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Madame Fate returns… from the dead! This is Fate’s Carnival as you’ve never seen it before, with old acts like Amazing Larry and Marlena Mermaid in the most harrowing predicaments! Can you stop fate before it’s too late? Or will the creepy carnival curse stop you?
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"Brilliant! A sequel to Madame Fate - That's really all I have to say." - Christine, MCF Beta Tester

"Thank you so much for returning to the roots of the franchise." - Joel, MCF Beta Tester

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 952 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mild Blood
  • Mild Violence
Mystery Case Files®: Fate's Carnival


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Mystery Case Files®: Fate's Carnival

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Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival 4.1 5 96 96
you get your money's worth with this one To tell you the truth it was an endless game, it took me a few days to finish it and I will have to play it again just to see if I can get it faster ! It's a great game, lots to do and remember, great portals that take you around....Great graphics, great puzzles,story line is good, it's just that I got lost....and exhausted. January 4, 2014
MCF Is BACK With A BANG! I've been playing the MCF games since they released the very first one years ago and like many other MCF fans was not thrilled with their 2012 release "Shadow Lake" -- but it seems MCF listened to their fans and came up with "Fate's Carnival". It's a fantastic game that includes all the things we love about MCF games, and more. The graphics are really well done, the story line is intriguing, and their are puzzles within puzzles - all in all an awful lot of bang for your buck. Thank you MCF for getting back to what made your games great. January 4, 2014
Just Plain Fun! A great game! So many fun things to do! I love the interactive scenes where you have to figure out what to do to accomplish the objective and win your prize. They're not easy, but that's the fun part, using your brain and trying different things to figure out how to complete each part of the puzzle. The only thing "bad" about this game is that it sets the bar so high and spoils me. Other games just don't compare. Come on, Elephant developers, keep hiring more programmers and continue to churn out the games. Elephant never disappoints me. I know I can always buy your games without playing the demo. You're the best! December 31, 2013
From A to Z This is the most A to Z game I've played. I say A to Z because it goes from being really simple to being very complex in regards to the HOGs, puzzles, logic, etc. In some cases, you go back and forth in scenes only a move or two away and in other cases, you go back and forth almost to the beginning or the end of the game depending on your progress in the game. The inclusion of puzzles in the notebook is unique and the use of interactive puzzles is fun. I like challenges but some of the interactive puzzles are so complex as to defy logic. I'm not a novice, nor an expert, but I had to use the hint button on numerous occasions to even figure out what to do or do next. I only played the 2nd of the 4 'hardness' levels of difficulty and I find it almost unbelievable that anyone could play the hardest level and ever solve the puzzle or at least solve it in any reasonable time. While at times it was somewhat enjoyable following the clues to solve the puzzle, at other times, it was somewhat frustrating. Some of the clues were quite clear while some of the clues were confusing at best. In one case, I solved a puzzle that was the right solution but wasn't recognized by the game. Only by achieving the same result by a different sequence was I able to move forward. The map was very useful to determine what to do next as it wasn't obvious a fair portion of the time. Some 'next moves' were sensible while other 'next moves' were out of left field. In some cases, the inventory tool made sense and in other cases, it made some sense only after using the tool and thinking about it as a remote possibility. It was by far one of the longest games I have played so considering all of the above, it certainly was good value for what was paid. For anyone playing this game, be prepared for an A to Z game experience regardless of what level of difficulty you choose. February 9, 2014
Great game if you like to be challenged I've read some reviews from people that really didn't like the fact that this game does take a while to get through, but that's exactly one of the reasons I enjoyed this game! I consider myself to be in the expert-ish range & I WANT a game that can keep me engaged for more than a couple of hours. Most games I've played, I can get though in 4-5 hrs or less, which to me can be a serious waste of my $. I want a challenge & this is definitely a challenge - I had to tackle it over a few days. To me, that's a plus! Like the original Madame Fate, you have to go back & forth A LOT, there are lots of tasks and puzzles. If you don't like that, then this is not a game for you. The artwork is on par with all the MCF games & is sufficiently creepy but not over-the-top gross. The storyline was a little odd in spots considering what we all thought happened to everyone at the carnival in the original game BUT I love how they continue to tie MF to Ravenhearst... it makes me hopeful for more Ravenhearst games :) I will admit that I used some hints & a couple skips, just because I had other things I needed to get to at the time or my patience ran out with a particular game. Overall, I loved it & would play it again - I will have to try one of the other settings next time (there are acutally 5 skill settings!). December 30, 2013
