Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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$ 19.99 USD

$ 13.99 USD or 2 credits

It should have been a tremendous achievement, but the tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan became the site of a great disaster. What really happened that day? You were supposed to have been on the train with your husband and daughter, but you missed it. And then they disappeared from your life forever.

It's one year later, and a strange man - a scientist who thinks this is just like the Bermuda Triangle and other such vanishings - invites you to take part in his greatest experiment: To recreate the conditions of that fateful day in Surface: The Pantheon!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Collect flowers throughout the game
  • Unlock puzzles in the Pantheon Treasury
  • Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art
  • Bonus soundtracks and screensavers
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1280 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1318 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition 4.3 5 119 119
Another Surface hit! Excellent game! The Surface series is one of the best series in the world. Everytime Elephant Games has some surprises prepared in this series and this game is definetly another hit game! Let's start with the storyline. As in the other games you are part of a parnormal activity. You and your family want to travel by train. You arrive to late and your husband with your child drives away in the train. The train vanishes into a tunnel and it never comes out of it. It's simply gone missing. One year later you return to the tunnel and meet Dr. Bors. Together with him you learn how to recreate that day and that the missing train is only one of many events. You travel to another world where robots keep the humans. Now it's up to you to save your family and the others. The graphics are amazing. They are so beautiful. Elephant graphics are always detailed, but in this game the colors and the atmosphere is like I said before amazing. The sounds are good too, like you would expect it. The music is great. An adventure theme, mixed with mystic. That fit's perfectly in the game. There are several different voice overs. They are clearly understandable and I didn't recognize any greater spelling errors. The gameplay is good. I love the puzzles, because they are easy, but sometimes you have to puzzle a bit until you solved them. I like These mixed puzzles, because they're for everyone. Easy ones for beginners and the harder ones for advanced players. The Hidden Object Scenes are incredible easy. Elephant must work on Hidden Object Scenes in the future. Because of the easy HOS I rate the level of challenge a bit lower. As in the other Surface games you can collect flowers as you play and unlock chapters in the Pantheon. There you can replay every HOS and puzzles. That's a great idea! The CE Comes with many extras. Like I wrote there's a bonus game and the Pantheon and then all the other CE extras. So afterall this game is as great as the other Surface games and I can't wait for the next one. Absolutly a buy for me and a five star game. Great job EG! September 18, 2013
Surface The Pantheon - Absolutely Gorgeous!! The adventure begins as you are rushing to meet your husband and daughter for the inaugural trip of the Capital Express, a train that goes through the newly opened Leviathan Ridge Tunnel. You are delayed, miss the train and it disappears somewhere in the tunnel, and investigators have no clue as to how the train could possibly have vanished from sight. Now, your life has been changed and you have forever lost the two people you loved most. After a year of hopelessness you return to the tunnel to see if you can find out what happened. Will you be able to find your husband and daughter? The graphics in Surface The Pantheon are absolutely gorgeous and top quality ? just as we expect when we see the Elephant logo on a game. Although the graphics are beautiful and the game does have live actors, I once again have to mention my pet peeve of NO lip-syncing. We have actors standing around looking dumb while someone reads the dialogue. I don?t understand why a developer who can produce such top quality games cannot move to the extra level and add lip-syncing to their efforts. During the game we find the standard list type HOPs but we sometimes need to use inventory items to complete the scenes. The puzzles are fairly typical but add a great deal of fun to the game with some of them being a bit more challenging than others. On the lower left of your screen you have a transporter type map that shows areas where something needs to be done or where tasks are complete. The map also contains a video type journal so that you can replay the cutscenes. The trend for CE games has lately been to offer the same meaningless items, wallpapers, music, screensavers, bonus chapter and SG. We do have the opportunity to earn achievements but that is about it. While there are no morphing objects to be found we do collect 81 flowers throughout the game and bonus chapter that will allow us to open ?secrets to the pantheon? as we collect them. It is noted that some of the flowers, depending on color, count as multiple flowers. CEs have really become nothing more that first-release opportunities for those of us who can?t sem to wait a month for the SE game to be released, so for some of you the extras may not be enough to justify the price of the CE game. Surface The Pantheon is a beautiful game that will provide hours of visual feast and entertainment. IMHO, this fourth game in the series is so much better than the three earlier Surface games perhaps because I am enjoying the storyline a bit more. All in all the game is excellent and definite buy for me ? no hesitation. As always, I recommend you try the game for yourself to see if you agree. September 19, 2013
