Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition

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Save your kingdom from disaster in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves! You return home from a royal party to discover that your estate has been robbed. Someone has stolen the magic dove that has been in your family for generations. To make matters worse, the king's magic dove has also been stolen, and if the thief learns how to use the power of the two birds, the consequences could be disastrous! With the king missing and the kingdom's citizens falling victim to a strange curse, it's up to you to save the kingdom. Embark on an extraordinary journey in this gorgeous Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Learn elven secrets in a bonus adventure
  • Screensavers, wallpapers and concept art
  • Replay hidden-object puzzles and mini-games
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 999 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition

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Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition

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Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition 4.2 5 73 73
Simply awesome! I was seriously waiting for this game. I played the beta version and instantaneously fell in love with the game. Didn't even bother with the trial, bought straight away. The violin playing cricket at the beginning was totally adorable and so is the singing mushrooms. The game is bright and colorful, just gorgeous and I just love the humor in it. I love the two little fairies they are adorable as well. The game is definitely above 5 stars in my book. Story: Don't have to say much as bfgFlounder couldn't of put it any better :) Graphics: Gorgeous. I just stop the game as I usually do with this team and just look. Music: Extremely well done. Fits the game beautifully. Mini games: Not too hard or easy. Just right and very enjoyable. H0S: Ran only into the use the items you find onto other items. I love those. Hint system: Works very well outside the H0S as well. Map: Fast travel. Also has the '!' so you know where your objectives are. I love that as well so that way you don't have to depend on the strategy guide as often. All in all the bunny team did it again with one fantastic game. Kudos to the team! Sassy September 12, 2013
Flights of Fancy - A Whimsical and Magical Tale ?Flights of Fancy? is definitely a fanciful tale full of wondrous sights to see in a beautiful, mystical world. Our adventure begins as you (the Countess) return home from the pre-wedding ball for King Eridan. You soon discover that your home has been broken into and ransacked while you were away and, yes, the worst has happened - the magical dove entrusted to your family?s care has been stolen. Now you must go to King Eridan to tell him the news and warn him that his dove and life are now in danger. Alas, it seems that you have not arrived in time since the king and his dove are both missing. It now looks like the realm is in terrible danger and you must do everything you can to save the king, reunite the doves and save the realm. IMHO, no one does magical, mystical tales quite as wonderfully as ERS and Flights of Fancy is no exception. We travel through a beautiful land created by the artistry of the development team at ERS. The graphics are exceptional and depict a land of elves, fanciful creatures and evil gnomes. As always there are voiceovers with perfect lip-synch (kudos to a developer who knows how to give us the complete package), and a musical theme that adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. You have a diary that is located on the lower right portion of the screen above the interactive map that allows you to transport quickly throughout the kingdom and indicates areas where there are objectives to complete. Soon after you begin the game you will acquire a young elf helper who becomes your hint, and as you journey through the kingdom you will find golden arrows that increase the number of hints he has available to share with you. Early on you also acquire a pert little fairy that will help you after you imbue her with magical powers. The HOPS are fairly standard to ERS games with some progressive silhouette type mixed in with scenes where you have to find certain numbers of objects. I imagine that later in the game we might even have the standard list type HOPS. The puzzles are fairly common as well but they are still fun. Some think that the puzzles in ERS games are too easy but I disagree because some of them are quite challenging. The CE package is fairly standard with wallpapers, artwork, movies, etc. There are collectibles and achievements as well but nothing out of the ordinary. Because Flights of Fancy is from my favorite developer and I knew I would be purchasing a quality game, I went for the buy immediately ? no need for me to wait. From the beginning scene I knew this would be a game that I would enjoy immensely and I do. ?Flights of Fancy? is light-hearted entertainment that lets us experience the magic and whimsy we felt when we were young and believed in fairy tales - could there be a better way to spend the day? As always, I recommend that you try the demo to see if you agree. September 12, 2013
ERS come up trumps again! Based on the 1 hour demo. Everything you could wish a CE to be, especially if you are into fairies, elves and fantasy. Returning from a party, you find your castle ransacked and a magical dove stolen. With the help of your coachman sidekick (who sounds just like Sean Bean!) you begin your quest to find the stolen dove and retrieve a second one before that gets taken too. Soon after starting your quest you acquire a fairy helper, but she needs you to find magic in order to be able to help. You have to choose a name for her. You also have to think up an appropriate name for your elf helper who becomes your hint. CE elements are extensive: * Achievements to earn * Enchanted inhabitants to find and keep safe until you can restore them * Fairy magic to help defeat/enliven magical creatures * Three levels of challenge all of which are customisable plus custom mode as well * An interactive map which shows objectives and location (which is good as there is a fair bit of backwards and forwards) * Bonus chapter * Strategy guide (though no idea how useful as I never use it when the map is so good) * Movies/Wallpapers/Concept Art/Screen saver/Music for those who like these * Replay of minigames and HOSs Puzzles are not difficult but require thought/logic HOSs (just 3 so far in demo so not overloaded) are silhouette find ->use type x 2 and one find 15x object. Graphics are delightful, music is pleasant and appropriate. Some of the character voices are a bit odd especially one elf who looks like Legolas but sounds like Boromir (sorry if the Lord of the Rings references are getting tedious :-( but with elves and goblins running around...) All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable game so far. My fingers and toes are crossed for a good sale this weekend. September 12, 2013
