Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition

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Go on a quest to defeat an ancient evil. There's a magical world hidden beneath ours in this hidden-object puzzle adventure - but first you must gain the Sight to save it! The Shade is more powerful than ever, and magical creatures across the land tremble at the passing of the seasons. Continue the struggle with Fiona and the Storm Cat as fall sets in and discover secrets in both our world and in the Otherworld. Can you stop the Shade before the Eternal Winter arrives?

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Gorgeous, lush scenes
  • Achievements and collectibles
  • Unique and challenging minigames
  • See both magical and human worlds
  • Interactive map follows your progress
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 507 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition

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Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition

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Customer Reviews

Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition 4.1 5 58 58
Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! :) Wow, how I love the Otherworld series!! This is the meanwhile 3rd Game and BoomZap are still improving! Gorgeous settings, astonishing creatures, animation of the different characters is extremely welldone with nice voiceovers? And for those who are new to the Otherworld series, there is a short briefing shown in the intro. Of course you?ll have the locket to gain the sight of the Otherworld again. The change from ?here and now? to the Otherworld is simply indescribable!! Facts: 9 chapters plus bonus-chapter, 3 modes to choose from, map shows available action and is able to take you there, inventory is also your journal with important informations (you can switch between them), strategy guide follows from chapter to chapter, a dagger is available during the whole game, direction giving hint. 23 hidden-object-scenes, all just played once! Some very interactive from list, find a certain amount of items, find silhouettes, put things back in the scene, find fragments? 24 minigames, most of them not very difficult, but fun! Like, switch tiles through changing their path, Rotation-puzzles, memory, find pairs, move bars? Extras: 60 fay dragons to find and collect, 20 achievements, replayable minigames and cutscenes, soundtrack, concept art and wallpapers. Maingame ends after approx. 4,5 hours in the 2nd mode conclusively - more or less - as we all know, there will be another sequel? Epilogue (bonus-chapter) takes another 1 hours. Absolutely recommendable!!!! Enjoy!! :) October 17, 2013
Just Brilliant! BASED ON DEMO The previous two Otherworld games have been breathtakingly beautiful, entertaining and challenging. This one tops them on all fronts. Particularly impressive to me is the originality of both the puzzles and the HOPs. According to the bonus content, there are 23 HOPs and 24 other puzzles. Yet the HOPs are so different from what we?re used to, it?s hard to decide which category a puzzle fits into. In the demo so far (which I didn?t complete in the hour), we have only one interactive list, and it is so interactive almost every item is hidden from view. The others include a HOP where multiples of certain objects are required, but can only be found using an arrow system to align their two parts in the scene. Tricky. There are others, all of them different, in the demo, but you get the idea. The other puzzles and mini-games are equally original, brilliantly so, but not as difficult as the puzzles in the previous games ? so far! Gorgeous to look at, they could easily keep me happily puzzling along for much longer. Skip is very quick (on Casual). The adventure side of this game is also a little more straightforward this time. There is an interactive jump map, which is handy as there is a little to and fro action. There is no journal but another delightful idea, a ?clues inventory?, which consists of photographs of those patterns, codes etc. for use later. There are a lot of magical characters to meet, all beautifully drawn, with good voiceovers, including a white fluffy talking cat who becomes your hint button. I didn?t use him in that function, I used the map, so I don't know if he?s a directional hint or whatever. I do know he pipes up with the occasional comment of his own. There is also the Perpetual Prison, which is what our quest is all about, we must repair it in order to capture the Shade (evil creature of dark magic) before he turns the world into endless winter. We must also again rescue Fiona. If you?ve not played the other games, this will not interfere with your enjoyment, because the intro gives you a full explanation. The intro is extremely well done (voiceover, narration, cutscenes, graphics), but is not fireworks, both good and bad behave in a much more gentle way in this game. The CE includes a bunch of extras, all the usuals, plus replayable mini-games. There are 60 fay dragons to collect. Easy to find, and not very well integrated into the scenes. I didn?t like them. There are also achievements, and a room to show them off. This game is wonderful, and I may not be able to resist getting the CE on this one and upgrading the others. If you've not yet tried them, they are well worth a look. October 17, 2013
