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Two weeks after the events of Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison, Kiera Vale finds herself drawn back into a web of occult sciences, mysterious dark entities, and government secrets -- woven by the agency known as A.R.C.A.N.E.. Kiera is happy to receive the call, but soon after her arrival finds that things are not at all how she remembers them to be. What are these agents hiding, and why didn't they tell her the whole story? What is the true nature of the Blackwater "Witch"? Why is Dr. Thorn's young daughter locked up in a containment cell? From the top secret labs in the depths of A.R.C.A.N.E.'s headquarters to the distant spires of alien worlds, Ms. Vale will seek answers, solve cryptic puzzles, banish evil otherdimensional creatures, and perhaps even make a new friend over a game of Piggy Princess along the way, in Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn.

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 392 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mild Blood
  • Mild Violence
Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn


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Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn

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Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn 3.7 5 90 90
Very good adventure game. Unlock the secrets of the mysterious organization ARCANE! Will Dr Thorn be able to find a cure for his daughter Abigail? - Nice graphics, crisp and colorful. - Many many "strange" places to explore. - Many useful objects to be collected and used. - Has journal and map. - During the game you will taking pictures, which help in mini games. - New mini games, and with a good level of challenge. - The only negative is that it has too much coming and going. A game without HOS, just adventure and provides a lot of interest and entertainment. January 26, 2013
CHALLENGING LONG DARK ADVENTURE GAME (1 HOS) REVIEW OF FINISHED GAME I can?t remember much of the first game which I played and I recommend you play first but it?s not vital as there is a recap in a journal by the bed giving you a recap and there is a ?story? button; which was enough for me to vaguely remember the plot. I?m not going to give a comparison review as I don?t remember that much except that I really enjoyed it but I did think I preferred the adventure side better in the first game. It leaves of from the first game and the ending in this game ensures there will be another game in this series. I actually don?t like that type of ending and I don?t like the dark witches or that side of the plot at all but I play this series as I love the puzzles and gameplay. This is a very dark game, one of the darkest here at big fish, but thankfully the scenes with the witches etc aren?t in every scene or chapter. While I don?t like that side of the story, the overall story is very well done, with a lot of journal notes as well as cutscenes, so do read everything. This overall is a very challenging game so if you usually play casual on a HOPA and like a bit easier games then I wouldn?t recommend this for you. There is no choice of modes to play but there is a skip and hint button and I thought both seem to charge quickly. There is a choice of a tutorial at the beginning. While the beginning of the game may even seem easy or straightforward, this game is hard for the average person. There is no transporter map but as each chapter is quite contained you aren't hitting the back button for long periods of time but there are quite a few 4 or 5s in there. It would be nice to have one. The hint button is a "shows you if there is something you missed in a scene" type. I?d class this as a 60/40 puzzle ratio to adventure game if you count the amount of time doing puzzles. Of course this ratio will change from person to person but I seem to have spent a huge amount of time doing puzzles. The ratio of hardness of a HOPA of puzzles is switched here as most puzzles were hard with only a few about medium and only a couple were easy and even then not that easy. There were a couple of very hard puzzles in there but I think most would be able to work them out (as only those who like more of a challenge will buy this game.) But don?t despair if you don?t like that as I thought how they technically did the puzzles was brilliant as there was a multi-layer help system. The hint button turned into a puzzle info button during puzzles giving you an over-view if you want it. On a lot of puzzles you either clicked on the photo or story button to give you a clue sometimes or the actual objective/what the puzzle should end up looking like or even the solution. I loved this as you can get more of a challenge if needed but by using all of these ?hints? most of the puzzles although took me a while (most were 5 mins+) were comfortably solvable. Sometimes when I got round to hitting the hint button or the buttons on the left hand side, they were easier than I thought! And if you are really stumped there is a skip button or a walkthrough. When you view each puzzle individually I don?t think many were real stompers but when put all of them together and some within a short period of time, that?s