Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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$ 19.99 USD

$ 13.99 USD or 2 credits

It should have been a tremendous achievement, but the tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan became the site of a great disaster. What really happened that day? You were supposed to have been on the train with your husband and daughter, but you missed it. And then they disappeared from your life forever.

It's one year later, and a strange man - a scientist who thinks this is just like the Bermuda Triangle and other such vanishings - invites you to take part in his greatest experiment: To recreate the conditions of that fateful day in Surface: The Pantheon!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Collect flowers throughout the game
  • Unlock puzzles in the Pantheon Treasury
  • Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art
  • Bonus soundtracks and screensavers
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1280 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1318 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition 4.3 5 119 119
Another great installment by Elephant Games This is a straight-forward easy game to enjoy. The mystery level was good, not too much running around. I never used the map, so I have no comment on it, but the hint button worked well as a guide. The interaction on the HOS between the item list vs. inventory vs. finding the items needed for inventory to find items in the HOS was rather creative. Good game. September 29, 2013
Great game with a tug at heart strings One thing I really loved about this game was that the HOG's were not only interactive, but made use of items from your inventory. Too many of the hidden object genre seems that the hogs are just slapped in with no reasoning or relation to the game, more of an after thought. What is hard about this game though is the story line. It's a great story, but parts are very sad. The challenge was also just right in some ways. I didn't have to peek at the strategy guide every few steps, but somethings were in unexpected places and took some thought. My one complaint is that the hint button is way to large and in the way. I accidently clicked it more then once without needing to and lost one of the achievements along the way. It could of been much smaller and out of the way. September 29, 2013
The Pantheon review of completed game -pros -vo's r very well done -sound is excellent -graphics are clear and crisp -jumping map and lets you know when an area is completed -collect flowers usually 2 or 3 per scene some are in obscure locations look closely at letters. -love the storyline -cons -lips don't move when talking -some of the animation is not very smooth -had some freezing in BC and had to reboot -this is why i did not give it a total 5 star rating but it is a 4.5! - no real achievements except for the flowers. -personal thoughts- this is the 1st one i bought as a CE and it was well worth it! all the rest i own r SE this is one of the best in the my opinion the BC continues 5 yrs later of main story...which i thought was very cool and different...not a prequel nor a direct continuation of the main story. September 20, 2013
Another Great Game From My Favourite Developer! (For anyone who's wondering if I'm biased, I failed Riddles of Fate AND Bloody Mary. Proof enough for you?) I loved the first two Surfaces, hated the third one, but the fourth one is great! It has a brilliant story that grips you from the get-go and you just have to find out what happens next! As I said, the story is brilliant. It's just the right mix of spooky and sci-fi. The common theme of all the Surface games is traveling to another world. In this case, we are transported to a location via a mysterious tunnel. The story had a couple of twists and ended at a brilliant spot. You have to hand it to Elephant- they know when to end a demo! Although it's got the spooky side, the story is also full of heartbreak. A mother returns to the site of her family's disappearance after a year and is desperate to find them. I don't know how Elephant does it, but they sure can make a story! The gameplay is pretty good, and is quite a challenge. The DREADED inventory item HOS have returned!!! I have a love hate relationship with them- They are unique and provide a great challenge, but it's always been a pain for me. At least they have improved on the difficulty of not knowing which inventory item to use. If you do not have it in your inventory and you press 'hint', it will tell you where to find it. I found the puzzles incredibly easy. This will be very annoying for some, but it was wonderful for me. I usually can't complete puzzles, so it was a joy to finally be able to have some to complete. It's great that developers are finally considering those players who have trouble completing puzzles, not just those who love them. The gameplay is exactly the same as any other HOPA game, so experienced players should have absolutely no trouble whatsoever in navigating their way through. The game features a teleport map, and also has some great CE Exclusives. The notable ones include achievements and a shop. As always with Elephant, the graphics are outstanding. There is so much detail in the artwork, cutscenes and character designs that it almost seemed real at times. Everything was crisp, clear and delightful. I'm at a loss as to how developers can do so well when it comes to the art. The voice-overs are standard. They aren't great, but they aren't bad either. No comment here. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hardcore. Casual and Advanced differ in hint and skip recharge speed and sparkles, while Hardcore removes the Hint, Skip and sparkles completely. I played Casual. Hint and Skip- both recharge fast on Casual and the hint is extremely helpful outside HOS. No diary. Teleport map. Can transport you to locations with a click. Also lets you know where there are objectives to complete. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter- from experience, the Surface games DO NOT need the bonus chapter to complete the story. They wrap up perfectly. Shop- You buy stuff to upgrade something (I don't know what it is- I never checked it out). You can collect flowers, which are your currency. Concept Art Replay HOS and Puzzles Music (listen to the music of the game) Achievements This is a solid four for me. I weighed it up, and the CE Extras don't seem worth it, so I'll wait for the SE. While not as good as the other Surface games I own, this will be a welcome edition to my game library. I strongly recommend this game. September 20, 2013
