Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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It should have been a tremendous achievement, but the tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan became the site of a great disaster. What really happened that day? You were supposed to have been on the train with your husband and daughter, but you missed it. And then they disappeared from your life forever.

It's one year later, and a strange man - a scientist who thinks this is just like the Bermuda Triangle and other such vanishings - invites you to take part in his greatest experiment: To recreate the conditions of that fateful day in Surface: The Pantheon!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Collect flowers throughout the game
  • Unlock puzzles in the Pantheon Treasury
  • Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art
  • Bonus soundtracks and screensavers
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1280 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1318 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition 4.3 5 119 119
Pantheon CE Thought it was a very good game, I wont be purchasing just yet though, I will have to do a HOG for enough cash this month. September 19, 2013
Can it get better than this?? The third game in the Surface series by Elephant Games ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yay, another Surface game! I loved their two predecessor games that I am so happy this one come out. Surface game series had deliver nice games in the past that I know I can also trust this one so I bought it without demo. The story unfolds nicely with a good voice over. Throughout the game the story is narrated beautifully. The game has 3 level of difficulties. It has lots of suspense with unexpected ending. The graphic as usual is top notch, crystal clear without any defect. The music is nice, sometimes tense to fit the scene. The hint is useful, but only tell you what to do, something that I, a beginner gamer find it hard to use. The map is good, but instead of showing locations of current task, it gave all info about available tasks, even though it cannot be done right away, which is a bit misleading. The HO is the usual finding object with not much interactive. The puzzle I find very easy, even for me who dislike puzzles and skip them in every game. The bonus contents are the usual variety, I only care for the bonus chapter. There is also The Pantheon section, which is confusing at first, it's a combination of HOG and puzzles collection. Since I am a fan, I have to collect the game so I bought the CE. Overall a very nice game. I hope the new one come out soon! June 13, 2014
hidden object I love them all..very challenging March 27, 2014
Excellent Game This is an excellent game and my favorite of the Surface family. You play as a young mother, late to meet her family for a train trip, when the train (and her family) disappear. You spend the rest of the game solving the mysteries of the Pantheon and trying to locate/rescue your family. The graphics are amazing, the cut scenes are excellent, the music is good and the voice overs are well done. The iHOS are fun to play and the mini games are really good and make you think. The built-in SG is helpful when you need it. There is a diary and map that are informative. The story moves along nicely and you visit multiple locations. The CE has many extras including items to collect to earn points. As you earn points, the Pantheon areas open and you gain additional information about the story. The bonus chapter is interesting and completes the story. You also get the usual wallpapers, screensaver and concept art. I really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it! January 27, 2014
My first review prompted by a super game This is my first review of any game but I couldn't resist. As a seasoned expert of these games, Surface:The Pantheon CE is well thought out, different to the norm and an excellent story. HOS require use of inventory items and sometimes need to be left to search for more! Animations are great and the scenery is stunning. The Puzzles are harder than normal, more interesting and really make you think. Play in hardcore, it gets the grey matter working! November 19, 2013
This is what a Collector's Edition should be My review is based on a complete playthrough of the game and bonus content. I played on the highest difficulty - no sparkles, no hints, no skips (and I only used the Strategy Guide once). - The CE stuff: First, the bonus chapter added an 'epilogue' to the game. The story had a conclusive ending, this introduced a new character (you're still the same heroine) and tied up one loose end. As for length, it seemed about par for the course, maybe a bit longer than most bonus chapters. Other than one instance of hideous voice acting, the production quality was as good as the standard game. Achievements - They were added throughout the game, they made sense, and were things I wanted to try to do (as opposed to the "rush through the game in under an hour..." variants). As you earned achievements your 'office' was decorated with more and more objects. Flowers: 200 to find (not really 200, some flowers are worth 3 or 5 each - different colors). I found 185 in my playthrough, so I didn't get to finish all the pantheon features (getting to that next). They can be found on ANY screen, so you've got to keep your eyes open all the time. I thought I was really scrutinizing everything, but apparently some slipped by me. Pantheon: This is a wicked cool idea that could have been even better. There's a room, similar to your 'office' but with three spheres on the floor and three elevator looking doors. When you reach a flower threshold (I think it was 50, 100, and 200) one of the spheres activated and a door opened. You got some more story information, and you could replay the minigames from the story (actually you could play them here first on a few occasions - which gave you a bit of an edge in the game). It would have been better if they had added more new minigames (similar to the latest Awakening chapter), but getting extra bits of story through gameplay is always nice in my book. Wallpapers, concept art, music, and other stuff I