Legacy: Witch Island

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An ordinary hot air balloon ride turns extraordinary when you accidentally wind up on a mysterious island. When it is revealed that this mystical land is ruled by an evil witch, you begin to realize that your arrival is not a coincidence, and the loyal people of the island are depending on you to break the witch’s spell. Explore the mysterious forest, rocky mountains, dark caves and high altitude lakes as you make your way through the picturesque sceneries of the land towards the witch’s castle. Can you destroy the witch’s curse and reveal the secrets of the ancient prophecy?

  • Breathtaking sceneries and landscapes
  • Logic-based mini-games and bonus Match-10 play
  • Unconventional use of HOG scenes
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 801 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Legacy: Witch Island


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Legacy: Witch Island

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Legacy: Witch Island 3.9 5 80 80
This Year?s Best & Easiest Stand Alone SE! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS I am totally charmed by the unassuming but delightful game. There are no soaring vistas, no fireworks, no terrifying catastrophic events. It is simple and pleasing, with a stack of fun and easy puzzles and some tricky HOPs. SIGHTS & SOUNDS The graphics don?t run to the extravagant, but they are beautiful to look at, and somehow more gentle on the eyes than other, more dramatic visuals. The cut scenes are a mix of still shots and light animation that works well. There is no voiceover, which at first seems a bit of a problem, but after the introductory scenes, there is not a lot of talking to do, so it?s not missed. Music is no symphony either, just relaxing. Very quiet too, I had to turn up my volume to hear it at all. WHAT?S HAPPENING? I admit, this is a little confusing, but the bottom line is a not unfamiliar story. You crash your hot air balloon on a magical island, which turns out to be ruled by an evil witch who has enchanted everyone, and coincidentally is the home you never knew. The magic mirror that is the only symbol of your past, will protect you while you find a way to defeat the witch and reverse the curse. MAKING PROGRESS More than anything else, this is a puzzle game. There are HOs, but they are very much in the minority. There are a total of 48 puzzles in all, all easy, and some repeated, but I saw only 2 interactive list HO scenes, visited twice, in the hour I played. There are also some multiple-items puzzles, within the main location. A special treat for an SE, we have achievements, all mostly story-based. But it includes the collection of 31 very easy to find fireflies. Also rare, we can replay the puzzles from the main menu, some of them with extra levels! There is a journal, no map, but you do have a knife that you get to keep and a racoon who is the (directional) hint button (no cute feeding or anything). But you won?t be needing it very much. The adventure part of the game is very easy indeed, and is the least important part of the game. FAMOUS LAST WORDS I know a lot of gamers are going to scream that this game is too easy to any good, but it IS special, just not for those experts who believe nothing?s good for you if it doesn?t hurt! Certainly, beginners will love this game, but I?m pretty much an expert at these things myself these days, and I love it too. So if you?re not into brain strain, give this game a chance, I think it will surprise you. October 14, 2013
Another SE disguised as a CE Based on Demo I do not give reviews unless I really like a game. There are plenty of negative reviews. First of all, the graphics are gorgeous. They storyline is great and the challenges are adequate for all gamers of every age. It's awesome to see more games coming out that are for all family members. No blood, gore, or demons. The story line is similar but it flows good and relates well to the games and Hos. I was totally immersed in it until the demo time ran out so instantly used a credit to get it. There are collectibles, you can replay mini-games when done with main game. All in all, a great bargain for a SE. October 14, 2013
Witch Island Worth the Bucks! While this game is not that challenging, it is worth the bucks. What it has to offer -- Hidden object scenes, puzzles, collectibles, achievements, mini-games, and replay of mini-games after you play them. There are two modes to play and a hit button that guides you to "what to do next." What I really liked -- The variety in the game. There are 31 fireflies to collect and you earn achievements as you play. There are tons of mini-games to play along the game play. The hidden up scenes all have a couple of items that require some interaction. The graphics are pretty good. The mini-games all have a skip option. The game starts you off with two tools -- a knife and lighter -- that you may need to use throughout the game. What others might not like so much, but was OK for me -- The mini-games are pretty easy. However, I liked this because there are those times that you want to play the mini-game and get on with the "show." There is no voice over so you have to read the dialogue. This was OK for me since I prefer to read rather than listen to the voice overs. The hidden object scenes are somewhat "busy." This is a purchase for me. I off to buy to continue the play. October 14, 2013
Don't judge this one on the demo! Not only do you get a knife and lighter to keep in your inventory permanently, and use as needed, the HOS have a skip! There are quite a few HOS, and you will replay them, so the "earned skip" is nice. (You must find the object printed in green to activate the skip - and sometimes it is interactive and you have to do another step first.) Wow! Good job, Devs! The game feels old, the English is poorly localized (including one black bar hint in Russian, LOL), only two playing difficulties (of which the sole difference is the speed of hint recharge) and yet... It has a certain charm. It isn't entirely linear, the music is nice, and the story is an old one, but still engaging, and despite being about defeating a wicked witch, it is not dark or creepy at all. The HOS are a bit challenging until you learn the mechanics, but the puzzles - of which there are MANY - are often too easy in the beginning. There are a few that are not - especially as you progress in the game. The artwork is lovely, clear, and well done, though not always consistent - like a different artist can be seen at