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Mysterious circumstances surround the disappearance of a physician from a psychiatric clinic, and police have requested your assistance in the investigation. The patients are behaving oddly as you arrive at the scene, but as an experienced hypnotist, you are able to sedate them and travel into their psyches. As you dive deep into their subconscious minds, you’ll discover that this group of patients is comprised of a collection of exceptionally gifted and intelligent individuals: a painter, a musician, a scientist, a businessman and other bright minds. While each mind contains shocking surprises and intriguing puzzles, none are without terrifying phobias and dangerous obsessions which lead you to believe that what seemed like the disappearance of one man might actually be a catastrophe of epic proportions. Can you face your own subconscious to find the answers?

  • Ever-expanding plot!
  • Impressive graphics and special effects!
  • Meet uncommonly complex characters!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 701 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later


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Hypnosis 3.2 5 66 66
Something Different, But Will Prove To Be A Bore For Most. This is a real change of pace from the games we?ve been seeing lately. It?s a straight-up adventure, nothing else. I really enjoyed the time I spent playing it, but won?t be purchasing. The story is actually quite interesting. As the game title suggests, you hypnotize your way in to someone?s mind and deal with problems. The reason you are doing this is you are trying to find your friend Dr. Blanche. I have no clue how long the story is, as there is no strategy guide, but I got through 2 patients and was on number 3 when I quit (with 20 minutes left of the demo). The patient visits are quite short. Wandering around the game was simple and straightforward. When you did get stuck, there was the hint. The hint is rather helpful, so I did not have any point in the game where I was stuck. The game has an inventory, which is where you collect things that will help you solve the patients? problems. The game mainly consists of wandering, collecting, fighting and entering patients minds. I found that the game does get really boring after a while, which is why I could only play it for 40 minutes. Throughout the patients? visits, there is a Phobia battle minigame that is a lot trickier than it seems! I failed quite a number of times. There is the option of fighting or skipping on all but the first phobia (where you must fight). The annoying thing about this was: Once you started, you couldn?t skip if things got hard, you either had to beat it or be stuck there. The phobia battles get trickier as you go along, and sometimes I was yelling at my computer in frustration. All the same, I did have fun with these battles. The graphics were very well-drawn, with every scene exceptionally clear. The characters? voice-overs were done well, too. I did not have a single issue with graphics or voice-overs. There is one thing, though: In the game, there was something in the subtitles along the lines of: ?You?re parents still love you.? I was outraged by this- The developers have used the wrong your/you?re and have made a total fool of themselves in doing it! This is a mistake that a ten year old would make, not experienced adult developers. FEATURES - Hint. The hint has fast recharge speed and is extremely helpful. - Store. The store features things varying from extra hints to clothes for the character to wear. These things can be bought from gems which are collected after solving a problem. So, while I enjoyed the time I spent on this game, I will not be buying it. I would advise beginners to steer clear of this game as there is NO WALKTHROUGH, MAP or DIARY, which may be quite a struggle for them. Other players should enjoy it though. I recommend the trial. July 2, 2013
WHAT!??!! I guess I am going to have to go against the grain from everybody else because I thought this was the weirdest game I have every played. You start out on a flying streetcar driven by the boyfriend you dumped several years ago, he tells you to jump off and you comply only to be awoken by a phone call asking you to meet an investigator about the mysterious disappearance of said boyfriend. But that's not the weird part, when you meet the investigator she goes into a trance rambling on about a short guy with a mask so you use hypnosis to help her and are in her dreams you find a bullet put it into a giant gun and fire into the window of a building and out pops a little man in chains with no legs and now comes the weird part, you fight him! yep the battle is on and you have to click on your circle and click on his circle and you win crystals to buy sleazy outfits for Maya! Next up a giant hand and naked mannequin and that's all the further I got. The end. July 2, 2013
