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Ten years after her parents died in a car accident, orphaned Lunna is experiencing strange visions. Although she looks like any other child her age, she was actually blessed with a very special gift: she can see and speak with spirits. Now 17-years-old and an outcast at Hawkins High, she finds it easier to make friends with the dead than the living. Alone in life, Lunna has nothing to remind her of the past other than a pendant gifted to her by her mother when she was just a child. One night, Lunna realizes that this special pendant has gone missing, and sneaks out to find it. As she is about to return to her dorm, Lunna is intrigued by a lovely voice singing a familiar song, and follows the sound to a mysterious girl asking for help. Suddenly, an evil shadow disagrees with this request and chases Lunna! Who is the mysterious girl and what does she want Lunna to do? Why is the shadow chasing Lunna? Find out in this mysterious and compelling adventure game!

  • Intriguing story
  • Challenging mini-games
  • Eerie atmosphere
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 637 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Whispers: Revelation


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Whispers: Revelation

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Whispers: Revelation 3.1 5 35 35
Won,t Trash it!! I know the title sounds strange, but after my opinion on the game you will know why I titled it as I did. First off: I did try the demo and liked it and got hooked right at the start. I found the graphics very good, a little on the dark side. I liked the story line very much. At first it did not make much sense, but the further along you go the more things come together. Yep I do agree the devs need a little more coaching in game developing. When they do they will produce some awesome games. There was an over much of back and forth. The sounds gave the game an eerie feel. In my opinion the map was useless unless you can jump to your destination on in. There was several areas I was totally stuck at, and the hint button did not help very much, and some of the objects in the HOS were way to small. So for those who cannot see very well this might be a draw back. I know it sounds like I am giving a negative opinion on the game, but I really did like it. I know if the devs study other games with good ratings, they will also produce some awesome game. I was able to get to each area with out a problem. Some of the cut scenes took a while to show-up, but I never froze up in any part of the game. You do have to use the grey matter in this game, for it is quite a challenge, but if you like a challenge this game is for you. My review is based on the demo and I did purchase the game, but have gotten about two-thirds through the game. By the way I totally agree with jeanniemouse on her comments about the game. March 29, 2013
Wow! I'm Not Sure How I Missed This Little Gem - Review Of Completed Game Story: Lunna, an orphan (parents died 10 years earlier in a car accident) is now 17 and an outcast at Hawkins High School. She is no ordinary girl. She has a special gift of being able to see and speak with spirits. This begins where she realizes her special pendant that was given to her by her mother is now gone so she sneaks out of her dorm to find it As she is about to return to her dorm, she is intrigued by a singing voice of a familiar song, and follows the sound to a mysterious girl asking for help. Suddenly, an evil shadow starts chasing her. Who is this "mysterious" girl and why is this "evil shadow" chasing her? Your adventure begins here. 2 PLAY MODES: I played the hardest of the two. There are sparkles for the HOS. Very few black bar tips. Hint directional outside of HOS. WIDESCREEN; Yes at least for me. I had no problem here. VOICE OVERS; Yes JOURNAL; No however at the top off to the side there is "task" and if you click on that it will tell you the "task" that need completed. MAP: Yes however not transporter and you also have to hover your mouse over the locations to get the names of them. GAME PLAY: HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) Emphasis is definitely on "adventure." Lots of back/forth and clicking around to activate things. Some objects can't be "picked up" until they are actually needed so scenes will not auto close until you are completely done with them. You also have to combine some items which will be indicated by a red plus sign. HOS: These start out few and far between however more into the game more frequent. All found by word list. Only a few are interactive (no gears come up though) and a few you just have to move something to get to them. The same scenes are also visited several times. PUZZLES: These also started out few and far between however more into the game a little more frequent. Some the usual run of the mill found in many games but a couple I haven't seen before. Instructions down at the bottom. There is also a reset at the top on some