Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess

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Join the beautiful demon-huntress, Vida, on her investigation into a series of mysterious kidnappings in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess! Travelling across the Victorian countryside with her wereferret friend Black, Vida hunts for evil spirits. Her mission is to save the world from the creatures of Shadow, but she has encountered a new challenge. Vida must find a missing princess. Join Vida in her battles with vampires and werewolves in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

  • Fine art and graphic effects
  • Ten hours of gameplay
  • Hundreds of hidden objects
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 8.0
  • Hard Drive: 500 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess


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Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess

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Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess 3 5 47 47
HIDDEN OBJECT HAVEN! I liked the fact that you can choose which gamma (lighting) option to use from hardcore dark, normal or light because, this game is mostly HOS and some of the items are nearly impossible to find in the darker mode! The story is not even necessary because there are very few things to collect and just a few mini games and every scene has a HOS you forget what the actual story is about. It is a change of pace to play this game, no drama, but there are achievements which are rare for a SE. In the first scene you will free a talking ferret named black which is really just an icon for the hint button with an annoying but comical voice. Throughout the game you find bright blue stars which are impossible to miss, and these stars can be used in the HOS scene to show every listed item by blurring out the background. If you use the hint during the regular scenes it will show you a complete picture of everything that needs to be done in that area. There is a map for traveling and it does show tasks available but it can be a little confusing. I think this worthy of a credit for some down time but as for me because the story isn't compelling enough to complete, I'm satisfied with just the hour demo. Enjoy! May 21, 2013
It was okay I wasn't like "OMG" disappointed when the free trial ended as I am with some games. The ferret companion can be annoying and I haven't figured out his use other than that. The hints during the HOGs are spot on and regenerate remarkably quickly but outside the HOGs they are "different" than you'd expect. Play the game to find out why. Your journey is clearly written out for you so I found that relatively easy. it could be my computer but my screen blacked out between scenes which disturbed me. The intro voiceover and typed out speech didn't match up which made it confusing. Overall, it's an ok game. It's up in the air whether this glam-ma will get it. May 21, 2013
Is there a story ??? Played 30 minutes, easy - 2 modes, easy, hard - Right after you click on play there's a display of a tutorial showing how to work your way in the game. You have to click escape to exit - A very long introduction to the game and it takes a while when you exit a scene to get to the new one - Voice overs - Notebook - Map showing areas of interest - You get achievements throughout the game - Shortly after playing you get Black, a fun ferret that keeps chatting with you - You find too blue glowing stars that allow you to get an overall view of the items to find in a H0 - Hint refills nearly instantly in easy mode - H0, you do not interact, a lot of them, one round each corner. Objects not too easy to find for some and sometimes they are strangely lighted to make it more difficult - Mini games pretty easy, very few of them - Will go against the flow but I've liked the graphics Not much of a story but the game is fun, for a H0G lover, and the chat between Vida and her ferret is quite humorous. Might spend a punch card credit on the game which is well worth a try. May 21, 2013
For HOG lovers!!! This is such a cute game. Sometimes I want a break from the more difficult HOG/adventure games and just want to not have to think so hard- and I've always loved HOGS. This game has lots of hidden object scenes! The graphics are good, not crystal clear in the HOG scenes, but so far I've found all the objects with only one hint. Love these fairytale type games. The banter between Vida and Black is cute- adds a little humor to the game. Definately worth a free game token for me. May 21, 2013
Got it without playing the demo 1st of all i like it alot :) 2nd interactive map not only can u jump to where u have been it shows u what u get and what u can use 3rd the vos were funny (to me) the graphics are comic book like and not badly done if u dont like the vos just turn ur sound off i am stuck on getting a coin i c it but when i click on it nothing happens. the helper mr. black is a ferret and is very cute but his hint system can be a bit annoying because it just shows a pic. so u do have to do some figuring out urself but it does make u use ur brain so some hand holding. the characters have an accent but not hard to understand an attempt at transylvanian accent. i think this is going to b a luv it or hate it type game :) but i personally loved it it does have its charms ^^ i dont want to spoil the story line. i am sure some already have. Happy gaming all u fishies out there :) an attempt at May 21, 2013
Average, But Enjoyable ... Good Graphics, Visuals, Sound & Story ... The Voice Overs Added A Nice Feel Of Authenticity, But As Some Have Already Said "Mr Black" Does Become A Little Irritating After Some Time And Needed A Mute Button ... A Decent Length Game Too For An SE An Puts Many CE's To Shame ... A Bit Overloaded With Basic HOG's, But Many Are Challenging ... Try Before You Buy ... And See If It Is Your Thing ... May 25, 2013