The weirdest game ever? (demo) This starts off looking like a normal game, but after you (a psychiatrist) have been called in to investigate mass visions at a psychiatric hospital, of sorts, things really take a turn into dreamland. This is NOT one for children. You get to interview characters, but your speech options are limited to say the least, and then you start hypnotising each one, to try to figure out where these visions are coming from. The action is very basic point and click, and there are sparkles everywhere, just in case you can't work out the blatantly obvious. Then you have to battle phobias, which is a strange combination of battle and puzzle, and these become harder each time. There is also a store where you can buy hints, costumes (I have a sneaky suspicion these will be needed to interact with certain characters later on), and power ups, although the latter instruct you to learn about them first and are locked. I have no idea how you would glean this information, I guess the only thing to do would be carry on playing. After playing the full hour, I still have no idea whether I like this game or not, but I think I might have to use a PCC at some point just to make sure. I can only recommend that you try the demo, it's a bit like Marmite chocolate - at first it's a bit too strange, and not everyone will like it, but you kind of want to go back for more! July 2, 2013
Okay game, just not for me I'm sure there is an audience out there for this game but unfortunately I'm not part of it. You are a hypnotist and have been called to a help the patients of a missing doctor. This is a point and run type game. You tell the character where to walk and which item to use. After hypnotizing each patient, you have to fight each phobia to collect items you need to help heal the patient. Fights can be skipped though. The characters and scenes are nicely drawn and you can click through the dialogue. I didn't encounter any hidden object scenes in the trial. Overall I found this to be a very easy game. July 2, 2013
Who's it for? I only played the demo hour, but I couldn't get past the images of women in this game. It's a shame because it seems like it was geared to adolescent girls targeting subjects like loneliness, love, shame, etc. But really, a psychiatrist with her deeply revealing top? And you can buy even sleazier outfits? A female officer in a skin-tight suit? Maybe it was really made for adolescent boys. July 3, 2013
...for beginners to the adventure game genre only! Hypnosis is not an awful introduction to the adventure game genre for the rank beginner, but any adventure game junkie like me will be bored. That having been said, I don't want to be unfair in my review. The storyline, while not unique, was a good idea for a game, but was not developed thoroughly enough. The concept of the therapist entering the psyche of the patient offers endless graphical and gaming possibilities which the developer did not take advantage of. For example, the first patient is a female police detective...and her fear is being naked in public? Next we meet the cliched teenage rebel with parent and acceptance issues. C'mon. Adventure mode was interesting, albeit too simple. I did like the animation when collecting or using an inventory item. But the use of the items was too predictable, and you used an item pretty much just after you collected it, so there was no thought involved. The graphics were well done, including the animation. I do share the objection voiced by many reviewers that a female therapist would never dress like a pron star. Not if she wanted to be taken seriously in her field. (Yes, I know it's just a game. But things like this affect immersion. How can you accept her as a qualified therapist when her shirt's about to fall off?) Battle mode should have been varied by using different types of puzzles for each phobia, perhaps relating the puzzle to the phobia. By the third battle, I was already clicking "skip" out of boredom. Considering that I successfully analyzed two patients in less than 30 minutes, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the game is too short, especially for an adventure game (even a casual one). I am disappointed, as pure adventure games are as rare as an honest politician. I really did want to like it, but it just couldn't keep my attention in spite of the surrealism, for which I'm a sucker. July 29, 2013
Medical Lara Croft This is definitely one of the strangest games I have played in a long long while. The game itself is more of an adventure than a HO game indeed there are no HO scenes at all. The game I would say is more for adults as some of the themes are quite heavy, and certainly the quotes are very adult (philosophers and eminent scholars). The game itself is an adventure in to people's minds. The game starts strangely in that you are in a streetcar in your sub-conscious, and you have a little puzzle to do there before the main game kicks off. The game proper starts when you are to go to a Mental Institute where you talk to people and 'cleanse their minds' by having 'phobia battles'. The game is a strange though 'Victor York' for some reason to me looked a lot like Richard Branson (but that could just be me). Part of the game (seemingly a major part of the game), are the 'phobia battles' now in the hour demo I managed to tolerate these battles but towards the end of the hour the 'novelty' was kind of wearing off, so I am not sure that should I purchase the game I will be skipping these completely and if I did so what the detriment of this would be to the game overall because as I say these seem to be a fairly major part of the game. The sound and graphics were good and the VO was good, though as usual the lip-syncing was not overly impressive. Whilst this was a good game and certainly very different one slight thing bothered me and that was the fact of the main characters attire, they seemed to have got the idea of an early 'Lara Croft' in attire, and the other clothes you could have Myra wearing were of the same