of them. The skip takes a few minutes. There's also a couple where you have to click on the skip about 3 times before you can actually "skip" the puzzle. MY PLAY TIME: This was quite long for me as it was about 9 hours. OVERALL IMPRESSION: As my title says I'm not sure how I missed this little gem when it was first released but oh so happy to get this at the Daily Deal price of $2.99. I really enjoyed this overall but there are a few flaws that kept this from being a 5 star game for me. The story did start out a bit confusing and kinda hard to follow but so glad I ended up sticking with this game as the story ended up being pretty well told especially the ending. It really made up for it's "confusing" start. I definitely found this to be a very atmospheric, eerie and creepy game. There were a few scenes that actually startled me. The graphics and cut scenes which there are quite a few and a couple of them especially the ending kinda long but excellent. . I also liked the characters and voice overs (with one exception which I'll get to shortly) especially Lunna. She was excellent. What I really enjoyed about this game was the "adventure" game play part of it as there was little "hand holding" and I'll admit I did get hung up a couple of times and had to use the hint but it was sure nice trying to figure out on my own first instead of just being told what to do. Now for the flaws: The sparkles on the HOS in the harder mode. Those shouldn't be there in the harder mode. While I do enjoy HOS for the most part and don't care if there are even a lot of them but I didn't much care for visiting the same scene several times especially when the game has a lot of different locations and some didn't even have one HOS in them. Most games you only have to revisit the scene twice. Truth be told should only have to visit the scene once for a HOS. Sorry but I find this a bit lazy on the developers part here. Also some scenes were beyond Sanford & Son junkyard and some objects were so small. I also had to either click on them just so or 2 to 3 times to finally get it to register. While I thought the voice overs were excellent for the most part as i mentioned but this "evil shadow" saying the same thing pretty much over & over got a bit annoying. I think the developer could of put some more work into this as well. Oh and since I'm not a fan of these: When I want to skip a puzzle well that is what I want to do and not have to sit through THREE skips before I can do so. Overall though a very good game and length. I'm happy to add this to my collection especially at the $2.99 price but would of paid $6.99. Truth be told even with its few flaws well this better than some CE games I've played especially here lately as there is also NO animal "helpers" that you have to name, feed or "dress up." Speaking of CE 's I wonder if this was suppose to be a CE as it does have some extras: Wallpapers, concept art and music?? Thanks Big Fish and Developer. As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. February 22, 2014
My game is hung up on the music box???? Has this game done this with anyone else? Ive got the handle and go into the music box and everytime i get done its like it never happened am I doing something wrong?? otherwise good game till now... March 27, 2013
Excellent Adventure Game with one Drawback This is a great adventure game, with a great story, well-done voice-overs, interesting HO scenes and other, more unusual mini-games, but there is one problem with it: The map feature is lousily done, so that it plays like an old-time adventure game, with lots of going back and forth. Consider playing it anyway, because it really is fantastic. But you'll save yourself a lot of grief if you just use the hint button to navigate the school - you'll have to figure out what the next task is even when you've found where you're supposed to go. This is the only reason I couldn't give it 5 stars, by the way... May 24, 2014
Lunna "sees dead people"! Lunna is a special young girl who sees and talks to dead people. She is in her new school and when looking for her lost medallion, only reminder of her parents died, she hears a girl singing and goes looking for her in the school. The game tries to give a sinister air, with the girl humming a sad melody, but for being a bit slow, ends tiring. Graphics not too much crisp Dark scenes Two play modes. Lots of HOS Mini games are easy It has a map with tasks. A simple game, far from being good as those launched today. Somewhat outdated May be a good game for beginners since it is not really challenging. Recommended for beginner players. February 12, 2013
