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Take on the role of a homicide detective as you track down an enigmatic killer who leaves cryptic puzzles on the bodies of the victims. How are the victims related? Where will the killer strike next? At the heart of this mystery lies the Order of the Rose and an artifact that can change the world. This killer is unpredictable and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up as the next victim. Follow the clues and remember to keep your wits about you in Order of the Rose, a thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 382 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Order of the Rose


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Order of the Rose

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Order of the Rose 3.1 5 41 41
A Nice Enjoyable Game ... Good Graphics, Sound, Story & Fluid Game Play ... A Nice Attempt At Being Hot On The Heels Of The Criminal, But The Repetition Of The HOG's Later In The Game Became A Bit Tiring ... Also A Bit Too Linear In A Few Places ... A Good Value For Money SE Game, Even Better Value On A Deal Or Voucher ... June 22, 2013
Like a modern day version of the movie "The Name of the Rose" Great storyline! #Sean Connery played the monk detective in the above movie, and I could see him as the detective in this game#. This game is a good one for murder mystery fanatics. It's also pretty straight forward and if you like repeat HOS a good one for beginners. To me, the game felt shorter because in the repeat HOS, finding some of the same items again. I would not recommend this game for younger children because of the depicted murder scenes. July 8, 2013
At last a kind of new Hidden Object! Great that theres coming new sorts of Hidden Object games! I really liked that the items werent so easy to find, that it wasnt so obvious where to find them. A bit more challenging, but not too much. Even though I prefer fairytales and not so much criminal stories, I found it amusing to play this game. June 20, 2013
It wasn't that bad After playing the game all the way through, I have to agree with many of the comments, however, I have played much worse. Without the walkthrough I would have been totally lost but I liked all the HOGS and the fewer mini games as HOGS are my favorite. I would give this game a rating of 4. June 18, 2013
Order of the Rose? Seriel Killer? Murder Mystery? You get all this and more just during the hour-long demo of Order of the Rose. Storyline: Shadows on the wall of a terrible struggle. Blood splattered on the t.v. A news report of a murder - a notable....who? You are a homicide detective called in to investigate what will ultimately be not just a murder for murder's sake, but the beginning of a series of murders that follow a mystery into a famous artifact. Are you up to the job? Can you solve these murders? What or Who is the Order of the Rose? They leave their calling card behind every scene - a red rose in the clutches of the poor victim. Graphics: Very old. Looks like a game that was hand-drawn. Not up to the quality of today's games. But, that could be done on purpose as the seedy motel room looks exactly like that - a dark, dreary, seedy motel room. Sound: The background was really unnoticeable to me - so, obviously, not annoying. There are sound effects. No voiceovers. Game Play: Wend your way through each murder scene, collecting clues, finding answers in hidden places. Covering not just the room but the other rooms as well. The corridor, outside and in the back alleys. Clues to this case can be found anywhere and everywhere. There are 2 modes of difficulty - casual and expert. You get a journal that has notes and clues - read it often. The hint button is really very helpful, although you may get frustrated with "there is nothing more to do here". There is no map (although one would be handy as there is a LOT of going back and forth, especially to the same areas multiple times). You are on your own. This Glam-ma LOVED that you were really on your own solving these cases. You really had to have your wits about you. Reminded me of my favorite game of all time (sorry, can't say what it is - but there is a clue if you can find it - lol). If you murder, mystery, mayhem and having to use your brain instead of being handheld through a game, you will enjoy Order of the Rose. I encourage everyone to try the demo - it's free and only an hour of your time. This is going on Glam-ma's wish list. June 18, 2014
average at best This game may not be good for some to play with the drugs and dead bodies, Has no voice over and the music is not all that great. The puzzles are fair and the HO are ok. Nothing great The help button is not all that much of a help. No map or extras to find to make it interesting. There are really great games out there now to play so give this one a try just to see if you may like it. I do not and will not buy. Graphics could have been lots better also. June 17, 2013
SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN AVERAGE, AVERAGE GAME BASED ON DEMO PARENTS NOTE: This game includes drug references and recently dead corpses. This game is WORTH A LOOK. It can?t compete with some of the spectacular games we?ve seen lately, but it?s a reasonably good stand alone SE game. And it is quite different in style to most HO Adventures. (Very few PUZZLES) You start with your arrival at the CRIME SCENE of the murder of a famous fashion model. This is your first HOS. No exciting introductory CUTSCENES, BACKSTORY or OTHER PREPARATION. One thing I must OBJECT to immediately, why was this model living in a derelict building? Do we really need grunge that badly? The police officer who greeted you leaves you in charge, and from that moment you?re free to explore the scene on your own. There are NO VOICEOVERS, and NO DIALOGUE. After the first HOS, you are confronted immediately with a number of other ones, and searching the LOCATIONS for MULTIPLES OF. HO SCENES, which you will visit twice, are all LISTS, little or no interaction. Outside the HOS, there is a lot of EXPERIMENTAL CLICKING required on bottles, cushions, etc. that move and may or may not reveal a wanted item. None of this