Another Good sequel! The Surface Series has always been a favorite of mine and I am happy to see that our Pachiderm Developers have not lost their touch. Once again we have an interesting storyline, beautiful artwork, great sounds and visuals and entertaining gameplay. Our story begins with us taking on the role of Gina, our distraught heroine who lost her husband and daughter under very mysterious circumstances. One year earlier, they both disappeared on board the Capital Express train that goes into a tunnel but does not emerge on the other end. Now, exactly one year later, Gina returns to the scene and meets up with a mysterious stranger that convinces her to get onboard the train and go after her loved ones. Again we find ourselves in the strange land of Surface and our adventure begins. I loved the graphics, using live actors in some of the scenes and stunning artwork that looks like painted canvases does certainly make the game look interesting. The red filter lighting adds an eerieness to the overall atmosphere of the game and ambient sounds, haunting music all give it an extra quality, which actually enhances the overall gaming experience. Game features include three game modes, a journal and a map that will allow you to travel. HO scenes are standard, too junk-piled for my taste and there is a slight challenge to them as some items are difficult to spot. They are somewhat interactive as you need to use some of your inventory items in each HO scene. Puzzles are easy and mini-games are uniquely designed, and vary in difficulty. My one major disappointment was the black bar tips that made it easy to solve puzzles throughout the game. A little too much hand-holding was an annoyance for me and disabeling them would have been ideal. You have the usual collectables that were in the previous games, red and gold flowers that will unlock extra HO scenes and mini-games in the bonus section. You also have a list of achievments to earn. Although gameplay is pretty much standard, picking up objects, solving puzzles, unlocking mini-games and playing standard HO scenes, the storyline along with the the high visual and sound quality make this chapter of the Surface series equally exciting to play. Although there are things that could have been done better such as adding variation to the HO style and less hand-holding, this game is a definite buy for me. Could it have been better? Definitely, there is always room for improvement and lately some game developers are adding very exciting elements to games. Surface really has not changed in style or form but I do think that it still has enough WOW factor to make it interesting. Not overly complicated but I am eager to pursue this adventure. September 19, 2013
Wow! Outstanding game! Based on demo. A train goes missing on its debut journey never to be heard from again. And your family is among the passengers! Now a strange scientist wants your help in finding the train and solving the mysterious event. Game on! The artwork and graphics are absolutely topnotch. Cut scenes tell the story beautifully and concisely and give you hints about the mystery of the vanished train. And you can replay the cut scenes anytime you want! This is a big plus for me. The music is a treat. It is much more like the score of a movie than game background noise. There are flowers to collect and tons of achievements to earn. These are essentials in a CE game in my opinion. The map works well. The hint button may be a little too direct for my taste, but you certainly will get the answer about what to do next if you do get stuck. I simply can't find anything negative about this game based on the demo. Worth every penny of a CE price. Buy, buy, buy and enjoy yourself! It's just terrific. September 19, 2013
ATTENTION PARANORMAL FANS If you are a paranormal fan then you are in for a huge surprise! The storyline in this game is exceptional period! A mother misses her train and watches her daughter and husband who were onboard the train, enter the tunnel and never reach the other side, gone, vanished. One year later a scientist has lured the heartbroken mom back into the tunnel,,,You will be impressed with the quality of production the crisp HD graphics and believable voiceovers. The HOS are well done and a little on the easy side but it really doesn't matter because the puzzles are fun and entertaining and you will find yourself totally engrossed in the game. The collectable flowers hidden throughout the game unlocks bonus games and there are plenty of achievements to earn. I am definitely buying this game to finish this awesome story, enjoy! September 19, 2013
Will Gina find her daughter and husband? This is the fourth in the Surface series and it doesn't disappoint. You don't need to play the others -- they are not related, but you will want to! You are Gina, mother of Melanie and wife of Richard who took the Capital Express train on its inaugural ride but you were late and missed the train. And just like within the Bermuda Triangle, the train vanished inside the tunnel! One year later, you go back to investigate, meet the scientist Dr. Bors, take your own train ride (after fixing up the train) and land in the same strange world as your family. Seems this world is run by the Masters, who have taken Richard away from the settlement and put collars on the rest of the inhabitants. Melanie is here, but you have yet to meet up with her - just see her image. What a great story! The graphics are crisp and clear, and become appropriately "muddled" inside the strange new world. There are 3 modes of play, an interactive map with activities marked on it, a task list, and a hint button that gives you specific hints as to what to do next so you don't really need the strategy guide. The voiceovers and cut scenes are very good. The HOS are all lists that sometimes require inventory items to complete. The mini-games are unique and thoughtful, but solvable without skipping. You collect flowers that open up the Pantheon Treasury, and win achievements for the normal things like speed of solving and not using hints in HOS. This game moves along quite quickly, and I can't wait to find out what happens next! A definite buy! September 19, 2013