Excellent Sequel! Beautiful Game. Otherworld Shades of Fall is the third game in the series and although you don?t need to play the first two games, I would suggest that you do simply because they are beautiful and wonderful games. As Shades of Fall begins you and Fiona have gone to an ancient fay moor to find the Perpetual Prison that is hidden there. The Perpetual Prison is the only thing that will put an end to the Shade?s quest for an eternal winter that will destroy all life on earth. The graphics are typical of those from BoomZap ? colorful, crisp and beautiful. This developer has a knack for creating beautiful environments and is at its best when creating a fantasy type game. I love the Otherworld series and each game in the series builds on the story of Fiona and the Shade. In Shades of Fall you will encounter Storm Cat who becomes your guide and hint button. You have an interactive map as well as a clues or notes inventory that is updated with pictures and as you travel on your adventure. There is no journal or diary. As is the case with the other two games, Otherworld Shades of Fall is more of an adventure game than a standard HOPA, and for those of you who love adventure games; this one is definitely for you. Rather than encountering HOS after HOS, you will find areas where you may need to look for a specific number of items and only occasionally you will come across a standard list type HOS. As a story-centered adventure, I didn?t find as many puzzles as I like in a game. Some of the puzzles seem difficult since there is a lack of information or explanation of how the puzzle works. IMHO, the puzzles are the weak point in the game, which is unfortunate because solving puzzles adds tremendously to my enjoyment of a game. Throughout the game you will find 60 hidden fay dragon collectibles and earn achievements. The CE content is the standard fare which includes the useless array of wallpapers, music, etc. The most valuable part of a CE for me is the SG, which I seldom use, although I do like the convenience of having it integrated in the game in the event I need to take a peek. Initially Shades of Fall didn?t seem quite as good as the previous two games in the Otherworld series but it does get better as you move forward, and it is an enjoyable and entertaining adventure. I didn?t want to stop playing the game when the demo ended so I had to hit the buy button. If you enjoyed the first two games in the Otherworld series, I am sure you will like Shades of Fall. As always, I would recommend that you try the game to see if you like it. October 17, 2013
OTHERWORLDLY ADVENTURE! Another amazing Otherworld adventure. Fiona has been cursed by the evil Shade and turned into stone and we must restore the perpetual prison that once held the Shade, and release Fiona from her curse. I'm not sure what happened to the scarecrow, he must have morphed into the stormcat which looks like the offspring of a poodle and a persain cat on steroids! The scenery is bright and magical and there are 60 very well hidden fay dragons to collect. There are achievements to earn and 23 HOS as well as 24 mini games, all of which earn you an award for solving without hints or skipping. This series is one of the best fantasy themed games available and I highly recommend playing them but you will still be able to understand this game if you don't. The gift of sight into the Otherworld of magic has gone now that Fiona is a statue and you must replenish her amulet to allow temporary sight along your journey, things aren't always as they enjoy! October 17, 2013
BOOM ZAP HITS THE TARGET! Worthy of high marks, this 3rd in the Series of Otherworld Games hits the gaming bulls eye! Rich, lavish artwork with superior background music, cut scenes, voice overs, 60 Fay Dragon Collectibles, 23 Hidden Object Scenes, 24 Puzzle Games covers a lot of what present day gamers enjoy. Smooth navigation and a map are certainly a plus. Although the hardcore level wasn't very difficult, that aspect really didn't take away from the enjoyable game play. Not to mention that unusual creatures abound as Boom Zap lets loose their imaginations and brings we gamers along for a fantastic ride into their most brilliant gaming minds. A definite buy! Enjoy! - Mama Mia - October 17, 2013
