Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition

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Discover the extraordinary truth about your family’s past in Phenomenon: Meteorite! Twenty years ago, your parents left you on the doorstep of a kind family and fled for their lives into the pouring rain. Now you’ve been given a clue to their whereabouts – an uncharted island, where a strange meteorite landed centuries ago. What secrets does the island hold about you and your family? Find out in this stunning Hidden Object Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus adventure on gorgeous Meteorite Island!
  • Beautiful wallpapers and concept art
  • Replayable word-association mini-game
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 664 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition

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Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition

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Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition 4.3 5 93 93
Phenominal Game During the first 15 minutes I thought that this game was your standard HOPA but to my great delight, as I continued the game complexities made it more and more interesting. Our story follows Daniel's quest to find his parents who abandoned him and fled for their lives. Having turned 25, he discovers that his parents are on an island that was once struck by a meteorite. Habitants of this island now possess special powers and there is a war amongst the clans. Daniel now must discover his powers and find his parents. The graphics are stunnings, sharp with fantastic use of colors. There are voice-overs and the music is subtle in the background. Game features a journal that keeps your notes and a list of tasks along with cut-scenes that can be replayed. There is also a map that will allow you to travel and also indcates available tasks. As you move forward, you will also recieve an amulet that will open locks and collect gems that will allow you to control the elements. The Hidden Object scenes are unique and fun to play. There are interactive puzzles within each scene as well as additional actions that are required to find some objects and others need you to travel through a time portal where you have a second HO scene to play. If you are stuck, you can also select an item and play a word jumble game on the analyzer. ALthough some items were difficult to spot, they were deffintely a break away from your run of the mill HO scenes. As you follow the story, meet up with characters and solve puzzles, you come across some very entertaining mini-games. One paticualrily brilliant game that was in the tunnel which got me hooked. Having completed the demo, I am now anx?ous to take advantage of the Spring Fever discount and spend this grey Sunday morning with this game. Unfortunately there are no extras like morphing objects or achievements but in my opinion the HO scenes and the mini-games make this game a definite winner. March 24, 2013
not hard and different in play Graphics are good and has voice over. Not a hard game and has a good flow to it. The HOS are not all that often but are different. 2 parts of them to solve. Items can be hard to spot but the hint button works really good there and through out the game. Puzzles are good also and not that many in the demo. The game will give you hints on what to do even if you do not ask which is good. Give it a try not a bad game. March 24, 2013
Something different Only played for a while but I am hooked.This game has gorgeous graphics and colors. There is so much to do. The HOS are different and totally held my interest. You can click on a word and get another word game that has to do with the object you need to find. Then you can travel back in time to play another HOS within the same HOS, same area, different look. How imaginative is that? The telescope can be used to travel back in time and you get a wheel that controls the elements. Characters are very lifelike and soundeffects are right on. This is truly something different and I must have it in my ever growing collection. Nice map, good journal with tasks to do list and replayable video scenes. Good hint button. No morphing or achievements, although I do like those, they are not missed in this game. This game has already a lot of things going, you will not feel the need to try to look for collectables. Very enjoyable and good storyline. Kept my interest. Much better than the first one. Minigames are not too hard but very fun to do. March 24, 2013
Elegant in Detail, Unique in Game Play - Well Worth Price! Kudos PuzzleLab for Superb artwork/graphics and unique features building fun factor to the very last keystroke! BASED ON COMPLETED GAME in EXPERT (2nd of 2 MODES), no sparkles, glints, but yes, black bar hints. SUMMARY: The most I've enjoyed any game in some time. Unique features introduced making iHOS flat-out fun and interesting. I confess to be one of "those" people viewing iHOS as the necessary evil to get to mini-games. :) Not so here. iHOS were FUN. Mini-Games while easy, were refreshingly unique and FUN. ALL was very detailed and gorgeous. The artwork and graphics truly stunning. Storyline held together almost to the end. Bonus chapter is an epilogue. Some nit-piks dislikes detailed below. GAME CONSTRUCT ---------------------------- STORYLINE: A 25 year old man is told to find his parents on a remote island where he will also discover his special powers. Things unraveled a bit at the end and the bonus chapter didn't help. If you've seen "The Paradise Syndrome", original Star Trek, you know the this story. ARTISTRY/GRAPHICS: Gorgeous, gorgeous game to the last detail. Instead of a plain chisel with wooden handle, we pick up a stylish tool with a fiery