Not that bad I actually didn't find this game overly dark except as someone else pointed out you have to find a bulb for one of the scenesThis is one of those games you either love or hate you are left to figure out a lot of things on your own The opening scenes which you can skip set the story young girl at a boarding school with a hidden gift AKA see's dead people .leaves her locket in her locker goes to find it is followed by a black shape and it turns out to be a ghost who needs her help I actually found some of the tasks challenging until I got into the game There is a map which opens up the more places you visit The hint button does help but only if you are somewhere relevent .Don't expect lots of hand holding sometimes it is just telling you you need to do something not where to go to get it and what you need . I moved around a bit and then the hints made more sense I also liked the way the angle of the scenes changed at different locations . I started out with an open mind and really enjoyed the demo It will go on my list of to get February 12, 2013
Average HOPA ? Game has potential but misses the mark. The storyline is compelling, and I immediately wanted to help Lunna. I found it interesting that the credits are included in the opening cutscene, like the beginning of a movie. A promising start. Based on the demo, I liked it. Both visuals and sound effectively create a haunting atmosphere, which is entirely appealing, and the music enhances the mood. The cutscenes use superimposed characters with little animation. Not what we have become used to, but nevertheless well drawn. There have been many comments on the dark graphics with which I agree, but I did find the scenes colourful and the artwork well done. A significant contribution to an overall eerie experience. There are many detailed and attractive locations, with very little activity required in any of them. You just pass through them on your way from one place to another. Have to wonder why. The HOS are disappointing. Some items are difficult to see and others are out of proportion. Didn't encounter any puzzles, but didn't play long either. Hint locates items in HOS and, other than indicating direction, provides no further help. Tasks can be viewed only one at a time. The map is not helpful, with no jumping and no task markers. Basically, you have to think, remember and work things out on your own. Some find this challenging, others frustrating. Will use a coupon on this game. I have to find out how the story ends! February 13, 2013
I wanted to be in the minority... Oh no. I really, really loved this game when I first played the trial, and even after playing the normal version I still did love it. But after a while the insane back & forth started, the "too many HOG's" started, and I couldn't take no more. I couldn't and I didn't wanted to finish this game. I got tired and impacient playing it! By the time I got to the swamp maze to get to the church again, I gave up. Here are the cons: - The mechanics of the game are slow (menu, cursor speed, the rain effects also made the game slow); - Way too many hidden objects by the end; - Useless map; - Something that ruined the story completely and the overall game, too: I made some significant and interesting discoveries and yet nothing would happen or change in the game; - The back and forth. OMG! Unbelievable. I never had to "back & forth" so much in a game ever before. This is mainly what made me so bored playing this game; - This game didn't advance fluidly at all. At all. - The hint wasn't very helpful; - This is no intuitive gaming experience; - Frustation. Desperation.The distance between the hidden objects scenes. One in the canteen. The next one in the swamp hut. The objects had to be used in the tunnel. 'Nuff said; The pros: - Great, memorable music; - Wonderful background noises, the whispers, specially!; - Pleasant graphics with interesting and diferent perspectives; - Lunna was nice, overall; - The atmosphere was really eerie. Amazing; - Nice development of the story in the first night and in about half of the second; - The "first night", "second night" and "third night" thing, was really nice since every night you had different areas to explore in places you had been before. - i loved the Hawkins school building. Very well achieved and very interesting to explore (but not so by the end of the game...); So much for the 4 stars I wanted to give it initially... I'm so disappointed since it was an amazing experience in the beginning, but not overall... March 12, 2013
Really?! This has been the most illogical game I've encountered here. The tasks do not help in figuring out where to go and what to do next. I have played here for several years now and have never had to use the hint button as much as I do here because there simply is no flow to it. May 4, 2013
Has potential I was very excited to start this game as it was an actual story line that seemed intriguing. There are many great graphics that could have had interactions. I guess I am spoiled with the usual. I do hope the devs redo this game as there is so very much that could done with it. February 12, 2013
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Whispers: Revelation

Orphaned Lunna can see and speak with spirits, but when a mysterious spirit asks for her help, she must face a challenge she never expected.

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