Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories

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Save your best friend in the exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories. What will you do if the vacation of your dreams doesn't go as planned? If your friend is alone in a foreign country and gets into trouble, will you have enough strength and courage to help her? Join this fascinating journey and face the 200-year mystery of the manor Ardennes. Find out how strong friendship ties are and discover to what extremes unrequited love is ready to go!

  • Beautiful art and gorgeous locations
  • Fantastic puzzles and hidden objects
  • Save your best friend
  • Check out our Blog Walkthrough
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 792 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories


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Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories

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Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories 3.4 5 71 71
Great Game I enjoyed this game. It was challenging but not to hard. Full of surprises. February 7, 2013
Mountain be continued in up coming sequel! Your ski vacation isn?t going quite as planned. Returning to the resort to attack the slopes one last time, your friend Amy is nowhere to be found. Cell phone reception isn?t all that great this high up Ardennes Peak, so you head to the empty ski patrol cabin and scan the radio frequencies to see if you can find someone. That?s when things get really creepy. A hooded figure peers through the window just as you hear Amy?s voice on the radio calling for help. Her leg is broken and she needs your help, but there?s something else, too. She tries to warn you but the signal is lost, leaving you clueless and frightened but determined to save her. Could this have anything to do with the mysterious mansion nearby? Perish the thought! Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories is a somewhat slow-paced hidden object adventure that feels like a throwback to the genre?s earlier days. It?s heavy on atmosphere and goes for story over substance, though in the end it doesn?t really hit a homerun with either. Scenes are divided between exploration and puzzle solving, with a healthy number of hidden object diversions. They tend to be pretty simple and are low on challenge, and just like early hidden object games the crowded rooms you sift through are littered with some of the most random, out of place items you can imagine. (The main character should really clean out her car. Sheesh!) There are some interactive items to toy around with and the list of things to find is extensive, so despite being on the easier side, the hidden object scenes are one of the game?s highlights. The conclusion of the game is a cliff hanger leaving you with only "to be continued". Recommended for all players. August 11, 2014
Great Perfect graphics, good sound, interest story - I would recommend. Looking for the next part. August 27, 2013
Played the whole game Nice, long game for not being a CE. I started out on expert mode, but had to switch because I couldn't always find the hotspots easily. Many interesting puzzles, medium amount of hogs, lots to do. A bit challenging trying to figure out what to do next. No bugs or glitches that I encountered, either. The only gripe I had was that sometimes I had a tool in inventory that seemed logical to use in a particular place and that wasn't what was called for in the game. For example, I had pruning shears and there was something in a bush and I couldn't use the pruning shears on the bush. It called for something else acquired later. Give it a chance, don't go by reviews from people who only played it for the length of the demo. February 4, 2013
REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME This game brought home to me just how pampered and spoiled I have become with all the Walkthroughs, Strategy Guides and helpful hint buttons. You get none of those here. You are on your own and you had better be wearing your best memory and your most comfortable sneakers. There are not a huge amount of areas in each location, but there are certainly more than a few in the Mansion and if you cannot remember where and what you will trudge that Mansion top to bottom, left to right, repeatedly. I began to notice how satisfying it was to find something and know where to use it, or just find something and search for where to use it. Much more than in the games with all the help. This is a slow paced game and cannot be speeded up so it requires patience and a certain level of enjoyment to keep you playing. Otherwise I would imagine you will just want to give up. The game is not exactly iHOS heavy, though there are certainly a fair number of them. Actually there were times when I was really glad to see one, as I had been wandering aimlessly and at least I would have a new item. The puzzles I would rate at intermediary level, but some of them were too fiddley for me. The graphics are well done and the story turns out to be not as bland as it first seems and has a nice twist. They plan a sequel. Music is not remarkable and the cut scenes are way too slow. For a first time Dev, it is a good effort. It took me 6 hours. For the sequel, I would recommend they incorporate some help and that will speed it up considerably. It is not really a 6 hr game, it just takes an age to get things done. A 4 hr SE is fair enough in my book, and a little less frustrating. But yes, Devs, you have the right idea. February 4, 2013