dragon tail handle. Until the last portion of the game, any items picked up in HOS or in a scene were ornate and lovely in and of themselves. JOURNAL: One of the best I've seen. Island History section has the nice touch of crediting the artists for artwork that was reproduced. The journal kept track of events and codes for mini-games. There was a schematic for mapping abilities based on jewels in the Amulet (explained later). MAP: Yes a jump map and very nice too. I opted not to use it much as it shows areas with tasks to do. It did come in handy when I got out of sync with the journal and the game requiring that I backtrack to complete the missed task. STRATEGY GUIDE: No comment. Did not use. HINT: No comment. Did not use. TASKS: Our hero's job was largely to prove himself by gaining access to various parts of the island. There was very little schlepping around to find random items in order to get something from someone else. THIS I very much liked. See nit-pik dislike below. ACCESS TO DOORS/GATES/CHESTS: Our hero gained special powers to open doors and gates through an amulet gradually populated with colorful stones and partnered with a "controller". This is one place the story fell down-his new found powers seemed limited to gates and doors. Chests typically opened with keys rather than mini-games. iHOS: There are a decent number, but not one in every scene. The attraction for me, a "non-HOSer", was a) the gimmick of a time portal reverting each area to a different time and a separate list, b) the gorgeous and unique artwork, and c) the ability to find an item by bringing up a scrabble style game when stumped. MINi-GAMES: There was a good number of these. A lot of originality here.We duplicate a pattern line by line on a printer for later use. A gate of flowers and leaves must be reconstructed. A wonderful puzzle in a puzzle in a puzzle, at the entrance to the underground tunnel was my favorite. All beautiful. All detailed and original. All shamelessly easy. ADVENTURE: There were a number of items to find, some well hidden. Some not available the first or second pass through an area. Unfortunately black bar hints led our hero by the nose as to how to use them. Thankfully there were no potions to concoct. I very much liked that there were few pass through only scenes. Most involved a good amount of activity. VOICE OVERS: These were ok with Gloria, the little girl as the exception. She was over the top try too hard. The clock maker wasn't much better and in the other direction-slow in thought and speech. MUSIC: Fine. Tranquil. Unobtrusive. ACHIEVEMENTS/AWARDS: None. This I like. Those constant pop-ups showing achievements throughout a game are distracting. MORPHING/SPECIAL OBJECTS: None. This I also like. Sometimes the need to search each scene for these is also distracting. SO WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THIS GAME? (Nit-Pik Dislikes) ------------------------------------------------ CONFUSED STORYLINE AT END: Things fray and fizzle until the end is just about what we find in every game. The bonus chapter serves as an epilogue. While it is beautiful, it doesn't clear things up. BLACK BAR HINTS and MAP HINTS: The player should have the opportunity to turn these off. I love jump maps but don't want to get clues in the form of where I should be. The black bars are blatant also denying the gamer from using their own brain. TASK BAR bottom left of screen: Not useful as rarely showed complete list. Several times displayed an empty balloon despite fact that many tasks were in play. All else I loved. Great game. Folks who like HOS will like it but might feel deprived that there aren't more. Mini-game fans will have fun with variety and beauty, but might chaff at having no challenge. Adventure folks will probably like this game as there is much to do, but it is light weight when compared with real adventure games like Siberia. I highly recommend this game and hope it raises the bar on artwork so we stop seeing the same ol' same ol' stuff. April 17, 2013
Unbelievable game loving it! To me it's definitely a 10/10 game. Little Gloria is such a little sweety. I would like to say I think this is very much sci-fi and so was the other. The voiceover is extremely well done. Story: Daniel's parents dropped him off at a foster family's home when he looked to be about ten. The parents said they were in some kind of trouble and they wanted to keep Daniel out of harm's way. Well there was a message left for Daniel left to him by his parents to meet him on this island if they are still alive. And off to see what happens. Graphics: This team has a top notched team. Beautifully done. Hint system: Works out of H0Gs as well. Map: It's a jump map. I love those lol Mini Games: I only ran into the tree one so far but that was it. Too busy exploring. Music: Beautifully done. Fits perfectly with the game. This is a brilliantly done game with awesome cutscenes. I am truly enjoying it so far and didn't hesitate to buy it. Yes be fair the game was on sale. But I would have bought it anyways even it wasn't on sale because I love it so much as I did with their first one. Kudos to the team. March 24, 2013
Another good game to play! We have been asking for more and the developers seem to have listened by providing extra twists and turns. It took a litle while to get used to how this game plays but even the learning curve added to the adventure. The hidden object scenes were doubled with a time travel element. True, the objects were hard to find but even the hint was a bit of a game as well. Enjoyable! 2 modes of play. THERE IS A JUMP MAP which is totally necessary! The one down side (take away 1/2 star) is the brevity. One more chapter would have been nice. Not short enough to turn me away!!! March 24, 2013
