Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

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You’re driving home from work when you get an urgent call from your favorite niece, begging you to pick her up from her boarding school. The teachers have gone missing, her classmates are becoming violent, and shadow creatures are haunting every corner. Search the school, but remember this one simple rule: Never look into a mirror after sunset. Bloody Mary is always watching.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus game featuring Bloody Mary's origin
  • Downloadable wallpapers, concept art and soundtracks
  • Special viewing areas for achievements and collectibles
  • A Secret room you can make over yourself!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 2048 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1110 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

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Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

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Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition 4.3 5 130 130
Grim Tales is BACK! I've played the series from the start. The last installment was a disappointment, but every series has its weak link, even MCF and the other 'big' names. Elephant came back swinging with a home run in this game. First off, the CE stuff (or "Why should I pay double for this game?"). There really are 'extras' this time around. You collect figurines that unlock an old projector style movie explaining some backstory and a few achievements (the standard fare). The bonus chapter wasn't as strong as the game - I didn't feel as invested in the story, and there were a few more mistakes: 'click boxes' much too small for the items, some typos - looks like they rushed that part a bit. It was still a good hour. Then you have the 'hall of memories' - a bonus bonus chapter that gives you another brief story as you redo all the games HOS and minigames. Nice ending. Is all that worth the price of an extra game? I'm a bit on the fence, but I don't feel cheated by getting the CE. The standard game does end conclusively. Now for the game review: THE GOOD: Creep factor was off the chart, starting with children singing a disturbing song about Bloody Mary in the background when you enter the school. Story pulled me in and held me for the whole game - I always knew what I was doing and why - again, huge improvement over last title, one of the most 'gripping' storylines I've played. I'm not sure exactly how long it was, but I do know I didn't want to put it down for too long, as I often do with these games. Started it one day, finished it the next - at least four or five hours, plus another couple hours doing all the bonus stuff. The HOS were all well done, no random junkpiles, and they kept the same style art throughout the game. The minigames ranged from easy to medium (one or two more difficult if you don't see the 'catch'). A version of fox and the hounds and a reversi/chinese checkers that you don't often see. I think the AI on those was harder when you replay them in the bonus content. Music fit the game perfectly - I already mentioned the 'song'. Kept the 'edge of your seat' feeling going. All that said, it wasn't an 'over the top' game by any stretch - maybe not for little kiddies, but anyone nine or ten or over should be fine. Hint recharged fairly quickly (I played on middle of three settings) and gives specific instructions (use this here) so I'm not sure how much of a bonus the SG really is. The map was interactive (jump) and showed where there were Things to Do(tm), but didn't list them for you this time around - I call that an improvement, your opinion may differ. THE BAD: Not much. Some typos in the Bonus Chapter, and the bonus story was much weaker than the main game. For the main, there's really not much to fault. We don't seem too concerned with what happens to the adults in the game (no spoilers, but a "Bad Thing(tm)" happens to somebody and we don't even bother to check on them). THE UGLY: Again, not much. They didn't try to get cute and switch up art styles halfway through or throw in some junkpiles to pad the HOS count. A few typos here and there (minor stuff), a couple of poor translations in the BC, that's all I can think of. If you liked the first games in the series (Bride, Legacy, Wishes) - this is them going back to those roots and doing it even better. Wholehearted recommendation for this one - even at the CE price (especially is you get it on a weekend 'special'). March 2, 2014
Superb game in this fab series Took ages to finish, and for once an excellent bonus chapter that wasn't filled with boring HOS. Map was good for moving to different areas, and the hint system was excellent if you needed help. Loved the graphics, the game play, the music and the puzzles. Puzzles/mini games were all doable without the need to skip very often. I played advanced mode, so no annoying sparkles. Could play games of this calibre all day long....definitely worth every penny for this CE. August 4, 2013
This Game Is Creepy, I Love It I can't wait to buy Grim Tales : Bloody Mary. This game made me jump in my seat more than once. That was only the hour trial so I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the game. The sound, graphics and story work well together. The character with the creepy voice, oh my, I don't like him. This the best sequel to a game I have enjoyed this much in a long time. I must have it right away. August 2, 2013
