Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper

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A man shows up on your doorstep asking you to track down the woman he loves. It would be just another "missing persons" case, except the only thing you have to go on is a crystal slipper... and the man is a prince from a mysterious, faraway land. Can you find the woman who captured his heart but then vanished? Or will this fantastical land push your detective skills to the limit? And do you really get to ride a unicorn? Find out in Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 810 MB
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  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper


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Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper

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Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper 4.2 5 72 72
Great Game - Highly recommended I won't rehash things people have already said. I did love this game because of the way they handled the HOS. Yes, the graphics are beautiful and pretty much everything i dislike in other game was absent here. :P The fact that Giselle's name was pronounced differently didn't bother me. We Americans must get used to the fact that all our great games are produced in other countries. For all we know we may be pronouncing it incorrectly. :angel: Anyway i loved the game and hope for more like it. I wish i had bought the CE and perhaps i will. :thumbup: :thumbup: I highly recommend this game. February 2, 2013
No Darkness - What a treat! This games was fun, even a little silly. But that is what I liked best. With the glut of dark, creepy AHOG's out there over the past bazillion years, this was just fun. It was a good combination of linear and "having to think about it." There is a lot of hopping around, but the map can be used to travel, tells you the tasks that need to be done at each location and even provides "reminder pics" to help remember the place. Puzzles wise, they were pretty easy. But, that was in line with the good-spirited fun this game is all about. A cold Saturday pleasure.. . February 1, 2013
LOVE THIS GAME Unlike any other HO game I have played. The hidden object puzzles aren't your typical hunting down the item game. You place pieces of items with other items. graphics and music are also so pretty and magical. I want more games like this!!!! February 1, 2013
Disappointing - only reason it's getting 4 stars - there are collectables in the SE! *I finished the CE - plot 100% tied up in this SE version* I don't do like or love but out of 5 stars. This game should have been named ?jumble mess of every fairy tale? as it would have been more accurate. At the beginning I thought it was the tale of Cinderella with a twist but then the plot just got truly bizarre. Nearly every character in a fairy tale appeared and then throw in some weird animals and that?s your plot. Sometimes this all works out but not here, it was all over the place and I couldn?t make heads or tails of the whole story. Yes the animals were well done and some cute but it was like there was 3 different plots going on at one time and none ended up making any sense or working in harmony together. If they took the animals and did that in another story that would have been good but all those other fairytale characters showing up made no sense at all. Especially at the beginning, I felt like they were trying to copy a few other developers which makes no sense as they are the leaders and are the best of what they do, so it ended up being subpar for my taste. Some of the early outdoor graphics reminded me of some older boomzap games, and the princess is called Isabella (there is a series of games called princess Isabella from another dev), then there are the animals that don?t quite make sense so that felt like an ERS game! After the gorgeous graphics of nutcracker and the 3D stunning graphics of unfinished tales comes the flat weird graphics especially outside at the beginning: The graphics did get better as it went along but didn?t understand why they didn?t stay with their usual top of the line graphics. Their recent grim tales, stone queen game they?ve done the same. The scrolling transporter map sometimes took 3 clicks to get into an area as you had to zoom in (being careful where you place the mouse) on a larger area then it brought up all the rooms. It does give a picture and a list of objectives that have to be completed in the area. It would be great to have a more customisable hardness setting, and on the map to be able to click on and off for map tips. All three modes of play are their usual and you can change midgame which is good. 14 HOS For the first time elephant hasn?t done straight list type and here they are all the reverse kind. You get an item in your inventory and you have to place them in the scene. This is my favourite kind of HOS and I actually take time and enjoy them rather than trying to random click my way through some scenes if they are junk pile or just don?t want to do a HOS. I think one or two were junk pile but the rest was more cluttered but some well done. You never repeat any HOS in any elephant game. 24 Puzzles I class puzzles as one that has a skip button on them as there were plenty of interactions. They all were very easy to easy maybe a couple of medium hardness in main game. We aren?t stupid so I don?t know why they are now going down the road of going easier and easier, just like everybody else. I get very bored when puzzles are so easy and frankly don?t want to do them. They did have some good twists on some of them so at least those were a bit different to play, but I wasn?t really loving them. I don?t mind so much easy puzzles if they are really different and one well but they mostly weren?t. I also don?t know why there have been loads of fairy tale games from elephant ? one after another. I hope that isn?t the future from them as while I don?t mind a fairy tale for a change I liked elephant games as they were neither dark nor super girly and did straightforward tales like MT or surface and they were harder and in a few places (especially the map) this felt a bit too girly for my taste although the other fairy tale games didn?t. I didn?t like this game at all at the beginning (due to above) but the last 1-2 hrs were the best and the graphics and even the plot seem to be slightly more focused again. Don?t get me wrong most of the gameplay was quite good and good in places, which is why I am recommending the SE. Yes it?s me, an avid elephant fan ? my favourite developers and I haven?t been invaded by aliens I was going to give this game 3 stars but I went in and noticed the photo collectable is available in the SE which is the first time they have done this since MT raincliff. PHOTO COLLECTABLES (SPOILERS ahead as to what it actually is) Basically you take a photo of every animal you see but you have to be careful of timing as if you do certain things with some animals or creatures they disappear and if you miss one you've missed it. I didn't like that on hardcore mode there was a camera icon on a creature that you can take the photo off, there was no challenge whatsover but for a SE it's something. To view them click photo album in main menu. I didn't accurately record my time, but it was over 4hrs but I don't think it went near 5hrs (on hardcore mode). This is playing time not including breaks etc. January 5, 2013