BRAVO! CLAP-CLAP-CLAP It has been a long time since I have wanted to purchase a game after the demo. I have to know the rest of the story, and I became completely engrossed in the game. A young man tells us how as a boy he was dropped off at a foster home with only a large suitcase because his parents were in fear for their lives! When he turned 25 his foster parents gave him a letter and a map to return to his birthplace and find his special abilities. He meets a beautiful child on the island who is helping him in his quest. The characters themselves are extremly well done and very realistic, and the voiceovers match their lip movement. There are a ton of things to do and find in every scene, and you will get a detailed map. when you choose an area on the map it will open up a picture of each scene and tell you where an area of interest is. The hint system will point the direction to go without draining the hint bar, but if it shows you something specific it will take a few seconds to recharge. Now let's get to the HOS because this one's truely different! As you find the items in the HOS you will see a calander and a clock appears, when you click on the clock you will time warp into the past at the same location to finish a HO in that area as well! Now if you can't find an item, or you don't know what it is. you click on the word in the list and a box pops up with a picture and letters scrambled. you must unscramble the words to match the clue and when spelled correctly it will automatically find yhe object you clicked on. Is that enough to make you wanna play? How about the fact that you get an amulet to fill for magic powers, or you can turn back time, or there are scenes underwater? I'm going to download this game now and find out more, You will probably do the same after the demo! March 24, 2013
Excellent, Wow Factor HOPA Game Phenomenon ? Meteorite is an absolutely stunning game! Quite honestly, I don?t remember being ?blown away? by the previous Phenomenon game but this game has that wow factor right from the beginning. In Phenomenon ? Meteorite we are on a quest with Daniel as he searches for his missing parents on a mysterious island. When we arrive on the island we meet Gloria who has seemingly been waiting for Daniel to arrive, and who acts as his guide during his journey. Gloria advises Daniel to find amulets that will unlock his ?abilities? that will help him with his mission. The game opened automatically in widescreen with no adjustments necessary. Some of the other operational aspects of the game include two modes of gameplay (that can be changed during the game?s progress), a journal, and a very helpful interactive map. Needless to say, the graphics are incredible and quite beautiful. The music score is very nice and goes well with the game. What I find that I really like are the voice-overs. Daniel?s voice is very much like it should be for that of a young man. Where this game really excels in voices is the voice of Gloria. So often in games we have older voices trying to simulate a child?s voice only to sound tinny and squeaky. Gloria?s voice is so good and sounds very realistic for her character. Those of us who play HOPA games all the time have been asking for something different from just the standard ?seek and find? scenes. In Phenomenon ? Meteorite we have what we?ve been asking for. The HOS are so interesting that I hated for them to end. Without giving too much away, there is a component of time travel in this game ? something I always enjoy. IMHO, Phenomenon ? Meteorite is going to be right up at the top of the list with some of the better games released this year. The developers have presented us with a game that has an interesting story, gorgeous graphics, interesting puzzles and wonderful HOS. Kudos to the development team for an excellent game! March 24, 2013
WOW!! GOOD GAME This is a nice diversion from the ordinary. The HO play is nice and have to flit back and forth to another time in the same scene in order to obtain all the lost it! The story is sufficiently different to keep your interest and the voice overs and music are extremely good, to say nothing of the animation and graphics, which are incredible! You have a different mode of hinting, if you care to use it as well...a word jumble machine can be accessed, which can assist you to find an item...nice! I liked the mini games, especially one with a lot to it...won't say too much, but it was awesome...beautifully designed and drawn. I am not sure what the CE offers, other than perhaps a bonus chapter, as I could not find any morphing items during the demo..even though one reviewer said they were there; maybe it was just me. Overall, I thought this was the nicest game that has come along in a while, but I will still wait for the SE, I think...but try it, I am sure most will like the refreshing difference. March 24, 2013
My New Favourite! Based on the trial Interactive map interactive HOS Journal Lots of puzzles and tasks Terrific opening! Beautiful cut scenes, which you can replay Great story line: You are Daniel, left in the care of others when you are 5. 20 years later you must travel to a strange island to find your parents. You also discover your own life is in danger and you must find an amulet to protect yourself. A pet peeve I have is when lips either don't move, or aren't in synch with the words. The graphics and animation in this game are very sophisticated, AND the lips are in synch! I loved that there was so much to do. Nothing boring or ho hum about this game! I couldn't wait to buy it, (hello Spring Special!) and didn't even finish the trial. Awesome game!! March 24, 2013
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Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition

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