Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition

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Unravel a puzzling whodunit in Grim Façade: The Cost of Jealousy! You have been called to Spain to investigate the murder of a grieving woman’s husband. But what looks like a simple case soon becomes an elaborate mystery filled with twists and intrigue. You must use your skills to get a step ahead of the murderer before you become their next victim. But uncovering their identity won’t be easy in this tale of deceit, betrayal, and disguise. Everyone is a suspect in this exciting Hidden Object thriller!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus story with an unexpected twist!
  • Beautiful screensavers!
  • Wallpaper and concept art
  • Downloadable music tracks
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 530 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition

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Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition

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Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition 4 5 75 75
Wish there was a 4 1/2 I do like the Grim Facade series, they have come a long way. I see a lot of improvement over the last one and look forward to a continuing and improved series in this collection. I like the combination of word and shadow image HOs and that the puzzles aren't real hard (I really dislike puzzles). I won't be buying the CE and will wait for the SE to come out, but will definitely purchase this one. I wish they would give the members who already purchased all the previous games a discount as we can't buy the bundle offer, kind of sucks. March 1, 2013
A good story This game is an improvement on the previous two Grim Facade games, particularly in the storyline. The CE is not essential for a full story, as the main part of the game finishes satisfactorily, but the bonus chapter adds to it and is worth it, if a little short. Use of objects is a bit more logical than in the previous games, which is good, as that really got on my nerves. As with all Grim Facade games, you collect hints rather than them recharging. There is still no map, which is disappointing. Mini games are quite simple. HOS are reasonable, but some items can be quite unclear, as they look nothing like what you expect. Some thought has gone in to creating the CE with a couple of extra features in addition to the obligatory wallpaers and concept art. Overall this is a pretty good game. Not without its faults, but certainly worth playing. March 16, 2013
Better then the last Grim Enjoyed this one very much. Beautiful scenes. Good plot, good music. Liked the interaction. Match HOs were fun too. This Grim was a whole lot better then the first one. March 7, 2013
Well Worth Buying The CE On Special I always enjoy the Grim Facade series of games. This game plays out and flows well. It is sufficiently long enough in duration for several hours of entertainment. The initial part would make for a good SE in it's own right. The CE adds a nice conclusion to the story for a couple of hours of extra gaming. It is worth buying when you can get it on a special deal if like me you are not interested in paying double for the wallpapers, etc. March 23, 2013
Decent Murder Mystery If you like Period peice games and a nice murder Mystery angle this one is done well. Decent setup, art and audio are good and a few plot twists to make it interesting. February 28, 2013
Comfy Slippers Based on the demo, this game feels like the equivalent of putting on a comfy pair of slippers (hence the title). It's very obviously ERS, not least because the background music is *exactly* the same as a couple of their other games! For me, that one aspect made the game feel a bit "same old same old", because it created such a feeling of deja vu. That said, there's nothing especially wrong with the game formula per se - it just doesn't feel particularly new or exciting, which is a shame. It's like they take the same basic ingredients, mix them together a bit differently each time, and hey presto - a game! This time around you are a detective hunting the murderer of Hugo, who seems to have been a bit of a philanderer by all accounts. But "whodunnit"? The wife? Mistress? Mistress' husband? #Or, like all good whodunnits, is there a disgruntled butler lurking around somewhere?? Lol#. Like the others in the series, you have a shop in which to buy things with the gold coins you collect throughout the game. The Hint system is the same too - it's not unlimited, you have to collect feathers to increase the number of hints at your disposal. This, of course, prevents you from using the button indiscriminitely, but I do prefer having unlimited hints! There were 4 Hidden Object scenes in the demo I played. Two were a list of objects #a few of which were interactive#. One was "find 12 of" a certain item. And one was the more 'modern' take on HOGs, which was finding items then using them to uncover other objects, and so on. I did like that the devs varied the types of HOG. The puzzles were fairly routine, and not too difficult. Scenery was as you'd expect from these devs - hand drawn, lovely to look at, slightly hazy and almost a sort of 'soft focus'. You could look at a screenshot and know *exactly* who created this game! I might buy this game, and possibly the CE too #it has a number of extras including replaying HOGs, replaying puzzles, a 'Trivia' section and a 'colouring book' as well as the usual #and, to me, useless# offerings of wallpapers, screensavers, music and concept art#. However, I think I'll most likely either wait for a sale or use Game Credits to buy it. February 28, 2013
Too Short for CE even with Bonus Play Enjoyable game. In expert mode it is not that difficult and there are plenty of hints available. Some play was not logical or I missed the clue that would make it logical (i.e. the use of the red bow), or you had to go back to areas that you thought were completed only to discover new options -- those are the only times I used my hints. Unfortunately, the game is way too short and not the same value as most other CEs. With the bonus play, this came makes a good SE. But without the bonus play, even too short for an SE. March 2, 2013
