Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition

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Earthquakes are causing cities around the world to crumble! Dr. Ambrose Ink, one of the foremost scientific minds, has vowed to stop this unnatural phenomenon. All the clues point to Castle Barber, overlooking the quiet mountain town of Hochwald. Shortly after arriving though, Dr. Ink vanishes. Now it's up to you, Agent Evangeline Glass, to save him. You'll have to think fast to outwit soldiers, golems, and a crafty mechanical genius who always plans one step ahead. Stop the earthquakes before more cities fall in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Collectibles and achievements
  • Downloadable wallpapers and soundtrack
  • A bonus chapter featuring the prequel to the main story!
  • Can you solve the castle's mysteries?
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 596 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition

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Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition

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Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition 3.8 5 90 90
Kudos to Clockwork Tales and Artifex! This game was a fantastic surprise. I loved the story. The german accent in the VO's were well done. The mechanical millipede in the beginning scared me (laptop fell in the floor) and the screen shaking with the earthquake scenes was insane. These adventures just keep getting better. Beginners will be blown away. August 12, 2013
Actually, I liked! The game is well done and entertains, although the story is not so interesting - Dr. Ink calls Evangeline for help him at Hockwald to end the earthquakes that is destroying cities. The graphics are very well done, as well as VO. Yes, it has a lot of dialogue, but you can skip! 3 play modes, interactive map and journal. Interactive HOS, sometimes parts of an object, sometimes shadows of objects. Not all of them you end at the first time. In some, you have to find objects and return to finish them. During the game you will have help from Matthew, the crow, to reach distant objects. Mini games are not difficult, but it has some very cute, like the little house. Several achievements 30 collectibles (bugs that move!) 9 chapters plus bonus chapter (Ink's story) Extras: mini games and HOS, posters, beyond the traditional music, wallpaper, etc. Well, for me it is a nice and decent game! But I'll wait for the SE August 10, 2013
Very Fun Steampunk Game The story begins as Professor Ink calls on Evangeline, a special investigator, to help him find out what is causing earthquakes and mass destruction in the town of Hochwald. Evangeline thinks of Professor Ink as a father and the only family she has ever known, so of course she will do anything to help since he may be in great danger. Evangeline arrives in Hochwald in the middle of a snowstorm and soon after meeting with the professor while he is showing her his mechanical crow, the building partly collapses. As the professor disappears, he asks her to save Matthew. Evangeline awakens to find that Professor Ink is missing and that is where our journey begins. The game offers three modes of play - casual, advanced, and expert. The graphics are wonderful being very crisp and colorful with wonderful artwork. The voices are quite good but with Evangeline constantly repeating the obvious some of you might find her annoying. The soundtrack is good but I had to keep the music volume low since I found it a bit intrusive at times. Quite frankly, a sound that really irritated me was the ?squeaky? door hinge that almost has the same effect as running nails across a blackboard. I felt like I needed to find a can of oil somewhere. Shortly into the game, once you repair Matthew, he becomes your ?helper?. Matthew plays videos and he will help you retrieve objects that are out of reach. The steno pad on the lower left of your screen is where you access the strategy guide and the journal contains your objectives and map. The phone dial on the lower right is your hint The iHO scenes are FROG and silhouette type where you have to find something and use it to do something else to complete the scene. The mini puzzles are fairly typical and not too difficult. If you play a lot of HOPA games, you have encountered the puzzles before and will find them familiar. As far as the CE content goes, it is fairly standard with all the usual offerings such as wallpapers, artwork and music. There are achievements to be earned, and throughout the game we can find special collectible steambugs ? 11 Hochwald steambugs, 8 castle steambugs, and 11 underground steambugs. I happen to like steampunk type games and I find this offering from a top developer to be quite enjoyable and one of the best. As always, I recommend that you try the demo to see if you will enjoy the game as much as I do. August 10, 2013
No Sprocket here! I originally thought this was part of the Clockwork Man series, which has a mechanical helper as well. But it isn't -- although there are similarities to that series and Namariel Legends - Iron Lord as well (a vicious mechanical millipede keeps interfering with your plans). You are secret agent Evangeline Glass whose uncle, Professor Ink, is investigating earthquakes in the Hochwald Village. You arrive in time to see your uncle carted off by the bad guy, Engineer Barber, who has brought war and soldiers and earthquakes to the peaceful village. Your uncle was figuring out how to defeat the Engineer. There are three modes of play - Casual, Advanced, and Expert. You have a diary and an interactive map that shows what you can do next. You also have a mechanical helper crow, Matthew, that once fixed, can fly and reach things you cannot. None of the HOS in the demos are lists -- one is a FROG, the others are find the item based on a picture and use it to find the next item. The mini-games are easy, but interesting. You also get to find 30 Steambugs -- one in each scene. The demo ends as you are about to climb into a Zeppelin to travel to Barber's castle. Unfortunately, the demo didn't last an hour -- only about 35 minutes -- and I didn't skip any mini-games or use hints in the HOS. So I felt a bit underwhelmed, although the game is rather clever. I think I will wait for the SE. August 10, 2013
Pr. Ink is kidnapped, strange earthquakes occur, who's behind it ? Played the whole demo, casual - 3 modes, casual, advanced, expert - Integrated SG which shows 9 chapters - Voice overs - 30 collectibles (steambugs) - Achievements (H0 with no hints, mini games with no skip, reading dialogues, etc...) - A lot of dialogues - Notebook in which you find your objectives too - Interactive map which shows areas of interest - Shortly after playing you get Matthew, mechanical crow, a great help for out of reach objects - H0, you interact in more than one way. Some are FROG, some are silhouettes, some are regular ones - Mini games, not over difficult up till what I've played. Some new and rather cute. - Hint is useful outside H0 - Skip button - Good graphics - Good music Some strange earthquakes occur. You meet Pr Ink in a small village, ruled by the iron hand of a major. Ink is kidnapped, up to you to rescue him... This looks like a nice game, not over thrilled about it, but good. Will most probably wait for the SE. August 10, 2013
