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Enter a tiny world in your computer with this amazing casual family sim, Virtual Families 2! Adopt characters and help them choose a mate and start a family! Encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for necessities and luxuries. Expand and renovate the house. Make a nursery, a music room or even a game room! Help your character get through the challenges of life and shape their personalities with all sorts of upgrades, from psychotherapy to career counseling and many more!

  • Real-time game play!
  • Unique and fascinating adoptees
  • Fully trainable people! Scold or praise them to shape and adapt their personalities!
  • Dynamic illness system. Play doctor!
  • Play Virtual Families
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • DirectX: 7.0
  • Hard Drive: 92 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Virtual Families 2


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Virtual Families 2

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Virtual Families 2 3.5 5 81 81
Finally! finally came out with vf2 yay! this one's interface is different from the old one so u have to do some looking and getting used to where things longer does you lil peep have to go to the recycle picking weeds... characters are much better looking :) they added a few more praising goals. also u earn money doing stuff and you have alot more to do :D the one thing i dont like is u cannot move your praising or spanking hands i like to put them at the bottom :( your peep starts out with more money and omgsh so much more then vf1 u have to try it! April 20, 2013
For VF 1 fans its just as good I liked VF1 and bought this one as soon as it came out. What I like about it is that there are more rooms, most of which need repairs before you can use them making the house much larger than VF1. You can also choose what dcor you want in the rooms. There are a,lot of dcor choices. The are interesting career choices for your adults. You can also purchase some interesting items such as dice rolls, scrolls, career training, maids, etc. So VF2 has a lot more variety and choices than VF1. What I dislike about it is that everything seems to be a lot slower than VF1. This is why I marked the fun factor low. For example it took about 4 hours of gameplay for the mom to stop nursing and for the family to age one year. It also seems to take longer for the adults to work on their career, to prepare meals, etc. The VV series and VF1 has a faster cycle - 1 year for 1 hour of gameplay. I don't want to have to leave the game running all day in order to achieve goals and earn money. Its good for someone who is happy to leave the game running and visit it every hour or so to see whats going on. If you prefer the faster moving and more interactive experience of the VV series then you may find this a bit slower and less fun. April 21, 2013
Another slow and easy going game I really enjoyed the first Virtual Families, so I bought the 2nd one as soon as it was available for p.c. It is pretty slow, the family takes a very long time to make enough money to buy anything. The wife I have is SO lazy, she doesn't like to work and she only makes $1.00 when she does! The music is still soothing, not the same music, but still a calming sound. I guess the challenge for me is having to be patient enough to wait for them to have enough money to buy anything, and there is plenty to buy, furniture, work upgrades, new rooms to add on to the house, food, clothes, pets, flooring, and more. But until your family has gone through several generations, like 2, 3, are not able to buy some things. This too can try your patience. I think once I get more generations in the home, things will get better, just have to let their start in life be slow, I don't think the first 2 generations will have much of anything cause by the time they have earned enough $$, they will probably die! The characters do look different and they stare at you constantly when they are doing anything! I don't care for that, and I liked the look of the first VF people more. The yard is much smaller, the house much larger, the renovations are quite expensive, from about 700 and into the 1000's. I think I still will enjoy the game, it is totally family friendly, but requires MUCH patience, so if your looking for a fast paced, energetic game, you probably won't like this one. I like both fast and slow paced games depending on my mood. Like another reviewer stated, just relax, sip a cup of coffee, tea, or soda and comfy up with this sweet, cozy family game. One other thing, there has been a small problem with movement of the cursor which I too have, that when you need to click something on the side or bottom of your screen, the cursor will jump back to the center of the screen, so be careful to just click on the edge. Some with this problem say if they play in windowed screen this does not happen, but I happen to like to play in full screen, so hopefully they will fix this glitch. Also, in the shopping screens, there is no rolling the mouse wheel to see the page, you have to left click and drag. Kind of a bother. But I will continue on! Have fun with this one!! April 24, 2013
Pretty Decent game I like this game just for the SIM factor, being able to raise a family, provide them with food, keep the house neat, and the added challenge of renovating the house room by room is pretty awesome as well. That being said, what I don't like is the limitations on what I can buy. I have to wait for the generations of family members to own the home... I have to wait for the original parents that own the home to die, their children to come back from "college" to take over the home before I can actually move on to buy upgrades, decent furniture, or even *3rd generation* a washing machine... for one of my families I have a pile of 17 socks waiting to be washed in the bathroom! I started with a younger couple in each of my families *I have 3 so far* and although I like that this game isn't going to be a quick one to complete, it is a little annoying that there are such ridiculous limits to the items that I can buy for my home. Seriously?!? 3 generations before I can get rid of those socks???? Lord I am going to have 30 of them in the bathroom before I get a washing machine :) Anyway, The cursor does jump a little as stated in some of the forums but I have found that if you move the mouse a little slower towards the edges of the screen it doesn't hop back to the center. I like that the game feels interactive when your family occasionally sends you "emails" requesting things or thanking you for something. The graphics are pretty good and for the type of game that it is everything is as expected :) May 6, 2013
