Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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After nearly defeating the Witch, Princess Isabella was turned to stone and her child was rescued by her trusted friends Fairy and Dragon. Raised alone, with no idea of her lineage, young Princess Bella must rise and take back her kingdom. Join us for the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy. The Heir will rise!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus game play that unlocks even more magical abilities!
  • Get a chance to see what it’s like behind the scenes
  • Access to concept art and wallpapers
  • Unlock a video gallery!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 768 MB
  • Hard Drive: 546 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition 3.5 5 92 92
A great game for all skill levels But if your a beginner, or just looking to play a cute fantasy game, this is it. This is the 3rd installment of the Princess Isabella saga. The puzzles are easy, the graphics and music fit well w/ the story. Creatures help your w/ your journey to the wicked castle. It's just an overall great enjoyment to play. Plz. don't 4get 2 post ur fav. game after u write ur review, so that others can chk it out, as I do. ty game on gamers... June 25, 2013
Expect an enchanting Fairy-Tale!! :) This one?s for the Fairy-Tale addicted?. The Witch has finally revealed herself and has kidnapped your mother plus your 3 Fairy Godmothers! What a mess? But on your mission to defeat the Witch, you are accompanied again by your Fairy friend (hint) and your dragon, who is able to move heavy objects. Right from the beginning you are equipped with the Dragon?s Flute - is used to call your dragon friend to help you out. And with a Magic Wand - is used to summon animals to aid you and to break things. More abilities are added through out the game?. In addition, every Fairy Godmother will award you with their special ability, as there are the power of Grow, Wind and Rejuvenate. Facts: wonderful drawn graphics!! 3 modes to choose from, 7 chapters plus bonus-chapter, direction giving hint, strategy-guide doesn?t follow your progress, a helpful journal, no map. In the main-game we have 18 minigames, some new and not too hard to solve! And there are 16 hidden object scenes (list), all just played once!! In the bonus-chapter with new areas to explore, (which is an additional story, main game has a ?happy ending?) you will find 10 more minigames and 7 HOS. No mentionable extras, such as collectables or achievements? But nevertheless it really is a fantastic adventure!!! :) May 18, 2013
better than the others good game I have played all the isabella games and this one is the best one, just still not great. You can chose how you want to play the game with a custom mode. Cool. The music is good and the graphic are good. Has voice over but still have lots of reading to do. You get a dragon to help you and a flute. Some running around to do but has a good flow. The HOS are easy and so are the puzzles. Seen some of the puzzles before. The game is good just not great. May 18, 2013
A Lovely Game I have played the previous games and enjoyed them ,so as soon as I had played my Demo I decided to buy. Although the game plays like a Fairy Tale I would not see it as just a childs game It may not be as grizzly as some. but that doesn't mean adults won't enjoy playing. I agree with others that the custom option is a plus but I didn.t find there were too many HO's [ I am not a big fan.] The story flows along there are some lovely cut scenes which are skipable and the usual cute animals from previous games unfortunately there is also a rather chatty fairy so I kept the sound off . Once again the Princess is trying to defeat the evil witch who having kidnapped and turned her mother to stone has now captured her fairy god mothers . ...I don't want to spoil the story The art work is lovely the gameplay quite easy there are wands to be made musical intruments, flying dragons etc etc If you find the game a bit confusing at first because you havn't played the others I suggest you have a look at the previous games before you give up you may find it helps May 18, 2013
Welcome Back, Princess Isabella I bought this game after playing 30 minutes of the demo. I really enjoyed the previous Princess adventure. If you did too, you'll like this one. The interaction with animals who give you their special powers adds a lot to the play. Find your lost Fairy Godmothers and they add more powers to your arsenal. Call the dragon with the magic flute to lift heavy things, or use your magic wand to break things open. Areas are cleared of evil just like the previous Isabella games. Loved the mandrake roots!!! May 18, 2013