"Get me out of this %$#& cage!" This was an amusing game with some very unique features. There are 4 light settings but I've learned the hard way not to use anything except default. There are two modes of gameplay: easy and hard. This review is on easy mode. Everything was very beautiful and I enjoyed the blue/purple glowing effect. I loved that the map included graphics of the items that you were supposed to find and use in each scene and also listed the puzzles, HOS, information to be found or characters to talk to. The Hint button also showed a picture diagram of the interactions in each area. Obviously, neither of these need to be used unless you're stuck. The hint button recharged very fast. There were extra blue stars to find that featured an illumination of the entire HOS if necessary. I enjoyed the interaction between Vida and Mr. Black: the cussing ferret. It was cheeky and conversational, like an actual companion would be. The HOS were plentiful and very challenging. The music made me want to grab a butterbeer and curl up with a lemon sherbet and a good book. May 21, 2013
I hope this developer, improves with the next game completed game: 5h about what's wrong, in my opinion change of scene, the screen goes black, this is really annoying, and for a new game is no longer acceptable to see this. the light beams of hidden object scenes are very annoying especially when so intense developer remember that eye gets tired always looking screen to search for objects and are also very difficult to find. as kind of games is for lovers HO, there is still a good plot, there are mini game where not too complicated but it takes patience at times and I found them cute, I noted that sometimes in some chapters are scenes of HO less and there are more mini games. graphic designs music, I really liked I must say, the mysterious atmosphere was well made. and the mascot of the ferret was fine there was no softie pet usual, but the sly. I hope this developer comes out with a game very similar but improved on these aspects, and maybe some hidden object in the least. June 11, 2013
If you LOVE shadowy HO scenes, this is your lucky day! I can just tell you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, based on 1-hr demo. Now, some may think what I dislike, you will LOVE, and vice-versa; that being said: The Good: -Adjustable light/dark when setting up your game, and can be adjusted while playing, too -Beautifully detailed artwork -Adorable were-ferret helper, that you release from captivity -Humorous dialogue The Bad: -Heavy on the HOS, and I mean there are LOTS! [see, some of you will be confused I put this under "Bad" - You may love!] -While some of the dialogue is humorous, there's too much overall, esp. between you and ferret -- gets annoying after a short time! -Dialogue hard to understand when not captioned and not expected, i.e. at end of HOS by ferret [Is he telling me "great job," or just complaining too, because of having to squint so hard to see stuff??] -I'm not sure what accent the VO actors are trying to emulate, maybe from another planet? -- Vida's especially! -Can't believe I'm going to say this, but too FEW puzzles! I think there were 2 during whole demo -I play on casual when I play a demo, so maybe this isn't true for the Expert mode [but something tells me it is]: the dialogue gives WAY too many hints as to what item to use and where [I mean, the glints everywhere, are really, truly, enough! Then again, I'm an adult, so maybe this is supposed to be a game just for kids?? Wish I had known that, if so!] The Ugly: While some of the above under "The Bad" could easily be listed here also, there are these add'l issues I have: -While the artwork IS beautiful, no matter how light-dark one makes the screen, the HOS in particular, are the type that are extremely shadowed, I guess in order to make the items harder to find [?] -HOS items not only are hidden via shadows, some are so small and/or so detailed as to be almost invisible -One must try clicking on SOME items in different locations on the item, as your 1st, or more, attempts won't "clear" the item in a HOS [BIG pet peeve of mine! And, as if the shadows, details, etc. issues weren't enough in the scenes!] -The voice-overs are irritating enough to be muted clear thru game. But listen if you can, for a bit anyway, to guess the accent - or if you want to have a laugh. Unfortunately one must still click to get past the convos that are between the cutscenes [non-skippable dialogue boxes - unless I missed an option for that?? Sorry, if so] So, all things considered, I'd recommend you play the demo yourself, to decide, naturally... I want to add, I started off gaming with HOS-only games, which I truly loved, and I still really enjoy a balanced # of them in a HOPA game... My 1st purchase was The Hidden Object Game Show. These HOS are VERY reminiscent of those in that game, and others by the same Developer [maybe you even played one of them yesterday, since they were on sale] Even with the artwork being so much better than many of those older games, the shadowy HOS scenes just don't work for me. [In case you suspect otherwise, I have 20-15 vision]. Because of this, along with the many other little annoyances this demo provided, this one is NOT for me! Thanks anyway, BFG -- and I'm going to be checking back to see others' reviews... maybe it's just me, as it was about 4 a.m. when I started the game, and/or maybe I'm just PMS-ing, or something.... lol! May 21, 2013
Good game options I only played 13 minutes of the demo because it became apparent there were going to be more HOS than puzzles and theyre not my cup of tea. I thought the game options were excellent, such as being able to adjust the gamma, cursor, mute music, subtitles instead of voice. Some of the hidden items were miniscule and I was playing via my 40" TV, so on a standard monitor it would probably be irritatingly challenging to find them. My scores are based on my preference for puzzle games but recommend it for players who like HOS. May 21, 2013
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Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess

Join the beautiful demon-huntress, Vida, on her investigation into a series of mysterious kidnappings!

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