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In Crime Line, you're a homicide detective exploring a wide variety of murders, gathering evidence at the scenes, reconstructing the crime and catching the killer! Dive into 12 complex murders scenes, discover hundreds of pieces of evidence and interview dozens of suspects and witnesses to assemble their stories. Every clue is important, and every witness has a story to tell. Match the witnesses with the evidence to discover who is telling the truth and who is lying. Once you find the killer, you'll reconstruct the murder and find out what really happened. With each case, you'll find out not only who committed the offense, but the motive behind the crime! Solve each case efficiently and you'll be rewarded with more hints and higher rank.

Warning: This game features realistic murder cases and scenes, with images of illegal drugs, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and depictions of death.

  • 12 tantalizing murder cases
  • Dozens of witnesses to interview
  • Hundreds of clues to find
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 74 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Crime Line


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Crime Line

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Crime Line 2.4 5 24 24
Wow! Need More Whodunit's Like This - Review Of Completed Game This is quite different from the usual games offered here at the Big Fish. I would consider this an adventure light type of game. You do have to locate objects in the scenes but there are NO HOS like word list, NO puzzles, NO map, NO journal, NO voice overs, and NO widescreen as I had to change resolution for it to fill the screen. This isn't like other games. You can choose what order you wish to play the game in! The game description says 12 cases but there are only 11. HINTS: You start out with hints and you get more as you "pick up" evidence items. They are randomly distributed. Using the hint will show you an area of where the target item will be. You get only one HINT per witness, but they do accumulate if you don't use them and to use a hint they are at the top of the screen and there is no wait for charge up. There are 11 boxes and you can click on the box the case you want to start. Once you do that there will be 5 locations displayed in front of you and you can chose the location you want to start. No particular order here. You have to question the last 5 people (witnesses) who saw the victim alive. You can skip a statement and come back to it later, if you wish. Once you've collected the evidence, you use it to double check the witness' story. You'll get a more detailed account once you finish reviewing. You will see the same piece(s) of evidence in multiple witness' stories, but this will definitely help you solve the crimes when you get different accounts from different witnesses. When you've interviewed everyone, you will be asked to catch the culprit. Just mouse over the location for each suspect to read their statements, and be sure you don't click until you think you've found the right person. Once you have the right person you also have to fit the items back into the scene and you are shown a reenactment of the murder. You also earn little badges after solving each case and as many as three. As for the game length this was about 4 hours for me as each case was about 20 minutes give or take a bit. My overall impression: Well I must say I almost missed this gem of a game as it was listed under the soft releases and I almost didn't try it because it was listed under the brain teaser genre but when I read the game description and saw it was a "whodunit" type of game well I just had to give this a whirl and so glad I did. The graphics are definitely nothing high tech and dated along with no voice overs but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this game and I still found them to be quite clear. I didn't have much trouble at all locating anything. The only criticism I do have about this game is no widescreen. I had to go in and change resolution for it to fill the screen. I see this is this developers 4th game. Sorry but still no excuse for no widescreen. The year here is mid 2013. Shouldn't have to change resolution settings. These widescreen monitors have been around for a few years now. Overall 5 stars from me. I'll be honest here. I was going to knock this down a star for the no widescreen having to change resolution to fill the screen but since this is the first developer who has brought me a different kind of game play without boring, annoying, frustrating puzzles that I have to wait for the skip the charge up well this was a breath of fresh air. No not everyone here enjoys puzzles. Has nothing to do with being too hard or too easy. I just don't like them for the most part so THANK YOU! I hope to see more games like this brought to the site and from this developer but please do address the widescreen monitors in your next game offering. Thanks Big Fish and developer for a GREAT game here. Yes I'm going to be in the minority on this one. As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. June 27, 2013
A Story-based Detective Adventure Crime Line (Adventure) Don't come into this game with any preconceived notions. I've seen no other games at the casual portals that's anything like this one. The stories unfold as you examine your surroundings, gather evidence, and talk to witnesses. You are the detective. It's kind of like a combination of watching a Criminal Minds (the TV show) marathon and playing one of the old text adventure games. There is a lot of reading to do, but small amounts at a time -- never an overwhelming amount. If you're looking for action, this game wouldn't be a good fit. This one is for those who like to step back and consider what is around you. In the end, only you can find the criminal(s). The game starts with a short video, rather like a commercial showing the basic premise of the game. Unlike most games, there is no separate window for options. You'll find them in the top left corner, with separate sliders for music and sound, plus full-screen or windowed mode. No option for wide-screen, but it still looked great on my monitor. These options can be adjusted at any time during gameplay with one simple click. Also unlike other games, you can choose what order you wish to play the game in! There are 12 crimes to solve (or 11 if you play the Big Fish version), which you can choose from on the title page. They are: A Novel Murder Death in the Suburbs (not available in Big Fish