Forest Legends: The Call of Love

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Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest, a forbidden love blooms. Guide the human Eveline as she sets out to rescue her beloved from the clutches of a tyrant, learns the truth about magic and discovers her extraordinary destiny! Epic in scope and exploring themes of love and belief, Forest Legends:The Call of Love will captivate you from beginning to end!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1167 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Forest Legends: The Call of Love


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Forest Legends: The Call of Love

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Forest Legends: The Call of Love 4.2 5 36 36
Light and Airy BASED ON DEMO N.B. No HOs In This Game FIRST IMPRESSIONS Everything about this game is light. The music in particular seems to float in the air, a series of stringed instruments plucked with a delicate touch. The graphics focus on a fragile beauty that is pastel and thin, and eerily magical. So even while it is a story of war and disharmony between races, it is also a story of love conquering all, a romance in the traditional sense. SIGHTS & SOUNDS The imagery abounds with fantastical flowers and animals, delightfully imagined and rendered. The detail is wonderful, the brushstrokes clear and light, and the overall impression is of delicacy. This is the world outside the one we know, and we must adjust to this strange and lovely forest. The voiceovers in this game match the rest of the art in quality, and nothing can match the music for beauty. WHAT?S HAPPENING These love sick kids have got it tough. They are of different races ? our character?s human, and Aurelio is a felize, a shape-shifting cat/human with magical abilities. We have fallen in love with his human form, but the felize and their magic have been prohibited in the human world. An unhappy encounter leaves Aurelio wounded and before we can evade capture by the humans, the felize people drag Aurelio off to their world. We seek a healer?s help to follow him there. MAKING PROGRESS Well, puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles. There is a lot of adventure-style tasks to be completed too, but it is the puzzles that characterise the game. These are new or newly-devised, in keeping with the tone of the game. I didn?t find any of them especially hard. Hint is directional, and will keep directing you till you get to the right place, without penalty. There is a journal with story and objectives, and an interactive jump map. We have a Potion Pot that allows us to whip up magical potions on the go, with all the devices we need, and a recipe book to instruct us about ingredients. FAMOUS LAST WORDS I didn?t find anything in the CE that I thought justified the extra cost. There are the usual items, of course, but nothing that screamed ?buy me!?, and I haven?t changed my mind after trialling this. As an SE, this is a definite buy and makes a nice change, being light and airy compared to most games, but while beautiful, not exactly cute. September 1, 2013
GETS MORE INTERESTING AS YOU GO This is a different type of game than I normally play. It's an adventure game with an intriguing story which gets you more interested as you go deeper into it. I found myself liking it more and more, though I was somewhat mediocre about it at first. WHAT YOU GET: 3 sound volumes automatic widescreen relaxing music 2 game modes journal with map, notes, tasks and memos separate map without opening journal if wanted tasks listing without opening journal if you prefer a potion lab GAMEPLAY: You'll find 70 memos along the way that will give clues and tell the story of the felizes and humans, the war, disappearances, and other interesting facts. You will also be given potion recipes periodically and ingredients you find will automatically go to the potion lab instead of into your inventory tray. The potion lab is given to you by a shaman in the forest and she will appear periodically to help you since she knows the land of the felizes as well as the humans so well. Something always seems to happen that gives you clues as to what direction to head to next. That's good because there are a few unexpected twists and turns to the story. HINTS are in the form of a dragon, which will go so far as to show you where you can do something and what inventory item to use (which is helpful because it isn't always clear that an inventory item can be used there). There are little balls of light in various scenes that will recharge the dragon. But unlike some games, you won't waste the charge by clicking on it if your dragon doesn't need recharging. OTHER STUFF: Dialogue is written and spoken; clicking on a dialogue popup will hurry it along (since you can read faster than listen to the spoken words). Voices are middle-of-the-road - neither great nor terrible. Visuals are pleasant to look at. Animations are very, very good. I think this game was listed as a HOG, but it's not the usual type where there are HO scenes. You do have to find stuff to complete the puzzles though, but they are in the various environments. If there's one drawback to the game, it's that the story is occasionally a little slow to develop - but I prefer fast-paced stories. Well thought-out story and gameplay. September 1, 2013
Romeo and Juliet A good story. A father disapproves of his daughters involvement with a supernatural creature, it's all downhill from there. She finds ways to help him. Only based on demo. Played on difficult. Still too many hints. Graphics are nice if a little stilted. September 1, 2013
Not really my thing, but.......... Surprisingly enough.......I enjoyed it. The game runs smoothly from scene to scene, and there's an excellent transporter map that works very fast { some do take a time, don't they ? } overall a good game.....the only con for me was the making of the potions, a bit tedious and repetative...{ cant we just find them ? } I could have done without that !!! anyway it was a buy for me and I'm glad I did, a little light hearted but thats a plus sometimes.Happy Angling, Fishes xx September 27, 2013
