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Madame Fate™, a mysterious fortune teller, has foreseen her own demise at midnight this very day. She has asked for your help in investigating each quirky carnival worker to determine their whereabouts at midnight. Your investigation will include a multitude of fascinating personalities, from Art the Carny to Lucy the Bearded Beauty, while exploring the magical world of Fate`s Carnival. Each suspect has a motive, but only a Master Detective can discover the secrets hidden within Madame Fate`s crystal ball.

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 7.0
  • Hard Drive: 116 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Alcohol Reference
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Mild Blood
  • Violent References
Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ®


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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ®

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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate 3.9 5 119 119
Madame Fate revisited This was the first game I'd ever bought from Big Fish. Since I love the sinister circus/creepy carnival theme, I thought this would be fun. Boy, was this one over my head! I had thought it was an adventure game instead of pure hidden object searching. The objects are either too small or so well-blended into the surroundings and with the limited number of hints available and that blasted timer, it made the gameplay not fun at all. Needless to say, I didn't get very far into the game so I shelved it for a few years and found others to enjoy instead. After becoming more experienced with hidden object games that I did love, I comtemplated deleting Madame Fate since it was too advanced for me and I thought I'd never play it again. But checking my account, I found that I'd paid full price for it (not knowing about the frequent sales that went on# so I wanted to get my money's worth and decided to give it another chance. And I'm glad I did. It's definitely not a game for the beginner like I was back then. The searches can be eye-straining and almost all of the puzzles are hard. There are no instructions and the hints are useless for the puzzles so I had to resort to a walkthrough for most of the ones that I couldn't figure out for myself. Some of them require quick eye-hand coordination and there are still two that I can't figure out even with the walkthrough so I always have to skip those. Besides the object searching and puzzles, there's still a lot to like about Madame Fate. There are several word games that are played throughout so you need to be a good speller #keep a dictionary handy# and creative enough to come up with words from a jumble of letters but these can all be skipped. I'm good with the word games so those were a lot of fun for me. Another of the searching games that was great fun was where you need to find a certain number of a particular object #like balloons or peanuts# and those were more doable and fun than the regular hidden object lists because you can earn time back depending on how fast you found them. There are morphing objects to find too which unlock extra locations which are delightful #like the kitty carnival#, colorful #tunnel of love# and somewhat disgusting #the outhouse). I guess making the last location unattractive was supposed to show the developers' sense of humor. I especially enjoyed the carnival sounds. I've played through the game a couple dozen times now so I know whre all the objects are located in each location and I'm getting better at solving the puzzles too. If I'd written this review when I had first tried playing Madame Fate, I know I wouldn't have rated it higher than 1 since I hated it. Now, I would have ideally liked to rate it 3.5 since 3 is average and it's better than average but I can't give it a 5 for several reasons. Even though it offers two modes of play, both modes are timed and you don't have the option of turning the timer off or pausing it when doing the puzzles. I would have liked having the option to at least pause the timer during the puzzles so I could work them through at my leisure and perfect my technique with the timing on some of them. But the clock ticks on and you can run out of time before you finish the game and I find that frustrating with no sense of accomplishing anything up to that point. So they lost a star for that. They should either have the timer in the expert mode only or give the option of pausing or turning it off during the puzzle portions so that you can examine the scene and take as much time as you want with them. I hate timed games for that reason. It's too stressful when all I want is to relax. A pet peeve of mine but which is a minor point for them are the depictions of the bumper cars and concession stand. If Madame Fate's carnival is supposed to be active, then why are the bumper cars in a degenerate state and not working? And why is the concession stand condemned? Other than the cluttered look from the hidden objects in the scenes, the other attractions are clean and in a working state so I don't understand why the devs didn't clean up these two sites to make them consistant with the others. It's always been a distraction to me and it detracts from the other appealing-looking attractions. I'm surprised that they haven't updated this game with a collector's edition. As one who owns the game, I wish there was a way to just play with the puzzles so that I could become quicker with them when I'm playing against the timer. Even that would make the game more worthwhile, in my opinion. Like I said, I would detract two stars for the timer and the bumper car/concession stand locations. Also, it takes a very long time for the last two morphing object locations to become available in order to unlock the outhouse. And THEN, even LONGER for the outhouse to appear on the carnival grounds! No matter how many times I've played straight through, it's always the same with the outhouse. It takes a long time for it to unlock and to actually go there to investigate. So i would rate the entire game a 3.5 but since we can't give half points, it gets bumped to a 4 since I think it's better than average but not excellent. For the seasoned player, it's worth it but I wish I'd have waited for a sale instead of paying full price for it. September 23, 2012