work. There are no v/os, you have to read. No map, but there is a useful journal, and you have a little helper who doesn't talk to you or intrude on the play. I skipped the tutorial, so missed the fact that there are collectibles - fireflies - and achievements. The whole game remains open as you go, so you CAN go back to pick up the fireflies you missed. You will also find at times you must go way back to a previous scene to find something you will need, and it's a matter of going and looking. Not much handholding, which experienced players will surely not need, anyhow. No sparkles that I noticed except for HOS. You will see your cursor turn to a hand or gears - that's it. I didn't recognize the dev, so looked them up. These are the folks that brought us the Diamon Jones adventure games, and this appears to be their first HOPA. I sure hope it isn't their last, because it is very adventure-ish, despite the HOS. The puzzles are all replayable any time after you unlock them in the game. Some of them have advanced levels in the bonus play section, too. This is a great bonus for me. There are a wide variety of puzzles of all types, and they are skippable. After playing for about 3 hours, I still have 27 puzzles to unlock, and the puzzles are getting more challenging. You will find a few that are arcade type, like shooting targets, and some quite complex "Simon sez" types. There are still a lot of fireflies to collect, as well. So this is a long game. The further you go, the more concurrent quests you find yourself on, too. This is a sleeper - and sadly, too many will judge it on the demo, which I've found is a huge mistake. I almost quit after about 15 minutes, but I'm glad I kept playing. October 15, 2013
Nice game The language was a little strange (lead for lid) and sometimes I didn't know what I was looking for. The hos are slightly interactive and skippable for those that don't like hos. There are no voice overs and no map (don't need one). The mini games are a mix of old and new, easy and hard. When the mini game is completed it becomes replayable with more levels added. Oh joy there are collectibles and achievements in this SE. I really enjoyed the art work and the story. The ending implies a sequel which I will certainly watch for October 14, 2013
EXCELLENT A friend invites you for a hot air balloon ride but insists you bring your grandmother's mirror. When a storm sweeps you off to a magical island, you are separated. To save him you have to collect jewels for your mirror and defeat the evil witch, and so you adventure begins. This is not the same old SE game, these devs have been listening to us. The game grabbed my attention from the first moments. The graphics are clear and the cut-scenes are good, and I did really like the raccoon hint system. The music is different, I usually turn music off or very low, but this music is nice with a better beat. Some of the mini-games are the same, but with a twist and some are different, not difficult but interesting. All are great. I found several puzzles and mini-games within the first few minutes of gameplay. The adventure is interesting with some backtracking. I didn't stop to check out a map. The best part of this game is that there are achievement and collectables, replayable mini-games, etc., usually reserved for CE's. These are my impressions after only a few minutes of trial gameplay, can't ramble on, I have to buy the full version. October 14, 2013
love puzzles bought this after 30 minutes!! this is a refreshing change from the usual hidden object games. I'm never one for storylines so I skip all those but it still keeps my interest and lots of different types of puzzles although I must admit they aren't very hard. Don't know if that changes if you do the advanced mode though. Not a lot of hand holding. You get to do the puzzles as a bonus after each has been unlocked. One achievement is finding the pretty bugs. Don't know how long the game is but there are 8 pages of puzzles to unlock and in 30 minutes I only made it through one page. October 14, 2013
Fun and lots to do This review is based on the demo. I really liked the game. It may not be for everyone, but was lots of fun if you like a lot of mini-games and hidden objects. You land on a beach and your friend is gone with the storm in the hot air balloon. You find out he has been captured. There is a good story line so far. Even though so far there is no walkthrough it is very easy, more for a beginner then an expert. If you are tired as I am of the gore and blood games this game is refreshing. The graphics are very good and there are no voice overs. I don't want to give the good stuff away so I will stop for now, but I hope all will enjoy this game as much as I. October 14, 2013
What A "Gem" This Game Turned Out to Be! I don't know if the Dev's originally thought about going for a CE and then changed their minds, but this little jewel has a lot of bells & whistles! While the storyline, so far as I've gotten, is not all that new..... You've crash landed with an air balloon in an environment with a witch - that's where similarities end. You're given a couple of 'helpful' tools to 'keep' in your inventory - a lighter & a knife, and you immediately meet a raccoon who becomes your 'hint' - directional and otherwise. There are fireflies to collect along the way and more puzzles than HOS. Once completed, the puzzles can be replayed from the Main Menu. This in it's self is a treat. True.....They are not all that hard....but some are different and they are fun! And so far seem to be applicable to the game play. You have a Journal that keeps track of things for you. All in all this promises to be a worthy adventure, and I for one look forward to seeing more from these Dev's. October 15, 2013
Legacy:Witch Island This game was most delightful. The puzzles are fun. While the puzzles are not difficult, they are enjoyable. I really enjoyed getting the puzzles' solutions quickly and easily. The graphics were excellent. What I find most delightful about this game are: 1. not a collector's edition and 2. I used my "Free Game Coupon" to get it. I don't know why, but every free game coupon that I use, I get a really GREAT game which is often times much better than the games that I buy. I recommend this game to all Big Fish players. RJohn October 15, 2013
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Legacy: Witch Island

Reveal the secret of an ancient prophecy! Fascinating tasks and exciting puzzles await you behind the breathtaking scenery of a mysterious island!

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