Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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After nearly defeating the Witch, Princess Isabella was turned to stone and her child was rescued by her trusted friends Fairy and Dragon. Raised alone, with no idea of her lineage, young Princess Bella must rise and take back her kingdom. Join us for the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy. The Heir will rise!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus game play that unlocks even more magical abilities!
  • Get a chance to see what it’s like behind the scenes
  • Access to concept art and wallpapers
  • Unlock a video gallery!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 768 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 953 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition 3.5 5 92 92
Another really cute Princess Isabella Excellent cutscenes, with gorgeous graphics, as in previous, fairytale song, beautiful surroundings, great VO. The game itself is not difficult, but the beauty and entertainment make it worthwhile. 3 play modes, including Custom (Great!). HOS are not interactive nor challenging - lists several of the same kind. Mini games fun, but already known. To fight evil and overcome obstacles, you will have help as the Dragon (play the flute), magic wand, etc. 7 chapters plus bonus chapter. A very enjoyable game for the weekend. I just bought it. May 18, 2013
PRINCESS BELLA IS BACK! Princess Isabella is facing another challenge, she has learned that the witch had taken her mother, turned her to stone and is using her magic essence to remain young. Now the witch has plans to take Bella's fairy godmothers so she can use Bella's essence as well! There are a lot of cut scene videos telling the story but they are movie quality and tell a good tale. The HOS are a mixture of the classic list finds as well as remove 12 evil items or find 4 frogs, 6 mushrooms etc. Most of the mini games are simple such as color wheels that you must turn until the colors in the center from the wheel on the left and right match all the same color. You will find a pan flute that belongs to the dragon, when you play the flute he will swoop down and lift heavy objects for you. The fairy will help you construct a magic wand that, as you gain new powers, you can use the wand to break things open etc. The goal is to break things open to get portrait pieces that you will put together to break the enchantment spell that binds the fairies to evil. Although this is a great addition to the Princess Isabella series I think I'll wait for the SE because other than the bonus chapter and wallpaper and guide there's no bells or whistles on this CE. Enjoy! May 18, 2013
Happy Sunday To Me! I played an earlier game in this trilogy and remember liking it, so thought I'd give this game a try. This is based on the trial. 3 levels; casual, advanced and custom. I LOVE the addition of custom. There are 3 sliders: recharge hint, skip time and glint (sparkle) display. I wish every game had the custom option, although this is the 2nd game I've seen recently so perhaps it will become standard. I was pleasantly surprised by the voiceovers that ranged from downright creepy to really cute. There was only one voice I didn't like, but I'm not saying which because I don't want to give anything away! The music, although a bit choppy when changing scenes, is pleasant and I had no desire to turn it off. The story I thought was perhaps aimed at a younger or beginner player. I am still a bit unsure about that. Either way, I liked it. I thought the list style HOS were a bit too frequent, but then again I am not a fan of them anyway. Having said that, they are relatively easy with good, clear graphics. The puzzles are fairly standard and not so difficult I felt the need to skip.. What makes this a 5 star game for me, apart from simply enjoying the gameplay, is the artwork. The scenes are beautiful, with bright colours and clear graphics that are a delight just to look at! I absolutely cannot get enough of these games! I played the entire demo and then immediately bought the game. So, for me, this is a no brainer. If you like fantasy, (faeries, dragons, evil witches) and games that you can waste a Sunday afternoon on, I would recommend playing the demo at the very least. May 18, 2013
A really fun game Definitely not one of the gory strategy HOGs out there. This was more fairy dust and twinkles with a dragon for a friend and animals to help along your quest. It was most enjoyable and I was sooooooooooooooo disappointed when the FT ended (ARGH) that I am buying it right now. In fact, less than halfway through the FT I knew I was getting this game. A nice addition to the gory stuff, match 3s and building villages in my collection. Can't wait to get back to the game. Oh, the graphics were bright and cheerful, the voiceovers great and the hints so helpful I didn't use the SG at all. This glam-ma says it's a winner. May 18, 2013
Long Wait is Over I have been waiting for the next installment of Isabella, I did not even wait, bought it without playing and was not disappointed. The graphic and artwork are as fantastic as the others but would not expect any less from GOGII. Playing this series of game is a get away from everyday life, it is beautiful in every aspect from beginning to the Bonus Chapter. Thank you Big Fish and GOGII. May 18, 2013
Bella, find Mother! This is the third and final chapter of the Princess Isabella series. I've played the other two, but you don't need to in order to play this one. The Witch has taken your Mother and your Fairy Godmothers, and you need to rescue all of them. You get a Dragon Helper with a Magic Flute that contains a Lift Song (hopefully you get others as the game progresses?#. You also have a Fairy helper who eventually gives you a Magic Wand with two initial spells #command creatures, break things# that seems to be upgradeable as you go along. There is no map, and the HOS #so far, in the demo) are lists only with no interaction -- kind of disappointing after the clever HOS in most of the other games currently out. You have to complete magical portraits using your magic wand to break items to find portrait pieces, which then opens up another pathway for you. Another irritant is after you use the magic wand, you have to re-holster it yourself, instead of it automatically returning and being ready. You also make friends with an Owl, who provides info along the way. Since this is the third and final game in the series, for me it is a definite buy! May 18, 2013
