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Just when you were finally done with work for the day, a stranger comes knocking loudly at your door. When you answer there's no one... no one except a helpless baby abandoned on your doorstep. You follow after the stranger, hoping to find some answers but are drawn into a mystery that beckons you into a castle-like mansion. Who does the baby belong to? Why were you chosen? The answers will surprise you in Nevertales: The Beauty Within, a page-turning Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Three bonus chapters
  • Multiple collectables and achievements
  • Sugar Rush Hidden Object Puzzle
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1075 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition

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Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition

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Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition 4.8 5 276 276
MadHead Games Does it Again, Folks! THIS is 2013's Best Game of the Year! BASED ON THE COMPLETED DEMO WOW! MadHead Games are the developers who brought us our much loved Rite of Passage: Child of Forest and they most certainly DO NOT disappoint with Nevertales: The Beauty Within! Everything we loved about Child of Forest is here and again we get to feast and delight ourselves in a lot of fun and endless entertainment! You are detective who has just closed a successful case and you're ready to kick back and relax in your home. But wait! You get a visitor and he leaves an adorable baby at your doorstep along with a note saying that you are the only one who can save her. Your journey takes you to a mysterious mansion and then a portal to another world. Who is this child and what's happening? Get ready to get sucked into this compelling game! The CE offers much to be desired: ** 24 achievements which are divided between Casual/Advanced/Expert achievements (each containing 8 achieves) ** 45 rose collectibles ** 32 replayable HOS where you can beat your time and unlock a Sugar Rush HO Puzzle! ** 8 music tracks ** 12 concept art sketches ** 10 wallpapers ** 2 bonus chapters ** Complete the rose painting to unlock an additional hidden chapter! Other things to note: ** 4 difficulty modes: Casual reader, Bookworm, Scholar, and a custom mode which allows tremendous flexibility with all of its options! Impressive! ** Lockable inventory ** An interactive map which can or cannot track active tasks depending on your difficulty settings (unsure if it allows teleporting to locations, I never tried or used it) ** You get a cellphone that acts your journal (storing useful info and keeping notes), has a GPS map, a to-do list, and tracks/stores your achievements - very awesome! ** Gears, the robot owl, becomes your little companion, helping you reach places that are too high and retrieves items/does stuff for you. ** Hint and Skip options available ** There is a strategy guide, but it doesn't track your progress. The HOS in this game is so much fun! They are SO interactive and different then what we are used to. You find objects, the object moves to the side and reveals a fragment. Find all the objects, collect all the fragments, then put them back together to make a useful item that you will need! How neat! There are also mini HOS that require you find fragments that again combines into an item. The inventory works exactly like it did in Child of Forest. Items that you pick up can have further interaction. For example, you pick up wrapped pages and then click on it in your inventory and you have to manually remove the wrap to get to the pages. So immersive! It makes you feel like you're actually there and doing it! I also like that you can use two inventory items together on each other. At one point you use a rock to butt against the end of a screwdriver to crack open a log- this makes it so you really have to think about how your items can be used together. Love HOS? You will find this game refreshing and oh-so-fun! Love puzzles? Plenty of those too, many of them are new which is so relieving. Love HOS AND puzzles? This is seriously a dream come true! As always the music in this game is splendid, the graphics are absolutely FANTASTIC, as are the cinematics, and the VO's (with lip-synch, too). At one point in the game, someone calls you on your cellphone and you actually have to manually answer it- how much cooler does this game get? I can't wait to find out! MadHead is just spoiling us and I LOVE it! This is a definite buy! October 24, 2013
