Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond Collector's Edition

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You’re on a train in the middle of nowhere, and a band of dangerous thieves demand you tell them where to find the Hope Diamond’s shards. As the newest Hidden Expedition recruit, you’ve got to find the shards before they do…
In this exciting continuation of the Hidden Expedition series, your journey takes you from the Smithsonian Institution’s iconic castle to the remotest jungle as you track down the missing shards and learn the Hope Diamond’s secrets.

Check out the Smithsonian's sneak peek of Mystery of the Hope Diamond. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Play the bonus game to uncover more secrets
  • Hunt for Smithsonian Institution symbols
  • Collect Fact Cards on Smithsonian history
  • Earn Achievements
  • Get soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1002 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mild Violence
Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond Collector's Edition

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Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond Collector's Edition

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Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond Collector's Edition 4.4 5 134 134
My Hope's And Expectation's Have Clearly Been Met! I just returned from a trip to the Smithsonian and the Hope Diamond was one of the first items we visited. It is stunningly beautiful and consists of 45.52 carats, has an Antique cushion cut which was re-cut and reshaped several times. If this diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light it will actually glow red but to the naked eye it appears blue. With that being said this game is centered around that very same diamond valued today at approximately 250 million dollars! This is an action packed game that will have you jumping out of fast moving trains and escaping from thieves! There are 49 Smithsonian "suns" to collect, morphing items and 20 fact cards which tell you very interesting facts about people, places and things. The HOS are very interesting. At first I thought they were going to be too easy because it simply showed gems of different cuts, but after finding those, it went on to finding interactive list finds and more! You will earn achievements such as not using a hint or not skipping a puzzle. This game is well produced, has stunning graphics and nice voice-overs. Each scene has multiple areas of interest and nice mini games. The game I thought was the most fun was placing the correct bobblehead on the body with name labels. You surely can't go wrong with this game, enjoy! December 19, 2013
Best Hidden Expedition ever!! :) Thrilling story around the chase for the shards of the Hope Diamond. Tremedously welldone graphics: a mixture of drawn settings and real characters. This time EIPIX did the developer's job and they?ve done it really good!! Facts: 6 chapters plus bonus-chapter, 3 modes to choose from plus a custom-mode (can be changed during the game), lockable inventory, map shows active areas and allows you to jump, hint shows you the direction or opens a portal for fast travel, strategy guide doesn?t follow your progress, a journal contains objectives, facts and earned achievements, some items have to be combined in the inventory. 15 minigames to solve: some rotation-puzzles, plug wires in the right sockets, place arrows to navigate through a maze, swap bobble heads to their correct body, swap items in their right position? 17 hidden-object-scenes: All just played once and most of them are a combination of find things through silhouettes, find a certain amount of similar items and slightly interactive from list: Three different HOS types in one HOS? That is great! In every HOS is a morphing object to find. In addition, every HOS is replayable in the Extras, right after you finished one, in case you want to improve your search, or missed the morphing object! You also play some small silhouette-HOS. Extras: very funny ?making-of?-pictures, movies, music, replayable minigames and hidden-object-scenes, a souvenir-room, 20 achievements, 49 hidden smithonian emblems, 20 fact-cards. I played +/- 4 hours in the 2nd mode, until the main game ended conclusively. Bonus-chapter is another good hour to play. A lot to do and to explore! A lot of fun and not too difficult? Have a try - you won?t regret!! :) December 19, 2013
Game of the YEAR! On several occasions I have voiced my opinion on what I consider to be a five star game and Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond Collector's Edition is a perfect example. Alway a favorite series of mine, today we have a game that not only deserves five star, but also clearly deserves to be awarded the game of the year title. This series not only provides great storylines, but also educates and entertains at the same time. Our story begins on a train where we find our selves held hostage by a bband of notorious theives who are after shards of the great Hope Diamond which, once collected, have immense healing power. Our mission is to collect the shards before they do and our adventure begins. What an adventure, filled with riddles, clues and puzzles. This game offers it all. Excellent graphics, very life-like and voice-overs are very well done along with mouth movements which is a plus for me. I love the sound effects, plenty of ambient sounds that add realism to the overall gaming experience. Our menu offers four modes of gameplay, one which allows you to customize your settings which I prefer. The game looks sharp and sophisticated, KUDOS to the developers for all the intricate details that they have added. Our adventure and once we jump off the train, we find ourselves at the famous Smithsonian museum which by the way I have yet to see. Game features include a H.E.L.P kit that