Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

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You come to the city library to investigate the case of three teenagers gone missing. It turns out that the former owner of the library, the Alchemist, kidnapped the souls of three readers and planted them in the book “Romeo and Juliet”. They are to live the lives of the main heroes but you can stop the tragic ending! Wander the gloomy halls of the library, travel to the medieval streets of Verona, discover the Alchemist's insidious plan and save the children!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Chance to wander Shakespearean Verona
  • Engaging storyline
  • Amazing art
  • Bonus materials
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 873 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

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Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

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Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition 4 5 82 82
Oh, How I Love These Devs !!!! Excellent HOPA! Explore the library and surroundings and help to save three missing teenagers: two boys and a girl. For that you have to change the ending of classics books (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet) in which they are trapped. Just a happy ending will bring the teenagers back to real life. Great story, perfect graphics, awesome music, very good VO, amazing locations, excellent ambiance of classic stories. Good amount of HOS, and they are different: you have to place objects in the scene. Mini games are fun with good challenge. Three play modes. Interactive map (you can go to another location simply by clicking on it). Four chapters and bonus chapter. I played only 20 minutes and I bought the game! Highly recommended !!!! January 20, 2013
YUP....IT'S REALLY GOOD This is so much fun, I don't know where to begin! I love the creepy puppet...every time it jumps out on the screen, I just about wet myself! And the premise is pure fantasy, too. I mean, when was the last time you heard of teenagers going to a library? The music is pretty good, too...nice and spooky. The graphics are amazing, naturally, with an offering from this developer (my favourite); I even let them play out in each scene (usually I skip that part). The HO scenes are different from the put items back rather than finding them. It also seems like there will be lots of areas to investigate, although I have only played the demo so far. I really like the story itself...nipping back and forth between Shakespeare's time and the cannot use items that are anachronistic...LOVE IT...I find this game so clever! You are trying to rescue the victims from Romeo and Juliets' fate by changing the books you encounter and when the characters speak they are using English accents and diction and saying things like "Paris is odious" makes you wish that all teenagers could take a time trip to the Elizabethan age! Please buy this game...I want the devs to continue on their creative path. Oh, also, the journal is good and there is a task page...hints are useful, and mini games good so far, but not too tricky. January 20, 2013
REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME I feel really bad for the people who have boycotted this game because it does not have Achievements or Collectibles. What a shame to miss out on this incredibly good game. I strongly urge them to make an exception and overlook those two things, just this once. We all thought The Nutcracker could not be surpassed. We were wrong. This game is just amazing. They have taken Romeo and Juliet and made it their own, again, and what a sterling job they did. The ending of the main game was something I wished would happen, but never dreamed would. It was just so delightful and satisfying. Yes, you get to rescue the victims, but you also get something else. Something even better. The graphics are just superb. The villain is horribly sinister and his sidekick is like something from a nightmare. So brilliantly designed. There is and excellent jump map, in scroll sections, because the whole thing would not have fitted on the screen, there are that many locations. You get an owlet as a helper, to get you things that are out of reach. The cut scenes, dialogue and voices are done to perfection. The iHOS are the return objects type only, but they are very good. When you do not have to use the map, the navigation is flawless. I would like to give a special thank you to Mr Shishmakov for the beautiful music this game has. He got it spot on and it is so good to listen to. The puzzles are not easy and you need patience, but they are fun. They even threw in a Match 3. All the locations are labelled on-screen, something I particularly appreciate when there is more than one direction to take in a location. The main game took me 5 hrs and I loved every minute of it. It ends well enough, but could be misleading, as it seems to indicate that there will be a sequel. That is why the BC is necessary, to finally put an end to the evil one. What a BC it it too. It uses another book, not by Shakespeare, but about someone we are all very familiar with and have played a game based on before, and it is a cracking chapter. Again, they have taken a well know and popular story and adapted it and made it terrific. It is just over 1 hour long. A 6 hour game from one of the best, if not The best, devs in the business, who really deserve the highest praise. I would just say to them that if they read the reviews here and in the game forum, they will see that they are losing sales when they do not include Achievements and Collectibles. I myself care nothing for them. I do not need a pat on the head and I always forget about collectibles anyway, unless they are integral to the end of the game and are prominent and I can always go back to find one I have overlooked. But many players demand these inclusions are are upset when they do not get them, especially from Elephant, and will not buy the game. I have no problem telling Elephant that they "rock" or "rule" whatsoever. In my book, they do. Nor do I have a problem "gushing" or "raving". When you get a game of this quality, what are you supposed to say? "It was fine. I liked it?" Thank you very much and thank you BF. January 21, 2013
