Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat

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From the creators of the Dark Parables series!

For more than a century, girls of a certain age have been mysteriously vanishing, never to be seen again. Some say they were taken by the Crooked Man, who always travels with a strange little black cat at his side. Now he’s kidnapped your very own sister! You’ve got to unravel the riddles in the Cursery and find out who's the mastermind behind this whole evil plot.

Save your sister, as well as his other kidnap victims… Defeat the Crooked Man and his servant… Uncover the story behind the Crooked Man’s actions… Reveal the mystery of the cursed nursery rhymes, the Cursery…

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Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat


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Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat

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Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat 4.3 5 45 45
Another win for Blue Tea Games I adore the Dark Parables games and so I thought I would try this new series by Blue Tea Games. I was not disappointed. The beautiful images, atmospheric music and intricate story line I have come to expect from Blue Tea were all there. The puzzles were perhaps a little too easy but then I was never frustratingly stuck and I play these sort of things more for the story and gorgeous artwork than for the gameplay so I didn't mind. There seemed to be less HO puzzles than the Dark Parables games but I really enjoyed trying to find the pretty baubles used to make up a bigger object you need later on. The story was great. Interesting, creepy, with mystery and romance and a little bit sad. The atmosphere was perfect and I found it spooky with out being too scary.There were parts of the story that might have been explained a little better but on the whole I loved it. If you liked the Dark Parables series you will really enjoy this too. A really beautiful, absorbing FROG with a great story and wonderful characters. My only real complaint was that I wish it was longer. Well worth the money. January 20, 2014
A BEAUTIFUL GAME ! A little too cute for my taste and I did become bored with this game before the end, but I stayed with it because the art work is so pretty. Just my jaded opinion. December 30, 2013
Overall, Great Game! I really love how beautiful the graphics and back drops were. The storyline was very interesting and I couldn't guess what was going to happen next! The challenge was fair , no need for a walkthrough, because the map always lets you know what area has something to be discovered. The one little issue I had was with the puzzles. They were fun but highly repetitive! It felt like the same 3 types of games were used over and over with a different theme, color, symbol, etc..... It is a very good game however. December 10, 2013
Good adventure game I like my games to be slightly off their mind, dark or whimsical... and that was spot on! So full points for the art design and theme. The voices were okay and I really like the music (even if it seemed to be the same two or three tracks on loop). The story was straightforward, yet not too obvious and enjoyable. I didn't get to use the map or the hints, so I can't comment on those. There weren't too many HOGs on the game, which was good for me too as I get easily tired of them. I quite liked the mix of finding objects just lying around on the screen and getting them through puzzles. Unfortunately, the puzzles themselves were a bit of a disappointment. I played on the hardest level (as I usually do) and I wasn't stuck even once (it's probably good for beginners or intermediate players, though). It still took me around three hours to finish it, so the game is still long enough to be enjoyed. June 29, 2014
I accepted the second invitation to tea ; ) (Second Edition) Please note my review in the CE [Collector's Edition] section of this site... So, I did purchase the SE with a credit, yet can't help but feel a little disappointed when speculating how great this game COULD have been. The beginning cut scene was fantastic... gorgeous! I wish it had continued from there in it's coherency. As mentioned in the CE review, this game was just too much, too much... things misplaced and cluttered in areas not appropriate to the setting and this was a major qualm for me as I enjoy immersive gaming where I can sort of get lost in the game and feel a part of it. As an example, in the very beginning we are introduced to Mary and her lamb... this was so disjointed as an intro to the theme of a different fairy tale [crooked man] that it interrupted the flow of the storyline. If, perhaps, presented later, and obviously not as the presentation of the map, it would have been an interesting contrast to the story. Speaking of which, the storyline was quite weak in general. As another quick example of 'busy-ness", as we get past one of the first obstacles in the game, we come upon a house in the wood... WHY is there a WINE CELLAR practically ON the path!!?? A cabinet out on the walkway.. Whaa?? And now that I'm thinking of it, why are there cats interspersed throughout the game with, ie geese, bees, mice, dolls, boxes, skeletons, ghosts, who IS the wood cutter... we haven't been introduced, yet here are his child's toys; [and, errr! devs, enough of the puppets already].... agghh just too much too much too much jumbled mix of theme to be a coherent storyline here. What I DID enjoy was the overall premise of the game; at least what it COULD have been and ONE detail that wasn't too cluttered was the fantastic idea of the pop down print narration with original and creative description of various areas within the game... that was superb, it created atmosphere.... and I would LOVE to see that duplicated in future games. I also enjoyed much of the music and yet at the same time, there was, again, a bit too much 'clutter' in the sound department!! I stepped out of the room at one point and became ANNOYED because the background was RESOUNDING from my computer room in an undying roar from the game even while it was in a 'holding' pattern! :} Well, better luck next time Blue Tea... I will DEFINITELY look forward to upcoming games and hope a few straggled bits of tea are strained from the brew and perhaps a few new flavors added to the teapot. I recommend, with specified reservations mentioned. : ) December 10, 2013