holds your fact cards which you need to collect, your list of objectives and clues. There are hidden symbols that are scattered throughout the game, and you have a map that can also be cutomized to show you areas of interest and allows you to travel. Game play is fun and there is alot to look out for. You will notice that some inventory objects need to be combined and some require use of those dormant brain cells if you play without any assistance whatso ever. There are interactive hidden object scenes with a morphing item in each, so keep those eyes open. Mini-games are plenty and some and very well conceptualized. There are also riddles that need solving and you have a list of achievements to earn as well. What I love most about this game are the facts that I learn. I know it may sound trite, but Hidden Expedition always manages to thrill me with their adventures and information about things we dont spend much of our lives thinking about. A game that will not only thrill the kids, but also those who are explorers at heart. Filled with adventure, hidden secrets and a few challenges,this game puts many CE games to shame. Thank you to the Developers for continuing this wonderful series, December 19, 2013
Heart Stopping Action! BASED ON DEMO It?s high adventure and thrills in this latest game in the Hidden Expedition series, developed now for the first time by Eipix, a name that is well regarded by just about everyone for their unique ability to keep us entertained. This game will be another feather in their cap, despite a distinctive shift into their own style and away from the series. It is not a major thing, and I believe the game is the better for the change. I love that this game starts with us jumping out of the window of a fast moving train ? that definitely IS in keeping with the feel of the series, and is spectacular and different from the old car accident intro! The graphics are a delight, crystal clear, bright and great to look at. The cut scenes are so exciting, the voiceovers great. Music that builds up the tension to intense! Special effects very effective! *grin*. Baby scared the living daylights out of me. So, accept that this game has all the essentials. The emphasis is on HOPs, and they come in many forms ? also characteristic of the series. Hidden Expedition Uncharted Islands had, I think, 8 different variations. In the demo for this game I noted: ? Standard Interactive List ? Silhouettes ? Objects outlines ? Multiples (Find 12 feathers) And in some cases, combinations of 2 or 3 types. The puzzles are less obvious, although there really is quite a few of them too. I found them a step out of the ordinary, and not particularly difficult. Some inventory items can be combined, added to or changed within the inventory bar. Of adventure there is plenty, and heaps of help with directional hint, a H.E.L.P. kit which includes objectives, journal, and fact cards. There is also an interactive jump map. Custom build your own difficulty settings. And the SG. All this is great ? I love the game for this much. But then there are all the extras. ? Bonus Chapers and SG ? Collectibles: fact cards x 20, morphing objects (in HOPs) x17, Smithsonian Emblems x49 ? Achievements also available from the H.E.L.P. kit ? 18 replayable mini-games and 22 HOPs ? A souvenir room (your guess is as good as mine, but there?s an achievement related to it) ? Pictures (of the team), movies, music ? with interesting new ways to access these Just for the record, YOU are the cute helper. *evil grin*. Personally, if I hadn?t just blown all my xmas ?mad money? on half price games, I?d be playing the full version right now. I think it?s a classic in the making. December 19, 2013
Hidden Expedition is back in the game !! When HOG's were much simpler in style HE delivered a couple of gems with Everest and even more so Amazon. Then the next installment which had much fanfare and hype failed rather miserably. I entered the demo for Hope Diamond with a combination of anticipation for greatness and dread for another dud. Greatness appears to have been achieved. I will preface my further remarks by stating this review is based solely on the demo which I competed in 42 minutes without resorting to any skips. The start of the game was a bit disappointing if for no other reason that the game player meets up with a villain. The disappointment for me was in reducing said villain to a smaller image of him during a voiceover segment. Why the choice by the developer of doing so somewhat baffles me. It is quite amateurish given what occurs from then on. My initial trepidation was almost instantly relieved once gameplay began. Eipix hit the ground running and we HOG/HOPA addicts are the beneficiaries of what should be a terrific experience. The graphics are stunning, the HOG segments and the puzzles are first rate. In the demo alone, puzzles are quite inventive compared with the sameness we are often faced with in games of this ilk. The difficulty level of those in the demo was of the easy variety. I like an approach where a player can ease into a game and then have it get more and more challenging as the game progresses. I hope I get my wish with this game. The cutscenes help develop the storyline with the feel of a movie and the music score fits the game very well. There are collectibles of 2 or 3 varieties. Given the time restraints of a demo I did not check them out for any detail but I get the impression they will be teaching tools as well as clues to game advancement. There have been in recent months a lot more misses than hits in games of this genre. I suspect that this installment of the HE series will be a MONSTER HIT. Hope Diamond might very well be among the great games of 2013. I need to end this review so I can purchase the game now. Give it a whirl and judge for yourself. I give this game my highest recommendation. Happy Holidays to one and all !! December 19, 2013