And they lived happily ever after Review based upon completion of the game and the bonus chapter. This is the third installment of the Princess Isabella series and conclusion of the trilogy. When we left off the witch turned Isabella to stone, and the allies swept in to rescue the baby. Now grown up, as Princess Bella, the heir, it is your duty to take the kingdom back, assisted by Fairy, a dragon and three Fairy Godmothers. The Good: + story + trademark uncursing of rooms and landscapes + the magic duel is back! + adjustable options (I played with fast hint recharge, very slow skip and sparkles up) + still a lot of stuff to break, blow out or renew + diverse minigames The Neutral: o most riddles are very easy o giant spider warning. She's not too big though, and you interact with her. The Bad: - the fairy used to be charming, but her new hastened and pitched up voice is annoying (then again, she's not with you that long...) Bonus Content: The bonus chapter took me about one hour to complete. You return to the original castle and set the ghosts of the previous inhabitants, who were cursed by the witch, free. An unusual extra are two behind the curtain videos: A walk through the developer's studio (longer than the Big Fish one from Dire Grove) and Outtakes from the voiceover recordings (quite funny). Other than that you can re-watch the videos, as usual, artwork and some wallpapers. Bottom Line: This is a satisfying ending to the series. Finally, one that knows how to not overstay their welcome. I have to give a warning for you ophidiophobists out there: You will encounter a lot of giant snakes. If you want to defeat every last bit of evil, get the CE, otherwise the regular edition will be fine. May 21, 2013
Kitty's Thoughts: Too many quick judgement. Love Harry Potter Feel! Alright! How to start this off... After reading most of the negative comments about the game, I decided to play for myself and see what the ranting, raving, and screaming is all about. In short to say, what really is truthful about the reviews and what is a plain rant. To tell you the truth, I don't trust any review of someone who played less than 45 minutes of it. I brought the collector edition, and it was more than what people give this game in less than that time. For a review, you play as bella and destined save your mom from the witch who stole her beauty and turned your mother into stone. As a premature girl, of course your power is not all that great as the queen Isabella, so you need a wand. The usual cast from the last two games come, first the fairy, and next the dragon. However, as you get out of your hideout in the sky, you meet a new cast in the group. However, in your travels to finally get to the castle, you meet the witch, and in her en-devour to trick you, she kills your FAIRY. I mean most of the comments I read complained about the fairies voice, when in a short moment of the game, she is killed, and a new ally takes her place "Mr. Owl". XD I had to say I do like the new change with the owl. Oh! With the magic wands... it kinda feels harry potterish if you like the books. So, I had to say I didn't regret the CE edition. Sure, everyone is right about the game having no interactive Hidden Object games, but going through so many bad games with those, I sorta start disliking them unless it was created by Spirit of Mystery. Another thing maybe true is the difficulty level of puzzles. It's not all that difficult. Most are pretty easy to get by. I did have to look at the strategy guide because I had to report that there maybe some bugs with the puzzle closing out while you're trying to solve it, and other issues. However, none are brain scratches, but that's probably because during the long distance of waiting for this game... I played other games with similar puzzles and more. I have a feeling that the game maybe shorter than the previous Isabella series, and if a SE is your forte, than wait for that one. I have no reason to go against anyone who don't want to buy the CE. But at least give it more than 10 minutes of chance. Judging by most of the reviews, some people didn't even get to the castle part. I had to say for an expert, this game is probably bad. However, I felt like this game appeals more to the newer generation of Isabella players verses the older ones who played it in the beginning like me. Which I believe where most of the source rant is that it feels more for kids than adults. It's not entirely a bad thing because you can still enjoy the game some what regardless of that feel. However, I can't say this game is better or worse. It's kinda on the same line which I don't mind. Sometimes, I don't mine games that keep the same line. Heck! look at awakening's games story, that's an interactive HOGA that kept falling after the second game. I think they were playing it safe than sorry with the new mechanics. In the end, that's my thoughts about the game. However, if they are gonna make a 4th game, I believe they should stop making isabella games or try a new series. I might not buy it unless it really appeals to all fans. -Kitty Out! May 20, 2013
