Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition

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Long ago, a kingdom was cast into darkness. Its king and queen were cursed to a deep sleep. Their daughter, Princess Sophia, ascended the throne and brought hope to the kingdom. In her quest to awaken her parents from their slumber, Sophia learned of a powerful Enchantress who could undo the spell. Alas! On her way to the Enchantress' lair at Sunhook Spire, she was beset by treacherous mercenaries. Can the young Queen escape the mercenaries and get to Sunhook Spire safely? After a thousand years of separation, will Sophia finally meet her parents? Scale the heights of Sunhook Spire, rescue the Enchantress and uncover the tower's mysteries in this epic journey!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Collectible morphing objects
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Strategy Guide
  • Soundtrack, Concept Art & Wallpaper
  • Bonus Chapter: Sophia's friends turn against her
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 554 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mild Blood
  • Mild Fantasy Violence
Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition

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Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition

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Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition 3.7 5 92 92
Another masterpiece I love Boom Zap games - particularly the Awakening series. So, to my delight - a new one! Old friends owl and dragon were there and the story continues as the pirates snatched queen Sophia - but, there is a twist - a strange hooded menacing figure seem to be pulling strings. I just started this game and cant wait what happens next. After daring escape the hooded figure appears and disappears again ... what is going on? Love this game totally! August 17, 2013
I loved the game The graphics were great. I loved the storyline, and the people liked like real people. Wish I had more time on the demo so I could finish playing the game. It was easy except for some hard places to figure out. I would recommend this game. August 18, 2013
Exciting The graphics to me were good and the excitement of the game is great. Very fun to me August 17, 2013
Still The Best? BASED ON DEMO For years now the Awakening series has pretty much cornered the market on seriously beautiful and cute. Lately, of course, there has been some awesome inroads into their area of expertise. So I?ve been looking forward to seeing how they will handle the competition. Well, not at all as I expected. The graphics are still gorgeous, very pretty, but not state-of-the-art. The cute offsiders are still cute (who can resist a pocket dragon? And I love the mermaid), but not exceptionally so. The puzzles are once again dazzlingly original and inventive. But they have brought back HO scenes (admittedly with unique twists), after practically abandoning them in The Skyward Castle. And the ominous feel that game had is gone. The beginning of this series introduced us to a fairy tale world in which a beautiful princess awoke after 100 years of sleep, to discover she is the only human left. But she does have delightful companions to assist her, as she tries to discover what has happened to the rest of her race. We have followed her since this very pleasant but simple start to her adventure through 4 lands and have watched her grow and mature as her world expanded. Now, perhaps, she will finally meet the parents who so long ago left her in the Dreamless Castle, and settle down with her own people. But this game is still pitched to grownups, and as with the story, so with the gameplay. It is logical but imaginative, and the puzzles are complex and challenging. The introduction of totally unique HO puzzles follows in the tradition of this series, which is always one step ahead of us. Also, there are still beautiful multiples of, matching pairs and other pictorial puzzles of amazing beauty. These are more difficult than those in the earlier games and also harder than the puzzles offered by games of a similar style. It has a minimalistic jump map (no helpful information like pinpointing active areas), and a very helpful hint system in the person of a wise and knowledgeable owl. In terms of the CE extras, we have the usual gallery items, plus achievements and morphing collectibles. The bonus chapter has the disconcerting title: ?Sophia?s Friends Turn Against Her?, which is unthinkable even for a cynic like me! There is also a locked section called ?Glass Works? that sounds promising. Still the best in cute? No, I don't think so, but still a beautiful and challenging game. August 17, 2013
