Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition

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Defeat a ghostly army in Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt! You have been summoned to the town of Osville, where a legion of spirits controlled by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse roams the streets in search of one young girl. Only the mysterious prisoner in the tower knows how to save the city… But you’ll have to get to him first! Uncover the secrets of the Wild Hunt army, and learn the truth behind the prisoner’s ultimate betrayal in this mesmerizing Hidden Object Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Unlock two bonus games!
  • Save the Princess and recover her soul!
  • Travel to the Realm of the Dead, and discover the secrets within!
  • Unravel the mystery of Osville, through Collectibles and extras!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • DirectX: 6.0
  • Hard Drive: 1099 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition

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Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition

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Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition 4.3 5 78 78
High Octane Excitement ***** BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS Wow! I say that almost every time I see an Elephant Game, but each new game they produce seems better than the last (unbeatable) one. Just reading the story outline was enough to tell me this was my kind of game. Spooky, with legends, ghosts and beasts of the netherworld. This one?s got it all. SIGHTS & SOUNDS If you are a fan of Elephant Games, you know all you need to about the quality of the art. For you who don?t know them, their particular talent is ?Game As Spectacle?. Everything is cutting edge breathtaking, imaginative and beautiful. The detail is wonderful and the clarity is exceptional. The soundtrack complement the visuals, with excellent voiceovers (although not lip synced, the faces stay immobile) and some super sound effects and background noise. There are incredible ghosts coming at us from all directions at unexpected moments, and the entire experience is high-impact. WHAT?S HAPPENING What?s happening is a bit confusing, actually, I became so much engrossed in the game, I wasn?t paying sufficient attention. We come when we receive a cry for help from one of the townsfolk where ghosts have taken over, and are being marshalled together by the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. I think that?s it. We find help from a cute little bat, and later, a cute guy. And the 3 of us attempt to take back the town. MAKING PROGRESS This is delightful adventure gameplay, focussed on excitement, there is much to do in every location and plenty of interesting challenges. The HOPs are interactive lists, in which the items are visible and clear. The puzzles are mostly new and easy. To compensate for the experts, there may be up to 3 easy puzzles required to open the lock (or whatever). The hint is a genuine hint and gives very clear suggestions. The map is an interactive jump map. The balance is towards HOPs, but not so many as to spoil the game. BLING! CE extras are gallery items, achievements and collectibles (accessible within the game ? in the crystal ball), SG, bonus chapter and a ?secret room?. The last secret room I played was a wonderfully new way of playing re... Nup, I?m not telling, but it's good fun. FAMOUS LAST WORDS I end where I began, WOW! This game is stupendous. September 5, 2013
this game has it all! Incredible. LOVE this game! This game really has it all! Great storyline, dragons, ghosts, kings.... anything you can think of. The most gorgeous graphics, seldom seen such beautiful scenes. The cutscenes are wonderful with really cool effects. VOS are perfect, sound and music fit the story very well. The opening scenes are engrossing, you immediately want to help the girl's family. And there is your very cute sidekick, the bat. Really nice. And everything else you can think of! Collectibles, achievements, a secret room that only opens after you buy the game. Of course an SG and all the other CE extra's. This game is really really great, it is almost too perfect! But it was an immediate buy for me, need to know how this game ends! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. Give it a try and have loads of fun! September 5, 2013
The Four Horsemen, Witch Ghosts, Dragons - oh my! This is a clever tale with scary graphics and special effects. You are a detective summoned to the city of Osville that is being terrorized by dragons and demons and all sorts of magical creatures. It seems they are searching for the daughter of one of the Four Horsemen (Death) who was sent to kill the King's daughter but instead fell in love and had a child with her. You free the prisoner (who seems to be Death# and try to fight the ghost army to regain the town. The game is filled with many nice touches. There were only two HOS #lists# in the demo, but the mini-games were so clever and advanced the story line. You free a friend, Louis the Bat, who helps you with a potion and hard to reach items. There is a nice interactive map with objective areas marked. The hint button tells you what to do next, rather than just pointing to a direction. The task button lists what you are supposed to be doing. And a crystal ball button takes you to your collectibles screen. The collectibles #so far# have been statues of the Bone King and the four Horsemen and when you gather all of them, you get more background to your story. Of course there are achievements to win, a strategy guide, three modes of play #casual, advanced and hardcore), and a bonus scenario. There is also a "secret room" listed under bonus items but you can't tell what it is in the demo. This is a good game with a great story and everything works together to advance the story. It certainly is worthy of the CE rating and a definite buy for me! September 5, 2013