several hours of mindless fun! I enjoyed this game as something to play just for a few hours when I needed a break. It isn't particularly hard but it kept my attention with the storyline and the visuals. Some of the voice work was irritating but you could click through those parts. I would definitely recommend this game as a simple, enjoyable adventure. September 2, 2013
YOUNG FORBIDDEN LOVE! Long, long ago mankind and Felize lived in harmony, that is until war broke out and the Felize werecat's were hunted and nearly brought to extinction! Now the Chief Hunter's only daughter, Eveline has fallen in love with a handsome werecat named Aurelio who has been mortally wounded and won't survive unless you find the correct ingredients for the cure. Now you must explore the forbidden forest for the potion but when you meet the Healer she enlightens you about your true identity....In my opinion this is a really good SE game and more of a value than the CE. You still get to collect 70 notes hidden throughout the game as well as glowing orbs to recharge your baby dragon helper/hint icon which apparently loves his belly rubbed! This is mostly an adventure game of which you get to collect ingredients to mix in your cauldron as well as a ton of mini games most of which are fun. There are a ton of puzzles to solve so put on your thinking cap and enjoy! September 7, 2013
Good not Great I found the gameplay to be a little slow. You could not move faster than the computer allowed and that became a frustration. I also found the repetition of some tasks boring, i.e., stirring, chopping and distilling the potions. The visuals were beautiful. Overall, I liked it and am glad that it was offered as an SE. June 24, 2014
Almost a great game, still a good one. This review is based on a complete playthrough. This is a game that takes a few standard plots and mixes them up a bit. Witch stole your lover combined with Romeo and Juliet, but without the cathartic ending (which is a shame, because that really could have been worked in without too much effort). This is an Adventure game lite: NO HOS. It's nowhere near the difficulty of Syberia or Nancy Drew or games of their ilk - you still have a journal to keep track of stuff for you, and a jump map that shows active indicators, even on "Expert". The map also shows a % of game completed. Very nice. Expert spares you from sparklies and no tutorial. You have a hint button - takes a bit of time to recharge on Expert, but there are floating spots of light that can speed that process up. THE GOOD: Game length was a solid five hours for me. I'm not fast player any means, so your playthrough may be shorter if you don't stop to smell Graphics are good. Cartoony, but the art style stays consistent throughout the game. The music fit for the most part . The story drifts off from the norm enough that it might have some surprises for beginning players - or especially children, since everything is still new to them. The puzzles are forms of the standard ones for the most part, tweaked to be more challenging. There are a couple that really let you work the gray matter trying to figure them out. Inventory can be locked. Stuff goes in your journal in the order you find it, and the first time you read a page it comes with a voice over (great for very young kids). The potion 'system' was interesting. I was hoping you'd have some choice as to which one to make and when, but they're all single use aimed at getting to the The cutscenes are fairly well done. Not knock my socks off great, but they did help understand the game and keep the story fresh in your mind. They managed to keep a sense of urgency throughout the game. There are 70 hidden "memos" to find. Without really trying I ended up with 61 or so. The ending is abrupt (but complete), and "wraps" up an amazing number of issues present in the game. All were somehow magically fixed by the actions of the game. Maybe the bonus chapter in the CE tells more about the. THE BAD: The voice overs needed some work. Also, the dev team needs to invest in a Thesaurus. Today's word of the day, boys and girls, is "beloved". They weren't terrible voice overs, but adequate. THE UGLY: A few missing instructions in the potion recipes, but not hard to figure out (mainly distilling something at the end). I'll mention voice overs here again as some of them were even below what the main characters were. BOTTOM LINE: I picked this game up with a free game coupon or a daily deal. Well worth the investment even if you pay the standard price. All in all (except for the abrupt ending) it's a very enjoyable. The voice over issues and lack of originality in the plot keeps from five stars, but it is a good game once you get into it, which does take a little bit. Gets a solid recommendation from me, especially if you get it on one of the sale days or bonus punch Monday. August 27, 2014
Slow but fun A lot of dialog stops in the game, but overall, its a fun game. September 1, 2013
A Few Too Many Potions This game was okay but the potion making became a little monotonous for me. I ended up skipping some of the steps to hurry the potions along. Graphics very nice, music okay, puzzles adequate, but the game just didn't grab me. It's a long one, and I wasn't sorry when it was over. I'm recommending it for others who maybe don't want as much of a challenge as I like. March 1, 2014
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Forest Legends: The Call of Love

Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest, a forbidden love blooms. Guide the human Eveline as she sets out to rescue her beloved from the clutches of a tyrant.

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