Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector's Edition

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Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood is the sequel to the smash hit Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek. It is a detective story rich with horror, plot twists, and shadowy intrigue.

A year has passed since the events of Maple Creek. But for the past few months, our detective has been hot on the trail of the demonic preacher she fought one year ago. Yet he has managed to always stay one step ahead. She hoped to bring an end to the chase in the redwood forests of Northern California. But like so many times before, the trail went cold...

Then she encountered an abandoned camper in the middle of the highway. Enormous claw marks scored the roof and the lost family’s personal belongings were scattered everywhere. All signs pointed to the scene being fresh.

And all clues led into nearby Ravenwood Park...

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • 36 achievements to unlock
  • Music tracks, wallpapers and concept art
  • 30 collectibles butterflies to find
  • Witness the origins in the bonus game
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 945 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector's Edition

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Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector's Edition

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Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector's Edition 4.7 5 146 146
Best of the Series The Mists of Ravenwood is proving to be the best of the Enigmatis series. I was captivated by this game from the moment I played it, and it was hard to quit and go to bed. In this incarnation, you are a female detective who ends up outside the gates of Ravenwood Park. A couple has been involved in a wreck and disappeared along with their daughter. Of course, you must investigate. Once inside the park, multi tasking keeps you busy. Collect butterflies and morphing items as you explore both the underground areas and the park itself. There are lots of surprises here, and plenty of help even on the expert level (if you need it). I have really been enjoying the mini games which are a mixture of HOG and FROG. The colorful artwork and clever way the game is put together is a plus. I was not totally thrilled with the voiceovers but then I never am. I highly recommend this game, especially if you own any of the others. I don't think you will be disappointed as this is re-playable, fun, and one of the best games I have seen in a long, long time. September 26, 2013
the puzzles may be easy, but this time i don't care! wow! i did the beta for this game (and it was a nice long one, close to an hour and a half!) and i was very impressed! i?ve become very jaded, so it?s getting harder and harder to impress me. i LOVED the graphics, the hummingbirds zipping around, the raccoons and various other wildlife? until things *change*! the graphics are still excellent, but there?s evil afoot! i loved the morphing objects (?illusive objects?) which are much easier to see because they?re quite big? but still easy to miss some if you don?t watch closely? SPOILER (highlight to read): and it *might* not be the old ?one per scene? you?re used to! we have an evidence board like the first game in the series, which is a fun feature. there?s also someone who wants to help with the investigation, giving us clues? but those EYES? that VOICE? is he really to be trusted? we can judge him only by his eyes, voice and words? we can?t see his face? guess we won?t know for a while, possibly only when it is too late?. speaking of the first game of the series, you don?t need to play it for this one to make sense. i do, however, highly recommend it as it is also a very fine game. the music and ambient sounds are nicely done. the puzzles could be a little harder for me, or a mix of difficulties to keep everyone happy. perhaps they will become more difficult as i play along and i *will* find out soon as this game is a definite buy for me, even though i seldom buy CEs anymore. yes, I?m jaded and yes, it?s that good. a definite 5 stars? no? BEYOND 5 stars! 10 stars! try the demo yourself? i?m going to buy the game right now to see if they changed any of the things i had issues with. should be interesting to see if my input helped tighten up the game! but mainly, i must buy the game to find out if our helper is friend or foe... seems like friend, but those eyes..... September 26, 2013
A Riveting Story... I don't know that I have ever rated any game as a 5 star, but this one gets my vote for the most involved, clever and intriguing story line of any BF game I've played so far, and I own over 300. Smart, perfectly paced, the games and interactive HOs support the story rather than having the story exist simply for a reason to play. The acting and graphics are believable, smooth and the flow of the whole game is just brilliant. You've read the plot in other reviews already, so just let me say that I'm not a great fan of achievements and morphing objects or bonus content, tho another chapter would have been nice (it's been left open for a sequel, but in this case I'm only delighted by that fact), the expert execution of a great story line gets my vote over bells and whistles every time and yet, here