Awakening: The Sunhook Spire - Good, but to many puzzles. The Awakening series is one of the best. So I hoped for another great game, but it isn't as great as I thought. Let's start with the storyline: Princess Sophia wants to awake her parents from an eternal slumber and travels into the sunhook spire. But an evil figure is behind her to fulfill his evil plans. Again an intresting storyline, but I didn't like it as much as the Story in the other games. The gameplay is ok. You have lot of things to do and the Hidden Object Scenes are easy, with some interactive objects to find. There are different types of Hidden Object Scenes in the game. But there are minigames, minigames, minigames. Everywhere are so many puzzles and minigames. That's too much for me. Sometimes I got very bored, because there were one minigame after another. That's why I rated the fun factor with ok. The rest of the gameplay is ok. You have some morphing objects to find in each chapter and sometimes they are not easy to find. The graphics are brilliant. They are beautiful hand drawn. The same for the characters. They make you feel, like you are in another world. And the owl and the pocket dragon are there again and the dragon has now more abilities. The voice overs are great too. There are many characters and everyone has a different voice over. They didn't use one voice twice. The sounds and the music are as great as in the other Awakening games and fit perfectly into the games atmosphere. Nice job here. But afterall the puzzles bored me sometimes and I can't rate this game with five stars because of that. But all other things are good done and you have many extras in the CE version. So this game is a worthly CE with four stars. And it's a good sequel to a great series. I hope to see another Awakening game next year. August 17, 2013
Colorful Graphics I have played all the games in this series, but I have to say this one was more perplexing then the others. I actually skipped a few puzzels becasue there were so many combinations that it took too long to solve and I wanted to get back to playing the game. I like mini games but I also like to be able to solve them in a reasonable amount of time. The HOS's were normal nothing hard there. The graphics as usual were excellent. I enjoyed the puzzels even though they too at times were very challenging. I did solve them though. I suppose given the Queen headed off to Red Leaf Forest that there is a sequel to follow. I will be watching for it. If you want a very challenging game with mini games this is the game for that. August 20, 2013
The Story of Queen Sofia begins This review is based on a complete playthrough of the game and bonus content. First off, the Collector's Edition stuff (or why should you spend twice the money on this game vs the SE?): The bonus chapter, which is the most important CE content to me, is very good. As in the other games, it provides a 'bridge' or interlude between this game and the upcoming sequel. The main game ends well, the CE ends much more completely. There are collectible morphing objects throughout the game (I missed two), achievements (most of which involve finishing chapters fast, which I don't like to do on my first playthrough, and going through without hints (I used four for the main game, no SG - but did refer to the SG a couple times during the bonus chapter: if I was more patient, I'm sure I could have done it without resorting to hints). The replayable bonus game is a jigsaw puzzle type. Completing one unlocks the next in the series. There are 10 of them in total. Wallpaper, cutscenes, all the other usual CE stuff. I certainly didn't feel cheated for having gotten the CE - it's at least as good as any of the other one's I have. Now the regular game: This is where the story of Queen Sofia really begins (the story of Princess Sofia being told in the first four games). I think Boomzap has done a fine job here - part of good storytelling is knowing when to finish, and by starting a new chapter like they have, they 'finished' the story of Princess Sofia, and you can consider this the first chapter in the next tale. Having said that, there are tons of references to the first four games, so having played them will help you understand things, though there is a brief history given in your journal. The journal was sparse: very few 'flavor text' entries, many of which got updated before Sofia the character even knew what the journal was adding (pet peeve of mine). The 'task list' part kept pretty current. This is probable the games biggest weak point. The map was interactive (teleporting), though frankly it wasn't really needed - each chapters map was small enough you were never more than two or three clicks from where you wanted to go (or should want to go at least :grin:) They did a great job of packing a lot into each scene without making it feel cluttered - and making you use your brain to remember everything: this isn't a 'you found a pile of loose dirt; hey look! there's a shovel in the next scene' type of game. It can take a while between when you first see the 'lock' until the time you find the 'key', and they aren't recorded in your journal (of course, if you have the CE, you also have the strategy guide which walks you right through and opens automatically to where you are). You've got the owl to give you hints. They're pretty specific for the most part, so if you don't like direct answers be sure to play on the highest difficulty - I played on 'relaxed' mode and was pleasantly surprised that there were no 'sparklies' or other annoying distractions to the beautiful artwork (and yes, the graphics are brilliant - this is Boomzap we're talking about). The pocket dragon also joins you, though his 'element' changes at different points throughout the game. I kind of liked the 'when in doubt, set it on fire' mechanic, but this worked out well, and frankly was a nice change for an old friend. The mini-games were varied. One of them didn't allow for an alternate correct solution (no biggie, the one it wanted wasn't hard to find), and there was only one that really left me clueless that I eventually skipped. You had the fit the gears, connect the lights, make a bridge, pick up sticks, wheels, more wheels, pictures, the 'glassworks' jigsaw