Nevertales is a Masterpeice! As the game begins you have just wrapped up another successful case by proving your client innocent, and just as you are getting ready to relax with a good book someone starts pounding on your door. You open the door to find a baby along with a note that tells you to return her home but to not go to the police since you are the only one who can save her. So now your adventure begins. Will you be able to return the baby to her rightful home? Others have done a great job of listing the game?s technical aspects so I won?t go into those except to note that we have another developer who has given us a custom mode of gameplay with a lot of options. Nevertales is a very visually appealing, beautiful game with excellent graphics that are crisp and colorful. The voiceovers and lip-sync in the game are excellent as is the entire sound package. It is not often that I comment on the music in a game but I enjoyed the music in Nevertales and felt that it added a lot to my overall enjoyment of the game. Not long after you begin the game you will find your cell phone that contains a journal and all of the information that you might need to check as you progress. Once you have found the cell phone it will live on the lower right portion of the screen in the same area where your interactive map is located. To save steps, you may also access the map through a tab in your cell phone if you prefer. Okay so here is where we come to the gameplay basics and this is where Nevertales becomes a very different game than same old HOPA games we have come to love. The HOP scenes in Nevertales are quite interesting and the developer has certainly given a new spin on the interactive HOPS. I think many of you will enjoy the way the HOPS play out in Nevertales. Not only do we find classic HOPS, there are also fragmented object puzzles scattered throughout the game. Of course we can expect to find puzzles as well and some of them are quite different, with many of them requiring a bit of thought to solve. As we travel through our adventure, we will find 45 collectible roses hidden throughout. I don?t want to give anything away so I will only say that there is a very nice extra available if you complete a task with the roses. Aside from the collectible roses we have morphing objects. Again, I don?t want to ?spill the beans? but the morphing objects are found a bit differently in this game. There are also achievements in the game and you can earn either a bronze, silver or gold star. The remaining CE extras are fairly standard with the bonus chapter, strategy guide, artwork and music. Nevertales The Beauty Within is truly a CE quality game; not an SE with a smattering of useless perks. Nevertales The Beauty Within is an excellent game that is different than the more recent run of the mill HOPA games. The developer has given some unique twists and turns that make this a standout, excellent game. For those of you who may be burned out on HOPA games, I would highly recommend that you try this game since it is, IMHO, a masterpiece. If you are a fairly new to playing HOPA games, I would recommend the CE version since it has the integrated strategy guide that you will find very useful during your adventure. I loved the game and didn't want to wait to see if there would be sale this weekend so I went ahead and purchased it right away. As always, recommend that you try the demo to see if this is a game you will enjoy. October 24, 2013
Finally, A Great Collectors' Edition Game One night after having closed a case a stranger is knocking loudly at your door. You answer and discover a helpless baby abandoned on your doorstep. Instead of calling the police, you decided to follow after the stranger,and find yourself drawn into a mystery adventure that begins at the doorsteps of a castle-like mansion. Your companions are a baby and a mechanical owl called Gears who helps you retrieve hard to reach objects. Off you go into the dark to find the Beauty within, whatever that may be. A brilliant game with georgous graphics and artwork, very good animation and voice-overs, good atmospheric music that really sets the mood, customized settings if you prefer and great game mechanics. The look of the game is sharp and very well stylized which tells me that the developers have raised the bar a bit with this one. To begin with, the developers have brought something new to the table which makes this game even more interesting. I loved the puzzles within the puzzles, the fragmented HO scenes whereby you need to locate objects and find pieces hidden within. All interactive and fun to play. After having selected hardcore level, I am happy to say that there were no hints or sparkles or indicators on the map which made for a challenging game. I did enjoy the twists and turns that the game offers, intricate puzzles within puzzles. Fragmented HO scenes that pop up and HO scenes that are both interactive and fragmented and some inventory objects that need to be combined. Sounds alot? actually all very well spaced out so that you can play at ease and enjoy the scenery as well. You also have extras like your main game followed by a bonus game and extra hidden chapters. First you have have your collectables, mystical roses hidden throughout the game that make up a rose mural. You also have morphing objects which I discovered existed only after having bought the game. Spoil Alert: they pop up in HO scenes as well. There is also the mechanical owl I mentionned earlier that helps you along. Game features include your mobile phone that holds your diary, your task list, your map and your list of achievements. It took me all but 25 minutes into the game when I immediately went for the BUY button. What a relief, finally a CE that I can sink my teeth into. We havent had those in a while. KUDOS to the developers for a beautiful game that not only offers an entertaining storyline but also a decent amount of WOW factor. October 24, 2013