what made the game hard for me. I don?t know if the gameplay itself from the middle to the end was actually hard, as I thought at the beginning it was very straightforward but because I played this game through in one sitting and must have expended my brain cells on the puzzles, the gameplay seemed to get harder! The puzzles even ones that are well known are so different that it takes a while in a puzzle to realise the goal sometimes. Some are so well thought out and actually not hard at all once you realise the goal and that?s clever. Even once it was making fun of hard puzzles - if anyone worked out the ?integrate with respect to g? puzzle well done as I find it hard to count 2 + 2, I didn?t do it, but for the average person they weren?t supposed to and you might appreciate the humour when you come to it. I usually hit the windows key in games and go out to record all numbers for reviews but this game is very slow in returning in and would take me about 30 secs to get back in, so be aware of that if you look at walkthroughs. So my numbers for puzzles (has a skip button) are so far out and I mean really roughly there were about 38 puzzles. Quite a few interactions didn?t have any skip buttons. There is one list HOS (and I think it?s the same in the first game how it?s done but not sure) and for people who hate HOS, even you I think will appreciate the humour of how it?s done. I thought that whole bit was so funny as I have just recently finished a game like that. There is a lot of humour throughout this game, and as this game is aimed at those who like a challenge I thought some of the sarcastic comments if you were trying something wrong were really funny. The not so good ? Reviews aren?t for recording tech issues as the guidelines says but will mention the first chapter was a bit buggy and once when I entered the game again all the inventory went white. I played through it all which is why I am recommending it but try it first. I will say that if ever a game was crying out for unlockable puzzles after the game, this one is. As there were puzzles I didn?t want to do at the time but knew if I didn?t do it, I couldn?t replay them later. There are voiceovers sometimes in the game, the only exception is the small boxes cutscenes which I think is weird. The graphics look really dated as if the game had been made years ago but were awaiting all the puzzles to slot into the game, as those puzzles most have taken ages to work out and do. I did not like the graphics but then again I thought it looked the same as in some recent games and some people were raving about the graphics, so it depends on your taste. I didn?t like them but the gameplay and difference of the game and the puzzles kept me engaged. Time ?8-9hrs. It was over 8hr could have been over 9hrs, but it depends on how quick you are with puzzles. Some types I?m not that quick at. I?m just giving my time, some may finish in 5 others over 10hrs etc. I do think that even if you skip quite a few puzzles it is quite long. If the graphics were better, and had unlockable puzzles I?d have no problem giving this 5 stars especially for a straight SE. January 26, 2013
Adventure Game This review is based on playing the demo. First thing I liked is that in Options you can choose the brightness level of the game. Thank you Developers for listening. The game gets off to a slow start. Reading everything helps understand the previous chapters of Ms. Vail's interaction with ARCANE, but I don't believe you NEED it to play the game itself. Just gives you background from the earlier game. The story proceeds slowly in the demo, building up info to use as you move forward without giving away the to draw you in. I like that...keeps me guessing and wanting to play more of the game. So far this is mostly a figure out what you do next game with puzzles thrown in to get you from one level of play to the next. As an Old School game player (think Sierra and Lucas games) I don't mind that you have to look around to figure out what happens next. There's a bit of back and forth, but again as an old school adventure gamer I'm used to that and it's not bothersome to me. The puzzles are not too hard/not too easy. I couldn't always make it do what I knew it should, but that's my bane and in the demo I don't want to waste my play time trying to make it work. I save that for when I've purchased the game and play at my own speed. The hint/skip button comes in very handy if you just can't figure it out. It recharges quickly to boot. Usually play with the sound off, but decided to turn it on for this game. Background effects seemed appropriate for the mood being set. The music in the demo was appropriate, sparse and unobtrusive to me...I like that. The voice acting was OK, but based on the demo I'm not sure the actors were sure of the tone they should set. I did like that the character's mouths did NOT move. Short of using live actors it's a waste of animation in my book. I liked the graphics...smooth and moody to the game. But, I'm an easy player...even cartoony games don't bother me if the gameplay is good. At any rate they seem standard for games these days and I have no complaints about any uneven switches between styles. What I did find interesting is the subtle humor interspersed if you click several times in the same area. Gave it more of that old time adventure game feel (think Space Quest and the "Two Guys from Andromeda" design team.) The hour went buy quickly and I like this game well enough to purchase it to see where the story goes. It's a bonus buy weekend so why not. All games are subject to the mood of the player. I liked this game and think you should at least give it a demo and make up your own mind. January 26, 2013
