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Once upon a midnight dreary, as Lorenzo slept, weak and weary, the carnival master's star performers, Harold and Eliza, went missing! It’s up to you, an expert in the arcane and supernatural, to track them down. From the lair of a powerful alchemist to the mythological creatures of the Zephyr carnival, embark on an adventure through a world of magic and mystery. Will you save Harry and his wife, or will they be Nevermore? Find out in Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 8.0
  • Hard Drive: 538 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems


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Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems

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Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems 3.5 5 59 59
A surprising WOW! Based solely on playing the demo. This is NOT your average many of the other reviews state, this is more of a puzzle game than anything. But certainly, at least in my view, not typical. The graphics and music are fantastic and really do serve to move the game along. Interesting game premise too. Not overly simplified either - these puppies make you THINK! Would HIGHLY recommend this game for any skill level July 11, 2013
Had Me Backwards The music is relaxing. The story was okay. Good game for kids and adults. It took me a few minutes to realize the info when clicking on something was in a band below instead up at the top of the screen. The hint button told me exactly what to do next. The puzzles were fairly good. On the easy side. The graphics were very good. The flow of the game was okay. I would probably make this one one of my free ones on a rainy day. I founding the game some what relaxing. Some Hos and some interaction with atmosphere or animals would have been nice. Maybe on the collectors?? December 24, 2012
Puzzles galore I think I've seen this game before, I demoed it at least a year ago and have been looking for it. this is not a HOG A very good puzzle adventure beautiful artwork with loads of color puzzles [tons of them] range from easy to hard. I'm a puzzle lover and I had to finally skip a few. The game had several find 10 of this or that no map but no to much backtracking helpful hint button so if your a puzzle fan and tired of all gray games, give it a try I think you'll enjoy. December 26, 2012
Adventure Game Two circus performers are missing and feared kidnapped by an evil witch. Review based on 45 minutes of demo time. No junk pile HOs. Find 10 jewels; 10 pieces of a ripped up painting; find an occasional tool; that sort of hidden object scenes. Lots of puzzles; many are more difficult that the average hidden-object-puzzle adventure games. I skipped some of the puzzles because I wanted to get as far as I could during the demo time and some of them were going to take quite a while to solve. December 24, 2012
Great fun - creative, imaginative, interesting! I have just finished the demo and will be purchasing. The storyline is interesting, just a bit "spooky" (If you can deal with "Hansel and Gretel", this is just fine.) There are two difficulty levels. (I played on the Casual level.) The graphics are very good, with lovely, bright colors, There are good voice overs for dialogue and a very good hint system. In places where you are "checking" to see what something might reveal to help you, there will be a written comment in a banner above your inventory. There is a really good journal that stays open to where you last read an entry. The mini-games are unusually creative, imaginative and intriguing. If you want to skip a mini-game, you can. The music is both beautiful and relaxing. I believe the length will be quite good; based on the number of entries to be made in the journal, and how many I had gotten through in the 60 minute trial. (I was just a "smidge" past one-quarter.) I did skip one mini-game and took my time admiring the beautiful scenes. If we could give half-stars, I would give this four and one-half. Lots to enjoy - have fun! December 24, 2012
Fun puzzle game Just finished this game, have to say I really enjoyed it. Not much of a HOG however there are a handful of scenes that requre you to find some certain items such as 10 coins etc..these are presented in smaller windows in the middle of the screen so those with smaller moniters may want to check out the demo first. The puzzles in the game range from somewhat simple to head scratchers that you may want to skip here and there, I myself skipped maybe 10% of the puzzles and this only after fiddling with those few for sometime as some were just a bit too frustrating and there aren't any achievments for not skipping etc... Puzzles feature pipe navigation, color wheel manipulation,sliding tile puzzles,fitting pieces into boxes correctly,manipulating tiles allowing the piece to slide out the center, some math rotating dial puzzles and a few other ones. I thought the story was pretty cool and a bit darker from the norm I think playing so many HOG and puzzle games you tend to expect stories to be similar and even though this still was a bit darker with a small twist. Graphics are decent for what they are very nice hand drawn and the voiceovers aren't too bad. The game is a stretched widescreen like so many games, I wish more companies would just make all games widescreen considering most of us have widescreen moniters. All in all it took me about 3-4 hours finish the game wasn't really keeping track but had I not have skipped puzzles I would give it a solid 4 hours so not too bad. Check it out. December 26, 2012
Entertaining but not for HOG players I read some really critical reviews but they seemed way off base. Linear game play was smooth with excellent puzzle challenges. Game has a couple match 3 style puzzles that gave a bit of change of pace. The story line was easy to follow with the occasional help of the colorful bird character. Graphics were pretty good and objects needed for game play were easy to spot. It is a bright and colorful game. I did have a technical issue with the bird room not displaying backdrop of the screen but all the important objects were clearly visible to complete task. Help function did not give exact details of what needed to be done but gave enough information to get me going back in the right direction. Voice-overs were clear and were not at all amateurish. The overall game play was a little shorter than most games I've played but I did not lose interest by having to spend time doing none essential task like running all over the place. Location changes were smooth and quick. In the end I am glad I purchased the game instead of going by some of the bad reviews. December 27, 2012