ilk. Now this could have been just me or they could have been a game reasoning behind it, (this review is based on the hour demo), I doubt this is the case though and I think this detracts from what is for me a very strange and unique. I am now in two minds whether to purchase the games based on this. Another 'quirk' of the main character was the fact that she had different colour eyes (one blue, one green), thought this was a tad strange but hey I suppose some people do have different colour eyes (would love a colour changing torch though :)). The themes are strong though and do make you question yourself (well they did me), and for a 'casual game' this is to my mind a good thing. I would certainly recommend the hours trial, I think it is probably one of those 'marmite' type of games (you either like it or you don't). July 15, 2013
Average, But Couldn't Find It Enjoyable ... Unusual Graphics Style, Great Story And Concept ... But I Just Could Not Enjoy It Enough To Chance A Buy ... The Graphics Are A Bit Like An Old School Movie Of The Future ... But Nothing Too Old School About The Quality Of The Graphics ... Travelling Through The Minds Was Different And Made For In Interesting Game ... But The Constant "Battle Scenes" With The Phobias Were Just Outright Boring And Repetitive Like An Old Dungeons & Dragons Game ... This Really Spoiled The Game For Me As I Began Loathing As The Next Set Of Battle Rounds Drew Closer ... July 14, 2013
An interesting and certainly weird but different game. Game Play: an adventure with mini games. The level of challenge is not high. You walk around, meet people, talk to them, hypnotise them and get into their inner thoughts. Fun Factor: for those who like adventure types of games, this game is a good fun. Like other reviewers say, it is quite easy though. Visual/Sound Quality: this game has a voiceover and a lot of dialogue. Sound is pleasant. Characters move flawlessly and visual is great. Level of Challenge: I did say it was quite easy, but that is for those who regularly play adventure games. For those who have not played much of adventure, you might get confused as to what to do in the game. Instructions are minimal and there is no tutorial. A mini-game (fighting with the characters' fears, which are represented by animated monsters # was especially tricky to me. You fight those fears by surging energy of some sort. Fortunately, you are able to skip them but by sacrificing potential emerald you can obtain which you need to purchase bonus items/outfits. Storyline: this is where I gave this game three stars instead of four. It is sometimes difficult to keep a game meaningful, provocative and still interesting. For those who are interested in hypnotism, this game might give you a superficial picture of what goes into the process. I say 'superficial' because the game was very simplified for the reason above; the game still has to attract people without getting too complicated. How the characters overcome their fears in the game and how each story is concluded can get you even more confused or simply ditch them as absurd. You will also see a lot of quotes from famous Psychologists # Freud, Jung etc. # which might make you think or else. Still, there are not many games like this out there. Very interesting and different indeed. Recommended?: Yes. Well, for those who are interested in those things above. July 2, 2013
Wish I had that flashlight! (Demo Review) As a therapist intern who's been interested in hypnosis for 25+ years and is now training in clinical hypnosis for my future work, I've gotten used to ridiculous media portrayals of hypnosis, and this game is no exception. But much as I roll my eyes at such portrayals, I can hardly ever pass up the chance to see how a TV show/film/game presents hypnosis. I sure wish I had that magic flashlight that Dr. Cleavage (what is up with her shirt being unbuttoned to her navel?!) uses to (cornily!) hypnotize anyone and literally enter their subconscious! Treating clients would be so much easier if we could just run around in their minds and fight their phobias for them (in reality, of course, the client has to do the work, though the therapist helps and guides). By the way, hypnosis is NOT sleep and using the exact same induction script for every subject is unlikely to work so well, but those are just two of the problems with the main character's brief inductions. Snark about the "therapy" and costuming aside, the animation is decent, the voice acting is meh, and the game play is fairly straightforward. I found the puzzles to be overly simple and after the first few phobia battles, which I kind of liked, I started skipping them to save time and because I couldn't see any use for the crystals awarded other than buying hints I didn't need. (The developers are sure enough of the difficulty of their game that there's an achievement for using some high number of hints, but if the demo's any indication, you'll never *need* to unless you really want all the achievements.) I'm almost interested enough in finding out where the story goes to want to play the rest of the game, but from what I saw, I don't believe it'd be worth $9.99 or $6.99. MAYBE if I rejoined the Game Club and had a punch card freebie to burn... August 9, 2013
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A doctor has mysteriously vanished from a psychiatric clinic, and it’s up to you, hypnotist Maya Anderson, to solve the mystery!

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