Timeless: The Lost Castle

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Every night you’ve been haunted by visions of a man in a red hood, pleading for you to save an innocent soul. You pack your bags for Europe, but soon you’ll find yourself headed for a different destination, stranded aboard a flying ship. In the distance, an ancient castle among the snowy mountains holds the key to releasing a young girl’s spirit, but it also contains an ancient evil sleeping just under its foundations. Follow in the footsteps of the Man in Red and uncover his secrets in Timeless: The Lost Castle, a mysterious Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Explore a snow-covered castle
  • Unmask the Man in Red
  • A story of betrayal and redemption
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 227 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Timeless: The Lost Castle


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Timeless: The Lost Castle

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Timeless: The Lost Castle 4.1 5 102 102
Cool at first. I was very hopeful for this game because in the trial it seemed kind of steam punky (light) - it just seemed different - so I bought it. Unfortunately it changes. Even though the graphics were still good, it seemed like a whole different game to me. There was a lot of running back and forth and of course runes and spells. Why does everything have to do with magic and spells and such? Isn't there any other kind of imagination out there? Really. The storyline went sour too. Bummer. The puzzles are a little different - make you think, but not too hard - so I liked that part. April 21, 2013
Didn't convince me.... This one is more an adventure hooked game than a traditional HOS game. Yes, there are HOS (list and shapes) but most of the time you keep running around, looking for the ?lost thread?? You?ll also find some new and interesting minigames, some of them quite hard. Graphics are quite good and detailed, concerning the different settings, not so the several characters you?ll meet? 3 modes to choose from. Hint refills slowly, at least in the 2nd mode, which I played. Outside the HOS it shows you through ?glints? the direction where to go next. We have a detailed journal, but no map. Interesting was a so-called combination-box, next to the inventory, which allows you to combine found items to get a new one. Later on you are able to create a special lense, which can be used to find hidden items. No, this time nothing for me...... :( February 9, 2013
Too tedious I found this game too frustrating and tedious. I didn't enjoy it. April 4, 2013
Puzzled.. I found that some of the puzzles where annoying and I had to skip a few. There is no strategy guide or walkthrough available which I found annoying. A CE may be better. I thought the characters where interesting and should have been vocalized. I was not aware that this was a sequel game till later. I liked the joining two items in the inventory in the box. This is a different twist. The castle was great and had many areas to explore. At first when I was on the Flying Ship level it seemed to go on a bit & I was thinking that you would get to the castle fight the villain and it would end, but I was wrong it actually went on for a good length for a standard game. I love games with a Snowy Winter theme so that sold me anyway! Try it!! February 15, 2013
A "nothing better to do" game. Morning, fellow pond pals. Not a bad little SE for today. Graphics nothing special, but nice and clear, game play nice. Music not bad, but this game definitely needs a little more FX sound or at least a voice here and there (I did hear the "bad guy" laugh a little at one point). A lot of games (okay, but not difficult), not much in the way of HOGs (needs to be a few more to keep things interesting). You just sort of start in the middle of something without knowing what is going on and you don't really pick up much info as you go either. The story line is a bit muddy to say the least. Hint button is okay, but you really need to be watching to see where it leads you. It takes way too long to reload. I have the first Timeless game and liked it, but this one falls short a bit. There is a lot of running back and forth, more than needed, but as I said, it was a nice game. This is a good one for a "nothing better to do" day, and we all have those. I will use a game credit for this one, simply because I need to use it or lose it. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games, and you may not care for it at all, or you may think it is the greatest thing since buttered popcorn. Thanks for the reviews. February 9, 2013
Hopa Seems to be rather old fashioned in its graphics. Basic hog with some puzzles. It was ok. Didn't knock me out of my chair with excitement. Run of the Hopa/puzzle game. February 9, 2013
Hmm..., only played the demo Just an average game. There were a few new challenges, and a twist on a few old ones, but I'm not sure about this one. It seems like it's short. There have been a few I thought were short and they fooled me (love those), but this one really felt short. The story line is a child needs rescued from bad guys with magic powers. I have the feeling that it might be the child that's the bad guy. Might be wrong. Will I buy it? I'm not sure. Well, why not, I have to see if I'm right about the child. I think this is one where you need to try the demo and see for yourself. February 9, 2013