Husband murdered in Spain, you're the detective Played 35 minutes, casual - 3 modes, casual, advanced, master of investigation, you can swap mode while playing - Trophies to get - Integrated SG which nonly shows 3 chapters in the sample - Diary with information + clues and suspects - No map - Throughout the game you collect gold coins - A cute fennec, fox from the desert, follows you around - You collect more hints by finding fans in H0 or anywhere around - Hint is useful outside H0 - H0, you interact, only came across one in the 35 minutes I played - Good mini games, regular ones - Very good graphics A woman's husband is murdered, you investigate as a detective (action takes place in Spain). Unfortunately you get an assistant that keeps popping up every five minutes to tell you silly, obvious things and he is dressed in such ridiculous, horrible clothes. The mere sight of his tie is enough to make you sick ! I'm very unsure about this game, will wait, definitely no straight buy. February 28, 2013
Nothing to write home about! Review based on the demo. Graphics were good, but everything else was 'so so' imo. The storyline wasn't gripping in fact I am sure I already know what the 'twist' is that other reviewers have talked about. HOs and puzzles lacked any challenge and as others have said, the game just felt 'slow'. My biggest bug bear was the assistant. I totally fail to see what he added to the story apart from being a very irritating interruption in every new scene. All in all I was in no way compelled to spend the money on this CE. March 4, 2013
Eh, I guess it's okay... First off, my review is based solely on the demo. I can't say I found the demo compelling enough to want to buy the game, not without some sort of major discount for it. After the previous Grim Facade game (Sinister Obsession), I will admit I wasn't expecting a ton from this one, so I can't say it necessarily disappoints. The graphics are pretty, but not great due to their hazy/misty quality. They do seem a bit less grainy than they did in Sinister Obsession, however. The animation was well done in the cut-scenes and at other times. The music gets a bit repetitive and old after awhile, much like Sinister Obsession, so if I were to play beyond the demo I'd be very likely to just turn it off. The voiceovers are really just not good for the most part. The actors do not sound like they come from Spain at all, which seems out of place given that you're in Spain. (You could excuse it for a few, but not the characters that are supposed to be locals.) They also don't have a lot of emotion to their voices, which means that even if the out of place accent doesn't bother you, their lack of emotion is likely to. The storyline was so far okay in the demo, other than the assistant they felt the need to stick in. The assistant they added in is extremely annoying. He's the only one I encountered in the demo who could really get away without an accent, but he just has an annoying voice to me anyway. His clothing is hideous, and he constantly pops up in an annoying fashion in mini-cut scenes to make pointless comments. Frankly, I was just left wishing that he'd been murdered, or that one of the random "accidents" that kept happening to try and make the story more exciting would take him out. For the most part, there isn't a ton of challenge to the game, at least not in the demo. It's more a matter of just waiting until you come across the correct item, or until you have enough gold coins to buy it. And despite choosing a level of play that was supposed to not show active zones, it still occasionally did so. The hidden object scenes have some variety in that there are the traditional ones, the find and place a needed object variety, and the find X number of the same item. However, they don't always work correctly - for instance, one of the traditional ones I encountered had at least three items that were hidden behind other items (making the scene more interactive), and two of them didn't unhighlight to tell you that had become visible like they generally do. I just saw them when I opened a door and clicked on them anyway. The one "find x number" scene I encountered had at least one of the item I had to make myself, but I never would have known that had I not finally gotten bored and started randomly moving my mouse all over the scene, which isn't something I tend to do in hidden object scenes for no reason. Slight issues like that could end up leading to some major frustration for some players and make a CE version a lot less worth the price. The mini-games/puzzles encountered are either just okay or too easy. The journal is a bit better in this game than in Sinister Obsession, and has a suspect section which has the potential to be interesting. Since I only played the demo, I can't comment much on the bonus features. This does have a strategy guide if needed, and you collect hints in the form of fans much like the previous games. You also collect gold coins to buy things to help you along in the game, at least one which struck me as odd (why are you buying the piece to a box owned by someone elsewhere in the game as opposed to finding it?), but it's nothing new to this series. The strategy guide lists the game as having only three chapters, so I'd sort of wonder at the length of this game as well. They could be three long chapters, but I'm not sure that would help given the fact that this just isn't a very compelling game in the demo. While there are some slight improvements compared to Sinister Obsession, which is a step in the right direction, I'm still not incredibly impressed with this one based on the demo. It just seems okay, and wasn't a whole lot of fun for the most part. So again, without a major discount I just don't see myself purchasing it. Maybe the SE version when it comes out using a free coupon, but even there I'm still not totally sold. March 2, 2013
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Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition

A simple murder investigation in Spain becomes a puzzling whodunit filled with intrigue.

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