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Just when you were finally done with work for the day, a stranger comes knocking loudly at your door. When you answer there's no one... no one except a helpless baby abandoned on your doorstep. You follow after the stranger, hoping to find some answers but are drawn into a mystery that beckons you into a castle-like mansion. Who does the baby belong to? Why were you chosen? The answers will surprise you in Nevertales: The Beauty Within, a page-turning Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Nevertales: The Beauty Within


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Nevertales: The Beauty Within

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Nevertales: The Beauty Within 4.7 5 121 121
It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This! It's the end of a long grueling workday and you hear a desperate knock on your door. You open the door and SURPRISE! There's a baby on your doorstep. Grab the baby put her in the car and set out on a high speed chase to find this horrible person. Out of nowhere a mansion appears, it's never been there before, what's going on? This is a really good story with a fairy tale ending (it's really good) You find a mechanical owl named Gears who helps you retrieve the items too high to reach and your cell phone is your journal and map. You can customize the difficulty or choose existing modes and the CE version has roses to collect and morphing items in the hidden object scenes. The HOS are truly different, some require you to find keys to unlock sections of the lists others are finding the items on the list which simply move to reveal pieces of the final item, my favorite ones were silhouetted items to find on stained glass and they blended into the designs of the stained glass and the item shown such as a frog was not the exact shape you were looking for. There were so many great mini games, my favorite was two talking heads on a door that would ask you a question such as how many vases are there in the foyer and you had to go and count them and return and choose which head was correct. There are several books you find that have 7 fragmented picture pieces to find and the story is told through several diaries you find. Each page of the diary requires you to find several shapes before the next page is revealed. You will find and enter several portals and travel to different countries and even to the moon! I can't find a single thing to complain about so stop reading and start downloading, enjoy! November 22, 2013
Nothing like this game EVER BEFORE!!! Nothing I've played before compares to this game, in my opinion. As you learn from the description, the game begins with a baby being dropped off, present day, at the doorstep of an attorney who's done for the night., on to the good stuff: Overall rating: It's a five only because there is no higher rating. Fun Factor: Off the charts fun for me. Everything about this game is DIFFERENT and because these different things are so well done, it's also great. Some developers go for different and end up giving us something that's not very good. Not the case here. Visual Sound Quality: The visuals are much more important that the sound in this game. Typically, sound effects/background music is very important to me. It's not a big part of this game and it doesn't matter. Visually, the game is a stunner. The colors are bright and exciting and that provides the "feel" for the game. The visuals create the challenge!! Level of Challenge: Hidden Objects: The very best I've seen. The first is close to standard. Find an object that's described for you. In most games, when you complete the HOG, you either have to find one final item which you'll use to progress in the game, or an item is awarded to you. In Nevertales, with each hidden object you find, you're given a section of the bonus item. When you find all of the hidden objects, you've also constructed an item which you'll use to later on. This is much more interesting that the standard HOG. A second hidden object is the silhouette style. Much more intricate in this game, however, and FAR MORE CHALLENGING. In Nevertales you must find what a silhouette suggests. But it's not just sitting there,,,it's well-hidden in the background. Basically, you're looking at a mosaic trying to find smaller items hidden within the big picture. It's incredibly well done. Storyline: This is a case where I don't think the storyline is central...if that makes any sense. I'm just so amazed by the "skills" required to finish this game that the background narrative isn't that important. The puzzles, which are abundant,, are also DIFFERENT. It's not just more of the same. One example: You're given a palette and you must arrange the blocks to resemble a figure you've seen earlier in the game. It's not difficult, it's just different and VERY FUN. Another example of very different: a memory skill, but none like you've played before. To gain access to a room you have a convo with two talking door sentries. They'll argue between themselves about some item in another room...its color or how many of them there are, for instance. You must agree with one of the two. If you're right, you unlock one of the bolts. This is FUN!!! I don't want to give the impression that you must be expert to play this game. I don't think so. It's not easy. It's takes a lot of work (FUN WORK) and it's not fast (but I'm a pretty slow player anyway. I like to take my time and enjoy a great game). Don't be scared away from this. You will find it