Everyone Should Buy This Game! I have heard of The Legend of Bloody Mary and the stories and well at first I didn't think it was real..But then in real life everyone does it in the bathroom at midnight or after sunset. So now I realize, it is real since there is this one game about it, and stories. It's a great game. Terrific. I will buy it! August 1, 2013
Loved this one! Music fits the theme, one of the few games I had music actually loud enough to impact. Puzzles challenging, HOs clear. One of the best Grim Tales, and I've played all of them. August 1, 2013
Absolutely spooky! Just awesome! I have to say in my opinion that this is Elephant's best work and to me it surpassed Christmas Stories Nutcracker, and that was a very hard nut to beat! Especially when the game was full of cats and me being a cat lover. This one is downright scary and hard to keep seated because of being jumpy. The voice acting is surperbly done the visual effects were outstanding. The Aunt I just loved her, awesome lead character. And Chucky just stole the whole game :D Story: Auntie was driving home from work when her niece Jackie calls her from school, (she goes to a private school) and tells her aunt that really weird things are happening, and the kids turned weird. Jackie's best friend Robin goes missing and we need to find him. And it's said don't look into the mirror after sunset because Bloody Mary is watching. Graphics: Superb. Crisp and clear. Just outstanding. Mini games: Not too hard or easy nicely done. Music: Superbly done! The music fits the game beautifully and adds to the creepiness factor. Hint System: Normally (I play in Expert mode), I don't use the hint for the H0GS, and on ocassion in case I use it for when I get lost like I did in the beta and it recharged rather quickly. Map: Jump map and also it tells you where you are and has the exclamation point of what you need to do. All in all this game is going to be the utmost joy to play. I am going to have a wonderful time playing this one. Big Kudos to the Elephant team for this one! This is a ten star game! August 1, 2013
Very cool game I love this game and have had no technical problems whatsoever with it, even though I saw some did have problems. This is a 'sinister' game, so if you're looking for sunshine and happiness, look elsewhere. But, if you're looking for a game that has startle value, you're looking at the right game. I play in the dark for the most part, with the sound on, and found myself jumping several times. The developers obviously took time to produce a game that is worth calling a Collectors Edition and it has all the bells and whistles to go with that title. There is more than 1 mode of play, which allows this game to be fun for all levels of experience. The only exception might be a hard core gamer, but you won't find many of us here. I play all the PS3 games I can, but love the break from those games and the relaxation of point and click games. BUT, if you're not careful and cover your mirrors at night, Bloody Mary might get you! Enjoy playing! August 2, 2013
A Fun and Creepy game If you love really creepy games like I do, this is the game for you. I played through the whole demo until it thanks you for playing. More eerie than most on here. My advice to get the best experience is play at night with the lights out and have headphones with good sound quality. Not sure what happens after the demo, but the demo had plenty of creepy factors. Kids singing creepy lullaby like songs, eerie sounds and scary talking sometimes when you change locations. This is a MUST HAVE in my opinion. I have 2 credits in my account that I will be using to get this game today, but will wait til tonight to play. I think scary games are way more fun to play at night. in my bedroom with the lights out. ****P.S. IMPORTANT**** : Make sure you click anything you can, there are drawings of animals, stick figures and other things on walls and other surfaces you need to click for animation. Some things dont have to be clicked, but it adds to the experience. There are these bobble clowns that are on the floor you can interact with and when you do close ups on the walls and other places, if there are animals, dolls, toys, rocking horses or anything else, click it. Some things do nothing but others do. Sometimes its a sound and movement or something else. So just click on different things to see what happens. August 2, 2013
3 words -- A MA ZING I thought this game was a visual delight. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it, it just gets better and better. The map was no help and the hint may have been too specific. Even so, I found it was a really fun game. August 19, 2013
I love scary games! This was great! This game had that creepy element because of the scary creatures, toys coming to life, and the spooks that made you jump every once in a while. I love that!! I also liked that this game wasn't dominated by too many HOS. There was also a lot of things that needed to be done, so the game lasted a pretty long time without getting boring. Even the bonus chapter was pretty good. I totally recommend this game! August 19, 2013
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