don't care about but that's in pretty much every CE if you like that stuff. - The 'normal' game: I didn't time it (I'm used to games keeping track), but it had to be a good six hours, not counting a few times I was stumped cold in a couple of places for a while. The only place I used the SG was a minigame with lots of little icons that I could hardly see, let alone remember where I saw them (my eyes aren't that good - you young'uns probably won't have much trouble ;p ). The storyline is pretty standard stuff. Abductions, unlikely heroine, the 'switch' we're used to from every Surface game, etc... Well done voice acting (with one very tiny exception) and live action styled cutscenes. The days when a company could slap together a bunch of junkpiles tied together with some flash animations and call it a game are rapidly ending. And this is a Good Thing(tm). Not a lot of HOS, which I liked. They were all junkpiles, which I didn't like. One aspect I haven't seen a lot of games do is you could use up items from your normal inventory in a HOS: so you never knew when you found something if it was to solve a puzzle in the main game or to find something in an HOS. Personally, I liked this. Lots of mingame/puzzles. I don't remember any 'new' puzzles - although at this point I'll be really surprised when some game company puts out one I haven't seen a version of somewhere before. There was one with circles in the bonus part I haven't seen many times. The ones they had were good, varied in difficulty (some kept me stuck for a while - and I'm pretty good with these) and style. Taking notes helps (if you're a Nancy Drew fan, this is second nature by now, but most HOPA's don't really need it) since there is no 'task list' in your journal. Nice to not have your hand held from screen to screen. You have an interactive (teleporting) map that shows you where you still have Stuff to Do(tm), so even if you don't write things down, you'll eventually find it. This game had the right mix of challenge, story, production quality, and fun extras. I pretty much don't get CE's anymore - I made an exception for this because it was a Surface game (and I got it on a sale day). Well worth it. If you don't do CE's and see the SE on a deal of the day, I wouldn't turn that down - the story ends well (the one 'loose end' actually 'works' leaving unfinished - moreso than what they did with it in the bonus chapter TBH). Negatives, since no game is perfect: The journal had a bad habit of updating early. IOW you could read about things in your journal before you ever saw them in the game. No 'new' minigames in the Pantheon section. This one's probably preference, but it was narrated 1st person past tense, rather than told through dialog. Dialog is harder to do well, but much better (IMHO) when it's done right. If more companies made CE's like this, I might have to start buying them again. November 2, 2013
WOW...WHAT A SURPRISE I really loved this game. I played the first Surface game and was not impressed so did not play the second one. When this showed up I decided to demo it and after the demo I went ahead and bought it. I was still a little bit leery as to whether or not I would like it, but decided to go for it. I am so glad that I did. This game is great. It was fun, the storyline was interesting and and not just a vehicle for HO and puzzle scenes. It seems that there was as much attention paid to the story as there was to the game play. The developers also kept you involved in the story throughout the game. Some games you forget why you are doing what you are doing, not with this game. I like the interesting use of imagination regarding other worlds and what could be out there and all in all I was just really pleased to play this game. I think I might play the second game in the series as I may have missed a good game just because I was not excited by the first one. Kudos to the developers and BF, this was a real treat. I recommend this game without hesitation. Have fun. October 22, 2013
An other surprise from Surfaces Games A great game from Elephant series..A nice story with a mother trying to find her family. With superb graphics.A lot of achievements and collecting the flowers it's a fun.Hint was very useful for what to do next.Excellent HOS and lot of puzzles some easy ,some hard and 2or3 very difficult.You will enjoy this gameIt's one of the best. October 18, 2013
Wow great game This is a good long game with a really strong storyline which as we all know can make or break a game. Lots of puzzles with a varying degrees of difficulty. No repeat HO scenes and a new twist.. you needed to find inventory objects to complete them. Again the collectible flowers in three different colors and lots of achievements including my fave the find 3, 5 and ten objects in as many seconds. I actually cared in this game whether or not she found her family. The graphics were good although I do agree with some that there was an overuse of red it was not enough to be too off putting. The extra chapter was necessary to give closure to the story and had some excellent puzzles. The game had a helpful map and hint system if you were stuck which you might be in this one a couple of times. Long, imaginative and quite entertaining. Really enjoyed this one. October 15, 2013
The series just keeps improving Just got back from months working away with no chance for gaming to find loads of new games including this gem. I think every other reviewer has mentioned everything possible about the game! I will just add these developers have a gift of coming up with stories that manage to challenge and entertain I have played them all they just get better .The mix of real people and computer generated manages to blend easily and however unrealistic the stories are they pull you in .There are enough extras to keep the dedicated happy . I bought it straight away and was not dissapointed September 29, 2013
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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

It should have been a tremendous achievement, but the tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan became the site of a great disaster. What really happened that day?

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