Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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After nearly defeating the Witch, Princess Isabella was turned to stone and her child was rescued by her trusted friends Fairy and Dragon. Raised alone, with no idea of her lineage, young Princess Bella must rise and take back her kingdom. Join us for the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy. The Heir will rise!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus game play that unlocks even more magical abilities!
  • Get a chance to see what it’s like behind the scenes
  • Access to concept art and wallpapers
  • Unlock a video gallery!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 768 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 953 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition 3.5 5 92 92
good for a sequel its starts out a little slow and I did miss some of the original voices but once you get going its really very good. i do wish the end was a little less abrupt but still worth having if you love the first 2 in the series. May 27, 2013
mostly for kids but fun Yes, this game may seem quite childish. If you are looking for kid friendly this is your pick. However, I usually go for darker themed stories and have recently branched out. For a change of pace I enjoyed playing all three of the Princess Isabella's. This time as Isabella's daughter, Bella, we have to save our fairy godmothers and mother from the witch's curse. I can't say if this one is my favorite but I still enjoyed it. It's bright and colourful. The story is fun and entertaining. There's lots to do, although somewhat repetitive. Few puzzles and not overwhelmed by HOS. Although some items were challenging, they were pretty easy. There is no map but I didn't feel it was needed. If you're in the mood for something light, simple and whimsical this is a good choice. Don't be turned off by it's cute and kiddish premise. I went outside my comfort zone and delighted my inner child. Not everyone's cup of tea but it may be worth a try. May 25, 2013
For children only My ratings are strictly for evaluation for a childs game. If not, then I would have to give it a 0 It makes me suspicious as nothing is mentioned about kids liking the game Anyway, the voices are annoying especially the fairy but again it is geared for kids. It is a fun game for kids to play and the puzzles are a little difficult but no wait for the skip button Please, Please tell me that this is for kids May 18, 2013
One of the Most Fun Games I Have Ever Played NOTE: Review is of completed STANDARD EDITION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the third and, I assume, the final Princess Isabella game. I hated the other two games with a passion, but for some reason, this game really took my fancy! Everyone knows I hate cute games, but this game was just so much fun! I bought the SE and loved it. The story, I'll admit, could have been better. That being said, I did like it. The story begins with the witch capturing your three fairy godmothers, and then, with the help of Dragon, Fairy and Owl, it's up to you to stop them. There weren't many twists in this story, it was all what was to be expected. Bella goes after the witch, enters the castle and so forth. My favourite bits were definitely the cutscenes after your fairy godmothers were rescued. They added extra information to the story and gave you hints on how to beat the witch. Overall, I'd say this story is a bit weak, even for a cute game, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. I found the gameplay to be very fun, but very easy (not that I'm complaining, I like easy). The gameplay was the best part of the game and what initially swayed me to buy this. I think Gogii can read my mind- I love collecting portrait pieces and having awesome powers to use! This is exactly my kind of gameplay. Gogii have almost created the perfect game. The puzzles and HOS were fairly easy, although that's not a problem for me. The HOS were very simple. It was all junkpile with no extra step objects. The game is a bit HOS heavy for the first hour, but then slows down for the rest of the game. I had no problem with this, but for those who don't like too many HOS, this may not be the game for you. The puzzles were also fairly easy, which I loved. To my delight, I was able to solve the majority of the puzzles, with only one or two needing to be skipped. The puzzles were also fun to play! I don't think I've ever had as much fun playing a game as I had with this one. I must mention that I especially like the HOS showdown and the battle with the eye at the end of the game. They were both unique and wonderful! Aside from the powers and portrait pieces, this is pretty much your standard HOPA. It's got all the basics: Hint, skip, diary, etc. but no map, which was a shame. This is a great start for beginners, and experienced players should have no trouble with it. Like I said before, it's almost as if Gogii has read my mind. This is my type of gameplay; easy and fun. I commend Gogii on their efforts! The graphics were good to look at, but could have used a bit more work. I mean, the artwork was nice and pretty, but it's not the best I've seen. One thing I liked about the graphics was when the rooms turned from evil to nice. The graphics were so pretty in those scenes! Well done to Gogii for making the graphics pretty. To improve on the next game, the graphics could be slightly more detailed. The voice-overs were average. Some characters were good, others I hated. For example, the character of Fairy had the most annoying voice I've ever heard in my life, and I jumped for joy when she was killed off and I realised I didn't have to listen to her again! She sounded like a sped up squirrel or something. It was just terrible. The other voices were okay, though. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Hard and Custom. Custom allows you to set the game how you want it. In custom, you can change hint and skip recharge times, sparkles and you can turn the tutorial on or off. I played Casual. Hint and Skip- both recharged fairly quickly for the difficulty, and the hint is very useful outside HOS. Diary- this is used regularly and keeps track of the game's events. 3 Fairy Godmothers- after being rescued, each Fairy Godmother gives you a power. These powers are Growth, Wind, and Rejuvenation. Each power is used fairly often in the game. Dragon's Flute- This is used to call Dragon down to help you with obstacles in the game. There are two songs on it: Lift Song and Fire Song. This feature is used a fair bit in the first part of the game, but is hardly used from then onwards. I would've liked to see more of this feature. Portrait Pieces- There are 4 portraits to assemble, each one having an increasing amount of pieces. The pieces are fairly easy to find, and are found rather quickly. Magic Wand- This can be used to control animals or break things, but it's mostly used for the latter. It's used a bit throughout the game, but like the Flute, it's used more often in the first part of the game. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter- not needed. The game ends conclusively. Built in Strategy Guide. Behind the Scenes- With this, you can see images from the making of the game. Concept Art Video Gallery Wallpapers To conclude, I think the SE is the much better buy. With no achievements or collectibles apart from the portrait pieces, there is really no need for the CE. This is a wonderful game. It's the only cute game I've enjoyed, and I know you'll love it! On the game length: I'd estimate the game to be somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hours on Casual Mode. November 29, 2013
Fun, but too short previous this series were very nice to play. This is fun also, but too short! June 14, 2013
HMMM not sure where to begin! What happened to the artists from the first Isabella? If you played the first one you'd remember the stunning colors and artwork and great game mechanics, they completely lost their way in the second game, and seems they lost the artists in the third. I was very dissapointed with the artwork, so much so that it distracted me the entire game, kept waiting for it to get better. Well it finally did,but in the bonus chapter! welcome back What I did like was the game mechanics. just love HOs, yes the item lists and find 12 or 20 of dont care if interactive [ I like to time on how fast I find things, never use hints for HOs] The puzzles were great, a nice mix, and I love puzzles and mini games. I really liked the story, I know same old, but I play these games for pleasure rest and relaxation, I love fantasy mythology, fairies, castles and old mansions. dont like space ships, real cities, and absolutely detest real people in games. this is not for those wanting a challenge, I think it is geared more for the young or young at heart. I only gave it 3 stars should be 3.5 I think a lot of people would enjoy playing with their kids. dont usually hype 4 CEs , but the bonus chapter was the best part art wise. and it was a good sale. May 21, 2013
Visual feast + easy game = mixed feelings TITLE?Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir VERSION?Collector's Edition (full game + bonus adventure) DEVELOPER?Gogii (produced by Big Fish Games) GENRE?Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure STORYLINE?Princess Isabella successfully rescued her daughter Bella from the Witch, but sacrificed herself in doing so. Now it's Bella's turn to save her mother, as the Witch is feeding on Isabella's spirit to keep herself youthful. In addition, the Witch has captured Bella's three Fairy Godmothers, so she must rescue them as well. Fortunately, Bella has Owl and Dragon to help her on this, her first adventure. OVERVIEW?Gameplay will be familiar to those who have played the first two games in this series, but the graphics and animation have been stepped up quite a bit. This is not a challenging game, but one for a relaxing rainy afternoon. GAMEPLAY?Point 'n' click adventure with HOs, puzzles, and mini-games. The HOs are all of the list type and are not interactive. They are junk pile, but not Hoarders junk pile. Items are clear and easy to identify. Puzzles and mini-games are simple and familiar, albeit graphically beautiful. SPECIALS?Bonus adventure, behind the scenes, wallpapers, video gallery, and concept art are offered. There are no collectibles or achievements. The bonus adventure involves banishing the last vestiges of the curse and helping Owl acquire some powers of his own. INTERFACE?JOURNAL: Narrates the story. MAP: None. HINTS: In custom mode, you can set the recharge rate. STRATEGY GUIDE: I forgot to check it out, the game was so easy. SETTINGS?There are three levels of difficulty, including custom in which you can turn off the tutorial as well as set your own recharge rates for hint, skip, and glint. Effects, music, and dialog volumes can be set