challenging but it's worth the time and energy. And you'll have a real sense of accomplishment when you're done with it. There's absolutely NO DOUBT that this game is a winner and a must buy!!! The question is, DO YOU SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY FOR THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION. From my perspective the answer is an easy YES!! You don't just get ONE bonus chapter. Not TWO. BUT THREE bonus chapters. In addition to this there are morphing objects within HOGs! There are multiple collectibles, achievements, an integrated strategy guide. Typically, I don't think these things really mean much, but I ate up everything this game had to offer andI wish I were still playing it. All the extras are incredible and make the CE worth it. But even if you don't care about those extras, I assure you, you will love the additional game time with the bonus chapters. That said, SE, CE...whatever it is you choose, just GET IT!! I Promise you'll love it. November 22, 2013
Genuine Masterpiece! BASED ON PARTIALLY COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS I?ve never been tempted to use the word ?masterpiece? about a game before, but it is fitting for this game. I am in the process of playing it at the moment, so I am just taking a few minutes out to let you know what I?ve seen so far. It?s funny how things go sometimes, I was trying to explain why this game is so far above the hundreds I?ve played before, and I thought the only game that has come close to the same complexities and imagination, is Rite Of Passage: Child Of The Forest, which when released was the most inspiring game I?d seen. Then, looking at other games by this developer, guess what I found was their last offering? Yup, this developer has managed to shock me into speechlessness with the quality and originality of their work, not once, but twice this year. (And their name doesn?t even start with ?E?!) GAME IN BRIEF This game?s artwork is absolutely wonderful, and others have aptly described it in the CE reviews, but it is the games and puzzles that are so special. There are a dozen different types of HOPs for starters. Plenty so original we don?t have names for them yet (but hopefully we will in the future), unique and cleverly designed scenes for the HOPs, and all of them varying in difficulty and purpose. And all this is true for the mini-games as well. I am having a hard time remembering any that were not totally new and unexpected. Some are crazy-hard simply because the logic to the puzzle is totally new to me. And many are so cunning and beautiful! The adventuring side of the game leads you into some startling areas too. There is nothing at all that?s not original in this game. Even our purpose ? the story is about protecting a baby that?s been left on your doorstep! CE vs. SE COMPARISON I am sorry not to be able to give you an in depth comparison for this game ? because I haven?t unlocked all the extras yet, but from conversations with people who have, and what I can see for myself, this is one of those very rare games where I think the CE is a must have. Even if it means having to wait til the next CE sale (which is what I did, and why I?ve not finished already.) What I have seen are excellent gallery offerings, including my preferred style of purpose-created wallpapers that you can actually use. And a very clear strategy guide, which gives the main game as 7 chapters (I have completed the third, in just over 2 hours), and 1 bonus chapter and 3 hidden chapters. It also gives the locations of the collectibles ? roses, morphing items in the HOs and one other collectible known only after you?ve completed other aspects of the game. There?s also 2 bonus games and both replayable HOs and puzzles. With all that, you can see why I think the CE is the best value CE we?ve ever had. But having said all that, this is a wonderful game, no matter which way you look at it. I would not hesitate to recommend this SE version, especially if you?re not into Bling! November 22, 2013
SIMPLY WONDERFUL Intriguing story: baby is left on your doorsteps with a note to take the baby home. But how she gets the baby home is really a guess because there' s nothing to say where home is. I thought it funny when the baby was added to inventory. Sounds were realistic. No sync with voice overs, but then that doesn't matter to me since the game is likely produced in various languages and the lip movement would differ for each. You get listed objectives. I found them to be more challenging than many of the games out there, even though you knew what you had to do. Hint system was no always on-the-spot, but adequate. Still had to use the brains to figure out how to do something. Music was appropriate to the scene - from a sense of urgency to calm and relaxing. You get a helper owl named Gears (another bit of humor) to help with high places. 4 levels of difficulty (one is customizable). HOS were lovely. After finding an object, there is a piece of a puzzle under it on some HOS. Other HOS were finding silhouettes, which were well blended. Puzzles were especially satisfying - new, unusual and difficulty varied. Really done well. Really beautiful production values. Lots of fun and thing to do. I decided to get the CE because it has 3 bonus games. November 22, 2013