A Beautiful, Blue Gem of a Game!! What fun! Eipix and the Smithsonian teaming up in one of my favorite game series, Hidden Expedition! From the opening scenes as a prisoner on a train, to the flashback at the Smithsonian Castle, this game is a real treat. The pace of the game is fast and you won't get bored. The puzzles are clever with new twists and incorporate fun historical aspects. You actually learn things without even trying---if only school could be so much fun. The achievements in this CE are fun, plentiful, and some are quite challenging---Finish an HOP in less than 30 seconds! Not easy to do. Morphing objects, Smithsonian symbols, and cards to collect. Lots to keep your attention and challenge you. Graphics are top notch, sound and music great, VOs well acted. The HOSs are multilevel and fun. There is a Help box that acts as your journal and is a nice update on the traditional journal. Hint button actually transports you to the correct area if you want. And just a note: about two months ago I read a book on the Hope Diamond published by the Smithsonian Institute and authored by Richard Kurin. I suspect the devs met Mr. Kurin during the making of this game. Why? Because the man leaving the Smithsonian, hopping into the cab, and saying he's on his way to Antwerp Belgium at the beginning of the game could be Mr. Kurin! Almost twins! Terrific game. You'll love it! December 19, 2013
THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY RATED DIAMOND LEVEL This is a very high quality game, befitting a partnership between the Smithsonian Institution and Big Fish Games. Here's the story: You've been recruited by the Hidden Exhibition crew to find shards of the Hope Diamond before a family of crooks beats you to the punch. The game begins with with you held hostage on a train but just as fast as you jump out the speeding train's window, we go back in time a few weeks to the Smithsonian whence you were summoned. This game is less driven by the story line than by the objects of your attention. This is a classic HOG/mini-game adventure. FUN FACTOR Very high. There's much to do and you're ceaselessly moving from one activity to the next, punctuated by HOPs and puzzles. VISUAL/SOUND QUALITY Visuals: As good as it gets, this game seems more movie-like and photographic than animated drawings. This is truly High Def. It's colorful...and not just the environment, but even the puzzles make extensive use of the whole palette of colors. It's beautiful to look at. Sounds: The background music is exactly that. It's a jaunty theme going on. This is NOT a scary game and the music isn't intended to scare the wits out of's just accompaniment. Joined together in lip synching, visuals and sounds are not great yet you don't feel like you're missing much. There's some character interaction at the beginning and there's lip synching. While the voice over acting is good, the lip synching is not stupendous. As a first-person game, you're viewing what's happening through your own eyes and person to person chat isn't a big part. LEVEL OF CHALLENGE HOGs: These are very well done. Items are not impossible to find but are well-hidden and well-described. Some of the items are straight-forward. Others are "plus one" where you combine one item with another to achieve some purpose. Within each of the HOGs there is a morphing item (a collector's edition feature, I'm guessing). Finding each of them will gain you an "achievement." (Yet another CE feature). Puzzles: The puzzles are not new, but many of them add a twist or two that makes them more than just the ordinary. You will enjoy the puzzles. As I mentioned earlier, the puzzles are also very colorful. Additionally, there are available puzzles just in the course of game play...for example, you collect 4 bobble-heads in early game play. There's a "station" where other bobble head dolls are gathered in the "museum." You're given the task of matching the bobble head doll with the character's name. This reminds me of actual exhibits at the Smithsonian. The characters are American heroes...a learning/teaching moment. This game is a Collector's Edition and it's in the assortment of CE features that you find the real value of this game: a. A bonus chapter. b. The previously mentioned Morphing Items found in the HOGs. c. Achievements d. Collectibles 1. Fact Cards: Found intermittently, these are interesting factoids about the Smithsonian Institute. I believe there are 20 of them. Each one is bound to tell you something interesting about the Smithsonian that you didn't know before. 2. Smithsonian Emblems: along the way, in virtually every scene, you need to find one of the 49 total Smithsonian Institute Logo emblems. These are sometimes obviously located and other times more playfully placed. You need to be on the lookout for them. This is one case where a collectible is really fun and is really a challenge that adds to the quality of the game. e. The "who cares" collection: Re-playable movies/cut scenes; re-playable HOGs; Music; Pics (screen savers? wallpaper?). f. Maps, varying in the information provided, based on the level of difficulty you choose to play. The easy level map tells you where you are, where you need to accomplish things and the objectives. The next level up tells you only where you are and what you need to do, not where to go to do it; Level 3 gives only the layout of the game/museum. Finally, there is a custom level of play and a customizable map. One of the very attractive features of this game is it's applicability to kids. My 12 year old son already helps me out with HOGs sometimes if the scenes aren't too graphic. He get a kick out of lending a hand. Because this is not a heavy-duty slasher type game I think it really lends itself to a kid's involvement and I intend to do exactly that with mine. He'll learn a little something about the country and the Smithsonian that will underscore what he saw in D.C. last summer! I'm aware as I write this I might give the impression that Hidden Expeditions: Smithsonian is so light weight as to be uninteresting to the serious gamer. Not the case. As much as I like the dark side in games, even I find this a welcome and fun relief from the intensity. I'm pretty certain you'll enjoy this game. And, if you have kids, this is a really great and really rare opportunity to get them involved. I strongly recommend this game...i don't think that's a surprise. I'm really enjoying it. December 19, 2013
