple, fast game play, and the apparent shortness of the game, I will probably buy it because I like this kind of game. It is remotely similar to Cute Knight Kingdom, although you don't build up your character at all. You just perform quests for various people you meet while you try to get closer to the bandits who kidnapped your father. To the reviewer before me: You CAN skip the dialogue by clicking on the words themselves. They highlight yellow when your cursor is over the words, and you can click on them to continue. I will agree with you, however, that the hint system isn't much of a hint system, but I didn't have any trouble navigating the game, so it didn't bother me. I only clicked on it to check on what you had said. December 20, 2012
An interesting RPG/Adventure game This game held my attention throughout the demo. Initially there is some hand holding as you familiarise yourself with actions, but it is quite easy to figure things out. New locations open up gradually as you progress. Navigation and interaction is very nice. There are directional arrows and a map becomes available, allowing you to transport to any previous location. Interaction is highlighted, e.g. exclamation marks for talking/undertaking tasks, a moneybag shows merchants and farmers where you can buy and sell and so forth. A green tick confirms interaction, while a red cross tells you that you are missing inventory items. Clicking on the cross opens a box that shows what is missing for that particular interaction. As you journey and fulfil tasks, you gain fame and rewards. You also need energy which is replenished at camp sites. Some tasks will require a certain amount of fame and energy to fulfil. Some actions create change elsewhere, so it is worth revisiting previous locations. Treasure and artifacts can be found, but you need to be eagle eyed. While the graphics are crisp, some things are very small and can be hard to spot. All in all, I am interested enough in this game to spend a coupon on it. December 21, 2012
A pleasant little game Yes, there is a lot of reading and not a lot of hand holding. But, if you read carefully and use the hint button and think a bit, you can get on in this game. I'm not much of a point and click gamer but I liked this one and purchased it using a game credit. Yes, it's pretty obvious that English is not the first language of this designer; but the phrasing errors did not affect my ability to understand and play the game. Try it for yourself. December 21, 2012
Different but fun I like this game. It's not a huge challenge but there is a lot going on all the time and it is different than the other games I've played. It has a bit of time management; you have to sleep and eat in order to complete tasks, and you have to manage the order in which you do things as it will affect what you are able to do next. It has a bit of hidden object; there are items in each scene that are not exactly hidden but do take some searching to find. You click on these items to collect them. At first there is buried treasure, edible mushrooms and herbs for making healing potions, and as you progress and pay attention to the dialogue you get clues to other items that can be collected, hunted or fished for such as eggs, flowers, poison mushrooms, deer, bear, fish, algae, alligators and lots more. These items can be eaten, sold or used to help characters you meet and to complete tasks. As you complete tasks more scenes are made available. This game also has a bit of adventure / strategy game play; there are lots of characters that you encounter and interact with. Early in the game you get a map that has only the areas that you have been to so far. You have to return to previous scenes (areas) regularly to search for new items to collect and prey to hunt and fish to catch as you become aware of them. There is a bit of strategy involved with when to sleep and eat and what to sell and what to purchase at the right times etc. It is a good idea to keep notes from the start as to where you can rest (sleep and eat) including what type of food the rest area requires, also record where to find other important areas are such as places to buy and sell items. These places are, for instance, a farm that sells vegetables, a woman who buys groceries or a hunter that sells hunting supplies and also purchases animal pelts. These places are scattered all over and you have to revisit them many times throughout the game. It comes in handy to have a list of what each place buys and sells and how many gold coins they cost or pay. The map is useful when you have to revisit places as each scene (area) has a title and the map can be used to jump from one scene to another without having to retrace your steps each time. I bought the game after the trial hour was over then continued to play for a few hours that seemed more like one hour. Judging by the amount of map that I have uncovered I'm almost half done. I recommend that if you like TM HO or Adventure/strategy games that are not too advanced, give the demo hour a try. I'm glad I did. I'm sure my grandkids will enjoy it too. December 21, 2012
Something different ... Old School This game takes me back to the "Old School" quest games from the 80's and 90's. You have an obvious mission but need to collect resources and treasures in the mean time #foraging in the woods and as your skills and weapons progress, hunting and fishing# and also complete side quests. Hints are readily available and very clear, although I didn't have reason to do so, the quest is pretty straight-forward. The main problem for me was the dialogue... it is a bit drawn out and lengthy. You have to click on it each sentence to move through it, I didn't read half of it and instead just skimmed it to get the info I needed. Other than that, I enjoyed it and finished it rather quickly. Simple, predictable story line but I likes the nostagia factor. If you want something a bit different from the same old formula of Hidden Object or time managment games... give it a try. December 21, 2012
A Different & Fun Sort of Adventure I am very glad I didn't listen to the first review of this game because I really enjoyed it. I play a lot of rpg (like Aveyond) as well as Time Management games, but this one was a complete surprise. There are many side quests to keep you going in addition to the main quest. There is a handy hint button but if you use it too much, you miss a lot of quests and the game will be shorter. December 30, 2012
This is a Quest type game which does get better despite first impressions When you start this game there is an awful lot of reading to do and the grammar and spelling are ... ahem .. not the best in the world and initially you are told exactly what to do and a lot of people are put off by this but I say persevere at least to the end of the demo because I did and I am very glad that I did. The gameplay is very similar to Island Castaway in that you have to fulfill different quests for different people and your energy needs to be restored by regular food and rest. As you progress on your journey following your father's kidnappers, each new place appears on your map and you can jump from one place to another with just a click of the mouse. You can carry a HUGE amount of inventory items but you will need to sell some as you will require gold coins so look out for buildings which have a sack hanging over them, you just have to find the right one according to what you want to sell. Some of these items can be found lying about the map and, be warned, they are miniscule LOL but once you know what you are looking for they seem to stand out and my old eyes didn't have a problem spotting them. The length of the game is excellent I have been playing most of the day and just when I thought I was getting close to the end I was given another load of quests to fulfill. It did fill my widescreen and I left the music on playing quietly in the background. December 20, 2012
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Hero of the Kingdom

Your home has been raided. Your father is missing. Set off on a dangerous journey to save him, and become the Hero of the Kingdom!

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