Something Different at last This is an Elephant Game which are always very well done in my experience and this one is no exception. There are 3 game modes and I am playing on the middle one which is quite challenging but not impossible or boring, I have only just played the demo but already bought the game because it's different to the usual..........Find the key to open the door type of this game we have to change the story in famous books so that they have a happy ending. The graphics, voice overs and gameplay are all extremely professional and I for one can't wait to get back to playing the game. January 20, 2013
Great Adventure Game - Shakespeare not Spooks! If you liked the Grim Tales series, you will love this one. Another HOPA hit for Elephant! Gameplay provides good balance of adventure, HOS and puzzles. Three students go to the library and disappear into a book - Romeo and Juliet. The Shakespeare connection caught me right away. Not spooky, in spite of game title. Interactive HOS where you place items into the scene, a nice change. You get to use your brain as well as your eyes. Interesting puzzles. Not too easy or too hard. Both HOS and puzzle content relevant to game. No bowling pins! Great teleportation map with tasks for each location, so travelling required does not become a chore. Graphics are good, although just a tad grainy in HOS. Colourful, even though it's another story that takes place at night. (I prefer an occasional bit of blue sky!) Hint is useful in HOS and also tells you what to do next. Gameplay covers a large area so the extra help comes in handy for those of us without perfect memories. Didn't find any need to consult SG, so will probably wait for the SE. Music varied and appropriate to moment. Cutscenes and dialogue not too long or intrusive. If you don't mind going to and fro and enjoy occasional HOS and puzzles, give it a try. You won't be disappointed. This review is based on one-hour demo only. Will definitely buy this game. January 20, 2013
Romeo, Romeo, do you want to study math or biology? I love books & have often wished I could climb into them. This game reminds me to choose my book carefully. Do I really want to be Juliet? Or my true love Romeo? The find where the item belongs scenes calls for some patience. After only 26 minutes I knew I had to have this. The hints are helpful as is the strategy guide. Jump into the book with me, the best is yet to be. January 20, 2013
No morphs or achievements, but a really good game! This game is just wonderful from the time you click "play". The beautiful artwork Elephant Games is known for, atmospheric yet not overwhelming music, smooth game mechanics, very good storyline that's well integrated with gameplay, fine voiceovers... it's all there & it's all good. 3 playmodes will likely cover any level of challenge you like, with an interactive map, & a task tab with a little extra info instead of a full journal. HOscenes so far have been replacing rather than obtaining items, & the adventure aspect of this HOPA is primary. The storyline is quite good, & without giving up much, you'll encounter a freaky psycho who's carrying on conversations with his disturbing clown handpuppet - which totally creeped me out - & has a bizarre plan to place people into literary works & make them live out the story, ultimately to their demise. So we've got kids who went to a library & ended up inside the pages of Romeo & Juliet - & we all know how that ended - so we must somehow change the outcome of the story so the kids escape the fate intended by this "Dr Demento" of literature. I've only played the demo so far, & the game is so good, with so much to do, it's already enough to know i will own another great game from this favorite developer. I've held out on clicking "Buy" for a full 30 minutes due to lack of CE extras like morphing objects, extra finds, achievements. I want & mostly expect something like that in a CE, and yet... sigh... I think my brief protest is about to end, being overwhelmed by the power of a great game. Dev's, take note: you've been virtually picketed for a little bit more in your CE's. And now i'm off to buy this fine work, which i highly recommend to anyone who's looking for what promises to be a really good time. Enjoy you're gaming, folks! January 20, 2013
Elephant Games have done it again!!!!!!!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the demo and will be purchasing! Love games that are a bit different and this one fits the bill. First HOG: you have to place items from your list to where they should go on the picture. Not a hard game but very satisfying to play. Good storyline and, for me, worth the CE. Unfortunately no collectables or achievements. Will let other reviewers go into more detail as they are much better at it than me!!!!! Def. recommend this game!!!!!! January 20, 2013
Finally, a good story line! FINALLY! A HOG game with a real story line! I enjoy HOG games, but this one is a twist; match the item instead of find the item (and they are not extremely difficult). The premise is also refreshing; instead of hunting ghosts, you "fix" the tragedies to a happier ending. The graphics are clean, nothing to dark so you can't see anything, but you do have to think and remember where things are, which is also a nice touch. I'm on my way to purchase the game. ENJOY! January 20, 2013
Love It Finally, a game with a bit of challenge. I hate having every move handed to me on a silver platter (as it were). There are some genuinely creepy characters, with a good story line. The graphics are somewhat fuzzy, but I find this adds to the ambiance. The HOS are replace the item, and that's always fairly easy, but at least it's not irritating. The music / sound effects are pretty much perfect for me because there isn't a droning on of some repetitive few bars. Sound effects are very effective. I delight in there being some quiet time. Hint, skip, and all the other help you could need are present,along with a delightful little owl helper. January 20, 2013
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Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

Rescue teenagers from the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet!

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