Best "Surface" game (so far!)- ! I knew I would HAVE to buy this game, within the first few minutes of play! The storyline is one of the more common-type: You are the wife and mother that has the role of rescuing your husband and daughter... They have gone off to take a train ride, but just so happens it's the maiden-trip of a new train thru a newly carved-out tunnel... Lots of excitement has been created for this first trip, with fanfare and confetti, etc. But, lo and behold, the train Vanishes into thin air, with your husband [who, oddly enough, has a Briish accent w/no explanation - maybe this will be explained later??] and daughter aboard! You visit the site of the entrance to the tunnel, on the 1st-year anniversary of the ride and disappearance of your family. Out from the tunnel you see and meet up with a scientist, who explains he needs YOU, in order for his experiment to find the train! [Somehow, he seems menacing, to me - but this could be because he looks like he could be the identical twin of Walter White from Breaking Bad] So far, the storyline seems interesting enough - but it's the voice-overs, graphics, and cutscenes that really grab [and keep, and keep...] the attention. I could never say enough praise, for these graphics and sound! Other developers could learn a thing or two, from Elephant Games - not that others' aren't good... but these really help to make the storyline and the entire game, so excellent - oh how I love them! The graphics are so detailed when needed, and other times, look like a quality watercolor painting. The vocals are exceptional, as well as the ambient sounds, so I was simply "transported" into the game. If there was only a higher than 5-star rating available, because this game's off the charts! There are collectibles, and achievements galore, of course - and since this is a Collector's Edition, of course the Strategy Guide - which looks easily readable and helpful. There are also hints, within the HOPs, and out. The "jump" Map too, is helpful, as it shows the scenes where something-to-be-done is located. This game is heads-above other recent releases, even tho' most of those have been good. I can't really describe this game any better than to say, even if you think you probably won't be buying it, I'm recommending you still download the Demo anyway, just to see and hear how far a game can go in giving you the Total Experience! And, if there were a rating that went beyond 5-stars for overall excellence - maybe one that just skipped to 10, for the absolute Greatest ... this would be that game, for me!! Gotta try it- you won't be sorry! [By the way, you don't "need" any of the previous Surface games; each stands on its own- but after seeing this one, you'd be wise to try the others, due to the current sale! They are also great games.] September 19, 2013
Fantastic This is a fantastic game, it is definitely the story that pulled me in. It is different than the usual ghosts and gremlins. The train with your husband and daughter disappears in a tunnel and you go back there to find out what happened and search for them. Lots of achievements, collectables etc. You collect flowers that will open up the pantheon throughout the game. Graphics are very well done and cutscenes are a delight to watch. Finally a game with a good storyline that will keep you hooked. I enjoyed the previous Surface games but I think this one is better. There is a helpful map that tells you where you have things to do if you run out of ideas. Thank you Elephant, for being different September 19, 2013
Another awesome one from Elephant! I love the Surface series. I am truly glad they added another one to the series. They could add a couple more if they like. ;) Elephant hasn't disappointed me in any of their games. They are truly and awesome team. This is over a 5 star rating. Story: Well, you all read the synopsis of the story put out by the mod who started the thread. First she loses her family, and then she meets this whacko scientist who wants to recreate that day. Why would she want to do that? To me it would seem paninful losing them the first time and then to recreate that day. Not unless there is a possible way to be reunited. Graphics: Superb. This team has one of the best top notch artist teams. I love to just stop my game and look at the scenery. Kudos to them.. Music: Fits the game beautifully. Done just right. Not overbearing. Mini games: Not too hard or easy, just right. Hint System: Works both in and out of the hidden object scenes. Map: Jump map. The best kind lol. All in all this team bought us another awesome game! Kudos to the team! September 19, 2013
BACK ON TRACK Game promises to be as good as the first two (the third didn't live up to my expectations), which are impressive, beautifully conceived, skillfully told and, well, simply outstanding. Worth an immediate buy if you can afford the CE. Glad the series is back on track. WHAT YOU GET: 4 volume controls wide screen gamma control special effects on/off 3 difficulty modes CE has: treasure room, collections, achievements, bonus and music tracks map STORY & GAMEPLAY: Very interesting premise. One year following the disappearance of a train on its inaugural run in a tunnel, the wife/mother Gina sets out to find out what happened. The artistry is simply gorgeous; the music tracks are fantastic for the scenes; the voice overs are wonderful (Elephant must have used professionals, except Gina's voice sometimes seem a bit forced to show an emotion). The HOS are list-based and beautifully colored and detailed. Are somewhat crowded. Puzzles and minigames are a nice variety with varying degrees of complexity - not too difficult. If there's one negative, it might be that there are either too many cutscenes OR they are too long (I think the latter, but that's personal preference). I think I'd prefer some of the story to be in a journal as I do get somewhat impatient. But it is certainly a very minor detraction. September 19, 2013
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Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition

It should have been a tremendous achievement, but the tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan became the site of a great disaster. What really happened that day?

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