Beautiful mystery Pros: - Stunningly beautiful - Enough challenging, had to use the hints more than usually - Smooth playing, little to no loading - Better hints than in previous MCF games - Quite scary in the first part of the game Cons: - I so wish the scariness would last till the end but even the very final moments failed to give me chills - I wanted to make the last decisions myself! - Repeating puzzles I played the Return to Ravenhood after this and, boy, did it seem dated compared to this! June 13, 2014
Another great game with a terrible ending. The game itself was great. Not too easy with new and innovative puzzles. The storyline was pretty bad though and the voice overs were horrible. That still didn't prepare me for the abrupt and quite terrible ending. I assume that there is more of an ending in the collectors version, but seriously, this was the worst yet. March 12, 2014
Challenging game The production of this game is one of the best I have seen. The artwork is cartoonish, but that fits the story to a tee. The characters are fun, and the VOs have lip sync. Music fits well, too. What is really impressive to me is the amount of effort that was put into many of the puzzles. Nothing simple here like move some objects around. Many steps are required and without being directly obvious - you have to think and spend a lot of time solving them. The HINT button helps a lot here. You are given tips in your journal along the way for other puzzles. The HOS are similar with some regular items to find, but with also lot of IA and mini games involved. Really top notch work! The story is good if a little screwy at times, but that's the whole point. The game is very long (I didn't time it.) with many locations. One of the main reasons I didn't give this game five stars is all the back-and-forth required, which seems to be a characteristic of this developer. I would have gone even nuttier than I already am if it wasn't for the excellent HINT button that allows you to teleport to the location needing action. This is a super game, but it isn't for the casual player. It is very involved with little being very straightforward. January 6, 2014
The Best MCF Yet This game took me four days to complete. I really enjoyed the puzzles....very different. The only reason I gave 4 stars was that I thought it was a bit too long. Thank goodness for the Hint button. The end was a little anticlimactic, but the programmers did an awesome job. December 30, 2013
Great Game, But FAR Too Long! BASED ON COMPLETED STANDARD EDITION GAME In my quest for challenge, I stumbled upon this game. The demo seemed good, so I thought I would purchase it. While the game itself was quite good, I can honestly say I have never regretted anything more in my life. The had a very interesting concept and began quite well. I had not played the first Madame Fate, but I knew it was very popular, so I was excited to see what the sequel would bring. In terms of the creep factor, the story has done incredibly well. Lots of things were shocking and just downright scary. I actually would be gasping and wondering what was happening in a couple of scenes, as if I myself was experiencing these things in the game. I give kudos to the developers for this. In terms of cotent, in all honesty, at first I was struggling to connect all the events. Sure the story was easy to follow, but in the beginning it just seemed to be ?go and save all these people from despair? and there was nothing to say why these people were in their predicaments, or clues as to what was happening. Don't get me wrong, I liked how each of their predicaments somehow related to their act, and the excitement that each one bought, but there was no joining link there. After the demo ended, I decided to purchase. I had no idea at the time, but I would later come to regret this. The story picked up quite well from where the demo picked off, and began to prove me wrong with my assumption that it was just a game where I had to go around saving people. There was a huge, totally unexpected twist in the middle of the demo that I absolutely loved. It sucked me right back in to the story and I was determined to find out what was happening. However, shortly after that was where my excitement ended. Things just started getting strange. We discovered a few of the victims were already dead. What was the point of that? It made me angry, because I'd already been playing for quite a while and it just didn't seem worth it. Speaking of playing for quite a while, that's exactly what I did. This story is INSANELY long, waaaay too long for my liking, and my enjoyment suffered as a consequence. I had reached chapter 8 and, with no ending in sight, was getting frustrated. I soon discovered this game consisted of a mammoth 14 chapters. To discover I had been playing for that long and was barely past HALFWAY through was just the killer for me. From then on I just lost motivation to finish and was considering abandoning this halfway through. I stopped enjoying the story or paying attention to it. I just could not wait for this game to finish and was thrilled when it finally did. I felt like I was the one being tortured. The ending was quite good. I was relieved that it was conclusive. It was a very exciting, high action ending that I felt I was fully deserving of after having played for so long. If it had not been conclusive I would have demanded my coupon back. This game also featured a backstory, which I absolutely loved. It went in to the details of the villain and their connection with Madame Fate. I also liked how it made connections with the Ravenhearst saga. It was nice to see Elephant revisiting other things in the series. It was probably my favourite part. Overall, a good story, but just waaaaaaaaaaaay too long! The gameplay is absolutely fantastic. The HOS are pretty good; each of them are junkpile with extra-step objects, and some even included minigames. While I found the HOS to be very enjoyable and quite challenging, I wasn't a fan of the minigames. I know they were added for challenging, but I found them confusing and not fun at all. I think the HOS would have been much better without them. All that aside, I loved each HOS I played. In the beginning, they seemed to be few and far between, but they grew more frequent as the game wore