AMAZING Game! So unique and great done! With Rite of Passage 2 Mad Had games made a #1 hit game in the first half of 2013 and now they're back with Nevertales and topped themself. I've never played a game like this. First the storyline. A baby lies in front of your door and you really know nothing. A half message is your only clue. You start on a journey, that you'll never forget. After a car crash you are at an old mansion. Within lies a portal to another world where you can travel through amazing places. And in the end. No I don't want to spoil the surprise. ;# Then to the graphics. They're amazing and a bit similar to the graphics of the popular Drawn series. I just love them. There are so many details and these details are important sometimes, when two speaking faces on a door awaiting you. The characters are drawn I would say and they have voice overs. The voice overs are clearly understandable and have a got pace. The music and the sounds are great too. Everything is just right for the atmosphere and the gameplay. I really love the adventure theme music. Then the Level of challenge. Finally a game with many, many new things in it. There are too much to tell them all here, but speaking faces puzzles, locked Hidden Objects, varius other HO's Levels, three hidden bonus chapters, difficould puzzles and really unique puzzles make this game excellent. Nothing is too easy and some puzzles are really challenging. There are many achievements to earn. Easy ones #bronze#, more challeging #silver# and really challenging achievements #gold). There are collectible roses, morphing objects and more stuff, so many things to do while playing. Afterall I'm nearly wordless about this game and I'm sure that this CE would be worth three game credits, because there is so much Bonus Content. Just and amazing game! The developners did an outstanding job with this game! Keep it up guys! October 24, 2013
I Nominate This Game For Best Story and Most Original Gameplay! There's a knock at your door and a beautiful baby has been left on your stoop with a note not to call the police that you are this child's salvation! You chase after this man (with the baby safely seatbelted) and enter a portal that takes you to a mansion. A man appears briefly to explain that you must take care of the baby and little contact can be made but he will help you when he can. You repair an owl robot named Gears who will help you out by reaching the high places and there are 45 hidden roses to find. Three levels of difficulty and one custom settings to pick and choose the things you want or don't. Now for the original, and unique things. I hardly know where to start, the game itself has unique features, some books you pick up will require you to find torn pieces throughout the room, and you may enter a room and find that you need to find several stars that are needed for a toybox. There is even a talking door, with two faces who will want you to solve a few arguments, they will ask a question and you have to search whatever room the question refers to and come back and click on whichever head was right before they let you in. My favorite parts were the HOS what a treat, new, original, fun and extremely entertaining. On one HOS you had to find items that were shapes of several items on a stained glass window but they weren't necessarily the exact replica as shown, they might show a leaping frog shadow but the frog is simply sitting there and all items were very well hidden. One of my favorite HOS showed several keyholes in the inventory list that you had to find the key for. Once you opened the lock with the key a small list would appear. Some of the items needed to be interacted with to find what you were looking for and when all of the items were found in each lock spot another door would open with a fragment to be assembled for the end item. I don't know how they did it but they made my favorite genre of game even more entertaining AND it has a story that you are going to want to purchase this game to find out just what's up with that baby! Enjoy! October 24, 2013