Hm! I liked it! Given all the low reviews I was really skeptical of this game, but I gave it a try anyway. Sometimes in spite of the reviews :o) I was honesty surprised that I liked this game so much. There was an "old schoolness" about it that appealed to me, I guess. What others have said does hold true for the most part: the text lags behind the voice over, yes; the music is a loop and a short one at that, yes; and, perhaps the most annoying, the reminder that popped up on every single screen that you had "get this to Elizabeth" (once you found something you were to give to her). If you found that item 5 screens away, you got that popup on every screen as you made your way back to where she was - including when you got there. That was a bit much, though I do understand the logic behind it. Also, I was often in the dark about what to do with items... because when I noticed the item was needed it was *WAY* back at the beginning of the game, or quite a ways back and I almost never knew what to do with the item. That was a bit frustrating. I was very thankful for the hint button - it did tell me when there was nothing to do (quite a bit!), but when there was something to do I would get a proper sparkly hint that encircled the item where the action was needed and *then* I would know what to do with the doodad I got so long ago. All of the above aside, oddly enough, I still liked the game. I liked the graphics, the story, and the game play itself. I did like the music even though I wished it had been more varied. I found the game to be immersive, and I liked the twist ending. I dunno - I guess some games just strike you that way and when there's a general outcry of "yuk" you find that it appeals to you. Ah well, as I always say try it for yourself because a game might just hit you the right way even when the majority says no. [Oh, and by the way, I didn't run into any of the slowness or lag that was reported in other reviews as far as cut scenes went. One plus was that while it did take forever for items that were picked up to get into your inventory, you could move on to the next scene while it was still going in and your doing that didn't cause issues. The item still went in your inventory. One last thing: I did notice an issue when you did an alt-tab to swich applications while the game was running. The game did close down on me, so I wouldn't recommend doing that.] Happy gaming to all. February 9, 2013
I enjoyed it I think you enjoy a game because of the story not just if the graphics are good . After all there are a lot of murderers wizards etc in gaming land . This is a game where you have to do a bit more thinking for yourself than a lot of games recently .I thought the game got better as the story moved along and as someone else commented 20 minutes of demo time doesn't always give you an idea of what the game is really like but if you hate it just leave it . The game played with no gliches some ho's were a bit dark but you are given the option to increase the brilliance before the game starts The puzzles were varied and you could skip if you wanted I found it far more enjoyable than I had expected after reading some early reviews February 5, 2013
Pretty darn good HOAdventure with a cliffhanger ending... Ok, i've screwed up & deleted this twice, & wouldn't bother again except I like this game a lot - despite the fact that that it could have used some refinements, which hopefully will show up on the promised sequel. The game opens in a ski lodge type setting where you'll benefit from some sound fx that'll have you thinking you're back in Dire Grove, with the feel that something creepy's gonna happen... then transitions to the spooky manor on the hill with completely different play atmosphere. Nicely done, imo. Graphics are generally pretty darn good, & adjusting brightness helped. Cutscenes are ok. Voiceovers were just bad script reading, while voice & music volume control were one & the same which doesn't work out very well (but there are subtitles for dialogue). Music was repetitive & not great, & there's not much in the way of sound fx after the opening chapter - both of which could have enhanced the spooky atmosphere. Plenty of clear HOscenes offered some challenge, with listed objects as well as finding items from silhouettes. Minis/puzzles were few & easy. I'd say this game is heavier on the adventure aspect which i liked, so there's some more challenge, with a whole lot of back & forth, searching, finding, & figuring out what to do & where to go next. And essentially no help, so you're pretty much on your own. The hint button does the "Nothing to do here" thing; there's a journal & task list, no map; no hand holding. There is a walkthrough tho', which i used a few times, or i'd probably still be wandering around in that place. This is a pretty long game with a good storyline, & it played smoothly without problem for me. It's got a nice spooky feel, & if you get into it, will keep your head engaged 'til the cliffhanger ending. A little more purpose to the constant back & forth would make this feel like less of a "slow mover", even though pretty much everything you do here is goal directed. I do think this dev did a good job overall, & i await the follow up, hopefully with just a few tweaks.Imo, it's worth a try for both HOgame lovers & adventure fans. I'm going 4 stars for a looong, engaging game, atmospheric, nice graphics, with room for just a little improvemnt by a promising dev. April 2, 2013
Enjoyed the demo and bought it! As at least one of the earlier reviewers said, it has sort of a Dire Grove feeling to it. I liked wandering around in the snow (without getting cold), figuring out what to do. :) Graphics are quite pleasant. The music is well-suited to the game, just wish there had been more of it. Navigation, tasks, and usage of inventory seemed very logical (and practical!). It offered an in-game adjustment for "brightness", but graphics were just fine without any adjustment on my system. There were some interactive items in the HOS. Hope to see more of in dev's future games. Overall, I knew just a few minutes in that it was likely a buy for me. When the demo kicked me out, I came to post reviews and buy. February 4, 2013
Good! I really like this game. Annoying little pace, but overall nice. February 9, 2013
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Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories

Face a 200-year mystery and save your best friend! Discover how strong friendship ties can be and to what extremes unrequited love is ready to go.

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