Almost Forgot Why I Bought It... I didn't get the chance to play this game until about 2 weeks or so after purchase because I had some issues. But once I began to play it again, I wasn't sure why I chose to buy this one. But the more I got into it, I remembered. The storyline was an interesting one and a cohesive one. The "happy ending" was bittersweet. It was fun to play because some of the mini hidden object scenes were ones in which you had to find maybe 10-15 of one item. The mini games were somewhat challenging for me. So that was good. The visuals were sharp, as I like it. Overall, I think it was a good purchase. I see that this game has mixed reviews. So make sure you take advantage of the 1 hour trial on this one. However, I still recommend it. March 4, 2013
Terrific PUZZLE game!!!! If you are not a fan of puzzles then this is NOT the game for you but it IS the game for ME!!! The only hidden object lists were ones you find multiples of like find 6 valves or find 5 wrenches and the rest of the time instead of list hidden object scenes, you were solving puzzles!! I absolutely adore the concept of this game. So refreshing to have a pure puzzle game instead of lists!! The puzzles were some of the same ones we know but with a twist and also some newbies. The puzzles do repeat because you have to go back to the same places to do tasks sometimes. I only skipped a few puzzles as I cannot stand the ones where you have a board with one tile missing and you must slide the tiles around until they are in the proper spaces. There was also a few tricky math ones I just could not work out but the skip button refills and on expert, it took about 2 minutes but that was enough for me to try a puzzle and either do it in that time or give up and just in the right amount of time before Id get frustrated! The story of this game is a lost loved one but an evil witch turned the hero into a phoenix parrot like bird that talks to you and leads you. The hint button is helpful because when pushed, it gives you a synopsis above the inventory of where to go. Only thing about this game is that there is no map but I never felt like I really needed one as there isn't a lot of backtracking. The crimson gems did break the curse but there really that many of them. I thought Id be collecting them for awhile but that part is quite short lived and the rest of the game is doing puzzles either to open doors, do spells, make things, take things apart, help out others. I just love that this is a PURE puzzle game and so well done!!! It is so refreshing to play a game that gives you puzzles to open things instead of finding keys, bas reliefs, animals, helpers to do it. If you want in, you have to use your brains! The developers are GI. I think I have heard of them before but can't think of another game they do and can't find a website that would tell me. Anyways, this is a job well done! The story was interesting and the puzzles were unique and I felt so accomplished solving them. On expert there are no sparkles even on puzzle scenes! So nice when developers actually make it hard for people who want it hard. I really enjoyed playing this game and I can only hope other developers realize that although a lot of people love hidden object games (me me!!) that its nice to have an adventure game too especially a pure puzzle game for us puzzle fanatics! Kudos. It ends satisfactory and I definitely recommend this to puzzle fans!!! November 9, 2013
Enchanting puzzle adventure! Not a HO in sight... TITLE?Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems VERSION?Standard Edition (full game) DEVELOPER?GameInvest GENRE?Puzzle Adventure (dark fantasy) STORYLINE?Your reputation as an extraordinary investigator of the arcane and supernatural has preceded you! Lorenzo, ringmaster of the traveling Carnivale Zephyr, has hired you to discover the whereabouts of his star performers, Harold and Eliza, who've gone missing. He suspects Abigale Usherton, because she's been harassing Harold. Plus, the locals say she's a witch. So, off you go to Usherton Manor to save the day! OVERVIEW?This is not a HOG, although there are places where you're asked to find 10 pieces of a painting within a small pop-up window. This is a pure puzzle adventure game. And there are lots and lots of puzzles of all types. The length of your game largely depends on how long it takes you to solve the puzzles?and how many you skip. GAMEPLAY?Standard point 'n' click travel, collect items, and investigate areas of interest. This game doesn't lead you by the nose, so be prepared to fire some neurons and utilize some memory cells. You'll collect items for use here and there, solve a myriad of puzzles from simple to complex, but you won't be trolling through junkpiles. INTERFACE?The black bar is at the bottom, just above your inventory, which takes a bit of getting used to. You have a journal and a hint meter, and there are two levels of difficulty. There's no map, but you don't really need one. Each puzzle comes with directions, accessed by mousing over the question mark icon. There were a couple of puzzles where the directions weren't entirely clear, but I did manage to figure out what needed to be done. TECHNICAL?No issues. GRAPHICS?Enchanting hand-painted backgrounds help to immerse you into the game's universe. The use of color is stunning. In the find objects scenes, there are a few that are difficult to see, but not enough to warrant subtracting from my rating. Suffice it to say that the contrast could have been a bit better. Slight warning: there is a rather gruesome depiction at one point. You might want to keep the young ones away from this game. CUTSCENES?Jittery animation and no lip synching, but they are well-detailed. MUSIC?Honestly, other than during the titles, I didn't notice it, and I did have it turned up. SOUND?Appropriate and not annoying. VOICEOVER?Fairly well done on the part of Abigale. Harold was a bit melodramatic, and Lorenzo's accent seemed a bizarre combination of Inigo Montoya and Arnold Schwarzeneggar. There are subtitles and you can click through. SUMMARY?This is my first experience with this developer's products, so I don't know if they have other games, but I give this one a hearty "well done." It made a nice change from HOGs and FROGs and really stretched my brain by offering some difficult puzzles. I did find it a tad short, but I did skip a couple of the really challenging puzzles. Since there was a lot of substance to this game?instead of repetitive HOs and backtracking?I won't downgrade for length. I thought the graphics were beautifully done and I'm interesting to see more from this dev. I recommend this game if you like puzzles. February 25, 2013
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