The Witch Is Back! Our story continues from where we left off and Kiera must once again battle wits with A.R.C.A.N.E and uncover the secrets within the agency's old base. The really creepy looking Witch with the rather large teeth is back and I do look forward to settling the score with her. I bought the first of the series when it came out in 2010 and after having played the demo, I found it not unlike the first game: same style of graphics, same game features and same game mechanics. What you have here is adventure light with lots of puzzles and mini-games. For those who are new to the genre, the game is not as complex as the large files adventure games but mostly point and click gameplay with many different mini-games to solve. I would recommend that you do take advantage of the sale today and buy the first installment so as to get the background story on Kiera Vale. The storyline is spooky and interesting, the graphics are dark but sharp, the voice-overs are passable and game play at times can be frustrating due to all the pointing and clicking. There is no map but and inventory bar, a journal that will also give you a synopsis of the first story and a catalogue of photos that will hold your clues. The hint system does tell you where to go but basically you are on your own. There are no levels of difficulties to choose from and no handholding. If, like me, you enjoy these types of adventures and also take guilty pleasure from dark and spooky stories, then this would be a definite treat to be played at night with all the lights turned off. A fun and challenging game that personally, I thought could have been done a lot better. After all, it has been three years since the first game and alot of changes have taken place with game techniques. However, I really enjoyed the demo and absolutely love mini-games, so I guess I have a date with the nasty Witch later on tonight. January 26, 2013
FEAST OF PUZZLES, FAMINE OF HOS BASED ON COMPLETED GAME (No difficulty modes offered beyond tutorial) No HOS, Few Glints This sequel to "Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison" is a pure Adventure, puzzle game (no HOS) that offers an eerie, sinister, and occultish motif while slipping in some truly hilarious tongue-in-cheek. Those touches alone make it a DON'T MISS! Occult themes don't normally appeal to me, but the first gag comes early in game play, so I was hooked. -------------as example: SPOILER ALERT---------------- Clues lead Kiera to tune her TV to an infomercial where she orders a device that arrives almost immediately from her mail slot. Complete with sleazy sales-guy pitch. ---------------END SPOILER-------------- GAME CONSTRUCT: 1) PHOTOS: Taken automatically. Used for Mini-Games. 2) STORY: This is the journal, provides back story not found elsewhere. HINTS: Available throughout game play, including mini-games. Recharge fairly quickly. MAP: No. Game play chapters confined to small areas. AREA COMPLETE: No. Game structure limits access to areas with no more purpose. COLLECTIBLES: No. But they would have added fun Achievements: No. LIKES: -BLEND OF HUMOR with Serious Puzzle Solving. ----------------as example: SPOILER ALERT----------------- At one point a much sought after CD when plugged into the computer brings up a fairy tale "game" complete with all Cliches. I guess the game does have one HOS. I am still laughing at that one. --------------END SPOILER---------------- -NO HOS. Adventure/Puzzle Only. -BLACK BARS not hints, but helps. -Info about what has been clicked on, not what to do or how to do it. -PUZZLE PALOOZA! They are everywhere from easy to difficult. I don't like to skip so a couple of them took me some time to finish. I love that. -PHOTOS, this were on screen while solving associate mini-game. -ARTWORK & GRAPHICS. Kiera winds up in a dark, alien world -Sinister and creepy with good detail, piles o' puzzles. The portions of the game that took place in the lab were drab, but then I find abandoned, defunct labs drab..... -VOs, dialogue, and storyline all above average and some humor here and there. DISLIKES: -NO FORMAL INSTRUCTIONS for mini-games. The info to figure the solution or rules was often nearby, in a photo, or riddle - all fine, but sometimes could not find any guide. A couple solved by accident while I was figuring out instructions-Unsatisfying. -PERFORMANCE: SLOW, for me anyway. New chapter loads for some seconds.Resuming was "Reloading Textures" for a good 30+ seconds. -RUNED & OUTNUMBERED - I know, we ask for puzzles we get them and still complain. Sorry. There were some clever and interesting puzzles with cool artwork. But the lion's share were RUNE themed or numeric codes derived or found without much fun-factor thrown into the design. -Became tedious. --------------------------- Having said all that! This game is not for folks who want HOS (there are none) or those who don't care for occult themes. Though there are very clever moments, the overall motif is dark. I do recommend this unique and well constructed game for the hard core puzzle/adventure hound who enjoys some humor along the way. - just don't look for those cute, clever puzzles that, while easy, bring a smile everytime . February 3, 2013
