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Join Leia on a two year adventure as you harvest through the seasons and help her keep her farm in Farm Fables. Grow your plants, look after animals and use tools to develop your farm. Upgrade your farm to create ice-cream, milkshakes, cake and lots of other tasty treats. Keep your farm running through sun, rain and snow to make a new life in this beautiful Time Management game!

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • 77 different levels
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Drive: 422 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Farm Fables


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Farm Fables

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Farm Fables 3.8 5 73 73
Don't dismiss this devious little Gem. Its GREAT Hello. Well here is my review based on almost 3 hours play where I only got to level 11 out of a whopping 77 levels as I like to get gold where I can. Now this game might first appear to be another "Farm Frenzy" , but I assure you it is not. This game is pure strategy, great news for those of you who are not fast clickers. The graphics are great and the animals really cute. You need to sow grass for them but watering is free AND when you want to sell something, it happens instantly from the store. The store is a mute point for me ( makes the game more fun tbh) as it is quite piddly in size and needs updating often. In this game if you need 25 eggs, then you have to have 25 eggs at the end. However, as the tutorial states, it is cheeper to buy a new store than update, but there again there are several factories you may need to or want to buy. The music is a bit annoying (very 70's cocktail bar sound) but can be turned down. The game also offers sound options on nature and effects. These I also turned down as there is more rain in this game then there is in the UK at the moment & I kept on needing a wee break . The game also offers wide screen (fills my lap top) and HD, Fantastic. Going back to game play, I have been promised a lot more brain ache to come. But this game REALLY is all about strategy. What I have found is if you are not even close to getting gold, you are doing something wrong. If you come close, may be a tweek or two. REMEMBER, this is not a fast click game, so if you do not make gold it is not because you are not fast enough, but because you are not doing the right actions. May be by Christmas I will have finished this wonderful game. For me it is up there with Joy of Farming, tricky, fun, pleasant and well well worth the money Enjoy !!!!!! July 16, 2012
Charming Strategy Game! This is primarily a strategy game - a very cute strategy game. As with any game of this type, it takes a few levels to get a feel for it. The beginning levels are fairly easy, but it quickly becomes challenging. There is a timer for gold, but as far as I can tell, you can continue to play a level for as long as you need. You are given a small amount of resources (one or more of animals, machines, some money) at the beginning of each level and how you accomplish the level goal is completely up to you. I've rarely played a strategy/TM game that I didn't have some idea how to accomplish the goals at the start of a level. With this one, I've wondered how in the world am I going to make that goal? I love it! I found this game to be delightfully clever and well executed. July 16, 2012
Adorable TM / Strategy game Moooo -ve over! Not comparing it with 'other' games and based on my own experience playing (knowing that I will play in between my favorite genre, adventure), I'm giving this adorable game 5, big fat stars. The atmosphere alone is well worth the price tag... and the overall story where you have 2 years to complete building up your inheritance (a farm) before giving up and returning to the city is a fun escape of the imagination for most. Who hasn't envisioned working a farm versus pushing paper 9 to 5. Well, here's your chance to do that in a fun, cartoony character mode with the sweet songs of birds filling the air and butterflies flitting about as you go about your chores and tasks. Anyhoo, I bought and hope you'll at least give this one a try keeping in mind that it may stand on it's own and is well worth the price tag for the unique and endearing reprieve, escape, relaxation, as well as challenge it gives in return. Sckwaaaaak, cluck cluck. ;) July 16, 2012
A Farm Game With Strategy I really like this one. It's nice to see a farm time management game that requires some strategy. You will have to plan out what to sell and when to complete a level with a good score. The little animals are very cute. I didn't listen to the music so I couldn't say what it is like. The tutorial is very short and gets you into the game right away. I played the demo, and had to buy it. I always try to get the gold star in these type of games. In this one, that star is elusive even in the early levels. July 16, 2012