great game for the younger kids I had not demoed this game when the CE version came out but just did so with the SE. This has a very fairytale theme with the opening segment straight out of Cinderella. Then it is somewhat followed in a room with a spinning jenny remisiscent of Rapunzel. Shortly after that the demo ends. There are no standard HO scenes so far. Rather than finding a list of items, the items are given and must be placed appropriately within the given screen. There are a few puzzles in the demo and all are really easy to complete. There is a camera given to the player and pictures are taken of certain animals. I don't know if this is relevant to the game or if it's just an aside. Based on what I've experienced with DQ:TCS, this game should hold significant appeal to kids under 10 who enjoy this sort of game. I cannot see where the CE is viable but the SE seems to be priced right. If it were not for the appeal Slipper should have for kids, I'd pass on it. Having said that, I'll pick it up and play it with my grandson. January 5, 2013
Cinderella with a twist! I played the SE demo of Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper and I was having fun. The graphics are beautiful, bright colors with many cute animals as well as the strange evil creatures lurking around. The adventure begins when the prince summonds you (the detective) to find the woman who stole his heart and then left the ball before he could find out who she was. As you search the kingdom on a unicorn you encounter dangerous creatures fought off by your hunting team of royal dogs. There is a map that allows you to travel to different locations as well as provide tasks. The HOS is reversed giving you the items that you need to place where they belong in the scene with some interactions to the next objects placement. I really enjoyed the puzzles although not difficult some of them were time consuming. Another feature of this game is a photo collection in which you are provided with a camera to photograph various animals during your journey.(pay attention to the photo icon when encountering animals because you only get one opportunity!) A fun and relaxing game. January 21, 2013
Fun Game This is a well produced game that is fun to play in part due to the wide range of strange characters you run across. Really clever! Game play is OK with too much back-and-forth for my tastes, but that seems to be the trend, And there are some not so obvious (to me) use of objects. (I would have rated it five stars otherwise.) At least there is a great map that shows where tasks are needed to be done, and it allows jumps. The HINT button also gives exact instructions. The HOS are all reverse - put back objects. The puzzles are mostly simple. Don't judge this game by the demo. It's much more than that and is quite long. January 27, 2013
VERY DELIGHTFUL GAME What a delightful game! You?ve been hired to find the prince?s true love with only her slipper as a clue. You find her early on, so you know there?s going to be a lot more involved here. Many fantastic locations and things to do. Bright, crisp and beautiful graphics. Personalize the game your way: set your own gamma value, choose whether you want special effects and set the volume for music, effects, environment and voice and choose casual, advanced or hard mode. Pleasant voice-overs and an interactive map showing where you have actions to be currently taken. Moderately challenging ?put objects into the HOS where they belong? ? but it?s not always obvious what goes where. Nothing dull in this game. Upbeat music to go with an attractive, fun and entertaining game. May 13, 2013
Make a List In the old days of adventure gaming one made their own maps with items of interest/need noted for each area searched. Today gamers have come to rely on the jump maps to do that for them. This game?s interactive map does AND does not. It does show you where things need to be done and even the objective within that location...BUT....the gamer needs to remember (make a list) what missing item(s) are required in each location. And, there are a lot of locations in this game. The gamer must also be willing to visit these areas multiple times as there are numerous what I will call mini-quests in each area. Meaning that certain things need doing to open the next avenue of progression but they are not necessarily done one after the other. You WILL be back. (Note that the hint button tells one EXACTLY what needs doing where, but this gamer dislikes relying on the hint button even while admitting to its use....multiple times after not making said list early enough in the game) Overall, I liked this game. As a slow player who stops often for other things, it played out at 6 or more hours over 2 days. That it was purchased as a daily deal made it well worth the price. And, for an SE I was impressed by both its length and the photo collectibles. (Of which, I missed several so will likely play it again.) I can add nothing useful to the already well written reviews of the graphics, gameplay, sound etc. However, while the basic plot was adhered to throughout the game, the sheer size of the world often left this gamer hunting without much logical flow other than get to the next map location to see what follows. I did not mind the HO?s or the mini-games, though I did skip a few because I am just not good at them (a follow the thimble game near the end, for example). I did quite like the water cup game once I figured out what I was doing?something a little different from the connect the pipes game so often used. On a side note, you can find your relation to a previous princess in one of the mini-games twice visited in the first chapter of the game. It is not, howsumever, required to know this in order to progress?just a note for those trying to figure out the connection. Being an older style gamer (Sierra, Lucas Arts, etc.) this adventure was quite up my alley and I recommend a trial to see if it fits you as well. January 12, 2014
Nice Game I really liked that some of the puzzles were different from the usual but they could have been a smidge tougher. Overall, a lot of fun! I would buy it again. January 5, 2014
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Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper

Push your detective skills to the limit in a fantastical faraway land and find a prince's lost love.

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