arcane adventure This is my first introduction to Nightmare Adventures. Well, it is an adventure - thats for sure. I am just at the beginning but the pace is quite good; picture quality excellent; story line enticing - But ... the sound quality lacks. I can hardly hear the conversation. So, only 4 stars from me. January 26, 2013
Great Puzzle and Adventure Game Not a typical game! No HO at all and if you liked the first in the series, you'll like this. Have replayed the original several times and this one uses the same familiar game mechanics. Truly a game for someone who wants no help and wants to stumble around blindly and hopefully looking for ideas of what to do next. Hint system good, in that it would suggest direction and unless you were in the very room as the action wouldn't penalize you for the hint. When you still had no idea (happened regularly) it would tell you where to look or what to note. The only truly negative thing I can say is that the puzzle logic was sometimes quite obscure, other times blindingly straightforward (though I usually tried to make it more complex and thus shot myself in the foot so to speak). I found the blog walkthrough critical but was disappointed it often wouldn't tell me the "logic" of the puzzle just the solution. Would have preferred a little more clarity in the "how to" of the puzzles but nevertheless this is a great game and provided hours of fun. I believe I could replay it right now (have played it for a couple of hours each of three nights) and would still stumble around. Definitely replayable!!! One more thing of importance, I think, so I don't scare anyone off. You wander around, yes, but you do logical things. You look at desks, in drawers, on the ground. No sparkles just looking. Any what you find will give you ideas. Anyway, definitely try this game. I loved it! January 28, 2013
Sequel Trumps 'The Witch's Prison' I purchased this game after finishing the first in the series, 'The Witch's Prison'. All I can say is, wow -- what an improvement in graphics, music, characters, everything! This game is definitely not for the faint of heart as it has some pretty ghastly scenes and creatures, but that is exactly what I like about it. 'The Turning Thorn' isn't afraid to push the boundaries in to being disturbing at times (be prepared for lots of death). Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the game, in my opinion, is the cliffhanger at the very end. My one complaint about this game is that the storyline doesn't pair that well with the prequel, 'The Witch's Prison' -- it's almost as if the witch becomes less of a witch and more of an alien. It certainly stands strong on its own, though! February 9, 2013
Adventure Game. Normally I love these types of games; adventure, loads of puzzles, no HOs, and am a reader and try to read everything, but this game has so much to read, that I got more and more confused! Toward the end, I couldn't figure out the story, lost the story plot, lost track of the people, got them mixed up and didn't understand half of the puzzle instructions!! I finally got through it with many headaches! Apart from all of that, I really loved the puzzles. They were hard, but great!! Less reading and a better storyline would make this a great game!! I recommend for people who love adventure, loads of good puzzles, and don't mind reading! November 6, 2013
intelligent and challenging This was a very intelligent game. A PA with no HO scenes. You are called back to A.R.C.A.N.E, a secret research facility that is dealing with some very dangerous creatures that it is trying to contain. This is part two and although you don't have to have played part one it will help you to have an idea what's going on right from the start. This is full of a variety of challenging puzzles. Some more so than others. My only critique would be that it needs to have either at least some puzzle instructions or the inclusion of a SG I don't feel that that would take away from the challenge as sometimes I did have to skip a puzzle or two as I could just not fathom what to do.. I must say thought that I found my way around no problem and managed about 3/4's of the puzzles. The game is quite intense and the story unfolds beautifully. This is not a light hearted or fluffy game. It is challenging and equally rewarding when you figure it out. But be prepared to settle in and figure out many puzzles. This game does seem to be polarizing with people either loving it or hating it. I loved it. Can't wait for the next one! February 4, 2013
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Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn

What dark and powerful secrets are hidden within the A.R.C.A.N.E. agency's old research base? Kiera Vale returns to find out.

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