Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

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(1.40 GB)

$ 19.99 USD

$ 13.99 USD or 2 credits

A great myth has enduring power… no matter where the story comes from. In this first game in the exciting new Myths of the World series, your story begins as a Chinese healer who’s brought to the Imperial City to save the Emperor’s son. But you uncover a devious plot and end up having to save yourself! Throughout the game, you’ll use your herbal kit to concoct powerful potions to summon spirits and heal the people you meet. There are also collectible cranes hidden everywhere, and achievements to earn as you play.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Play the bonus game to track down Master Lei once and for all
  • Use the integrated Strategy Guide
  • Play three bonus hidden-object puzzles
  • Replay hidden-object puzzles and mini-games from the game
  • Download images from the game
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1465 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

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Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

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Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition 4.3 5 102 102
Sheer Brilliance, But Is It Worth The 1.4GB Download? I Believe So! This developer has never wowed me before, so imagine my surprise when I got this gem! I was a little hesitant at first because of the large file size (trial is close to 500MB) and am still a little cautious about the full version size (1.4GB), but the demo I played was sheer brilliance! This is definitely a candidate for 2013. The story seems to start out like any other. The Emperors son is poisoned and you must cure him. I assumed the first step was curing him, and the second would have you turning in to a detective to find out who poisoned him. This was not so! The story takes a brilliant twist at the end of the demo. Talk about the perfect place to leave us wanting more! This instantly made me consider buying. The HOS were great. The scenes were very clear. There were two types of HOS: Silhouette and Junkpile. Silhouette was a lot easier than junkpile, but I found both fairly easy. In the junkpile scenes, you have the alternative of playing a game of Mahjong, which I really enjoyed. The best part about Mahjong was, if you messed up, the pieces automatically reshuffled! Also, playing Mahjong counted towards your HOS Achievements. How awesome is that!? The puzzles are where it gets a little harder, though. They were a little bit hard for me, so I was forced to skip every single one. This would normally infuriate me, but, get this: There is actually an ACHIEVEMENT for skipping puzzles! I kid you not, you must skip 5 puzzles to get this achievement. Finally, someone has taken me in to consideration! On the subject of minigames, there was a Healers Kit, which is where you make all your potions. While this minigame was short and simple, I thoroughly enjoyed every time I got to play it. The graphics were wonderfully clear, with the developers paying attention to artwork, which was brilliant. The cutscenes were almost like watching a real movie. I?ve got to say, these were probably the best graphics I?ve seen from this developer! The voice-overs were standard. They weren?t boring, but weren?t over-done either, which was good. There is nothing that drives me insane more than over-done voice-overs! On a minor note, game players should be aware that there is a lot of stuff to collect, far more than the usual game, which surprised me. On the note of gameplay, it is fairly simple and straightforward. Intermediate and Expert players should have no trouble getting their bearings. The game has objectives, so there is always one objective to complete at any given time. I found this quite fun. FEATURES - 3 modes to play- Casual, Advanced, Insane. Mode cannot be changed in game. (I played Casual) - Hint and Skip- both recharged very fast, with the hint useful outside HOS. Hint also acts partially as a map, to allow for us to get the No Map achievement. - Diary to keep track of events. - There is a map, which is interactive. It is very useful, but there is also an achievement for not using the map. - Achievements. (CE Exclusive)- The usual HOS and Puzzle hints, plus some extra fun ones. Notable achievements include: Finish the game in one session, skip five puzzles and do not use the map. - Built-In Strategy Guide (CE Exclusive) The bonus content includes: - Bonus Chapter- I am yet to discover if this is a continuation of the main story. - Replayable Minigames - Replayable HOS - Bonus HOS - Concept Art - Behind the Scenes video (Making of?) - Movies (watch all movies from the game) - Wallpapers for your desktop background - Soundtrack Not only is this game packed full of extras, but the gameplay is great, too. The file size and some achievements indicate a 4-5 hour game. This is definitely one CE not to be missed! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this game! This definitely moves in to my top 3 games of all time and is one of the best of the year! July 1, 2013
All Hail to the Healer!!!!! This game meet's you all the way to fun, fun, fun! I recommend getting the Collector's Edition!!! I hope that who ever created this game, will keep more of them coming! July 10, 2013
Chinese Healer rocks!! This is an absorbing hidden object puzzle adventure game, with a good mixture of each. Choose between three levels of challenge: Casual, where you play without time limits, sparkles help you find items you might otherwise miss, and the Hint button recharges quickly. The other two options are increasingly difficult. Switching between options in mid-game is possible without starting over (if you find the option you chose is too easy or too difficult). The map not only allows you to jump from one location to another (if you have already found it), the map also lets you know that you have unfinished tasks in other locations. The story line, music, graphics, and voice-over for characters are top-notch! The ambiance is maintained in the hidden object puzzles, and many of the objects are Chinese antiques, instead of the hated "junk yard". You have the option in the lower left-hand corner of each hidden object puzzle to switch to a mahjong game instead. The puzzles range from quite easy to very challenging. About half of the cranes are east to spot, the rest range from difficult to fiendish. The bonus chapter adds to the story and unlike other games I have played, it is long enough to make me feel that I got my money's worth by getting the collector's edition. Your achievements are listed in a section from the Main Menu, and you can always play again to try for the ones you missed. I vote for this game as Game of the Year 2013! August 8, 2013