A Conundrum to Rate - But how could I not give it 5 stars? First let me say that if you haven't played the two previous games in this series - go play them before you play this one - It's not at all necessary but you will be VERY glad you did - trust me --- Like I said - Difficult to rate - Here's why --- I couldn't give this game anything lower than 5 stars - despite challenge level being what it is - which is actually relative but the sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.... why? - but still it's truthfully a very good game for almost every other reason I think the series of games as a whole absolutely rock - but does this game - on it's own - without a player's knowledge of previous games deserve a perfect score? Maybe. It's a tough one to rate - And although I prefer much harder games I love this one for it's story and fun factor. Most important to me is the first two games have always stuck out in my mind amongst the 100's of HOA games I've played - They were fun whimsical and cool when the adventure element of HOGs started to get so popular - At times I've even used them a standard when looking for a game of the like to purchase. I've learned that it's best if most often when I play the next game in a series where the first had that special "magical" factor that made it great I start playing with very low expectations - 'cos I'm usually let down - and hard In this case - Surprise!! - this game - the third in the series has not let me down and still has that "magic" that the first and second games had that made them so memorable. So - In General * If you're a fan of the series you're gonna LOVE this game - "I guarantee it" - as they say :) * For beginners of the HOA genre game will be awesome * If you don't like plain HOS and need the interactive ones - sorry - this game doesn't have that for you * Important: If you want/need a challenge - find another game - really - an advanced/intermediate player who expects a challenge will definitely be disappointed. TRUTH Be Told *If I wasn't such a fan of the story itself - or the series - I probably would have not been happy with the game and regretted my purchase for a few reasons I will explain below - despite its better qualities The Good * the relaxing yet interesting story and gameplay * Love that with the "special powers" I don't have to worry about collecting multiple items throughout the game to smash things etc - don't wanna give it all away - but I bet you know what I mean * the superb graphic quality - and I mean superb - clean - beautifully drawn scenes - no blur but no hard lines either * very nice voice acting * cool characters even the witch 'cos it's not dark and dreary and doom like a lot of other games * no weird unwieldy bulky controls - as I have seem to run across a lot lately - that sometimes do things you don't want it to do like go back to last location or accidentally hitting "skip" instead of the strategy guide 'cos of placement and sluggish pointers - just for example - * ability to customize hint and skip charge time if you want is awesome - i like a hard game without hints - which is why it's funny I'm giving this one all 5 stars - but when i want to skip a puzzle I just hate and don't want to wait *game lives up to its predecessors which is awesome on the writers/devs part - Way to Go!! But here's why I would have been totally disappointed in the game if I were not such a fan of the series - the story - and the wanting to know what happens to Bella and if that stupid witch will ever be finally vanquished!!! The Bad * no interactive or fancy HOS - all plain lists - Although the scenes themselves are pretty nice - they fit the story and don't seem like junk piles * sparkles and other blatant unnecessary hand-holding despite difficulty level set to most difficult - where there should be no sparkles at all they're all over the place - but like I said - easy game So the "Bad" list is short. HOS are boring but luckily they're not over abundant - the sparkle, sparkle, sparkle make an already easy game half played for you - on the bright side you won't miss anything :) All-in-all how could I not buy it right away and relax and enjoy it as a fan of the first two? If you haven't played them - go play them - you'll definitely wanna check this one out after that - imho May 18, 2013
A True Trilogy With a Happy and Satisfactory Conclusion!! I loved this series for the light, colorful, lighthearted storyline/plot! So many games these days are entirely too dark, "supposedly" sinister, and depressing! Games are meant to be fun (not a chore, not work, and not persistently dark and depressing!) Not that I would NEVER enjoy some of the darker games, but I like to have a good blend of both in my collection. I look for many things in a game that are deciding factors as to whether I will actually purchase the game, purchase the SE vs. the CE, and am likely to replay the games. This game had it all! Yes, I purchased this game. Yes, I will replay the game. And, well? the SE over the CE? I'm not certain that the bonus content makes the CE worth the extra money/credits. Basically, the princess is ridding her castle of "lasting remnants" of evil left by the witch. It's fun and okay, gives a plot addition where owl becomes a "master" of his powers and for his heritage (so that is good!) It lets you know that he and Bella will be able to continue the lineage of protection. I would give this game a full 5 star rating and would definitely recommend it for gamers who like to get away from the dark and dreary games/plots. It is a good game to add to your collection! If you have not already done so, it would be a good idea to go back and get the other 2 games in the series in order to have the full plot! Those games are also fun (although the first game will lack visual/technical quality that was improved with the last 2 - but that is okay, especially if you use a "free game" credit). July 9, 2013
Beautiful game! Lots of hidden objects, and tons of puzzles! The music was superb--and it varied from one scene to the next. The graphics were amazing, some scenes were really creepy-scary! Played the demo up to the scene with the fireflies in the Spider Forest, couldn't figure out how to unlock the curse there, even using the guide book. By then, the demo expired. Although I loved the game, I don't see me buying it 'cause I wouldn't play it more than once. May 19, 2013
A Great Game ... But The SE Would Be Enough ... Great Graphics, Video Bits, Sound & Story ... Enjoyed Playing This Game. Great Flow And Very Vibrant In Colour. The Extra Game Play Looked Great, But Seemed Short And Over Linear And Not Really A Great Follow Up To The Main Game ... I Really Didn't See The Value Of Having The CE, So I Would Recommend The SE When It Is Available ... I Got My CE At About The Same Price As The SE So I Didn't Mind Too Much ... May 24, 2013
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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

Save the kingdom and reunite Princess Isabella with her prince in the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy!

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