separately. There is wide screen available and a custom cursor option. GRAPHICS?Recognizable as Princess Isabella but with more polish. The brilliant colors are there, as well as the blue cast when a room is cursed, but everything looks more up-to-date. CUTSCENES?Lots of cuteness. Just a touch of scariness if you're letting your kids play. Nothing that would give them nightmares. MUSIC?Moody, in the background, and well done. SOUND?Ambient sound was appropriate for each scene. VOICEOVER?All very well done except for Fairy, who sounded as if she'd been inhaling from a helium-filled balloon. SUMMARY?If you have the previous two games, I recommend this one. Not that it doesn't stand alone?it does. But the lack of collectibles, interaction in the HOs, ease of play (and lack of challenge), and the shorter length of the game make me hesitant to outright recommend it. I enjoyed it, but you'll have to make up your own mind. May 19, 2013
Interresting, but not sure worth the CE cost **BASED ON THE HOUR DEMO** So, I played the hour demo and liked the story line. You are a princess trying to save your mother from a witch's curse. The story is intriguing enough to keep my interest for the hour I played. Pros --you get several useful inventory items to keep...a wand, a dragon to lift heavy things, and fairy godmothers (when unlocked). --HOS scenes are very clear (junk piles). Items were not small and were fairly easy to find --3 levels of play (normal, advanced, and custom). Can be changed while in the game. I played on custom (I'm really liking that more games are allowing this option). --collections....sort collect picture pieces to free your fairy godmothers. It is a intricate part of the game, so it will have to be in the SE too. --The strategy guide stays open to the last page you were on --Music was pretty...but got a bit repetitive Cons: --no map what so ever. So be prepared to walk back and forth some. The area isn't huge, so it's not a big issue, but I have gotten used to maps and missed having one. --graphics felt a bit dated. Also, it didn't play in widescreen --no achievements, no collectables (not counting the picture fragments...which in my opinion is part of the game and not really a collection). These are a must for me to consider buying a CE --seemed like many more HOS than puzzles. Puzzles themselves were quite easy. Not sure if they will get more difficult as the game goes on. --HOS were not interactive. I had several regular list ones and one "collect all the x items" So nothing new here. --I think the game is going to be on the short side. There are 7 chapters (not including the bonus), and I got part way through the 3rd during my hour trial. Overview: While the story is interesting, it is nothing new. The extra inventory stuff does give it a bit of a twist. But with no achievements, collections, or morphing objects, and what seems to be short length, I will sadly have to pass at this time on the CE. But will consider the SE when it comes around (my biggest hang up will be the length. I like to get at least 4 hours out of a main game, and this sadly will likely only take half that time). May 18, 2013
Completed Game---Storyline Disappointing I was looking forward to the end of this series; however it seems as far as the storyline goes they went the more childish route. The game also seemed too short for me. However as far as gaming goes: 1--game modes--casual to advanced and customized 2--can even in the regular modes speed up hints and skip 3--graphics are absolutely beautiful 4--cut scenes are clear and the voice overs done well 5--fairy and owl are helpers as well as the dragon 6--hos are not too difficult and not dark at all though some are more difficult than others 7--puzzles are relatively easy, though a couple are a little harder. 8--no transporter map or achievements 9--music not bad One complaint is that when last we saw the prince he was young, here he seemed to age 100 years (instead of the amount of time it took for Bella to be the age she is) what's up with that---doesn't make sense; but that's me. I get the impression that they spent more time on the development part of the game rather than on the story itself; not realizing that both need to be good in order to keep the interest of gamers. I would give this game between 3 and 3.5 because of the storyline. May 20, 2013
It's a good game but not worth the CE price Honestly had a hard time getting into this game, bought it right away because I like the previous games. However, the HOGS were boring to tears and repetitive. The graphics were lovely. Music annoying I had to turn it down and PULLEASE....the voice of the fairy is tape sped up to make her sound tiny and is EXTREMELY ANNOYING, and although I was horrified by her sudden disposal, wasn't sorry to "hear" her go. The story was sketchy and the one fight scene (before the final) was totally confusing and weird. The whole thing felt sloppy and not well put together. I'm afraid after the last CE (my new favorite below) every game will seem below standard and boring. Will be much more careful in the future around CE purchases. Overall Bleh! Really just OK. I recommend but not at CE price! May 19, 2013
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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

Save the kingdom and reunite Princess Isabella with her prince in the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy!

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