Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

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You come to the city library to investigate the case of three teenagers gone missing. It turns out that the former owner of the library, the Alchemist, kidnapped the souls of three readers and planted them in the book “Romeo and Juliet”. They are to live the lives of the main heroes but you can stop the tragic ending! Wander the gloomy halls of the library, travel to the medieval streets of Verona, discover the Alchemist's insidious plan and save the children!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Chance to wander Shakespearean Verona
  • Engaging storyline
  • Amazing art
  • Bonus materials
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 873 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

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Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

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Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition 4 5 82 82
Fun Adventure Game You'll Love! The storyline of a game needs to be at least mildly interesting for me to buy into the goal of the game, and this storyline is rather good. Three teens went to a library, were captured by a crazy bald dude with oral hygiene issues and his evil court jester hand-puppet while prowling among the tomes, and were placed into great literary works to act out the parts. Unfortunately, the literary works are tragedies, and it is up to you to rescue the teens before the story?s ending is reached. There?s a lot to like about this game: beautiful graphics, good choices in music, smooth scene changes, and good voiceovers. The puzzles are challenging, but not overly so. The HO games are slightly different in that many of these scenes require a second visit for additional items needed later in the game, so you have to pay close attention to the detail. The game has three modes which should cover any level of challenge you seek. There is a task list, which I like better than a journal, and an interactive map. What?s missing from this CE is the extras you would expect like extra finds, achievements and morphing objects. Nevertheless, this is a great game that I am happy to recommend. Enjoy! January 22, 2013
Death Pages: Ghost Library is ALIVE with FUN!!!! This review is going to sound like an ad against getting the game, but it's not. Keep in the back of your mind, as you read this, that Ghost Library is great and I whole-heartedly recommend getting it. 1. This game is not hard. If you want to struggle to outwit the developers, this is not your game. 2. The puzzles are easy. They are not stupid, just easy. The best challenge was the first. It was a picture jumble which the player has to reassemble to make a real picture. Not hard, but lots of fun. 3. There are not too many HOGs and that's a good thing. They are the alternative HOG where you are given a picture of an item and need to place it correctly in the scene. This was not always easy but it was not a hand wringer like some. 4. The story line progressed and the goals were clear. There was not a lot of back and forth, so you won't feel like you're wasting your time. 5. Background music, sound effects and the infrequent voice overs were good. Add up all of the above and you'd think I'd give it an overall of three, right? Wrong. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. This game was totally, undeniably fun and I think you will thoroughly enjoy it (unless you're the type who can't play a game just for fun but instead have to solve the debt crisis and end world poverty while plodding through a game). CE versus Regular edition: I got the CE and I'm not sure the value is there so I'm glad I used credits. There aren't achievements (if there are they are so well hidden I couldn't find them). There aren't any side collectibles throughout the game. There is bonus play. I don't think that's enough to justify paying twice the price of a regular SE, so if you're not using credits I'd recommend skipping the CE. BUT GET THIS GAME. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!! I PROMISE. June 3, 2013
BEST INVENTORY TRAY; BEST HINT SYSTEM; COMPLETELY SATISFYING Length: about 5 hours for main game of this polished, flawlessly executed and beautifully detailed productions on casual mode. I was sorry to see it end. EXTREMELY HELPFUL HINT SYSTEM: the most helpful that I?ve ever encountered. Hint will tell you what inventory item is waiting to be used at what location and, better yet, it tells you where an inventory item can be found (which I seem to have just overlooked more than once). BEST INVENTORY TRAY: How many times have you needed a crowbar or oil for a location and you saw one of them in the HOS you just played but didn?t get? How many times have you used a screwdriver and a couple screens later need to acquire another one? Well, here you keep inventory items that you will use again! Sometimes 3 or 4 different locations! Stress relief! You also acquire an owl near the beginning that will help you retrieve items that are too high for you to reach ? no more searching for or fixing ladders! And you get to keep him in inventory throughout the game. MAP: In 2D (or maybe it?s 3D) and instant travel. There are 2 types: in the upper left is a schematic of the library. In the center is a 2D of the rest of the game, which is in two parts. Click the arrow at the top and you will be given the blueprints for the additional locations. Locations with tasks pending are marked. Cursing over the exclamation point will tell you what location it is and what cumulative tasks are to be done (cumulative because you may have done some). MUSIC: several tracks. VOICE OVERS: reverberate while the characters are still caught in the books. TASK LIST: checked off as done. HOS: not too many; put objects where they belong; you?ll get one as a prize. STORYLINE: change the books? storyline to a happy ending so 3 missing teens can return to the real world. FINAL ENDING: as expected. The culprit is alive, so I hope there?s a sequel. CE: 4 volume controls, concept art, bonus play and wallpapers. July 24, 2013