Another great game from the "Hidden Expedition Series While I'm not one to normally offer a review about games I've played, on this occasion I thought I would share my thoughts with the BF community about this game. I only played the trial version of this game at the casual level, and found it to be everything I had previously experienced with the other games in this series. For me this game lived up to my expectations, including the storyline, the audio and graphics, the interactive map so making it easy to jump back and forth between scenes, and with just the right amount of HOGS with a variation of actions required within each HOG it kept the game interesting, but also challenging. Definitely worthy of a CE status. December 19, 2013
Hidden Expedition is back! - Very good game! The Hidden Expedition series is well known for it's adventure trips and this time it's definetly another dangerous and exiting adventure. The game was produced by Big Fish studios in assortment with Eipix Entertainment and the Smithsonian museum. You are on a Train, kidnapped by some cruel criminals which are trying to find the shards of the Hope Diamond. With a little cliffhanger then the player goes three weeks in the past, where the journee began. At the Smithsonian castle you get tested from someone you don't know, but he knows you, because of the adventures in Everest, Titanic, Amazon and the Devils Triangle. When you've passed the test you are in his team and the adventure in the jungle starts. You start to collect the shards, discover ancient secrets and fantastic places. A very good and different storyline from many games and even from the other five HE games. The graphics are brilliant done. They have so many details and I so love the jungle atmosphere, because it feels like you are in the real jungle. Very great graphics. the characters are live actors with a painted over face. They have voice overs, which fit to the persons and are clearly understandable. The Music is lovely and I really like the adventure theme. It gives the game a great atmosphere. Also I love it, that Eipix tried to use very similar cursers to the other Hidden Expedition games. The level of challenge is good, but not as good as in the other Hidden Expedition games. The gameplay is fast and it's easy to guess what to do next. The Hidden Object Scenes are good. There are varius types of HO's used in the game and sometimes the objects are hidden really tricky. Some HO's are slightly interactive. The puzzles are good to, but not really challenging, but finally Eipix used new puzzles in the game and not the same everytime. In the game you have to collect 46 Smithsonian suns and 30 Hidden Expedition fact cards, that reveal storys around the places you visit. The CE comes with many extras and a long bonus game. Really good done again. So afterall this game is a good sequel to the Hidden Expedition series. Only the level of challenge is not equal to the other games. But for me it's a 4,5 stars game and so I have to rate it with 5 stars here. Good job to everyone that worked hard on this game and I look forward to HE 7. December 18, 2013
Gaming fun plus education! The Hidden Expedition games are always great fun and a learning experience. This one doesn't disappoint. As the game opens you are held captive by Marcel Robideaux & Sons Antiquities Dealer gang whose main method of dealing is stealing the antiquities. They are on the trail of the Hope Diamond shards which are supposed to heal the elder Robideaux who appears to be dying. You escape by jumping out the window of the train, and the story picks up 3 weeks earlier when you are invited to the Smithsonian Castle. You receive a postcard from H.E.L.P. and some puzzles to solve before you are allowed to join the team. You solve a riddle to get you H.E.L. P box which contains your journal, your list of objectives, FACT cards and your achievement awards. The FACT cards are the educational part of the game -- teaching you about the founder of the Smithsonian, Jame Smithson, the designer of the museum, and Harry Winston who mailed the HOPE diamond to the museum using the good old USPS! The first HOS is a three-parter, finding gems, then finding mineral symbols, then finding a list of items. The graphics are crisp and clean and easy to see. The puzzles are cute -- matching up bobble-head dolls with their famous namesakes is one. You get a choice of four modes - explorer, expedition guide, journey master, and custom. The hint button refills quickly and I didn't need the skip button. You also get a strategy guide, a bonus puzzle, and the normal extras of movies, pictures, music, HOP repeat and puzzle repeat. You also have 20 achievements to accomplish, 17 morphing objects to find within the HOS, 20 FACT cards, 49 Smithsonian emblems - one in each scene evidently - and a locked souvenir room that will unlock after the bonus puzzle is solved. Lots to do, in a easy to follow game, worthy of the CE title. December 19, 2013
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Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond Collector's Edition

You’re on a train in the middle of nowhere, and a band of dangerous thieves demand you tell them where to find the Hope Diamond’s shards. As the newest Hidden Expedition recruit, you’ve got to find the shards before they do…

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