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Carve a path through an unforgiving wilderness to rescue a hero trapped by a villain! As you balance time and resources, you'll also invent clever machines to accomplish special tasks, make friends with a Yeti, and prepare for the impending showdown against your enemy. Finders will provide hours of unforgettable fun!

  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Gripping storyline
  • 100 quests!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 249 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later


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Finders 3.8 5 108 108
Fun Game I don't usually write reviews on any games, however, I feel that this game is being misunderstood. You probably have to have played several building and goal oriented games to see the way its been put together. The main thing necessary, is to meet each levels goal which is on the left. I hope this makes sense, like I said I don't usually write reviews but I really think this game is getting a bad rap from people who just plain don't understand this type of game. August 15, 2013
Unique & Creative Untimed Task Oriented Game Finders is not your typical TM game but more of an island search, discover, build type of game. The tutorial isn't the best and figuring out how to complete some tasks took a little bit of brain power. I enjoyed the relax atmosphere and how each time you complete a task it doesn't take you to a completely different map. You build on the map you first crash onto and once you build it up to capacity you move on to another one. There is a good bit of the game that is more realistic than is normal for these types of games. It cost food to gather food and in order to actually use the food you have to go into the storage house and select it. Some of the numbers seem off as you do receive more when you gather than you spent actually doing the task. There isn't a tutorial or help menu that you can go back to if you miss something which would be nice but since it isn't time sensitive it allows you to figure it out as you play. When it comes to cooking or activity tasks the instructions are almost nonexistent but if there is an item for cooking and you can't find it is most likely something you need to purchase. Clicking on your vehicle once you repair it will send it to town to get the things you can not gather. Certain food items can be used as power ups and are very helpful when gathering as you gain extra when you use them. The graphics are cute a bright and the music is non obtrusive though I did turn it down a bit. The story is unique and engaging. I would like to see more instructions with the game as it is quite extensive but all in all I really enjoyed it and bought it as soon as the demo was over. You will barely get started when you finish the demo as there is so much to the game. It is worth the hour to see if it is something you would enjoy. Not a fast game in the least but perfect for a long lazy afternoon. August 21, 2013
Fun!! I think it's a fun game, no timer which is a big plus for me :) you can take your time and just enjoy! i'm not sure why it's not getting a better review, maybe not taking enough time to get the feel of it? I must say once I started, I've not quit playing! August 15, 2013
Fun, untimed game It took me a while to figure out how to play this game. There were no real tutorials. That said, when I figured out what I needed to do it was fun. Since there are no timers, one doesn't have to click fast or make quick decisions about what to do next. The game does get a bit repetitious as you get farther into it. I believe there are five places you have to visit and develop before you are finished. So far the tasks are the same for each level. I can't say I'm bored but I haven't found much new lately. I am on level 4. It's not hard to stop and start and you don't have to be highly skilled or a good clicker to enjoy it. August 22, 2013
Good Puzzle, Gathering game Very nice game. Good visual and game play. I saw some review states that there is no tutorial. In a way that is true. The game does not spoon feed the detail to you like most game. What I feel the game did is make you read and notice what results you get when you take actions. This means when you are performing a quest, pay attention to what is going on when you go through the steps. If you just click through the action blindly, then you will have no idea what to do later on. A few things bugs me a little. 1, when you move on to a new island you need to move your resource over at a cost. Which is fine, but it will be better if I can adjust how much to bring over. 2, the storyline is pretty good but the superhero angel just feels a little silly. It would work much better if it is a wizard , alien or some kind of other dimension type. 3, The mini games shouldn't tie to resource gathering. It is cool for finishing some quest, but to make some resource that is only available through it means you are forcing me to play a match 3 game when what I want is an adventure game. August 24, 2013
