Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector's Edition

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Congratulations, Professor Edwards! You've joined the faculty of the oldest and most-respected university in the world. You've barely been teaching for a semester when tragedy strikes during the fall break. Four of your students have gone missing while exploring the dangerous caverns under the campus! Is the legend about the Labyrinth under the campus actually true? What's causing the abnormal physics in the water down there? You don't have much time, because the rain keeps pouring down, flooding the caverns. Dig deep and keep your head above water in Sable Maze: Norwich Caves, an intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Downloadable music and wallpapers
  • Concept art
  • Unlockable trophies
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1101 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector's Edition

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Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector's Edition

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Customer Reviews

Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector's Edition 3.9 5 52 52
EASY, FUN, SHORT GAME BASED ON ***COMPLETED*** GAME ON HARDCORE LEVEL I really liked this game. I found the story to be entertaining. On the hardcore level there are no skips or hints, so I can't offer info on those, but the game isn't so difficult that I needed to use them. I like all of the puzzles in this game even though they were easy. The game does have a jump map but on hardcore level it does not indicate areas that need to be completed. But if you're on hardcore level, you probably don't want that kind of help anyway. I found the game flowed nicely with objects used relatively soon after discovery. i loved the use of characters of multiple ethnic origin. I think that's more reflective of today's societal makeup. Basically speaking, this game is the familiar save the students, save the world theme, but it's done nicely. I enjoyed playing it even though it was a bit short. September 8, 2013
Loved the Game Entertaining - Nicely put together - Great Places to roam around ...Got to meet school and Pupils and Professor, all in all I loved the Game it was enticeing and kept pulling me back to keep Playing and Helping, To Save the Pupils from water, The search and rescue mission was All I thought it would be Entertaining! The Game was totally a Lovely well put together, made with "Alot" of enjoyment and Balanced Appreciation to play it...I loved it and it was truly.....aMAZEing!!!!! Keep up the Great work :) L-o-V-E-D it August 30, 2013
Ancient Evil and Missing Students! Based on Demo The first Sable Maze was a 5-star game. Really wonderful. The demo of this sequel does not measure up to the first game in the series, but it is still good. The ancient evil Master of Water has taken over mild Professor Buildson and four of his best students. They are trapped in a maze beneath the university and you have to rescue them. I like the university setting, but the artwork is not as well done as Sable Maze: Sullivan River. There are achievements to earn throughout the game. The music is nice and not overly loud. The HOSs are all very interactive. Each object you find is used to find another object in the list. I found some of these quite challenging to figure out since I don't like using hints. Puzzles are of medium difficulty. There is a map and an objectives button to keep you on track. This is an enjoyable game, but I think I'll wait and buy the SE version when it comes out. August 29, 2013
Delightful sequel This is going on my must buy list. Art work was very good. Yeah you do have to adjust music and voice up a tad to hear any of it. Interactive map, collectables, Interactive HO's. I was hoping they would switch around to different styles, but during the trial it was all interactive. I like this game. August 30, 2013
Sable Maze:Norwich Caves I enjoyed this game. Puzzles were easy. I usually play on easy mode,so I can relax and play. There is usually a plus when the bad guy is really good. Still looking for a creepy scary game August 30, 2013
No challenge for me.!!!! Story line boring. HO'S fine just my speed. It lacked music. i enjoy music nice for the ears, and story. Not really a $13.99 price tag. $8.99 or less, I would buy more CE. I would purchase this one just for the HO'S. August 30, 2013
Good game... but not the bonus chapter I liked this game for several reasons. First, I like the scenery of a university, and searching college grounds with all the classic components of it. Second, the storyline was well written; step by step you get to learn a little bit more about what's behind all of it, and you get to find and free the students that went missing. Third, the challenge was OK too - I did need a hint sometimes to find out where to go next, and found out that I had missed something important. But... - I did not really like the collectibles. Yes, you can find several parts of a collection, every time three items, like a mineral collection, a sports collection, a history collection, and so on. But it does not really matter to the story and you don't really need them. It's just a little side story. - And then came... the bonus game. A must in every collector's edition, so it seems. This is not the first time that I was disappointed by it. The story was ended, it had some kind of climax, and then I'm supposed to play some more in a less thrilling after-story. Most of the time it is far-fetched and of course, all the elements have to be squeezed in much less time, so the storyline can never be as appealing as the main story. So please, developers, if you DO have to write an extra chapter, then make it worth it. From now on I won't be buying much CE's anymore and that's a pity, really. October 6, 2013