NEVER Played a game quite like this before. It's AMAZING. Nothing I've played before compares to this game, in my opinion. (It's from the developers of the Rite of Passage series. I reviewed one of those games very highly, so I must have really liked it, but to be honest, I don't remember it. Anyway, this game stands on it's own merits and your level of trust in my reviews...) As you learn from the description, the game begins with a baby being dropped off, present day, at the doorstep of an attorney who's done for the night., on to the good stuff: Overall rating: It's a five only because there is no higher rating. Fun Factor: Off the charts fun for me. In the description it says "lots of collectibles." That's not usually a big deal to me: you collect items in the normal course of playing a game. In this case it means more. Everything about this game is DIFFERENT and because these different things are so well done, it's also great. Some developers go for different and end up giving us something that's not very good. Not the case here. Visual Sound Quality: The visuals are much more important that the sound in this game. Typically, sound effects/background music is very important to me. It's not a big part of this game and it doesn't matter. Visually, the game is a stunner. The colors are bright and exciting and that provides the "feel" for the game. The visuals create the challenge!! Level of Challenge: a. Collectibles: throughout the game you are looking for jewels that will complete a locket that's been in your family for ages. You'll find them scattered anywhere and you must be diligent. There aren't many to find and they are VERY WELL blended into the rest of the scenery. Another collectible, more standard in approach, is a rose, one of which is to be found in each scene/room. This is as close to the style you've seen before in other games. A third collectible is half hidden object-half collectible: you're reading a book, a fairy tale. As you read, in order to progress to the next scene in the book, you must find objects which are located in the books illustrations. Sometimes you have to move objects to get to what you want. This collectible hunt doesn't last the whole game. When you've finished the fairy tale book, you've finished the collectible. b. Hidden Objects: The very best I've seen. The first is close to standard. Find an object that's described for you. In most games, when you complete the HOG, you either have to find one final item which you'll use to progress in the game, or an item is awarded to you. In Nevertales, with each hidden object you find, you're given a section of the bonus item. When you find all of the hidden objects, you've also constructed an item which you'll use to later on. This is much more interesting that the standard HOG. A second hidden object is the silhouette style. Much more intricate in this game, however, and FAR MORE CHALLENGING. In Nevertales you must find what a silhouette suggests. But it's not just sitting there,,,it's well-hidden in the background. Basically, you're looking at a mosaic trying to find smaller items hidden within the big picture. It's incredibly well done. Finally, within the HOGs there are also morphing objects. 28 HOGs and each has a morph. They've found a way to add even more fun!! Storyline: This is a case where I don't think the storyline is central...if that makes any sense. I'm just so amazed by the "skills" required to finish this game that the background narrative isn't that important. The puzzles, which are abundant,, are also DIFFERENT. It's not just more of the same. One example: You're given a palette and you must arrange the blocks to resemble a figure you've seen earlier in the game. It's not difficult, it's just different and VERY FUN. Another example of very different: a memory skill, but none like you've played before. To gain access to a room you have a convo with two talking door sentries. They'll argue between themselves about some item in another room...its color or how many of them there are, for instance. You must agree with one of the two. If you're right, you unlock one of the bolts. This is FUN!!! Along with these HOGs, puzzles and collectibles, there are also achievements. Most of these are time-based or accuracy based. I'm so favorably impressed by this game, I even think the achievements are on a higher level than what we've seen from other games. What I'm sure of is this: You will absolutely not be disappointed with this game. You can decide how much help, if any, you want to play it. You may customize the level of difficulty. AND, when you're done, you don't get one bonus chapter. You don't get two. You get THREE...but you have to earn them with your proficient play. In re-reading this review I see I've used "fun" too many times. Well, sorry about that. The game is FUN!! Also, I'm afraid I've given an impression that you must be expert to play this game. I don't think so. It's not easy. It's takes a lot of work (FUN WORK) and it's not fast (but I'm a pretty slow player anyway. I like to take my time and enjoy a great game). Don't be scared away from this. You will find it challenging but it's worth the time and energy. And you'll have a deep sense of accomplishment. Please get this game. Dreams DO come true! October 24, 2013