Awesome Time Management Game! 5 Stars all the way! If you are a fan of any of the farming time management games, or tm games in general, then this is one for you. You are running a farm, and have to collect products such as eggs, wheat, corn, etc and turn them into flour, bread, etc. You get the picture. The graphics are fantastic. I am definitely purchasing this game today! Have fun TM fans, we don't get many of these anymore and this is a great one! July 16, 2012
This is, by far, my favorite game this year so far I wasn't expecting much and the first few levels I only thought, "What great graphics!" (I never play with the sound on so I don't know about that.) But, wow! This game is fantastic! It's an amazing strategy game. You have to figure out when to buy things, how many and what pieces of equipment to have and what order to do things in. The best part is, there are many options. I'm on level 50 (of 77) and have gotten gold on every level. It's not hard at all (actually, I thought it was too easy up until the 20's but that's probably because I'm a hardcore farmer. ;) I absolutely love how, if I struggled with a level, I just had to "think outside the box", try a different approach, and then it fell into line. I also really appreciate how realistic and challenging the gold times are. There were only a few I beat with minutes left, most being beat with less than ten seconds. My favorite. Back to the graphics, they are so cute! And watching the flow of the animals to the trough or the hedgehogs rolling around was very soothing even when things were hectic. The only thing I was less than thrilled with was the watering of the plants. Luckily, I often had rain and didn't have to do that but it only involves clicking the plants and not clicking on a bucket and then a well and.... I am going to be so bummed when I'm done with this game so I'm pacing myself. Yes, it's a farm game but it's wonderfully original. July 17, 2012
A Diamond In The Ruff Well my first initial thought when I first looked at the screenshots and video was hmmmmm I think not but I decided to go ahead and give the demo a try and boy I'm so glad I did this game is a gem if there has ever been one. Upon looking at the game I thought okay same old farming game plant this, grow that, make these and sell those, well I was wrong this is so totally different from all the other farming games as this one is first person meaning there is no little farmer character running around everywhere, you don't have to buy your water and there is no slow vehicle that you have to send into town to sell your goods, with this one it's just you and your critters, storage buildings and factories and I absolutely love that. I had gotten tired of all the other farming games because they all basically turned out to be the same but this one is so totally different and such a refreshing change from the same old same old. The graphics are really good with bright vivid colors the critters are simply adorable and the game itself is just downright fun and challenging you have to plan your day out. As with all tm games you have your daily goals to meet, you have the certain things you have to harvest and certain things you have to make and of course keep your critters fed because we all know if you don't keep your critters fed they go bye-bye. At first glance this game looks very simple and basic and that I think is what attracted me most to the game was the basic and simple way the game was set up and once I started playing the game I absolutely loved it. I thought it was very cool how the dev's didn't put all the little farming characters, vehicles and buying water it's only you your farm and your goals and for me this one out shines those with all the cute little farming characters and vehicles and it's not always easy to get the gold on the first time around but you can always go back and replay the day. This is a new developer at least to me this is the first game I've seen from them and I think they did a great job with this game. This one is a solid, fun, new and different way of farming so kudos to the developer's for that you got a winner here. Don't be fooled by the screenshots this one is a true diamond in the ruff and it is loads of fun and definitely worth the demo and it didn't take me long into the demo before I stopped and purchased the game and I'm so very glad I did I absolutely love this one and it offers hours of fun. Thank you so much dev's and Big Fish for this honey of a game and again kudos to the dev's for this one and I look forward to seeing more games from this developer they have a fan with me keep up the good work and give us some more. July 17, 2012
UNDER RATED!!! When i first saw this game it looked bad but my opinion has changed. First of all this game looks alot like farm frenzy on first look. But it is completly different, first of all u have a field in this game. Not just animals, next this game has alot more strategy then farm frenzy. The main differnence is that this game u half to use alot of strategy. Not just fast clicking and this game doesnt get boring by level 7. Theres alot of farming games out there but this game is unique and fun and the story is good. July 17, 2012