on, which was fantastic. There were a total of 16 HOS in the game, which was a great number. I would have liked maybe one or two more, considering the amount of puzzles. If you love puzzles, then this is definitely the game for you. I myself am not a fan of them, yet I absolutely loved these ones. I loved how unique and totally challenging they were, while still being very fun. My favourtie puzzles were definitely the multi-step ones with the puzzle hints. I loved their uniqueness, and enjoyed every one I got to play. In addition, they each had a 5 minute skip recharge, which I loved, as it encouraged me to really have a go at the puzzles. Other puzzles had skip recharge times of 1:30, which was fantastic. I loved how creative the developers got with these, with each puzzle being different and more fun than the last. The puzzles are prominent throughout the whole game and are well spaced out. The quantity is certainly no problem: there are an uncanny 34 puzzles in the game, making this one a puzzle lover's dream. As of now there are two things I am after in games: Challenge and prominent adventure component. I certainly got both in this game! The adventure component was more prominent than ever before and was very enjoyable. In addition, this is the most challenging game I have played... ever! I was frequently using hints, even looking at the online walkthrough... something I have never had to do before! The challenge factor made the game so much more fun and really stretched my brain to the limits of its thinking powers. I do have one issue though: While the adventure component is EXTREMELY prominent, the amount of backtracking in this game is ridiculous. I have no doubt this was added for length, but had a huge impact on the fun factor. I was jumping back and forth all over the place, sometimes going back by 6 or 7 locations just to do one thing, then go back to the location I was in before! I was starting to get a little motion sickness. Another thing to do with backtracking... I had to go and set the various clocks in the game three times! THREE! Twice was slightly annoying, but three times was infuriating. I think Elephant really need to work on their backtracking issue. Also, to make matters worse, sometimes the map wouldn't help at all. It would display one location as having an active task, but I would go there and find I had nothing to do. I ended up discarding the map completely and using only the hint (which acted as a teleporter). There was one additional feature in this game: an animal helper. The animal helper was Isis, Madame Fate's cat. I loved how she tied in to the story, and was actually involved at one stage! Isis was also used realistically and frequently, although I did notice she only seemed to sit and watch in the closing stages of the game. The basic features have been done well. There are a staggering 5 modes of difficulty (including timed), but Casual is still fairly difficult. There is an interactive map, but it is hit and miss in terms of helpfulness. Sometimes it would help, sometimes not. There was also a journal, which contained various puzzles and hints to other puzzles. I didn't think it was necessary the majority of the time, especially since of the puzzles were not necessary to the game. I decided not to solve any of the puzzles in there, nor did I put them in my puzzle count. I would have much preferred the old-style journal. Overall, fantastic, extremely challenging gameplay. The transition of this series to Elephant Games means the time of live-actors has come to an end, which is very disappointing. The graphics in this game are still done quite well, with some nice details and great colours. All the scenes were clear and character designs had lip-synch and looked realistic. The voice-overs are standard. I have no issue. FEATURES 5 modes of difficulty: Easy, Advanced, Hard, Ultra Hard and Timed. Timed mode is only available after completing the game. The differences between others are standard, with the last two difficulties offering no help at all. I played Casual and was still challenged quite a lot. Hint/Skip- Hint recharged at a decent speed for the difficulty, while the skip varied in time from 1:30 to 5:00. I liked the lengthy skip recharge as it forced me to attempt the puzzles. Alistair's Diary- Contained puzzles and solutions to puzzles. I really didn't think it was necessary. Map- The map is interactive but not helpful all the time. Sometimes a location would flash, saying it had an active task, but I would find nothing to do there. Isis- Isis is our animal helper. She is used frequently and realistically, which is great. I also liked how she tied in to the story. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter- absolutely not needed, and- for me- not wanted. Built-in Strategy Guide- shows HOS solutions. Achievements Collectible Old Pounds- some can be earned through solving puzzles from the diary. Collectible Bobbleheads Collectible Secret Cards Play Solitaire Shop- You can spend the money you collect in a shop for Isis. Wallpapers Music Concept Art WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? The CE has some nice collectibles, but I cannot possibly recommend it. The SE game is long enough on its own without the bonus chapter added to it. I would definitely advise you to get the SE. ON THE GAME LENGTH This game is excruciatingly long. It was so long that I ended up losing interest and had to force myself to finish. This game would have been 4 hours at the very bare minimum, but I wouldn't be surprised if I reached the 5 hour mark. I didn't time my gameplay, but 4-5 hours is my best estimate. The rest of the game was great, but the excessively long story ruined it for me. This is the most challenging and unique game I have ever played and, if not for the story's length, I would not have hesitated to give it 5 stars. In the end I must settle for a four. Elephant, I strongly suggest you learn from this mistake. Nobody likes games that are too long! December 14, 2014
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