Not What I Expected... I own the first one (a collector's edition) in this series and found it amazing. I remember it did have an abrupt ending in the main game but everything else was flawless and it was all kinds of fun. This game however was not up to the same standard as the last and suffers in comparison. There were no voiceovers in the first but the game was good anyways. Somehow, having no voiceovers in this game...was a huge letdown and made the game not very exciting clicking through a bunch of "oh Im going to get you hahaha" type dialogue. The hidden object scenes are interactive list and also silhouette interactive style. Both were easy enough to do and I didn't find there were too many. There are also an abundance of puzzles but none of them were original. Same old.. The game is VERY LONG so that was a huge plus but part of the reason its so long is because there is no map but miles and miles of walking to different locations. IF you don't like to go back and forth and back and forth, you will not like this game. Most of the hidden object scenes were visited twice but not all of them... The best part of this game in my opinion were the difficulty levels because you could play casual with tons of sparkles, fast hints etc or a medium of the 2 or a really hard level that gave you the opportunity to skip and use the hint but you had to wait ages. The best part about this was that the hint button outside of hidden object scenes was not helpful and since there is no map, you were on your own. I found that I really enjoyed the hardness of that level but further into the game, I did put the game back on the medium level because it was hard sometimes to figure out where to go and I needed some guidance but having such a hard and on your own option was awesome. This was before the time of cutesy helpers so thank god for that but the I didn't like this game much because of the plot. It was kind of weird and no why you were there or how you got there. Also, time seems to be a factor in these games but no time element was really in play until the last half of the game and only one room sooo it really wasn't clear most of the time what was going on. There is no locking inventory, no map, no storyline that is any interesting and compared to the first game...its understandable why this wasn't made into a collector's edition... It had an ending that was satisfying although really stupid. Maybe with voiceovers I would have seen the direness of the situation more but it was all like blah blah blah by then. I did keep playing it til the end so thats something but I can't say I'll play it again or really want to. A lot of the tasks were like WHY am I doing this? As someone else said, wait for a sale or use a punch card coupon because although the first one in the series is amazing, this one is not up to that same standard and lacks any kind of wow factor... I guess I recommend this...its definitely not the worst game I have played but I recommend the first one in the series more... April 28, 2014
Glad I didn't use a credit. This game had great potential but didn't live up to it. From the number of "where's this" and "how do you find that" in the pages and pages of comments on the Forum, one can guess that this game doesn't have much of a logical story or progression. One would be correct. It begins with some great graphics but such a specious story premise that I should have been warned. There wasn't enough story given as to why someone would grab a plane to dash across the ocean to save a worthy individual. Oh COME ON, you can do better than that! The artwork and graphics were lovely but not enough to overlook huge gaps in logic and story-telling. Then the HOGs were hazy and objects too tiny for middle-aged eyes to be anything but annoyed by. And having to run back and forth from room to room doesn't bother me but not having any logical progression did; having to stop play to consult a walk through that I had to Google to find also annoyed me. It was bad enough that my game play was interrupted so frequently that I didn't enjoy it. I won't be trying any of this series and probably not anything else by this game company. Certainly glad a had a nearly expired game code to waste on it. March 3, 2013
This game doesn't make a whole lot of sense... This game looked promising from the demo, so I used a free coupon on it since I had one. However, I'm rather sorry I did so. I kept waiting for this game to clear things up, and even after finishing the game I'm just as in the dark as I was in the first place. The visual quality for this game is okay, but sort of mixed. Some of the scenes are well done, some are meh. Unfortunately, it's frequently the hidden object scenes that are meh, occasionally making it a pain to find objects. I barely remember the sound, which means it wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. I will give this game points for not having it turned up ridiculously loud when you start it up, though. However, it's the storyline that's the worst part. It makes absolutely no sense, and none of it is ever cleared up. Basically, you board a plane based on some vague feeling and then are apparently sucked into some other universe or location entirely while on this plane, all by a somewhat threatening looking guy in a red robe. Why this guy in the red robe wants you there to save a little girl, I haven't a clue, given that he seems to spend most of the game commenting on what a pain you are. Now, perhaps these are two different guys in red robes, since you'll discover there seem to have been multiple guys running around in red robes, but if that's the case it's never made clear. One way or the other, the fact that he was dematerializing people on the plane probably should have been a hint that he was up to no good. Ultimately, not much is made any clearer as you go through the game, and the guys in red robes aren't really explained, nor is much explained about the little girl. The hidden object scenes are either fairly straightforward, or somewhat dark and a pain to deal with. The mini-games/puzzles aren't bad, though there are a few that after wading through stuff in the game you may not want to deal with at that point. This game has A LOT of back and forth, and will occasionally leave you wandering aimlessly about trying to figure out what to do next. Since there's no walkthrough, you're pretty much stuck wandering about or looking up help on the forum. And I found that a lot of it was either I had forgotten about something by the time it popped up again, or I was forgetting about the annoying magic lens thing that reveals unseen objects in rooms. Yes, it sort of lights up when it needs to be used, but it really needs to light up a lot more than it does, because it's not desperately noticeable. Plus, it just seems like a waste - the items it finds could have been found in a much less foolish way. Ultimately, given the pain this game is at times and its story that makes absolutely no sense, I'd have to suggest passing this one up. I know I'm sorry I wasted a free game coupon on it, though at least I didn't pay for it. July 2, 2013
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Timeless: The Lost Castle

A mysterious man in red summons you, sending you to a flying ship where a little girl needs your help!

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