One for your collection. This is a really great game. I recently played another by this developer and enjoyed it as well. The graphics are quite good. Very crisp.Voiceovers are not out of sync. I love being the "healer" in the game, which makes me an active participant. The music is good, doesn't over power or annoy. There are characters you meet who are likeable and help you in your motivation to help the prince who is poisoned. There are achievements, a great storyline, good HOS that are not cluttered junk piles. I am a Majong fan and it's nice to have the option to play a majong game to solve a HO. The puzzles are good. Not too hard but not super easy either. This is a game that will appeal to many experience levels with a strategy guide for those who want it. It has the advantage of being a fun game to play more than once and worth the price of a CE. Enjoy fishies. Thumbs up! June 29, 2013
A Fun HOG with a Unique Flavor! I base my reviews on the simple fact of how much fun I had playing a game. Myths of the World: Chinese Healer was just so much fun to play. I had a great time. I downloaded the trial version and before I knew it, I ran out of time. (I was actually quite annoyed as the game ended right before an important cut scene). But after I downloaded the full game, I was pleased to see that it took me back right before the cut scene, so I didn't miss a thing. The story-line is something familiar yet new. I love love love the haunted house/spooky games, but it was such a nice change of pace to deal with a new setting (ancient China) and a more fantasy/adventure type story-line. Though not many, the few characters you meet are well done and the villain is one of my favorites to come along in a while. Plus, the artwork and cut-scenes were very well done. I loved the animation that was done when the various characters were talking to you. I hope this style continues. The puzzles were challenging enough for me, but do keep in mind I usually always play in casual mode. I just like to enjoy myself. I downloaded this game the day before it came out and played the entire game all Saturday afternoon. It was that much fun. I saved the bonus game for this morning. The length of the game was great and I also enjoyed the extra challenge of finding the cranes in each scene. (Sadly, I thought I was doing well but didn't get them all). All in all, you may have seen things like this come down the pike before but it's nicely crafted and a lot of fun to play. I can't wait for the proposed future games in this series. Give it a shot! Have fun! June 30, 2013
Hope there's more from this team From the first panel to the extras bundle, this is a first-class game experience, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. The graphics are outstanding, the voice-overs are good, and wonder of wonders, the story line is tight, plausible (for a myth), and ends well, expectedly, and in a timely manner (by that I mean, it doesn't suddenly come to an en and it doesn't unnecessarily drag out). The games are varied and doable, and there's a nice healing potion bag that you use throughout to mix necessary ingredients into the potions needed. A sweep around the location uncovers all the tasks needed to be completed; instructions/hints are very clear and well-worded. The game's movement is never forced and flows smoothly from one scene to the next. The ending credits are an exceptionally clever touch, and the extras are really first-rate and plentiful. This game goes in with the 5 or 6 that really stand out in my mind. Good going, people! Absolutely recommend this game. September 21, 2013
LOVE THIS GAME This game is great with fantastic graphics. It is very different from other game and if this is the first one of a series, I look forward to the others. This is a must buy. June 29, 2013
Excellent Game!!! I rarely bother to submit reviews, even though there are so many great games (I really should more often), but the fact that I'm doing so now is because this is the best HOG I've played in a long time! It's a refreshing change of pace.. the scenery is beautiful, the achievements are fun, and the mini games are perfect.. not too easy, not too hard.. plus a few new mini games that I haven't seen before. I get bored of the same mini games in HOG's over and over. It's great to see some new stuff! It's also cool that they give you the option of playing Mahjong instead of searching for items during the HOP's. The HOP's are great, but it's fun to switch things around and play a bit of both. I'm not a huge Mahjong fan normally, but the tiles are done beautifully, they're challenging yet good for beginners like me as well, and I even enjoyed playing it so much that I'm now a fan of Mahjong! Hats off to the developers! This is a beautifully done game and one that I plan on playing quite a few times. I absolutely recommend this one to everyone! Definitely worth the money, especially as a CE. Enjoy!!! :D June 29, 2013
Enjoyed alot. The world of CG is getting much better, the scenery is really really good. However, the timing of the movement of the mouths and facial expressions are out of alignment. Storyline was interesting, really pulled you in. The concept of the storyline was something new, not many other developers have successfully pulled this off. You need to play the bonus game that comes with collectors addition, as the ending of the main game gives hint to a second game. July 6, 2013
BUY IT! I normally don't come out so strong and say right off the bat to buy a game but this one is worth it. It is slightly different from the regular HO's we play in that you have to create magic doses of medicine to cure or take care of things (rot wood) and that is different. The story line is interesting and keeps you wanting to play. As usual the Collector's edition has some extra items to find and that is fun too. The help button is good and takes you where you need to go. Saves a lot of back and forth. The game is clear and crisp and easy to see everything. I really enjoyed it and plan on buying it, as the sale is on today and the price is right. Enjoy!! June 29, 2013
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Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

The Emperor’s son has a mysterious illness. As legendary healer Daiyu, you’re called to the palace to save him, but you end up having to save yourself!

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