Clockwork Tales - Good, but very short game The storyline starts mystic. Many tremors are happening around a little town called Hochwald and a professor needs your help to find out the thruth. But if you play the game for a longer time than the storyline is clear and there's no surprise in it. You can expect the rest of the games story easily. But afterall I would say the story is ok until good. The gameplay is ok, but you have to talk to many characters. That sometimes gets boring, because many of them tell you the same things. I love the voice overs. They have a german touch, because the town Hochwald is in Germany and I'm from Germany. The puzzles are not very challenging and I didn't need to skip one, but like another review said one puzzle is very strange and takes a lot of time to solve, so it bored me too. The Hidden Object Scenes are very easy too and the puzzle HOS are incredible easy done. You don't need to think, because you know everytime what to do with an item. The music and the voice overs are great. I love the graphics too, but sometimes they could have more details I think. But because I love the art style it's ok for me. There are 15 achievements in the game and you can collect over 30 bugs through the game. The bugs are easy to find and the achievements are easy to get. So afterall this could be a great game, if there were more challenge and more unexpected things in it. So I like it and I'm happy with the CE bought in sale, but I think the game is not really worth the full CE money. So I think this game could be a very good SE game, but for a CE there has to be more challenge or more extras in it. August 10, 2013
Wait for the SE, bonus chapter VERY short. I enjoyed this game. Good graphics, interesting story, and a nice mix of puzzles and HOS (some standard junkpiles, some silhouettes.) The storyline wraps up nicely in the main game. The bonus chapter doesn't really add much, and it's mega short. I seriously finished it in 15 minutes and only skipped one puzzle! I don't really care much about soundtracks, wallpapers, screen savers, etc, I buy CEs for the bonus gameplay, so I'm not happy that it was so short. So I recommend this game, but don't buy the CE. It's not worth paying twice the price. September 3, 2013
Steam Punk & International Espionage! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS It seems to me it?s been a while since we?ve had a steam punk game ? and I must admit it?s no loss for me. This one is unarguably good in terms of graphics (clear and detailed, hand drawn). The intro is also well done, with excellent voiceovers, and a story that is slightly different. Plenty of cut scenes early on to get the story straight. I liked that the inn was crowded ? no abandoned sheds was nice for a change. A good start, although from the beginning I get the feeling it is a little lightweight. WHAT?S HAPPENING You are an espionage agent, called to Germany, to the village of Hochwald by your supervisor and mentor, Dr Ink. Apparently, something is drastically wrong in this town, and is creating unnatural earthquakes in the region. Upon your arrival, Dr Ink is grabbed by a giant robot, leaving with you his mechanical assistant, Matthew. This crow can provide information by playing video, and is good for those out of reach objects. According to the local townsfolk, the troubles all began when General Engineer returned, so your first step will be to find out what is going on in that fortress above. MAKING PROGRESS This is an adventure (lite) game with some fairly familiar puzzles and some quite different kinds of HO puzzles. In the very short demo (30mins), I encountered a fragmented object scene, a find-and-use (progressive) silhouette one (completed over 2 visits to the scene), and a very special puzzle board styled HO game. The dollhouse contains a group of dolls that have jobs to complete, and you must find the items they need to complete them, one at a time, according to a silhouette you are given. Different and fun. The hint is directional, the map very useful with available actions and jump facility, and there is also an objective list. According to the SG, there are 9 chapters plus the bonus, and the demo ended at the end of the first chapter. So the length promises to be good. BLING! The CE extras include the usual gallery offerings, some puzzles and HO scenes to replay and achievements and collectibles. The collectibles are intricately drawn steam bugs, of 3 different types, that appear in each of the locations. They are not hard to find, but they move, often disappearing from sight so you have to wait for them to reappear. This is a nice twist. FAMOUS LAST WORDS The German accents are a bit amusing, but apart from that, I saw no negatives. The game is a bit of fun rather than a serious adventure, I think, but there?s nothing wrong with that! Not being a steam punk fan, I will wait for the SE, but I have no hesitation in recommending this version. August 10, 2013
Good for the theme This game was well done and mainly a good game to play for a whole different theme. It didn't exactly grab me but was interesting none the less. Was a little disappointed that there wasn't more to do than look out for the bugs to collect but the HO's were good and you do get some achievements. Has to be a real winner for steampunk fans. Think I'll pass on this one, especially for the CE and wait for one that really appeals to me. August 11, 2013
Fun Little Steam Punk Game I played the full game on my Andriod. I like steam punk, this was a fun game. This is an easy game to play when you just want to have a fun afternoon. It is not difficult and you will not be scratching your head like MCF Fate's Carnival, or other games that keep you on your toes. Graphics were good (Artifex Mundi after all). Music good. The storyline familiar, but with a little twist. I wish the game had been a little longer, I played about 3 1/2 to 4 hours including the bonus game so not a very long game and I like to take my time and try not to skip puzzles. HOG's are interactive. I did have to skip a couple puzzles because they became tedious. Overall I recommend this game and always enjoy playing games from this developer, but this is not their best game I have played. July 4, 2014
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Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition

The quaint mountain town of Hochwald hides a deadly secret. Defeat a mechanical mastermind and save your friend before another earthquake strikes!

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