Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner

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Natalie Cole, a young writer, is late to board the ship that was to take her home to America. Already depressed by a chain of misfortunes, Natalie becomes absolutely despondent. Just when she is about to give up hope of getting home, she meets a captain at the port who is sailing a cargo ship to her very same destination, and he invites her to sail along with him and his crew. Natalie, relieved at her good fortune, agrees. Little does she know, this random stroke of good luck hasn't come without a price. Natalie has unwittingly embarked on a dangerous and exciting journey where she must prevent ancient evil from awakening inside a mysterious antique collection on board the cargo ship! Can Natalie save the crew and its captain from evil spirits and still return home?

  • Enjoy puzzles and mini games!
  • Captivating and outstanding storyline
  • Fascinating quests
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 838 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner


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Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner

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Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner 3.1 5 64 64
I LIKED IT!! In spite of not being too impressed at the beginning, it didn't take long before I was totally immersed in it and ended up liking it a lot! I think any translation errors were fixed with the second edition, which also removed the cursing that some people complained about. There are a couple of continuity issues (having to put out a fire with water when a fire extinguisher is available but can't be picked up), but don't let these kinds of inconsequential issues spoil the game for you. Even though it's in an earlier graphic style, I believe actually that adds to its charm. This is a unique, fun-to-play game. I hope to see more from this developer. July 29, 2014
luv it its great my favoret games are mysterys an hiddin objects September 8, 2013
Great adventure with a few warts... I really, really like this game except for a couple of things which annoyed me. First of all, though it is a HOPA, the HOS are not too frequent, and they are not terribly junkpiley. They are fairly challenging. The minigames are not mindbendingly hard as far as I've gotten, but some of them require a bit of "arcade" type skill - i.e. timing and coordination. The skip activates in a minute or two on hard. The soundtrack is excellent, and fitting. What makes me love this game are two things: the story, and the atmosphere. The play takes place on an old steam freighter, and the scenes are kind of gritty and grainy - much like the scenes in old classic adventures like Riven and Rhem. The crew has disappeared, so you are on your own in this rather creepy place to find your way around and look for what you need to proceed. The story is obliquely revealed in bits and pieces. I have not used either the map or hints, so can't comment on them. I rarely use either in any game, though I like hints available if there are too many HOS, which bore me. I have not used the diary/journal, either, as I have been able to put 2+2 together so far. There are some things that kept me from giving it 5 stars - mostly the black screen every time you changed scenes. The load time between scenes was really annoying - but, then, it might be my computer. The other mechanical issue was that there was no option to change the cursor. The game cursor was a little "floaty", and normally I would change to the system cursor. This is an issue in the minigames that require fast action. There are also some anachronisms, like the story being set in 1972, but the dress of the characters in the opening "story slideshow" seemed more like 1872. Some of the names for things in the HOS, like the now infamous "tube" for "smoking pipe". Granted, a pipe can be translated as a tube, but that's where doing closed betas of a whole game get you input (for free) from players who speak the language. Some kind of - to me - illogical things, like (slight spoiler) seeing a fire extinguisher prominently displayed, but when you have to put out a fire, you have to find a bucket and a rope and fetch sea water. All in all, though, this is a fine ADVENTURE game with a few HOS. And I liked the motion of the ship, and also the mechanism for adjusting brightness. And the "collectibles" are actually used for something! The game is far better than some of the CEs lately, IMHO, at least if you have a soft spot for retro adventure games! ;o) August 1, 2013
A Little Bit Different HOPA {Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure} game The usuals 'Options'. I unchecked 'Screen Correction' and got Widescreen. Add another Profile after initial name has been entered by clicking 'Welcome' No Voiceovers, Cartoony type cut scenes, map inly shows layout of the ship 'Camera Rolling' option can be turned off but it does add to the sensation that you're on a ship, but made me dizzy after awhile Storyline : Young girl misses ship to America and gets passage on a cargo ship, but soon the crew disappear and it's up to her to find out what the weird noise is and find the crew HOS {Hidden Object Scenes} were unusual for today's games were you have to really look and not just hit the hint button too quickly, kudos Developers Puzzles were unique and a lot of fun as was the gameplay Collectibles : 33 Pearls, try and get them all first time around as you'll have to backtrack otherwise Puzzles and HOS can be replayed after the game is finished, if you happened to skip that frustrating puzzle first time around, love this addition No cute pets or princesses just a good game, like they use to make a few years ago where you have to use more than one brain cell. I had a lot of fun; game was about 5 hours for me, but I hate to skip anything August 3, 2013