version) Lost Shelter The Open Door The Girl in the Park Graphic Evidence Album Drop Sinking Feelings Unnatural History The Short Walk Home Salon See You Tomorrow The Play's the Thing The witness statements will lead you to examine certain things in the room, almost like a hidden object game. You can skip a statement and come back to it later, if you wish. You get only one HINT per witness, but they do accumulate if you don't use them. Once you've collected the evidence, you use it to double-check the witness' story. You'll get a more detailed account once you finish reviewing. You will see the same piece(s) of evidence in multiple witness' stories, but this is the kind of thing that can help solve the crimes -- when you get different accounts from different people. When you've interviewed everyone, you will be asked to catch the culprit. Just mouse-over the location for each suspect to read their statements, and be sure you don't click until you think you've found the right person. Each case took me about twenty minutes to finish, meaning that the game is about 4 hours long. There are moments when the text can get repetitive, but the cases are both interesting and compelling. The subject matter is NOT for the faint of heart. We are dealing with serious and sometimes sickening subject matter, though the devs do handle this well. Absolutely worth checking out if you enjoy crime-themed drama June 26, 2013
Solve the murder! This game is definitely thinking outside the box so for that reason alone I am giving it four stars. You are given the choice of several murders to choose and then you interview each witness individually as they give you the first part of their sentence you must match the item they are talking about by picking that item out of several items scattered about and drag that item onto their quote. Then after all 9 items have been identified you will review the completed statement and once again match those nine items back into the statement. After listening to all of the witnesses statements you can review everyones statements or choose the person you think is responsible by clicking on that person. According to how many mistakes you made during the interviewing you will be given a rank such as Sargent. Like I said before this isn't your typical HOG so keep an open mind and enjoy! June 26, 2013
Solve The Mystery This is an enjoyable game, different from most of the other games for sale here at BFG. Instead of your typical HOG, these are pictures of crime scenes. You must hunt for evidence at each scene and question the witnesses regarding the evidence you've found. They are short episodes, maybe 15 minutes each, and each crime is unrelated to each other. There aren't any puzzles, nor as I said typical HOG scenes. But, if you want a good change of pace, this might be a good game to pick up. I know I'm always looking for something different to try! June 26, 2013
Enjoyable Game This game had a different twist on seek and find which kept me entertained through to the end. First you interview each witness and look for clues. After you talk to each witness there is a summery of their statement in which you look for items that they describe. You are then allowed to review each statement and decide who the guilty person is. July 18, 2013
Interesting twist on HOG It does have situations that are not appropriate for all gamers, drugs and violence. I enjoyed playing this game. If you enjoy police dramas and hidden object games, I think you will enjoy this one. June 27, 2013
Had potential............... I only played 1 "case", enough to know I really did not want to do 12 of them. The game itself had potential - to be different from other HOG games for the story and approach. Liked no jumping back and forth. No voice overs at all but actually, I thought the written dialogue helped retain what I needed to come to the culprit conclusion I did. The scene graphics were ok but the music was repetitive. No hint buttons - none needed. The themes of the cases dealt with real life things so that is good. The caution at the beginning was warranted for younger players. Personally, perhaps from my job background, I felt it just not challenging enough. Or maybe I watch too many crime stories and read too many crime novels. Maybe I just expected more "searching for clues". Overall, it was not bad. It will be a fast game to complete. June 26, 2013
Extra Release and Nice Surprise i liked this game average graphics no vos click and drop alot of reading interactive there are several crime scenes and witnesses you locate items they speak about after the locating them then at the end of interview you put use the items with statements. misclicks count. u find out at the end of a case. nice leisurely take your time game altho some might not think this game is very exciting i liked it might get it! give it a chance it is a nice change of pace. June 26, 2013
Crime Line Well I must say that Crime Line is much different from the typical hidden object game. There are 12 different murders that you have to solve one by one, each murder is unique. By reading the witness statements, you have to find the correct objects to which they are hinting to e.g typewriter or mobile phone etc. Each murder has different scenes that you can visit as you speak to different witnesses. When you have all the information that has been given and collected you then have to deduce who the murderer is. At the end of each murder you are then ranked; the more objects that you correctly choose the higher your rank will be. This is a nice game to pass the time away. August 13, 2013
Meh Before I start: there is drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence, etc so if you don't want to see it, don't play this game. I wanted this game to be better but it just wasn't. I played 1 case and tried to start another but I was too bored. You interview 5 people using the same scene to pick evidence matching statements the suspects make which usually ended up being the same items over and over and over and over again. After you match all the items, the suspect then goes over the statements and you have to match the SAME items once again. In most mystery type games you always still want to know "who did it" but I just couldn't sit through matching more of the same items a million times for each case to find out. Like all the games on here, try it for yourself and don't let me stop you as you might like it, but was not for me. June 26, 2013
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Crime Line

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