How Can I Possibly Wait Until Monday?! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS First impressions can be just plain wrong. This game starts out with an unacceptably long load, but everything else is just amazing, and once you?ve loaded it once, the game never takes long thereafter. And within minutes I was completely hooked. The opening was very professionally done, top quality production values all the way, but it is not the overly dramatic. We, the detective or is it defense lawyer?, arrive home after a successful case. Nothing much to it really, even when we find a baby on our doorstep. But the guy in the hat arrives, and things pick up! We?re off to a deserted mansion that may or may not be real, and many adventures ensue. We find a (mechanical) assistant, an interactive jump map (that indicates only what you want it to, it can be adjusted in the options menu), and a locket to get us started, along with our notebook. The gameplay is the amazing thing about this game. It is almost completely new, both puzzles and HOPs. There are 20 HOPs (including CE chapter), and endless puzzles. They are original, quirky and sometimes just plain hard. Many items in the locations are hiding behind others that you must move, mini-games and puzzles often only give you part of the picture, and each HOP is different. Just one example, within the second HOP, you must find a number of silhouetted items. But they are not exactly the item you are looking for. For example, a silhouette of a bird is a ?bird symbol?, the required item is ANY bird, not a direct replica. In this particular HOP, the scene where you must find things is a stained glass window with many small pieces joining together to make an image. In another HOP, the items on the list, when found, reveal a fragmented object (FROG). When all pieces are found, you can use the object to interact within the scene for the inventory item. The mini-games gave me a bit of a headache. They were all new too, and sometimes it took me a while to catch onto what I should be doing (HINT: Keep the book open when finding fragments of symbols in the general location). In the case I just mentioned, even the otherwise very good SG and the not-as-helpful-as-I?d-like map left me confused. CE BLING! This game is definitely a CE game. Extras include gallery with music, wallpaper, concept art. 20 Replayable HOs. Collectible roses. Achievements. SG. And 3 bonus chapters/games. One is the usual follow on. One can only be played once you have collected all the roses. And then, something they call ?Sugar Rush Hidden Object Puzzle?. FAMOUS LAST WORDS In a year where we have been wowed over and over again with games that capture our imagination and challenge our brain cells, this one is right up there as one of the best of the year. I wouldn?t even try to resist! October 24, 2013
A brand new experience! I only review when a game reinvigorates my somewhat jaded gaming pleasure, and this is IT! Someone didn't give up on this one like some you feel they got tired towards the end.This is so new, different and FUN. The graphics,music, etc is exquisite and suffice to say this game is a feast of colour, amusing puzzles and really FUN. Having gushed all this, I have only just completed the demo but am buying this one simply for its freshness.(wait till you meet the talking do..s!) Has all the extras too! ( you can figure it out like I did, hate being a spoiler!) Not much has made me sit up like this one did in a while folks! Enjoy! October 24, 2013
Great Game Really Enjoyed this Game, The storyline is very good, the game play is smooth. Loved all the Extras as well as the Bonus Chapters, and the Achievements Thank You to the Developeers & Big Fish Games !!!!!!!!! October 24, 2013
All I Can Say Is WOW!!! Starting out I wasn't so sure this was going to even be a good game, much less a great game! It seemed the graphics got better as I went but there were truly some "genius" ways that the game was developed such as an HOS that had keys you had to find in order to unlock the boxes below which then revealed the item names to find plus the scene was interactive. Another great thing was when you opened a book and in order to have the story told, you had to find two objects at a time on each page that were illuminated up in the corner of the different on both of these HO scenes! I loved the door with 2 faces that in order to open them, you had to pick which one had the right answer after going to a location to count how many particular items there were to see which face had the correct number. The storyline seems to be pretty mysterious involving a baby. This game definitely holds your interest and is very engaging. The mini games are good but not too difficult and some are unique. You collect roses and there are some achievements along with an interactive map and there is not only a "bonus chapter" but "hidden chapters" as well so I look forward to seeing what that's all about. Overall, I believe this could be CE worthy! October 24, 2013
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