I'm a sucker for CEs, but this game didn't excite. This review is based on the hours' trial. I buy most CEs, and was looking forwards to this one as I enjoyed the previous Sable Maze game. There was way too much hand holding even in advanced mode. I played advanced to avoid the dreaded sparkles, but in at least two easy and straightforward puzzles there were sparkles showing you what to do. The HOS were excellent, interactive and had a different take on them. A nice change from junk piles. Hope, unlike some games after the trial hour, these interactive HOS continued. The graphics were ok, but nothing amazing. Various collectables but couldn't see the relevance. All in all a bit of a yawn. Not the worst CE by any means, but with so many fab games out there didn't feel the need to buy this one. Good idea to try the trial hour and make up your own mind. I'm on the fence with this game...may purchase the SE. August 29, 2013
Better Than The First Sable Maze, But Still Rather Average. Once again, Daily Magic has failed to wow me. This is their fifth game now, and I have bought one of their past four (which I loved). I don?t know what it is: Maybe it?s the story, maybe it?s the gameplay, or maybe it?s that I didn?t like the first Sable Maze. I don?t know, but this game didn?t appeal to me that much. The story started off a little boring. The opening cutscene wasn?t very interesting at all, but then the story got better as the game progressed. The main villain of the story is one that I didn?t expect, and is a nice twist. I?ll give them that. But, apart from that, nothing really that interesting happened in the demo. But in comparison to the first Sable Maze, the story was MUCH better, even if it wasn?t that gripping. The gameplay was good, but not great. The last game got me with the gameplay, but this one won?t, sadly. The best thing about the gameplay was the HOS. The HOS were unique, in a good way. Some developers do unique HOS and they fail miserably, but these guys didn?t. I enjoyed every HOS I played. They were fun and challenging. The puzzles were also enjoyable. To my surprise, I could actually complete most of them, which was nice. Overall, the gameplay was probably the best part of the game. The graphics were the same from these devs; fairly good, almost realistic and lots of attention to detail. I?m amazed at how game makers can do such a great job. I tried once, and it was a mess? I didn?t pay much attention to the music, because it was very quiet. It?s nice for those who like the game to be peaceful and don?t like loud, off-putting music like myself. If you want to make a comment on the music, TURN THE VOLUME UP!!! :) Voice-overs were standard. They weren?t over-done, but they weren?t terrific either. I can?t really make a comment there. FEATURES - 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hard. I played Casual. Difficulty can be swapped in game if you find it too easy or hard. - Hint and Skip- both recharge fairly quickly on Casual and the hint is helpful outside HOS. - No Diary, which I found incredibly odd. - Interactive Map. The Map highlights areas that have a task that can be completed. CE EXCLUSIVES - Bonus Chapter- a completed game review says this is not needed. - Built-in Strategy Guide- very helpful with puzzles and is helpful if you get stuck. - Collectibles- You must collect 3 items for every student to find out more about them. - Achievements - The other usual Bonus Content such as Concept Art, Music, etc. So, to conclude, I?d say this is an average game. Although it?s much better than the first Sable Maze, I still wasn?t tempted enough to buy it. I?d give it a rating of 3 stars out of 5. It wasn?t terrible, but it wasn?t outstanding either. The game seems to end conclusively, so it shouldn?t matter if you pick the CE or SE. I'll recommend the trial, See what you make of it. :) August 30, 2013
Ho-Hum Sequel The story is fairly basic. A professor and four of his student have gone missing and you have been asked by the daughter of the professor to find him. Before long we find out we are dealing with a supernatural force and a mad professor who has no inclination to be found. The graphics are okay but not spectacular. The artwork is a bit flat and seems to lack that ?pop? that makes it come to life. The sound is either too loud or too quiet and it is difficult to get it just right. The HOS are progressive list type where you find an object and use it to find something else until you finally find the one object you need. I found the HOS had too much interaction to make them enjoyable. The puzzles are very easy so there is not much challenge at all. Throughout the game you will find collage items that relate to each of the missing students but aside from that we only have the basic CE content thrown in. What can I say except that the story just didn?t come together for me. The first Sable Maze was very good but this one is rather flat and not nearly as good. Needless to say, I certainly don?t think this is a CE quality game and only might get it with a PCC if I am desperate to fill a punch card at the end of the month. August 29, 2013
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Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector's Edition

Your students have gone missing during an expedition under the university. Can you track them down before the water rises?

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