Tough and fun game I have only played the free trial a few times, but this is a pretty hard and very fun game. I'm still at war with myself as to whether I should buy the full version or not because carnival/circus type stuff creeps me out. I think this is worth the purchase if you are not afraid of circuses. Also, Madame Fate makes a cameo appearance in MCF: Dire Grove (another awesome game). January 6, 2012
OH SO CHALLENGING I bought Madame Fate many years ago and played it about 3 times back then. When the new sequel of MCF Fates Carnival game came out recently, I thought I would play this game again to get back into the swing of the characters and the like before I played that game. Oh how I forgot just how challenging it was. Even as an expert fishy I still had to get hints cause I had forgotten where a lot of the items in HOGs were. This is a true HOG game with mini puzzles at the end of each scene. Its not like the mini games are hard - its just that you have to figure out what to do - before time runs out. So get comfortable cause you're in for a treat. The graphics are not great. The HOGS are very cluttered and hard to see everywhere, but the overall ambience of the game is well worth playing. There is something oh so magical about this game. So that's where the hints come in. When I had finished the game, just like back then, I really felt I have accomplished something. Anyway I recommend that you play this game before you play MCF Fates Carnival so you are fully aware of the story behind it. Definitely worth putting this in your collection. November 30, 2013
Mayzy's Reviews - Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Wow, this is a bit of a dark little game. If you're looking for sunshine and butterflies, then go look up Awakening, but if you want something a little twisted (and I do love a little twisted) then this may be the game for you. The plot is pretty much nil. Madame Fate has foretold her own death and wants you to investigate her carnival to try and prevent it. The HO scenes are very good, though get repetitive really fast as you constantly revisit the same ones with no changes to actual objects. My favorite parts are the puzzles that you get to solve to look into the future. Some might complain about the lack of explanation, but I consider that part of the challenge- trying to figure out what the heck you're supposed to DO! Plus, if you manage your hints wisely, you shouldn't have too hard a time. They puzzles are all very different from the norm and well put together with a Monty Python sort of feel. They really made the game worthwhile for me despite the other flaws. This would be a good one for a coupon and definitely something to get if you're playing the Mystery Case Files series. December 2, 2012
Perfect for hidden object junkies This game is basically just one huge bundle of hidden object scenes, and mini games. Not the kind of game where you're walking through a house or something, its a map where you go jump from one area to the next and look through the hidden object scene in each. It was very good, and the hidden object scenes were definitely a challenge. Best for more experienced hidden object gamers :D July 16, 2012
An Oldie But Goody I love the MCF games & came across this one by surfing the site ( I find many gems that way ) By NO means an easy game & at times you wish you could stop the clock The visuals could be crisper- & I think this is an older game But it rocks You better play in strong light & have good eyeballs 4 worms for sure ~~~~glug glug glug CookyFish September 15, 2013
This is a wonderful game! This was a wonderful game! Madame Fate works at a carnival, and she sees in her crystal ball that someone is trying to kill her. It's your job to investigate about 20 people at the carnival to see which one is after Madame Fate. You have to find hidden objects in several different areas of the carnival for each level. This game is very creatively drawn, and you will enjoy seeing each new character that you investigate. You visit most of the areas several times, which helps you to remember where some of the hidden objects are located. Most of the time at least one of the areas in each level has some type of word puzzle you need to solve. At the end of each level you have another more elaborate puzzle to solve. The puzzles are extremely varied - no danger of boredom here. There are hints for each level, but only 5 of them, so use them very sparingly. There is also a penalty for too much clicking. At the end of the game there is a final puzzle to solve. The only thing that kept me from giving this game a 5 rating was that in each scene there was usually more than one hidden object that was very difficult to see, either because it was in a dark area, or it was only partially visible, or it was very small. I enjoyed playing this game very much though, in spite of the difficulty of finding some of the objects. July 20, 2013