Slow but good. If you are expecting a fast paced exciting game then this is not for you. I like it because you can set your people up and go off and leave them all day whilst you get on with your own real life! It is a nice slow, relaxing game with enough variety to make it slightly different with each family ( I have 4!)... and it's not a HO game which in itself is a bonus. April 27, 2013
Ideas I love virtual families2 it is so much fun. I find it hard to renovate some of the rooms though without paying actual money for coins. Witch is not on my to do list. I think when the mother is still holding the baby she should let it crawl around sometimes since normal kids don't really stay in the parents arms until their two. I think adopting a child should cost a bit less because when I need to adopt a child I usually only have one parent working because they aren't married. Also about the adoption when the kids arrive at your house they should have a random age but still a child (not above the age of 14) these are just some ideas to make the game most enjoyable please consider my ideas. January 24, 2014
Pretty good I have always enjoyed the Virtual Villagers games, and I also played Virtual Families 1. I like it and I do think this game is an improvement on the first one. However, the pace of the game is really slow. The characters move slowly, and it takes a long time to advance to the next generation. While you are waiting, there is very little to do and not really any challenge involved. Something I always enjoy in the Virtual Villagers games is the aspect of surviving and completing puzzles. In this game, the only thing you really have to do is get your person married (which is just saying yes or no to an email,) train them to work, buy them food, and make them have kids. I mean, there isn't a whole lot of challenge and there is no puzzle-solving, so it gets pretty darn boring after a while. Also I found the game to be awfully glitchy, but that might just be my computer. But when I move my mouse off the side of the screen, it suddenly reappears in the center of the screen, which really messes me up. Also, whenever it is dark, or there is weird weather like rain or snow, the game runs slow. Like I said, I don't know whether or not that's the game's fault, but I never have these problems with the other "Virtual" games. I still enjoy the game, and I like the idea of unlocking things as you go, but I got bored of it. It requires a lot of patience and free time. August 25, 2013
trial critic This game definitely takes a lot of patience and if you dont have that, forgeddah bouwd it. it may seem pretty boring at first, but trust me, it will get better. the wait to have another baby is pretty lame since you cant have another until its a few years older. the sound quality is good, i reconize a few from virtual villagers,haha. note: in the beginning when your going to pick a spouse for your lady/man, choose one with the highest salary you can get, even if you have to wait a while, its worth it in the future. and if your wondering how to fix the sink/shower,etc, make sure the person knows its broken, then put them in the workshop ( the room with tables and stuff) and then they'll fix it. and for the ants:get the person's attention, and then you'll see a honey jug looking thing and put them on that. and then they'll work on the ant spray, but they wont be finished, go to the trash cans and you'll see a yellow thing on the ground, put them on that and they'll get rid on the ants for good. tip: keep an eye on your people when they make a meal, sometimes they just stop. and if you have another profile like me, you'll be switching from familia to familia, so make sure they're working because they tend to slack off when you leave. hope i helped, ciao :) June 4, 2013
Fun but the mouse control is annoying I like this game. It does require patience so if you are looking for something quick - this isn't it. I recommend reading about the game and tips and hints to make your game play more enjoyable. About children - make sure the parents are NOT hungry or exhausted - they need to be fed and have energy. Also buy cologne and perfume when you see it available in the Flea Market. It also helps to have built / repaired one of the rooms and purchased a double bed. First generation may only have 1 or 2 children, but just as an example, my 2nd generation had 4 children! (gotta love boarding school!) Note about Career upgrades screen in the store: they are shown in sections so you need to scroll all the way down to see all that are available! Note about Character upgrades - to access this, you need to first click on the character and then look for the little button in far upper left corner "Upgrade Me" CONS: -This was the only reason I took a star off - the mouse pointer will auto center on the screen if you get too close to the edges and that is annoying. May 11, 2013
Finishing The Puzzle My Virtual Family has moved to a dream house im so excited to buy this game and keep it up to make it to they're second generation so i can see them in a new house with a new family :D October 11, 2013
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Virtual Families 2

Adopt characters and help them choose a mate and start a family! Shape their personalities and help them get through the challenges of life.

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