really amounts to ADVENTURE-style gaming however. You are confined to a small set of scenes until you get what you need to move on to the next chapter. On CASUAL mode, the game will guide you with SPARKLES for HOS, and GLOWING POINTS OF LIGHT for those items that must be COLLECTED outside them. The HINT button will instruct you if you are in the right location, otherwise it?s that unhelpful ?there is nothing here? response. You also have a JOURNAL which keeps CLUES & TASKS. So even if you?re not good with adventure, you can manage. Once you?ve got all you need to move on, you are transported to the next chapter?s LOCATION, where the same procedure follows. The GRAPHICS are a LITTLE ROUGH, but I quite enjoyed them, even if they were mostly ugly scenes. Hidden Objects were sometimes very hard to spot because the HOS was too dark, or they were partially hidden. The PUZZLES were varied in DIFFICULTY, but SKIP was QUICK. The MUSIC is PLEASANT, but REPETITIOUS. There is an INTRIGUING BAD GUY. We, being the investigator, no nothing about him yet. But he is already showing a knowledge of Latin, a penchant for leaving CRYPTIC MESSAGES, and all the usual signs of a VERY INTELLIGENT PSYCHOTIC KILLER. In all, okay. Nothing to write to Mother about, but of interest to HO fans in particular, who could do without all that extra work, or those who enjoy a good MURDER MYSTERY. June 17, 2013
An Ok Game 30 min of demo 1 no auto close out on finished zoom ins when completed i mean u have click on a red X on the top right corner 2. puzzles not bad but the help does not help much 3. graphics are a bit grainy but not bad 4. ho scenes some objects are extremely tiny some especially keys. 5. interactive "help" not much help also all the object are the same color even those u have to do more then just find you know the u have to find one thing b4 u get the other. the game seems very dated. no morphing, no achievements. 6. not much color looks faded. 7. do not play this if your eyes are tired that is a for sure. all in all not bad tho. 8. no vo's that i know of. for me personally it did not grab me like some do. i like the ones u can't stop playing kind of like a good book :) this is totally an objective review. I do recommend giving it a try if u like the old time type games. June 17, 2013
Overall enjoyable, if not perfect My feelings on this one are a little mixed. For the most part, I liked it; it was a reasonably intelligent game, one which had some unique puzzles and an engaging (if grotesque) story. I admit that I was surprised by the identity of the murderer, having expected that particular individual to show up in a different capacity. The constant falling snow, cluttered detective's office, and blue overtones in the background gave the whole thing a nice sort of film noir feeling, like an old mystery movie. Also, all of the dialogue, diary entries, and other writings within the game had flawless spelling, grammar, and punctuation; given that I often find myself complaining about writing errors in my reviews, this was a huge mark in the game's favor as far as I was concerned. My chief complaint is with the hidden object scenes. Although I did appreciate the liberal use of hints and the lack of penalty for any misclicks, I found many of the scenes to be unfairly dark and difficult to solve. I also have to gripe about one scene during the last few chapters; I could not locate the final item, a rag, so I tried to utilize a hint... which directed me to a paint can. The rag was in a completely different part of the scene. I also had to skip the majority of the non-H0 puzzles, because they didn't make a whole lot of sense to me and/or they were just too tedious. This was especially true of puzzles where I had to assemble fragments, some of which were flipped the wrong way round; without having any idea what the finished puzzle looked like and having no starting point with a correctly placed piece, I felt lost. The worst offender was the telescope puzzle in the observatory, where I was directed to make constellations. The instructions gave no indication of *how* to make the constellations, and nothing I clicked on seemed to do anything at all, so I just sat back and waited for the skip meter to fill. My other objection is to the fact that in many of the scenes, there were items I could click on which had no connection to the plot. That bugs me. I don't mind it if the player character's observations on such things are at least funny or clever; for one good example, some of the Master Detective's commentary in the Mystery Case Files games (especially with the Snarky option enabled) can be so amusing that it's worth looking for everything that invites a click. But to be told "I have no interest in that" just seems like a waste of the programmer's time and mine. If my character has no interest in it, then don't make it available for comment! The ending was... weird, to me. It seemed rushed, and didn't really explain much of anything. What is the significance of the Spear? Where did it come from? Why does the Order have to guard it so carefully? The final words of the final speaker suggested that a sequel is likely, so maybe a future installment will clear up what this game didn't. Having finished, I uninstalled it; the replay value on this one is low. Overall, though, it was pretty good and I would almost certainly play a sequel game. If I were to hand out a letter grade, I would give this either an A- or a B+. July 9, 2013
Order of the Rose: Find the Killer Indeed a very different interpretation of detectives seen on BFG. The story hooks you right from the start when you find a murdered fashion model. Now you are off to uncover the truth about her death. I had this feeling of a 'dated' game but it didn't hamper at all to have tons of fun. From my point of view, the best part was the creepy atmosphere, dark graphics, very quick hint system, brainy puzzles (although I counted few of them). I would rate the games as higher than average and ardent lovers of HOGs must for sure turn their eyes to the Order of Rose. June 28, 2013
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Order of the Rose

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