Flights of Fancy - Another Ers winner game! Ers Games Studios hinted at this game for such a long time, that I couldn't wait to play it. And the game is worth all the wait. After I was a bit dissapointed after Twilight Phenomena 2 Ers is back with another winner title now! The storyline is quite unique and mystic. As you return home everything is strange. All inhabitants have been turned into figures, there are strange creatures and the two doves for two kingdoms have been stolen. An evil goblin, an intruging princess and her prince and many more characters await you. The past of the kingdom you get told by an artist, which appears several times in the game. I love the whole story. And in this game I like the cute animals, because they fit in the game. The gameplay is good, but not as easy as in the previus Ers games. They made more difficould things in the game where you have to think a bit before you know what to do. The Hidden object scenes are difficould too. There are many different Hidden Object Scene types in the game. Some of them are very interactive. The puzzles are not very difficould. I didn't need to skip one. Maybe the puzzles should get more challenging in the future. The characters are drawn and have voice overs. The voice overs match the character type everytime and the characters are great. You have two helpers. Your hint is an archer and a fairy can help you out if magic blocks your path somewhere. The look really magical. Same with the graphics. Mostly they are bright and beautiful with many details and things to look everywhere. But there are also some dark, but not creepy places. The music is lovely. It gives the game a good atmosphere. Same with the sounds. Like in every Ers game they are clear and good. The only thing I don't like are those singing mushrooms. That's a bit strange for me. You can earn achievements and collect some things for your fairy. You can play the game in three different modes and there are many extras. The Bonus game is long and on the same level as the main game is. So afterall I would recommend this game to every fantasy game lover and it deserves surely 5 stars. Keep on the good work developners! September 12, 2013
Fairies and elves and evil Baron! Another hit from ERS! This one is much harder than the others -- I've used the strategy guide quite a bit, in casual mode even. Your are the Countess (haven't seen a Count!#, whose faithful assistant William informs you that, while you were out celebrating at the King's engagement party, your heirloom magic dove has been stolen and your house ransacked. Evidently there is a second magic dove somewhere #hence the title# but not yet visible in the demo. You meet a fairy friend who can use magic if you supply it to her, and eventually are able to free an elf from a bottle who then becomes your hint "archer" #he shoots arrows at things you are supposed to do#. You find arrows along the way that give you more hints, but the hint button refreshes quite quickly that they are not useful. It is sometimes hard to see where the arrow went. You also collect 15 enchanted kingdom inhabitants along the way, and put them in a jewel box for later redemption, I suppose. There is the evil Baron Kass with red eyes, who seems to be behind all the badness. There is a diary and a map and an artist who tells you part of the background story in brief encounters. The map is interactive, the HOS are also interactive, and the mini-games are challenging -- when you think you've solved one, you haven't. So you do need the strategy guide #and the skip button, unfortunately#. This is a delightful game, with lots of evil magic to overcome, beautiful graphics, and cute characters. There are also a variety of achievements that are awarded in the form of yummy cupcakes. All in all, a very satisfying game! September 12, 2013
Flight into fantasy !! Based on the demo, this is adorable and for once a family game, my grandaughter will play this game over and over and that is nice to see. Very cute and puzzles and HO are cute, this is a game to enjoy and really based on the demo I highly recommend this game for a fun laughable time with kids and adults as well, I did purchase the full version and cannot wait to load and play September 12, 2013
FAIRIES AND ELVES AND MAGIC DOVES What more could we ask for? We have returned from a wedding party only to find our magical dove has been stolen and soon learn that the Kings magical dove has been stolen as well! What is this magical Kingdom coming too? Chaos is everywhere and the people of the Kingdom have been turned to stone and you will need to collect the tiny figures along the way. But wait, you don't have to travel this journey alone, of course you will have a Fairy (with the name you choose# to help you but you're going to need lot's of fairy dust so keep your eyes open. There is also a wee little elf #also to be named) to give you hints should you need them. The game has a customized game difficulty for you to choose sparkles or how long before skipping and you will earn achievements such as not using the hint for help finding an item in the hidden object scenes. The HOS are far and few between and mostly progressive finds where you find one item to be used in the scene like a candle goes into the holder and you find matches to light the candle in order to uncover the next item. So if you like beautiful, vibrant colors in a magical fantasy themed setting then give this game a try, everything about this game is professionally done, enjoy! September 12, 2013