It's now Fall in the Otherworld! This is the third in the series (Spring and Summer came first.) But there is a short summary of what happened previously to catch you up. We still have Fiona (except she's been turned to stone! # and you still have some magic powers that you lose then partially regain with Fiona's amulet. You are still fighting the Shade #and probably will in Winter, also.) You are looking for the Perpetual Prison, which is supposed to seal away the Shade permanently. You find it in an ancient moor, but it is broken, so you must look for Kobold Smith, a tinker, to fix it, while avoiding the Huntsman, who is trying to do you in. There are 3 levels of play, 60 collectable dragons, 23 HOS, and 24 mini-games. The HOS are pretty neat -- sometimes there is a puzzle within it you need to solve to actually find an item. The lists are 6 of this item, 10 of this one -- not the same old stuff. The minigames are pretty easy, but unique. You have a friend, Storm Cat, who gives you hints and clues. The strategy guide opens up to where ever you are in the game -- another nice feature. I have used the strategy guide more in this game -- the hints are not as clear. The interactive map shows where tasks are available, but it is certainly not obvious what those tasks are. This is a very good game. I have the SEs of the previous two, but will probably buy the CE of this one just to get the strategy guide and bonus scene. October 17, 2013
Really surprised with this HOG My favorite season is Autumn and any mention of fall, I would tried. I normally don't like HOG games. First, just like books, I read from beginning to end. Once done, that;s it for me. I guess I read books only once. Same goes with HOG games. Few, I do purchase but when I come to the end,, I'm finished. That's why I don't want to spend money for a game that I play only once. But this gave me a pleasant surprised. It's a continuation from the previous games (which I'm going to try).. Love the graphics and the music. Challenge is just right for me and as for the storyline, well thought off. I do know by some previous comments about the other Otherworld games some like it other don't. What I'm going to do is go from one story to the other to see how all this fits in. I do know by this game, winter will come. October 18, 2013
OTHERWORLD:SHADES OF FALL Based on the demo and on my way to buy it, I own the other two games already and this one does the other two justice and I gave both of those games five stars also. The visuals are fantastic and the music is to, doesn't get on the nerves as a lot of other music does. The storyline stays close to the other two games which is great as a lot of them don't they stray from the original game stories. I just loved everything about this game and cant wait to get back to it. The HOS give you something to think about even on casual settings. Well off I go to play. I don't like to give away a lot about the game as I want people to enjoy it and be surprised when they play it. It is a great game though and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ALL PLAYER LEVELS. Have fun playing. October 17, 2013
MAGICAL WORLD OF FEYS AND CREATURES A continuing story of Fiona and the Storm Cat saving the world from the evil Shade, who wants a winter wonderland 24/365. Game offers a lot: challenging puzzles, incredible color, beautiful animation, danger and evil vs. beauty and stunning graphics in a magical setting. The graphics and colors are so gorgeous that you just want to touch everything (and you can without penalty) to see what they are or what they do. HOS are quite different ? no crowded junk piles, no finding a list of objects which you don?t need. They are finding similar worked into an item already in the world (such as finding a number of crowns, fey characters and snowflakes on Shade?s eternal prison i.e., tomb). Flawless gameplay. The story is interesting ? you don?t know where it will take you next. Extremely helpful Magic Storm Cat, who will show you where you should go or what you should do if you are stuck. The Otherworld games are near perfect and this one is no exception. November 15, 2013
Otherworld: Enjoy the Journey Again At last the next title in the Otherworld series is out! I have to say that these are some of my most favorite games. The graphics are gorgeous. I love how each scene is transformed, the real world becoming the ?otherworld?. The blending of darkness and fantasy is breathtaking. The characters are beautifully rendered, and enjoyable to meet. The hint system is very straight forward. HO scenes are interactive, and some are very unusual. I loved finding the fay dragons(though it?s not that hard). There are the usual achievements, and extras, though nothing unique. This one seems a little less dark then the earlier offerings, but overall still really enjoyable I am a huge fan of the series so it?s a definite buy for me, but I think that for those of you who find that the achievements sometimes get in the way of enjoying the game, you could wait for the SE and not miss out on much. October 25, 2013
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Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition

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