Wow - An Incredible Wild Hunt Riddles of Fate Wild Hunt begins with a cutscene where we find out that the human Child of Fate has been born and there are evil forces out to hunt her down and kill her. Before ending, the scene moves to a young man in a prison cell who swears that he will protect the child at all costs. Our job is to save the town from the devastation that is being caused by a legion of ghosts who serve the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ? the Wild Hunt. Are they searching for the Child of Fate who is predicted to bring an end to the rule of the Bone King and his apocalyptic Wild Hunt legion? Even though the game has a bit of a dark theme the graphics are crisp with use of an intense color palette. The game does have voiceovers but once again, there is no lip-syncing. It continues to amaze me that a developer who brings us quality games does not see fit to add lip movements to their characters. Aside from that complaint the sound package for the game is very good. The musical score fits well with the creepy and often scary theme the game. You do not have a journal but there is a task button that will let you know what you need to do and the interactive transporter map also tells you where you have an area of interest or a task to complete. The HOS are the standard list type with some objects requiring an additional step. The puzzles are fairly standard with this developer and there is nothing new. That being said, the puzzles are still fun with some more difficult than others but they all add to the enjoyment of the game. As you progress through the story you have the opportunity to earn achievements and find collectible objects that go into your crystal ball. The CE package has lots of glitz but is fairly standard with cutscenes, artwork, music and other useless bits of fluff. However, we do have a secret room that is intriguing but I am not sure at this point what it contains. Over all this is a very enjoyable game of fantasy and ancient legends replete with ghosts, witches, and mythical beasts ? all the ingredients of a wonderful game. Since I know that any game from the Elephant team is always excellent and sure to provide hours of entertainment it was an instant purchase ? no need to wait on this one. As always, I recommend that you try the demo to see if you agree that this game is one well worth adding to your game library. September 5, 2013
GOOD QUALITY FAST-PACED GAME A fast-paced adventure game that grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps your interest throughout. There is a lot of action and a lot of things to do. Environments were given a lot of attention to the details of developing them. Colors are a nice palette, fitting to the location. WHAT YOU GET: 3 difficulty modes achievements secret room collectibles 4 volume and a gamma controls bat to help in different situations (not necessarily height) STORY Ghostly manifestations have appeared and destroyed much of the town, keeping its inhabitants prisoners in their own homes. They are searching for a particular girl, who of course will be the heroine. There is a prisoner in the tower who you have to rescue, since he can help you with the ghosts. GAMEPLAY When you click the ghosts, they will talk to you in a rather spooky manner and animation is spectacular. You will make a cold potion to rid the town of one particular winged ghost, but then you encounter more of them. Guess you should have made more cold potion to battle them. You do travel somewhat, but nothing onerous, to gather the items you need to rescue a prisoner who holds the key to getting rid of the ghostly manifestations. Sometimes, it seems they just want to cause mischief to inconvenience or scare you. You have a pretty good idea of where to go and what to do (caveat: this may depend on your experience with these types of games). I actually don't recall, but I think there was a map. I didn't need it because, although there was lots to do, what needed to be one in which location was fairly self-evident. HOS and PUZZLES The HOS are very nicely done - everything is visible and well defined; you won't have to rest your eyes after playing one. The puzzles are a wide variety - I must say that the developers are coming up with new and unique puzzles lately or add new twists and turns to some tried-and-true puzzles. They're great and a lot of fun. OTHER STUFF The first person I encountered for conversation had a forced and unnatural voice, so I thought "oh boy. Turn the voice volume down." But the people and ghosts encountered later sounded much more professional and their voices fit their characters. Animation is terrific and goes a long way in setting the overall mood for the game. Most of the music is relaxing, although there is one upbeat track. It is appropriate to the actions being taken. A good game that's lots of fun at a fairly fast-pace. CE v. SE The CE has 2 bonus games, so I think that will be enough to sway me toward the CE over the SE. Plus, I get a secret room which I can't access yet. September 5, 2013
Great game The story flows well and the CE has a nice long Bonus game. There are lots of good puzzles, although some were a bit long so I skipped. ;-) The game has H0 scenes but is not overburdened them and the ones there are, are fair: no objects so completely hidden you can't even see them with Hint. Highly recommended for lovers of Puzzle/Adventure games. September 6, 2013