puzzles (this games bonus 'repeatable' game), and a few that referred back to the previous games (but which would still have been solvable with the sparse information this game does give you). My total time played was just under seven hours for the main game, and almost two more for the bonus chapter: but I took my time and stopped to smell and admire the roses along the way. The achievement is granted for completing the main game in under four hours, and I only got one chapter's achievement for completing in under one hour. I'll admit those are probably my least favorite achievements because they're easy to get your second go round, and why should you rush your first playthrough? Another ding for lack of creativity here. Bottom line: this is a great game. It might be a touch beneath some of the previous titles, but they've set a very high bar for themselves, and missing it still sets them head and shoulders above most of the other developers out there. Personally, I think this one is worth the CE for the reasons I mentioned, though if you don't buy CE's, then the SE is still a great game. If you can get it during a promotion it's a no-brainer (if you like the fairy land type stories, anyway). October 30, 2013
Been difficult for me . . . I would suggest doing the full demo. I loved the other Awakenings so much, I bought this after 5 minutes. If I knew it would take me so long to get through it, I probably would have waited for the SE. But it's Awakenings! And I can't wait to get to the FROGs. I think there are supposed to be in here somewhere (?). I still have to give this a high rating, because most fishies will love the new challenges. But for me, it's been difficult. I've been at it for 3 hours and am not through Chapter 3 yet. I think they expect this as I was awarded an achievement for completing a chapter in less than an hour! :) I'm in casual mode and still struggling. Nearly everything about this game is new. Some of the puzzles are so tedious, I'm finding myself skipping more than usual. But it's Awakenings! . . .so I'm going to continue. I usually play all games through in one sitting, but this one is going to take this fish forever! August 17, 2013
foiled again well this I thought was the end?.Enjoyed the game as usual, excelent grafics and music. have to wait again i see for another chapter. But well done again. always been kept on our toes eh September 10, 2013
Good but doesn't live up to the Awakening name... This is based on the full CE version, although I have not yet investigated the extra features. I was eagerly anticipating the next installment of the Awakening series, and this was good, but it definitely did not live up to my expectations. What I loved the most about the previous games in this series was the beautiful rich graphics that had so much depth - you actually felt like you were traveling through a magical world. Here the graphics are comparatively flat, and the view has an almost 'theatrical' feel to it, where you are the audience and the scene is the stage. The graphics do not 'pull you in' the way they have in previous games. There are only a small number of HOS scenes in this game, which is perfect for me, but not so for other gamers. The HOSs had a variety of formats, which made them more interesting than just the bog-standard HOS. There are lot of puzzles, most of which are relatively straight-forward but not too easy. What I found frustrating was that the objectives you had to fulfill were often very abstract and I had long periods of time moving between scenes trying to figure out what I was supposed to do next. When I finally figured it out it was often by a process of elimination rather than because it made any sense - some things are just obscure. I only used the hint function twice - the first time I had actually tried to do the right thing but had tried to used the object in slightly the wrong place. I had tried to click it several times to no avail and then given up and moved on - turned out that it was correct, but you have to be in exactly the right spot. Frustrating. The second time I used a hint I just got bored of wandering around. In summary the pros and cons are: Pros: - Nice music. Its fairly ambient and non-obtrusive. - A teleport map, making it easy to get around. However, the map does not show outstanding actions etc, it is just a map. - Not too many HOS (for me this is a pro but may be a con for others) - Interesting puzzles; challenging without being frustrating - Decent length - There are 3 levels of difficulty. I played the standard one as I find having no hint and skip functions irritating! Cons: - For me the storyline was bit weak. Also, this may be British humour, but having a character called "Ironhoof" is pretty hilarious. Google it... - The graphics were a HUGE disappointment for me. Very flat by comparison to the previous games. - Having to make sure you use an object in EXACTLY the right spot for it to work. I would recommend this game, as I enjoyed playing it, but I was pretty disappointed as a fan of the Awakening series. I see what they were trying to do, so if they can do all of the good things again with better graphics in the next game, it will be amazing! August 28, 2013
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Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition

Scale the heights of Sunhook Spire, rescue the Enchantress and uncover the tower's mysteries as Queen Sophia's journey continues!

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