I Had Such Fun! BASED ON ONE HOUR DEMO This is a charming game, full of wonder and excitement and fun. You are the DAUGHTER of the previous Princess Isabella (games I?ve never played, so this review is based on this game as a stand-alone, and the backstory is covered well.). You must rescue your mother from the witch?s curse. You have your Dragon and Fairy to help you, and YOUR TASK is to find your 3 fairy godmothers, imprisoned by the witch, before you confront her yourself. All these allies, and more you meet along the way, mean there are MAGICAL ABILITIES you can use on your quest. These are so many and varied, and require different ways of drawing on them, that they are a challenge in themselves. The game is BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN in a fantasy style. Once an evil influence has been REMOVED from a scene, it is TRANSFORMED into something so splendid... Ah! Simply gorgeous. Everything about this game is OTHERWORLDLY, even the music in some parts. I really enjoyed the VOICEOVERS, except for the fairy, whose high pitched voice was a bit irritating. To be expected from a fairy, though. The reason for not giving an otherwise delightful game five stars is its treatment of WIDESCREEN. There is only the FULL SCREEN or WINDOWED options and the game looks stretched on my WIDESCREEN. Worse, the CUTSCENES, and there are an awful lot of them, end up covering only a third of the vertical on my screen, leaving thick black areas top and bottom. REALLY irritating, and it detracts from the fabulous look of these videos. This quest you?re on DOESN?T REQUIRE much in the way of TYPICAL ADVENTURE action. You bounce from PUZZLE TO HO SCENE most of the time. The PUZZLES are VERY EASY, and the HO SCENES are standard LISTS. So I see NOTHING FOR EXPERT ADVENTURE players. For the rest of us, this is a really fun game that won?t require too much head scratching, although I did need advice from the STRATEGY GUIDE a couple of times. HINT is also USEFUL outside HO Scenes. The game does have some imaginative ways of solving problems, and I certainly did enjoy that. There is NO MAP, NO COLLECTIBLES, NO ACHIEVEMENTS, but LOTS of CUTE COMPANIONS. Unlike its predecessors, which were unhappily short I gather, this game looks okay on length. It took me exactly ONE HOUR to complete the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS, of a total of 7, with a BONUS CHAPTER. BONUS CONTENT Nothing here to grab attention, and I assume the CUTE SIDEKICKS are INTEGRAL to the game and therefore NOT EXCLUSIVE. There?s the STRATEGY GUIDE and BONUS CHAPTER of course, plus CONCEPT ART, WALLPAPERS, VIDEO GALLERY & MUSIC. For me, it?s a MUST HAVE, but the SE version, not CE. May 18, 2013
I want more Princess Isabella! I was happy to see this, as I had played the first two and had been waiting for the third. But it saddens me that this latest one will be the last one. I bought this one without playing the demo, which I seldom ever do with games. I'm not sorry I did. I like fairy tale games, pretty scenery, bright colors, different characters; even the dark scenes were still light enough that you didn't get an eye strain trying to see what you were looking at. Not too many HO's to do, some new puzzles, most were not hard. I enjoyed this game, but #1 is still my favorite. The only fly in the ointment for me on the Isabella games is the fact there's no maps. I was hoping the developers would finally have a map, but they didn't. That's why it only gets four stars from me. As for the extras, I enjoyed very much seeing the short videos of how voices are chosen, and also showing the building and rooms of where the game was put together. I like looking at the concept art, too. I haven't played the bonus game yet, but it's next on my list. All in all, this is a good game, as were the first two, but like I said, I hate that it's the last one. I want more! May 19, 2013
Overall, a very good game...... I enjoyed playing this game. The graphics were lovely, strategy guide gave help where I needed it, and I'm glad I purchased this one. The only downer for me was the very poor English all the way through. I really wish there was a way to put a stop to this, but apparently there isn't! June 4, 2013
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Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir Collector's Edition

Save the kingdom and reunite Princess Isabella with her prince in the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy!

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