Best Stradegy Game so far Not sure why this game was listed as TM when it is the most complete Stradegy game I've ever played. This game really makes you think rather than mindlessly clicking to accomplish your goals. So far I've completed up to level 14 with all golds and the thinking involved made me really feel like my brain fog had been removed. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and so that is one of the highest compliments I can give a game. I'm finding that If a level seems impossible then you probably have the wrong stradegy. The game tips in the BFGs fourm have really helped to figure out many of the levels so before listening to negative reviews (that don't go into details) pay attention to How soon the reviews were written after the game was released. I think you'll find those reviews were posted within minutes of it's release and therefore, exactly what were they reviewing. My only reasons for 3s on Visual/sound quality and Storyline is that I rarely pllay with Sound on or pay attention to story as I really just want to play the game. July 17, 2012
The Master Of Challenge A Definite 5 Stars For Strategy OMG and LOL! This review is for the whole game. There are 77 levels and this is timed. This game is broken down into the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) and there are "levels" within each season. You are running a farm, and have to plant/collect products such as eggs, wheat, corn,and turn them into flour, bread, etc; just to name a few of the products. You are also given a small amount of resources such as animals, machines, and some money (sometimes no money) at the beginning of each level and how you accomplish the level goal is completely up to you but this game is definitely all about strategy and not a click fest type of game. Oh and yes it's true that you have to "sell" some of the products that's already been earned in your goal to help you make money. You can also delete machines that you don't need and at times you have to so you can make room for other machines. This isn't like other TM games where you can sell it back for money however you can sell animals that aren't needed. You also have to buy storage units. It's also cheaper to buy another storage unit than upgrade however most levels you will need more than one. Proceed to next level: As long as you are in the season (spring for example) if you run out of time you can continue until you finish the level however long it takes and go onto the next level, however to go to the next season (summer) you must have all gold for the spring season so it's just best to try and get gold or you won't be able to open up the next season and finish the game. My overall impression of this game: Well I don't play too many of these type of games cause I have rheumatoid arthritis as I find most of these to be a click fest and way too much madness for me however as I mentioned this is not a click fest type of game cause if it was well I wouldn't of played it all the way through. This game was mentioned in the chit chat forum when it was first released so I thought I would "give it a whirl". I honestly thought after about 15 to 20 minutes tops I would end up deleting this game and moving on to something else but oh no I've been pretty much obsessed with this game from when it was first released back in July and I finally finished this yesterday September 1st. I've never been so determined to conquer a game. Yes I have taken small breaks from this game and played some others but outside of work, eat, sleep, watching some TV and some house chores, it's been pretty much this game for over a month as some of these levels I had to do over and over again and level 76 was the hardest of them all for me. Trying to make 50 cakes in 9 minutes and 20 seconds. I did most of the levels on my own but did have to seek help from the forum on a few of them and so glad fellow game players took time out to post how they made gold on the levels or I'd still be playing. Yes I'll admit I got a little frustrated on some of these levels and I must say when I first started playing this like some of the other reviews I found it kind of annoying that you have to sell some of what you already earned but the more I played this game well this part of the game is what ended up really intriguing me that it wasn't THAT easy to get the gold on the levels. Overall I just absolutely LOVE this game as the animals are so cute as there are hens, sheep, cows and the hedgehog collectors will help you gather the items and put them in the storage containers and you make so many different things in this like cakes, milkshakes, tarts, popcorn. Just to name a few things. This game just has it all. This developer is definitely the master of challenge and strategy in my opinion. OMG and LOL! I see from the forum for this game working on a Farm Fables 2 and all I have to say is BRING IT! I hope to see it soon! Thanks for a great game Big Fish and developer. A definite 5 star game all the way from me and I usually don't go for this type of game. This ROCKS! As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. September 2, 2012
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Farm Fables

Help Leia keep and develop her farm by growing crops and caring for animals in this beautiful Time Management game.

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