Love gets the best of Death I bought the collectors edition of this game and it is based on a full review of the game, bonus chapter, & secret room. There are collectibles, I missed 1. There are achievements to earn. 3 modes of play. I usually play casual as I like to take my time. The game was interesting and there is a Little Bat to help you out named Louis, like you have the pocket dragon and Owl in the Awakenings series. It is from Elephant Games and they really made this one beautiful. The graphics are not too dark and the HOS are not overly cluttered. They were nice and relaxing to play. Most of the puzzles were average, although a few were really tough for me and I had to use the strategy guide for help. You go through different worlds all with beautiful scenery. The basic premise is that the Bone King summons the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse to rule over the kingdom. I thought this might have been a bloody and nightmarish adventure. However, secretly Death disobeys and falls in love and has a child and does all he can to protect her. So that is where your story starts, you free him from prison and then help him save his daughter. I can't say that I have really enjoyed a game this much in a long time. It was well worth the price as CE, the game took me over 6 hours on casual, plus another 3 for the bonus game and secret room. Like I said I don't rush. But it was well worth the money and such as sweet story that I did not expect. Don't be fooled by the apocalyptic nature of the story as its not graphic. Wonderful game, tons of fun, worth the money for the CE! Hands down 5 starts and would recommend it for anyone who like these games. Good job from Elephant Games. They are one of my favorite developers, too bad they ended the story fully, I would have loved a sequel to this one! September 16, 2013
Love the wild hunt! I love everything about this game! The intro grabs you right away and the cutscenes keep surprising you throughout the game. VO's are very good. Games like this are "movie quality" and suck you right into the heart of the story. Mini games are unique and HO's are typical but easy to find objects. I enjoy picking up the little statues along the way and always like getting achievements. A really cool thing was playing several mini games within a book which I've never seen done in games before. Not surprised at the amazing quality of this game since it's by Elephant devs. Played advanced mode and it wasn't too difficult. Great game! September 6, 2013
WOW! I just played the demo of this game, and I was thrilled with it! It is visually stunning, with intricately drawn scenes. I was hooked by the fabulous and menacing ghost dragon...not a cute dragon, but a black and fire spewing one! This game has a dark theme and is drawn to match. I love games that pay attention to detail, and this one does it all the way...beautiful curser, collectibles and achievements, numerous game play options, and even the x to close some areas has interesting movement. The sound is good and eerie, but there are some whimsical elements in the game to take the edge off a little. I tend to like Elephant games, and this time I would say they have a real winner! September 5, 2013
Excellent game with a lovely story ! Its one of those games you can't stop playing until you are finished with it. And then you wish they had made it longer or that they make a prequel/sequel. As usual Elephant Games spoils us with an excellent game involving a dark and tragic hero, love, villain(s# and a cute, trusty sidekick. All of this is giftwrapped in beautiful, sharp graphics with a fair amount of HOSs and some decent, albeit not very difficult puzzles. I will not wax lyrically on the graphics of the game - they are amazing: some of the best and most detailed out there. The story line was well thought, clear and it unravels gradually. At no point are you swamped in information or find yourself lacking some . You have 3 difficulty settings to choose from - I usually play hardcore so no hints, sparkles, skips or handholding. Others mentioned the lower settings offer a great deal of help. You can change this setting at any point during the game. The game play is fairly intricate requiring a bit of running around for different items and a good memory to know where to find them. The map has several levels, through which you can scroll. It also allows you to jump between locations and shows the active tasts on them #even on Hardcore). There's no Journal but you have a Task List. I can't say that I missed it. The HOS do not repeat and they are very clear and detailed You can work through them quite quickly. The puzzles were good, but not very hard. They do progress in difficulty as you advance in the game. The CE comes with a good Bonus Chapter which takes the story a step further and brings an extra closure to the main game. It could have been longer and perhaps more intricate. There's also a "Secret Room" which allows you to replay some of the hidden object scenes and puzzles all the while searching for someone. A bit of going ... door to door :)) . In addition to that you have the usual screensavers, wallpapers, art music, yadda plus 12 Achievements and some 15 very nice Collectible Statuetes with bonus information on both characters and story. All in all a very beautiful and enjoyable game which I definitely recommend. September 19, 2013
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