A Masterpeice - Absolutely the Best Game of 2013 As the game begins you have just wrapped up another successful case by proving your client innocent. As you are getting ready to relax with a good book someone starts pounding on your door. You open the door to find a baby along with a note that tells you to return her home but to not go to the police since you are the only one who can save her. So now your adventure begins. Will you be able to return the baby to her rightful home? Others have done a great job of listing the game?s technical aspects so I won?t go into those except to note that we have another developer who has given us a custom mode of gameplay with a lot of options. Nevertales is a very visually appealing, beautiful game with excellent graphics that are crisp and colorful. The voiceovers and lip-sync in the game are excellent as is the entire sound package. It is not often that I comment on the music in a game but I enjoyed the music in Nevertales and felt that it added a lot to my overall enjoyment of the game. Not long after you begin the game you will find your cell phone that contains a journal and all of the information that you might need to check as you progress. Once you have found the cell phone it will live on the lower right portion of the screen in the same area where your interactive map is located. To save steps, you may also access the map through a tab in your cell phone if you prefer. Okay so here is where we come to the gameplay basics and this is where Nevertales becomes a very different game than same old HOPA games we have come to love. The HOP scenes in Nevertales are quite interesting and the developer has certainly given a new spin on the interactive HOPS. I think many of you will enjoy the way the HOPS play out in Nevertales. Not only do we find classic HOPS, there are also fragmented object puzzles scattered throughout the game. Of course we can expect to find puzzles as well and some of them are quite different, with some of them taking a bit of thought to solve. Nevertales The Beauty Within is an excellent game that is different than the more recent run of the mill HOPA games. The developer has given us some unique twists and turns that make this a standout, excellent game. For those of you who may be burned out on HOPA games, I would highly recommend that you try this game since it is, IMHO, a masterpiece. If you are a fairly new to playing HOPA games, I would also suggest that you try the CE version since it has the integrated strategy guide and many other extras that make it a true CE value. I loved the game but, as always, recommend that you try the demo to see if this is a game you will enjoy. November 22, 2013
Serious Game of the Year 2013 Contender; I Won't be Surprised if this is the Winner I want to throw my hat in the ring and say that if this doesn't win "Game of the Year, 2013", I will be incredibly surprised. This game has earned it. It has 'surpassed' my highest possible expectations and blew me away. As there are some new game mechanics used in this game, I first created a character to walk me through a tutorial (it really is needed if you want to get the most out of the game and avoid confusion as SO MUCH is offered here (speaking of the CE; I'm unsure of what extras were kept with the SE release). Once I figured out what I was doing, I created a new character and customized game-play to make it challenging. It is the perfect amount of challenge and there are 3 modes of difficulty to chose from; 4 counting the "Customize to your Preferences" mode. While the Strategy Guide is very helpful, it does not assist with how the game is set-up (those that have played this know what I mean: when and how to access the hidden chapters, how to get the 45 additional collections, etc.). I recommend the tutorial; in lieu of that; the forums are helpful. There is so much to love about this game. It is incredibly unique, absolutely engaging and an enormous amount of effort was put into every single little detail. It is completely customizable, voice-acting is top-notch, graphics are stunning, aspect correction for wide-screens (pet peeve of mine), cut-scenes are well-done and perfectly balanced, your journal (smartphone) contains everything you need including the list of achievements right there for you to see while playing, and your 'helper' is not annoying or fuzzy or over-the-top cute.You don't dress him up or feed him. He's awesome to have around, very useful, and I quite enjoyed the areas in the game where I could utilize his assistance. There are ZERO shortcuts taken here. Zero. Hard work went into this down to the tiniest detail. Leaves on trees actually have 'texture'; you can see individual grains of sand and this is found in places where the developers didn't have to go the extra mile; they chose to enhance quality for us gamers: it really is that intricate. That's the level of detail we are talking about here and this hard work is obvious throughout the entire game. There is no rushed ending. In some games it feels like the developers just wanted to get the game over with and hurried up the ending; NOT in this game. Additionally, SE players will get a proper ending and not be left hanging just because they decided to purchase the SE as opposed to the CE. Thank you Developers for not cheating players out of a proper ending if they cannot afford or do not want to buy the CE version. *thumbs up* The main game took me well over 7 hours. If you decide to upgrade to the CE (and I highly recommend that if you can swing it) the bonus chapter is another 1.5 hours (at minimum) and the hidden chapters, collectibles, additional puzzles and fulfilling the *3 stars for each HOS* took me another 2+ hours. Well over 10 hours was spent playing this game and I wasn't bored for a single nanosecond. Various