is one to please us all. I can't even say how long it took me to finish the game, as I was so wrapped up in it I only stopped to eat. I'm generally not a fan of fantasy, but this one had enough mystery and detective work with real world physics to keep me happy. I think it will satisfy the fantasy lover as well. Good Vs Evil is often a tired theme, but not so in The Mists of Ravenwood. I can only say I'll be looking for the sequel, tho I'm afraid topping this one is going to be a difficult job. If you want to be truly occupied and not just spend time; if you want to feel as if each move brings you closer to solving a mystery; if there's a little detective in you and you can appreciate a truly involved story with fully developed characters, wrapped in brilliant graphics and completely smooth mechanics, where the game play supports the storyline, this game is for you. Best of the Year, so far BF. I dare any developer at this level of adventure to top this one. September 26, 2013
Ravens in the mist--and Butterflies! I really have enjoyed this game, did not get too far in the game during the demo as I was looking for the "ethereal butterflies" to collect and the morphing objects. Also just enjoying the atmosphere. Premise: Takes off sort of from Enigmatis: Maple Creek where the heroine is looking for the Preacher, and finds herself going to the Pacific Northwest. She runs into an abandoned camper and finds a girl hiding in it and her parents were taken away by a monster and after you help her she disappears too. The idyllic scene once you enter Ravenwood park is marred pretty soon and everything gets creepy. -graphics are great, as is the animation of the characters, fairly life like. Voiceovers are ok, but I don't like the detective's voice. -Extra content includes: morphing objects to find, and collectible butterflies, as well as many of the achievements for hidden object and puzzle completion. There is a Strategy Guide as well but I did not really use it so I don't know if it follows the story as one plays. There is also an interesting tutorial on Giant Redwoods and Sequoias that I found very nice. I have always wanted to visit that area to see them, this really makes me want to do that! -hidden object scenes are interactive and must find objects to help you get the others. Some HOS are the find pieces of an object to complete the object variety. -puzzles so far have not been difficult. -3 modes of game play, and am playing on expert which they say black bar tips don't give as much info, but honestly, if that is considered not much help, then in casual mode they must do the whole game for you. I felt the black bar tips were too informative, I play these games for figuring out what to do. At least in Expert there are not sparkles for hidden object scenes or interactive areas. -there is a transportable map. I have enjoyed other games from these developers but since I have played these other games I am familiar with there MO, and they have recycled the music from other games, as well as the idea of finding "tokens" to tell the "story" going to a story board to do so. They also use an evidence board to put all the evidence found in certain categories which I don't see the need for. All in all the game is quite enjoyable, the gameplay is engaging and flows well, and the extras that we come to expect from a CE are there. I can't speak to the bonus Chapter quality or length of the game as I have not finished the game, but there is a discount today for this game and I have taken advantage of that! Well worth it I think! Happy butterfly hunting! September 26, 2013
STUNNING! Could This Be The Best of 2013? NOTE: Based on DEMO only ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was looking forward to this when I found out it was a murder mystery. I downloaded and played, and it's absolutely stunning! I will buy the SE with no hesitation! The story is brilliant. As mentioned, it's a murder mystery that has many twists and turns you never see coming. There are already a lot in the demo. What starts out as a simple missing person case turns in to something a whole lot more... As with other games from Artifex Mundi, you are told a backstory by collecting pieces of something (in this case, relief pieces). This backstory promises to be just as great as the main one! This is definitely one of the best stories of the year! The gameplay is amazing. You collect 35 pieces of evidence, and all are sorted in to categories on the evidence board. As you collect evidence, you unravel more and more of the mystery. I especially liked the interviews. These were a feature that we don't see in many games. When interviewing, you were able to select topics to ask the person you were interviewing. This added extra fun to the game, as this normally doesn't happen. What I loved was the different HOS. There were 3 different types: Fragmented object scenes, silhouette scenes and the standard junkpile. All 3 were great fun to play, had extra step objects and had different difficulties. The puzzles were a little hard. I could solve a couple, but I had to skip most of them. It's a shame that developers don't provide easy puzzles for players like me. The CE adds extra fun to the gameplay. There are achievements, collectible butterflies and 30 other objects you must find. These are great CE extras from a developer who usually produces a sub-par CE. The graphics are stunning, as we come to expect from Artifex Mundi. There is so much detail in everything, but especially in the character design. The characters almost seemed real. Everything is crystal clear and a visual delight. No complaints with the voice-overs. They are standard for any game. They are not fantastic, but they aren't over-done either. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced, Hardcore. I played Casual. Hint and Skip- both recharge fast on Casual, and the hint is extremely helpful outside HOS. Diary. Diary keeps notes, which keep track of events, and objectives. Interactive Map, which is helpful in some cases, but not others. For example, it did not help me navigate through the tunnel. There was just one section for the entire tunnel. Evidence Board- stores all 35 pieces of evidence you need to collect, and sorts them in to categories, based on their use to the investigation. CE EXCLUSIVES 30 collectible butterflies (not fussed about these) 30 ?illusive? objects (not fussed about these) Achievements Built-in Strategy Guide- I only had to use it a couple of times. Bonus Chapter While there are more CE Exclusives than usual, I'm not particularly fussed about them, so I will wait for the SE. This story delighted me from the beginning, and I can't wait to see what happens next! I STRONGLY recommend you download! You'll LOVE this one! This is definitely a contender for the best HOPA of 2013! I estimate the game length to be around about 3-4 hours on Casual mode. The demo took me 53 minutes, which was 2 chapters. There are 7 Chapters altogether. September 27, 2013
Contender for Game of the Year 2013 This is easily the best HOPA/HOG I have played this year. It has it all - great graphics, cut scenes, lip sync voiceovers, fantastic story unravelling by being told by the prisoner who is reminiscent of a Hannibal Lecter peeking out from behind that door (minus the cannibalism). There is so much going on here: three different types of hidden object scenes - traditional interactive lists, silhouettes and fragmented. You have ethereal butterflies to collect throughout and a whole host of achievements. The 'evidence collecting' makes it feel like a CSI type programme. There are also morphing objects which are large and quite easy to spot. There's trivia on Redwood and the extras are accessible from the outset, apart from the bonus chapter. This is a long game with a good bonus and I feel it's well worth the CE price. This is one you'll be replaying again over the years. A massive thumbs up for Artifex Mundi. September 27, 2013
Super creepy game! I have played many, many of these games, but this is the first time I almost jumped out of my skin! I was surprised at how I was shocked by some of the scenes. I'm not sure that I will be able to play the whole game... I'm not as young and resilient as I once was! But I have Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek and I enjoyed it, so I will most probably go ahead and buy this one. The voice-overs are very good, the artwork is excellent, and the story is engrossing. When the trial time was up, I felt that I had been playing for only a short time. Try this one for yourself, but maybe not in a dark room! September 27, 2013
Best game of the year! This game is brilliant. Just like the first Enigmatis ("Ghosts of Maple Creek"). I was hoping they would do a sequel and when I came to this page yesterday and saw this game, I actually screamed because I was so happy. I bought it without thinking twice and wasn't disappointed. The storyline is gripping and could also work for a Hollywood thriller. The game has movie quality in general. Just like "Ghosts of Maple Creek" it sucks you into another universe. The voice-overs are well done, the characters are very well developed. However, what I love most about this game are the stunning graphics and the beautiful music. I have to admit that I liked the setting of "Ghosts of Maple Creek" better but that's just a personal reference, I guess. Like the title said: This is one of the best, if not the best game of the year! And as long as the CE is on sale, you should get it. There are tons of achivements, a bonus gameplay, soundtrack and even more! September 27, 2013
Awesome game!! I gave this game 5 stars just for the fact that the whole story takes place where i grew up! It even mentions Humboldt County and Eureka CA, and the Carson Mansion!! But, besides that, it is a very well done game. The graphics are great, the puzzles are good and the story is great as well. I highly reccomend it!! September 26, 2013
Worthy sequel My review is based on the beta test. I loved the first Enigmatis which I played in the standard edition, so jumped at the chance to beta test. The protagonist is pretty sure, and with good reason, that she has found the missing villain, but since there are two mysterious figures associated with the Park, she's not at all sure who it is. To progress she has to trust at least one of them, but in games that is not a guarantee of trustworthiness. I suspect the uncertainty will be kept up until the last possible moment. But no character is exactly as he or she seems. Be on your guard. September 26, 2013
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Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector's Edition

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