FINALLY A UNIQUE GAME !!!!! I only completed the trial but .... I LOVE IT !!!! IT'S A DEFINITE BUY - HOWEVER....... I agree with Mystery_Fan, I am going to wait for the SE to come out. WHY????? There are no morphing objects, no awards, nothing to collect. Other than the bonus chapter I see absolutely no reason to spend $13.99. This is a GREAT game but I'm going to be a smart shopper this time. (Thanks Mystery_Fan for the help. GOD BLESS January 21, 2013
Rave reviews, Great game. Played the demo and planning to buy! You will love this game as well. This game has a little bit of everything.. Creepy villian, evil jester clown puppet, missing teenagers, classic books with portals, and thats just in the demo! The HO's are reversed where you are given the item in your inventory and you have to place them into the scene. The puzzles are entertaining not difficult but the kind that makes you think, swapping pieces to make a portrait, dividing equal weights on a scale, moving a figure through a maze with specific number of moves etc. The inventory items you collect throughout the game does require going back and forth a bit,(map available) but it is easy to figure out where they go and what they are used for. So play on easy mode and relax or go for hardcore either way I'm sure you will enjoy! January 20, 2013
Great Game! The main game itself was wonderfully creative but don't waste your money on the collector's edition. The bonus content felt like an afterthought, hurriedly put together and redundant. Not worth the extra money. I loved the game itself though! January 21, 2013
ShakeSpeare Would Be Proud! Elephant Games has given us yet another winner in Death Pages. I was really excited when I was given the chance to play, and my expectations were met brilliantly. Good Parts: FIrst off, amazing storyline. I loved the intro, and as I went on, the story just got better and better. I won't tell you what it is, download the trial to find out! Brilliant graphics, as always. Quie clear, brilliant artwork, detailed animations. Great voice-overs. Hint and skip recharge fast The HOS are not the best, but provided me with a great level of challenge previously unseen in Elephant Games. The HOS are kinda simillar to those of Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper. Built-in startegy guide helped me a lot. Game has a map, which is really detailed. OK Parts: Puzzles. They required a lot of thinking, which my math brain was good at for some, but not for others. Game has no diary, odd, but I don't need one anyway. Bad Parts There was quite a bit of backtracking in the game, a little too much for my liking. For example, there were 4 rusty gears which I found at the beginning of the game. I found the oil can well in to the first world, and I needed to go all over the place to retrieve the gears. Most of the time, I was struggling to figure out what to do next. This is one cracker of a game, first game of 2013 to earn a recommendation from me. I will be purchasing, however, I think I may wait for the SE. January 21, 2013
FANTASTIC GAME!!!! This game was fantastic!!!! Great storyline. Graphics are amazing and the special effects had me in awwww! I don't know if this one can be topped by any others. Had to pull myself away so as not to complete all in one sitting but had to stretch it out because I didn't want it to be over. I know I will be playing it again soon. Thanks BF! Patiently waiting for more! January 21, 2013
A must-have! If you're a fan of R+J story, you surely must buy this game, but even if you're not, simply if you love Elephant Games, like me, this game is for you too. The graphic as usual, is superb. Very good background music, almost like classical. Lots of places to explore and HOG games is not the find the items in word list. It was a great game, few backtracking with map handy, although the last chapter requires you to go back and forth many times, which will be impossible and will get on your nerves if without a map. There's no achievement in this game but I don't really care about that. The bonus chapter is slightly a bit forced, but I enjoy it nonetheless. If you are unsure, I suggest you to try the demo first and see for yourself before buying. April 13, 2013
A great new story line! Initially when I downloaded this game, I expected another abandoned building, mysterious kidnapping, etc. However, the story ended up being completely unique; something I've never seen in any HO game. I give props to the developers for this one. Three kids being held in a eerily scientific library and forced to play roles in some of Shakespere's best books, then getting to change the tragic endings? Brilliant! All the HO scenes were interactive, and I really enjoyed having items to place within the HOS rather than a list of things that are hard to find. The amount of HOs wasn't overwhelming, and the minigames were mostly pretty easy, though I have to admit, I did skip one or two... Overall the game was a great play, and I finished it in one day. The collector's edition added a great bit of extra game time that wasn't too long or short and gave enough satisfaction that all was taken care of. I guess if I had to pick a downside, the mouse was a tad on the laggy side. The cursor in the game moved just a couple seconds slower than I moved my mouse. I've played other games with the same problem, only they weren't god enough to be able to look past the annoyance of the laggy cursor. This game is, and I barely noticed. Awesome game! January 25, 2013
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Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

Rescue teenagers from the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet!

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