types of Hidden Object Scenes are presented to keep the game exciting, including some we haven't seen before. There is a heavy 'adventure' aspect to this game and the puzzles are quite engaging and original as well. There are stories within stories, the list goes on as far as unique game mechanics. Honestly, I feel like I got a good deal paying the CE price; it really is that good. And this is coming from someone who is very critical of CE's as they are so often just glorified SE's with a bunch of fluff. I do not regret this purchase and it is one I can actually see myself playing more than once. So, for those that bought the SE; this is my honest advice... ...If you are going to buy only ONE CE this year, make it this one and upgrade. This is the first CE I've played in a LONG time where I feel like I actually got my money's worth plus some. It is full of 'extras'. And not just a bunch of the typical stuff thrown together haphazardly either. The enormous amount of CE content was handled with as much care and attention to detail as the main game. Typically, a bonus chapter will contain a bunch of drawn-out puzzles and HOS after HOS; filler and fluff mainly. Not so with this game. The bonus game is its own story; a spin-off from the main story, whose ending is wrapped up nicely in the SE version. The bonus game is fun, engaging, just as innovative, every bit as beautiful, and again; no shortcuts. Some additional details on the SE versus CE conundrum. There are numerous achievements of various ranks: bronze, silver, and gold and some are quite unique in actions you have to take to achieve them so best take a look as you go along so you don't miss one. While I don't know for sure, by the way the game is set-up, achievements *may* still be available with the SE; I don't know that for sure. There are many collectibles both within the game and within the HOS we occasionally encounter. These are also done beautifully and creatively. After the main game, there are even more collectibles and additional puzzles not found in the main-game. There is literally double, if not triple, the amount of CE content that we usually get with this game which is why, if you are on the fence, it may be worth it to save those game credits and go for the CE to get the most out of this game. Regardless of SE or CE, this game stands out from the crowd in every possible way. Happy Gaming. Once you get going, you won't resurface for awhile so set aside a good chunk of time for an outstanding day of gaming. I am looking forward to playing more games from this developer. They are, in my opinion, the new 'cutting-edge' leaders in casual gaming. Very well done and as for Game of the Year 2013, this game has my vote, no question. November 22, 2013
MUST HAVE!! I don't often review games, but I have to say this was truly THE BEST game I have ever purchased from Big Fish and believe me, I've purchased a lot! You already know the story line form the other reviews. All I can add to the rave reviews is if you enjoy new and unique puzzles, hidden object games that are fun and challenging, then this is a MUST HAVE for you! November 24, 2013
Great game I generally don't like hidden object games.. This game is like reading a very well written story.. Completed the game in a hurry and started it again together with my children in order to share the story with em (first chapter is a little bit frightening, but later the story suits also children) The challenge lvl suits my tastes: not too much difficult nor too easy... Things are hidden but you don't need lenses to find em.. As i told before the focus is on the story. Really enjoyable game. The replayable value is low... but a good film can be seen only once or twice.. November 24, 2013
An unexpected joy I didn't expect to get hooked on this game, but I did. I can normally complete a HOG in less than five hours (a couple of my favourite CE games actually has this as an achievement!), but this one kept me thinking long enough to enjoy over several days. I bought the CE and it's definitely worth it - the extras were a separate evening's entertainment again. The story took a twist I wasn't expecting, but the whole thing comes together with various elements intertwining (personally there's a couple of plot holes, but they genuinely don't spoil the entertainment of the game at all) 6 out of 5 stars! (if that were possible) December 3, 2013
Perfectly perfect game! This game is an excellent example of how to create a game that is well made and very entertaining. It has well crafted graphics: Bright and colorful, sharp, well defined. Well made. The cutscenes are are great as well! The storyline keeps my interest, well thought of minigames, skip option available, hint helpful, there's a jump map, also a diary, and this cute mechanical owl that helps you reaching places you can't. The HO scenes are amazing! The devs made a variety of them so it is never boring looking for objects! The music and sound effects are pleasant to the ears, and there's even a song performed during the gameplay, at least during the first hour I played, and it was really good! No doubt in my mind that the makers of this game put a lot into this game in order to make it into a masterpiece, a game that made me buy it right away, because it is so entertaining! "Mad head games", remember this name! They are the ones that made this game, I hope they'll make more of these, I am most definitely hooked to this game. Very exciting game, I highly recommend it! November 22, 2013
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