Great pure HOG in the MCF series This review is based on a complete playthrough of the game: Long Review: TL;DR at the bottom. This game takes place after Ravenhearst. There are some nod's to Huntsville in the 'dialog', so kudos for that. NOTE: This is NOT Dire Grove - this is a pure HO game with a very light 'story' sprinkled over the top. The game: The graphics are much improved over Ravenhearst. I didn't get the eye strain trying to find the objects that I did in that game. From my geeky CS background, it's a step backward (what they did in Ravenhearst was very cool - see my review there), but for playability it's a huge plus. That doesn't mean the objects are easy to find. Maybe a tad easier, but still challenging, especially on your first playthrough. They are 'scenes' not random piles of junk. Big plus for that. Like Ravenhearst - this game is timed. In 'relaxed mode' you have more time for each chapter, and there are loads of chapters (15). For the first chapter you get 35 minutes in 'detective' mode and 90 in relaxed. I don't know if the time increases in later chapters in detective mode. Each chapter adds one new scene to the game, so you do revisit the same scenes several times (but not each chapter - after you get three or four it starts selecting from the ones you've done). If the timer runs out - which it did for me a couple of times during the puzzles (I'll get to that), it just resets that 'chapter' and you go through it again with a different list of objects to find - which should be much easier since you've just been through the scenes. There are two types of puzzles. The first is to unlock a new scene - these are pretty straightforward word scrambles, or hangman, or make a bunch of word from nine letters. The second (the 'real' puzzles) come at the end of each chapter. These are challenging - no directions, no hints, click on everything and try to figure out what's going on. I 'hotlined' through a few of them: this gives you a penalty of less time for the next chapter. These puzzles made less sense to me that the ones in Ravenhearst (those were Rube Goldbergesque machines). The timer keeps running while you work on the puzzle. So if you start out with 60 minutes, and it takes you 45 minutes to find all of the objects, you have 15 minutes left to solve the puzzle. There are morphing objects. Finding those unlocks 'special' scenes where every object you find adds time to the timer. The map (list of scenes really - you don't 'move' around like a HOPA) tells you what scenes have them, so you know when you've found them all. You also gain bonus time for finding three objects quickly (I don't know the exact time, but pretty much clicking from one to the next). A lot of scenes have only two objects to find, but you have to find 10-15 of each of them. This becomes a problem with the hint system, since a hint can help you find one, but it doesn't count toward your total till you find all of one type. The 'total' I mentioned above: Like Ravenhearst, you have to find X amount of objects across all the scenes to move on to the next chapter (typically the total number of objects minus two I think). You get only five hints a chapter, so use them wisely. Personally, I always saved them till the end when I needed five to move on then used the hints for those objects I just couldn't find. The game keeps track of your total time, so you can replay it - the game will give you different object lists, just like if you 'failed' a chapter - and try to beat your best time. The game comes with a premade 'top ten' list of times to beat. TL;DR: Bottom Line - If you want a straight HO game with scenes that actually look like scenes and not random piles of junk, this is your game. It's challenging, it's plenty long, and it's replayable: you can either replay it right away to beat your best time - same scenes with different objects to find, or wait a while and try it again when the scenes aren't still fresh in your mind. The graphics are improved over Ravenhearst (the 'prequel') - no more eye strain. Totally recommend this game for people tired of 'junkpiles' but still looking for a good straight HO game that will give them lots of time for their money. March 10, 2013
Great fun! This game is great fun. It is clever, unique and quite funny! It is a timed hidden object game with puzzles in between. The hidden object scenes are quite difficult and there are only a limitted amount of hints available.Some of the objects are very small and this may put some people off. It can get quite frustrating and tense at times, but for me it added to the challenge. The puzzles are really taxing and may not be to everyones taste. If you are looking for a challenge and don't mind your brain working overtime then this one is for you! December 2, 2011
Fun game, sometimes confusing. I really like this game and it challenges you. Although sometimes the objects are hard to find, if you look closely you can find them. The only thing I do not like in this game is the inbetween challenges, You can't figure out how to play them other than the spelling ones, they are very confusing and I am now at a point where I cannot go past a challenge. I will have to start all over to keep playing the game. Very frustrating after you have gotten so far in the game. September 4, 2012
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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ®

A mysterious fortune teller has foreseen her demise at midnight this very day. Can you find the soul who seeks to kill Madame Fate? You be the detective.

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