Great Solid Adventure Game; Negative Reviews Center Around Infrequent & VERY MILD Swearing I love a good adventure game with a a few HOS thrown in and puzzles. Great graphics, great game mechanics, excellent storyline, an all around great game. I noticed immediately that almost all of the negative reviews about this game are centered around the use of some very infrequent and VERY MILD swearing (the words used are really not even considered swear words in this day and age), so if that isn't something that bothers you, make sure you read through the negative reviews to see that most aren't focused on anything wrong with the actual game-play, but rather the small bits of mild swearing some found offensive. I find this unfortunate and rather unfair for the game developers. I like all around family fun but I also like to have my "adult" fun too. Even a teen can play this with no problem. Again,it's mild and it's not anything they haven't heard before. I would love to have some adult fun without it being offensive to someone in some way. But I digress; to each their own; I just wish the reviewers had reviewed the actual game itself and not given it one star for a curse word or two. Personally, as an adult, I'm enjoying this game. It feels real, it plays logically and naturally, and it's holding my interest. Yes, there are some loading screens but on my PC they are quick and I am more than willing to ignore the loading screens if it means smoother game-play and more detailed graphics. So that didn't bother me. It sounds like, from some of the reviews, that older computers are experiencing longer load screens; however, I also noticed that most players didn't deduct many stars for that, if any; they just mentioned it as a bit of an irritant. Therefore, I think that loading screen times will differ from computer to computer. Based on all the criteria that make a great game; this one meets (and even at times exceeds) all those criteria. I am enjoying these new types of games that aren't HOS heavy and have more of an adventure aspect to them without all the fluff and illogical game flow. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then this is that game. I highly recommend this game to everyone; however, for those bothered by even mild swearing, best to pass this one by so this game gets some fair reviews based on the actual game itself. Happy Gaming Fishies! And developers: Keep them coming. There are MANY more excellent 4-5 star reviews than there are negative so keep up the good work! I appreciate the work that went into this game-it shows. Well done. August 5, 2013
Alone women at night on board the ship on the high seas. Really creepy! I don't know how to play other players, but I was playing at night and I was really scared (especially if you play with headphones). Especially when Natalie had a seizure (I mean ghosts). Definitely, this game is different from other HOPA. In this game the player is fully immersed in the game, and lives together with the main character. And I think it is due to a wonderful story line and 3D-cutscenes. The graphics is clear. Perhaps the graphics are a bit outdated, but when you play this game, you have stopped paying attention to it. HO scenes look good enough and have some interactivity. No problem with finding items. One of the strengths of this game is puzzles. All puzzles are made with love and the developers have worked very well here. Clean fun. In general, the game is a lot of attention paid to detail. HOS and puzzles can be played repeatedly. You'll find them in the main menu. The game is not difficult, I think it is perfect for beginners. Although advanced players, this game should be like. I recommend. August 1, 2013
A Nice Enjoyable Game ... Great Graphics, Sounds And Story ... A Great All Round Bit Of Entertainment ... The Graphics Style Is A Bit Of A Throwback To The Older 3D Adventure Games; Without All The Scrolling Around And Looking Up And Down ... The Swaying Gave A Nice Sensation Of Being At Sea ... I Got My Game On A Deal So Only A Small Price Paid For A Very Good Game ... August 11, 2013
Calm, sometimes relaxing, sometimes scary game. I like the quiet games, so I play in NM:TAP. This game contains a few HO scenes. It's good. The HO scenes in HOPA games is starting to annoy me. Graphics is clean and mini-games are pretty good. The storyline is quite good, but the intro and cutscenes a bit long. The music is very beautiful in this game. Unfortunately there is no voiceovers. August 1, 2013
The good old adventure ... Many people write about the fact that the game is often use the name of the Lord. But in a lot of movies you can hear the such phrases! I think the developers did not want to offend anyone. I think this is just a small inconsistency in the text. Although, personally it does not bother me and I play and have fun. Pro: - Good graphics and music - Excellent story - Nice puzzles - Originality, otherness Cons: - too long intro - some ?rrors in the text - I can't find all pearls My opinion, despite the negative reviews, this game is very good. August 1, 2013
Could have been worse... With the negative reviews, I was not sure what was awaiting me. Well, it's not that bad. The whole action takes place on a ship. There is a map, but it's not interactive. You will have to walk a lot, even if there are not that many rooms. Ok, the graphics are not the best, but everything is clear. The HOS can be challenging, since some of the objects are really small. The mini-games are quite interesting, from easy to challenging. You have to find 33 pearls on the ship. They are small! Look everywhere! The ending is rather abrupt. The game is not very long; for me about 2 1/2 hours. I wouldn't recommend the game to somebody who doesn't like small objects... August 12, 2013
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Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner

Natalie has unwittingly embarked on a dangerous and exciting journey! Can she prevent ancient evil spirits from awakening?

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