Crazy Cats & Crooked Fairy Tales BASED ON COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS Well, I had my reservations about this game when I wrote my review for the CE, and I am sad to say that they were justified. This is not a top quality game, despite some absolutely marvellous parts. SIGHTS & SOUNDS The biggest sin, of course, is to take some of the most beautiful artwork you?ll ever see and produce it on such a low definition that it looks like something made 5 years ago (at least). The graphics are blurry all the time, and grainy some of it, and all around not pleasant to look at and difficult to focus on. The HOP scenes are generally a little clearer, but that is not justification for the poor quality through the rest of the game. Of course, if you are playing on a laptop, you probably won?t even be able to see what I?m talking about. The music is on a par with the visual art. Brilliant. In keeping with the dark fairy tale theme, but light enough not to bring you down. And had the unusual effect of feeling that it was almost familiar ? a kind of musical dj vu. Yet I?m quite sure it?s original. In any case, it begged for folk tale lyrics. WHAT?S HAPPENING The crooked man and his crooked cat steal young women who foolishly venture into their woods. They should know better ? these two have been at it for years and everyone knows the legend. Still, you and your sister blithely enter the danger zone and Sister gets herself kidnapped. It is quite a complex story, based on a nursery rhyme, and actually quite compelling. I kept on with bated breath wanting to know how all this came to be and how it would all end. (Unexpectedly, is the answer to the 2nd question). There are some excellent twists and surprises along the way. Which I would have enjoyed much more if I could have kept track of what was going on. With no diary, it was difficult to keep the various story elements clearly in mind, and I was unhappily confused about a lot of the back story and who did what to whom. I really missed the sort of story and character cards this developer has used so successfully in the Dark Parable series. MAKING PROGRESS This game is a little hard to classify. Most of the game play is puzzles. Far more general puzzles and mini-games than FROGs (fragmented hidden object games). And, like the FROGs, many are repeated. The puzzles range from very easy to very hard (by my standards), but they are all doable I think. They are beautiful, but not really integrated into the game and for a while, the game seems to consist of nothing but moving from puzzle to puzzle. At other parts of the game, the adventure side seems dominant. This is not overly difficult, but the interactive jump map telling you where the next step should be is very helpful. Hint is okay too, it is directional, but the map is easier to use. The map is really a wonder. A pop-up with little figures that move around when you open it. I like it a lot. COMBINED IMPACT Overall, I am disappointed in this game. With better graphics and a better structured story, it could have been brilliant. I also wish there had been a diary. Still, it is a mile ahead of many other games and many will like it without even noticing the poor quality graphics. January 13, 2014
Enjoyable but not great Crooked man has the bling you expect from Blue Tea. The story starts with your sister being kidnapped by the Crooked Man and his cat. It is up to you to save her and all the other girls he's taken. Just like the Dark Parable series, this game is mostly mini-games scattered with fragmented HOGs. A fairly quick skip button on the mini-games...not too challenging, but not too easy either. I'm usually not into FROGs, but they were fairly easy so I found them to be enjoyable. What really makes Blue Tea games stand out from others, though, is the bling. (Even though this game seemed a little bit toned down on bling compared to some of the other Blue Tea games). Though not as good as some of the Dark Parables, this game still falls along the same lines. If you enjoyed the Dark Parable series, then you will enjoy this game. Red Riding Hood Sisters is one of my favorites. December 8, 2013
disapointing This game was just okay. I debated whether to give it 2 starts or three but settled on three. I am usually a fan of Blue Tea games but this one... not so much. It seemed thrown together and not that interesting. The game play was extremely repetitive. Lots of pieces to open things.. over and over.. find the piece then open the whatever. And reading ...over and over read this note then that note. Nothing overly imaginative here. The mini games were mostly rearrange the pieces to fit. again pretty repetitive. I found the story short and the ending very unsatisfying. What about all those people he kidnapped? What ever happened to them? Why did she die in the first place? Why was he chasing her? And what mother goose had to do with all this is anyone's guess. The game had only one collectible, some morphing objects and there were only 20 of those throughout the whole game. The achievements were mostly game related so you only had to play the game as you normally would to achieve them. No challenge here. The few HO scenes that there were in this one were all list based and not interactive. Very old school. There was a jump map and the hint system worked well. On the plus side the game is, as always, beautifully drawn and full of color. It has all the charm and magic visually of BT games but for me at least.. being nice to look at was just not enough. Less reading, more variety with inventory objects, HO scenes and a mix of puzzles is really expected in games today and this one just did not measure up. December 9, 2013
OKay It could've been a much better game than what it turned out to be. What I liked about it was you returned to the older scenes to complete tasks. Usually, the developer will lead you further into the game never to return. The mini games were a bit on the simple side and overall the game was short. I played for maybe 5 hours, if that long. 2014 January 4, 2014
Not my cup of Tea I played the CE demo of this, then thought, well maybe the game will entice me more today. Wrong. I realize I'm in the minority here, but I absolutely disliked this game. I will say I'm not a fan of the Dark Parable games so if this game is supposed to be similar to one of the Dark Parable games, this could be why. The graphics and music were nice. The map was interactive and sort of a pop up map. The FRAG HOS were few and far in between thank goodness, because they are not my favorite. The puzzles and mini games were very frequent and they were just ok. I made myself play the entire demo as I do not think it's fair to say I played 10 minutes and hated it. No, I played the entire thing and disliked it. What we have is another fairy tale with a mean crooked villan with a crooked cat, etc. etc. The bling I can certainly pass on. Many say this is a fairy tale for adults. I have to disagree. This is a sugary sweet with a bit of evil thrown in fairy tale. Too much fluff and stuff. I'm sure many will rave over this game, however it's a pass for me. December 9, 2013
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Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat

These nursery rhymes are cursed, and your sister’s been taken by the Crooked Man!

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