A Magical Experience! I'm reading through some of these reviews and most people are lowering this game by one or two stars simply because "it's too cute." Really? Listen, people. This is a fantasy HOPA through and through. True, this game really is "as cute as it gets". Everything down to the interface, to the character you're playing (a Countess), the setting, music, bright color schemes, sound effects-- you name it, it's adorable. This is one of the games you play and you can't help but going "awww" all the time or just plain getting amused (i.e. the singing mushrooms). Your hint button is a fairy, you have another fairy companion that does some occasional magic to get you through tough obstacles (did I mention you can name both of these fairies?), and you also get lots of help from other enchanting creatures such as the griffon and the cute little blue bird. And you know what? I loved every minute of it. Your fairy even has it's own little house where your achievements are stored and where she can do things such as trim a plant, play music, blow away dandelions, and other little things that I found insignificant. You also acquire outfits that you can use to dress up your fairy, although this was pointless because her outfit only shows up on her when you're viewing her in her house and not in the actual game (where she continues to wear the default outfit). It was cute, though pointless, I have no idea why this was here. It's things like this that make think this game was made for a 5-year old, the only thing that stopped the game from being a kid's game was the difficulty. I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite the game's adorableness, it was more difficult than most of the HOPA's I've played (and I always play on expert). The HO scenes hid objects very well and many of the puzzles/mini-games genuinely took time and thought. Never before in a game have I abused the hint option as much as I did in this game. The game has strange logic as to what items you should use for certain actions. What was annoying is that unless you use an item at exactly the right spot, the game thinks you're using the wrong item. The same goes for HO scenes, you'll find yourself clicking on a item and nothing happening unless you click in a certain area. This was very strange and quite an annoyance. The interactive map was suppose to be your saving grace at this point, but it only serves to be further confusing. Several times, the map says there is an area where an interaction was available, but when you go there you have no idea what you should do, so you use the hint button. And get this- the hint tells you that there is nothing to do in that room. Huh? Then why is my map telling me that there is? This made things VERY confusing. Needless to say there is A LOT more backtracking than you would expect in a normal game. Thank goodness for the map otherwise this would have been a frustrating game indeed. HOWEVER, despite all of this, I think these are minor flaws that are easily overlooked by the sheer awesomeness of this game. The graphics are so, so, SO BEAUTIFUL. Really wonderful. My favorite series of all time was ERS' Spirits of Mystery and the graphics in those games were such a delight. In Flights of Fancy, you won't be disappointed. The artwork is just gorgeous and really breathtaking. I was truly impressed. The music was just as beautiful, although with most music in many of these games, it can get repetitive. Personally, I enjoyed the tracks so much I wasn't bothered at all. The VO's and cutscenes were top-notch as well. Since this is a CE, you get a ton of extras, including the extra hour-long bonus chapter which made this CE worth it alone. I was a bit disappointed in the wallpapers and screensavers as there were MUCH prettier scenes in the game that they could have used. The ones they picked seemed random and not wallpaper/screensaver-worthy. You also get the music tracks (four I believe), concept art, and you can replay all the HO scenes, puzzles, and cinematics. This is officially my new favorite game, topping my beloved Spirits of Mystery series. Don't mind basking into the adorable, cute, and wonderfully sweet, all while being presented with a new and welcome challenge? You'll love this game! Yes, it's for die-hard fantasy folks and no I definitely don't think this game was made with males in mind AT ALL (So you males, be warned! Know what you're getting yourself into!). However, I don't think the cute and sweet factor of this game should diminish its quality at all, I believe that it adds to it. And take the game for what it is, overly sweet and "saccharine" is what it WANTED to be and was MEANT to be by ERS. So just sit back and enjoy it! October 7, 2013
Very nice! I love when a game gives you the choice of no hints or skips. This does, but unfortunately you still get hints. I don't understand how but it is happening. Anyway, Visual graphics are great. With todays technology all games should look like this. The voices match the characters which is nice. The puzzles so far a bit easy, but maybe that's because I play too many of I think overall it is a winner!!! September 12, 2013
One hour 'flew' by, I'm activating it as I type I like the ERS games, they're mostly good graphic wise and sound wise, and are always fun to play. This one, though, I was a little skeptical on. I saw some reviews talking about singing mushrooms and thought, "oh man, not for me. that's a little TOO childish". I put the thought aside, and was glad I did. In ERS you often have a helper, in this one you have you can dress up. You have the achievements to collect. Extras for the game: Wallpaper Screensaver Mini Games Hidden Object Concept Movies Music Bonus Chapter Strategy Guide (in game) The graphics are good, as well as the music. The game is whimsical- you have elves, fairies and such. You were at the King and Queen's wedding party, and came back to find the place a mess- just how I won't say : p The game has a map that shows you where you need to be, as well as a strategy guide. The strategy guide hasn't really been needed so far, though. I recommend that you give the game a try. I'm a child at heart, and like most these games- I just wasn't sure on this one. ERS delivered again, though. September 15, 2013
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Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition

Someone has stolen two powerful magic doves from your kingdom, and the consequences could be disastrous. Embark on an extraordinary journey to stop the thief.

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