Fun Once You Catch On I really enjoyed this game, once I got past the "What do I do" stage. I actually Beta Tested this game and I made comments on the "no real direction" part. I normally don't play this type of game, because I deal with time management everyday don't want it in a game or the stress of keeping everyone happy in a game. That being said, I really did enjoy the game and had fun with the different people and making items for the people to either eat or sell. I loved the fact that you made money just from people sleeping, if only it were that easy. I like the different ways to obtain things that were needed: buying or making bread to fish with, then making soup from the fish to feed the peole or to sell off to buy other items. Be patient at the begining, you will catch on, if I can most should be able too. August 15, 2013
Could be better, they may want to sell "extensions" I could have done without the "story", wish there had been a way to skip the dialogue (waste of time). And I did have to ask what I was supposed to do--didn't realize there were other islands and things to get to. It's mostly just doing the same things over and over to satisfy the requests (a lot like my day job) to achieve the end result. There are only 4 islands which is not enough (6-7 would have felt worth the money). Designers might want to think about putting out ongoing "parts" that can be bought--you just continue where you left off on the last installment, possible with each new island either a wee bit more difficult, or with a unique challenge (cliff climbing you have to weave rope? underwater sea caves where you only have limited amount of air in your lungs to "get" stuff in the caves, figuring out how to set up zip lines between islands, etc.). August 31, 2013
Pleaseing Your plane crashes in the mountains and you have to set up a camp. then you fix a car ,so you can go to town? aside from that just when the game gets a little boring a new thing pops up that makes you go "neat" (fishing in particular) The little suttle guitar background music is quite nice and the graphics are good. The little guys though every one of them is identical. This of course is nitpicking. August 30, 2013
Fun Adventuring Finders is a good time of adventure mixed with resource management and a hint of city building, though it is more of a camp than an actual city. As far as a tutorial goes, I didn't see too much of one, but it isn't too hard to figure out on your own. Yeah, It's a bit slow paced, but it is supposed to be. It is a casual game, after all. The graphics and sound are adequate for this time of game and the idea of people stranded on an island may be a bit cliche, but it works here. Management of resources and figuring out what to do next and what to build and where is the meat of the adventure. The game has quests to keep the storyline going, but you can build a few thing on your own, such as tents to increase population count. The game isn't too hard, but it can be a challenge to find or create certain items. Nonetheless, you'll find the time flying as you explore the island and guide your people. Finders is a good game for those looking for a casual, colorful adventure that isn't too taxing, but very addictive. I do recommend you try before you buy as not everyone may find it appealing as I have. But if you know what you expect from this game and it's right up your alley, buy it today. August 29, 2013
Enjoyed it I like this game, you can drop in on it whenever you feel like it and have a bit of a play, then come back later and at least all your workers won't be dead as in the Virtual Villager games (at least, I hope they're not all dead, I'd better check!). The tutorial is rather vague in a lot of areas; I don't like to be spoon fed but I would have thought they could have done better in this aspect. And I must have missed part of the storyline; they went down in a plane crash, but they have a jeep and can drive into town to get supplies and come back to camp? So are they lost, or not lost? Love the minigame in the mine, it is a challenging match 3, although I'm not sure what the hammer does. For those who are puzzled about catching the fish, you have to click repeatedly with the mouse to keep the bars in between the two markers until the little fish reaches the right hand side. Again, the instructions could have made it clearer. When you get the kitchen up and running you should be able to resolve the food issues by cooking and using various items. I don't find the gameplay slow; I find it quite busy. Like a lot of games it starts slowly to ease you into it, then the pace picks up. Once you have a few tents and grills going, you also need to collect the water, send the jeep off for supplies, organise the cooking, do a bit of fishing, send the workers out foraging or mining, and use the ore from the mine for gold. I think it's good fun. Although I can't play it for hours at a stretch, time does tend to get away from me when I'm managing all the tasks! Be prepared to really pay attention to the tutorials/ instructions, and to have to think through a few things to find the solutions. Happy gaming! August 28, 2013
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Carve a path through an unforgiving wilderness to rescue a hero trapped by a villain!

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