Good game... Played on hard mode full game Review more for expert players As many people have already said the graphics are good, nice voice overs, decent music and a different kind of storyline for a change. You are still looking for a missing child (no surprise there) and this game leans toward Mothers with small children. Now don't let that throw you off because this game does have more to offer. In the beginning there is a great deal of talking (especially in the demo) but this tapers off fast once you get into the game a bit. Things move at a good pace, interactive hidden object scenes and decent puzzles. I did not give this 5 stars because the puzzles were easy to intermediate but they were different. During game play working out how to use the objects you find is, well very simple. Keep a sharp eye out for flowers as you collect them throughout the game, when you have enough it will open scenes in the special Pantheon. But that was kind of a let down as you are mostly replaying old HO scenes. The bonus round was ok, a bit short. I ran this game on my PC and did not have any problems. To sum up.. Good graphics, good voice overs Easy Puzzles with a few intermediate Decent length Not a challenge for expert players Some fresh puzzles! I did like the game! September 24, 2013
What An Ending! I really liked this game. I got caught up in the storyline right from the start; this storyline was one of the best in any game that I've played. It's excellent! The graphics are awesome; lots of color, not dark and gloomy like so many games are these days. The animation is outstanding, and the people look like real people, not drawings. Although, I don't mind them drawn. I like them both ways. The HO's are interactive, sometime you have to leave them to find something that you need to finish the HO's, but not a whole lot of objects, just a few. The HO's are not difficult, but well hidden. You also have to collect the flowers that you usually do in the Surface stories. They're not hard to find, and they're not always red. I collected over a hundred, but I think I missed a couple. There's two in each scene. There's a map, and you can jump to the location that you need to go to. The map shows where you've been and where you need to go for action. Having an interactive map is a big deal to me. I can't say much about the music because I turned it off soon after the game started. I tend to turn music down on games unless I really like it and it's not too repetitive, and suits the game. As for other sounds, those are really good, you couldn't ask for better. I liked the characters in the game; they were such that I cared for what happened to them and what would happen to them down the road. There is voice overs, but the lips don't move on the people. That was ok with me. The voices really fit the emotions that the people had. You get where they're coming from, how they're feeling. The mini games were ok, but only a few that were different. I skipped a lot of them. The graphics were very good in the mini games but the plays were mostly the same you see in other games. I didn't skip the new ones. The mini games were why I only gave four stars. Developers really need to come up with new ones. Personally I like the ones that require being put together, like replacing stained glass windows, pictures, etc as you do a jigsaw puzzle. Or painting the colors on a picture; things of that sort. As for the ending, I could hardly wait to see how it would end! I won't give it away, but you won't be disappointed. It had an excellent ending. It didn't leave you hanging, or finishing too quickly; just the kind of ending that I'd like to see more of in other games. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was that the game was so long. But that may be because I couldn't wait to see how it ended. lol This game is definitely worth playing, and buying. I'm glad I did. September 29, 2013
Somewhat improbable I don't mean the game itself, but the number of times one is meant to use an item in the most improbable way. Just one example is opening a cushion with a potato peeler. If your brain works along these lines, then you will not doubt enjoy it, but when it came to opening the side of a shopping trolley with a tin opener unstead of finding a way of tipping it over, I began to balk at the game. For the rest, it is interesting and the scenes are pleasant, but also pretty ordinary. The beginning of the game promised so much more but it became yet 'just another game' There are three modes of play, a map and a stratagy guide and collectables, which all go to saving the game from disaster. Maybe my brain is too logical, but when I find I have to resort to hints to find out how to open a cushion I begin to feel I am certainly not 'with it'. However, saying all that, it has its good points and I'm sure many people will find it fun and enjoyable. September 22, 2013
Tough But Much Better Game than most! Graphic and sound are great. Storyline gets an A. It's a bit difficult to figure out the creator(s) thought pattern through some parts/obstacles and i had a pretty difficult time with quite a few of the puzzles. The hidden object games are different than I've ever played as you have to exit the game, find an object and then go back to complete it. But I'd rather it be too difficult than too easy and lame. The only other thing I didn't care for was the overly dramatic voice of the lead female character ... too over the top and started to get on my nerves : / Having said that, Elephant games are by far the most creative and well thought out games! September 25, 2013
fun hidden object game It was very good story line. Fun to play. September 22, 2013
This Surface Even Better! This sequel of Surface shows some improvement with the newly added "Pantheon Treasury" feature. I only played the demo but did make it into the first pantheon treasury by collecting 30 flowers along the way. I think I'm really going to like playing the whole game so I'm putting it on my list to add to this collection. Graphics are always so bold and clear along with good VO's and mini games. Elephant games typically doesn't disappoint. I'm pretty sure the CE will be worth the buy and I'm thinking the SE just won't be as much fun. September 20, 2013
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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

It should have been a tremendous achievement, but the tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan became the site of a great disaster. What really happened that day?

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