Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

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Uncover the secrets of Green Hill in Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians! After receiving a frantic call from your niece, you arrive in Green Hill to discover that things have really gone to the birds. A flock of mysterious crows has been terrorizing the town, attacking citizens and causing them to vanish in their tracks. But they’re just the hired help. A strange man in a feathered cloak has a vendetta against your niece’s boyfriend, and he’ll stop at nothing to clear his path to revenge. Can you uncover the secrets behind his feathered fury and rescue Green Hill before it’s too late? Find out in this gorgeous Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • In the bonus game, the Dead King's crown corrupts an ally
  • Screensavers, soundtracks, and concept art
  • Collectible figures from the game
  • Available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1480 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition 4.6 5 87 87
Old Storyline .. But a Good Game ... Lots to Do! While not an option, I give this game 4.5 stars, taking off a half star because there is not much creatively in the storyline. One might get bored, I did not. Three game modes, bonus chapter after finishing the game. Interactive map which jumps you to areas needing action, collectables, fine all the squirrels, 33 and 9 collector items. Hidden object scenes and mini-games are the best in the game. Mini-games while not difficult, are fun to play. All the scenes require some interact. There are different types of scenes. For example, items by name, items by shapes. Some of these hidden object scenes may also have a mini-game. Speaking of mini-games, there are more than enough to keep your interest. Throughout the game, you will also have to fine fragments of an amulet. Then you will have to charge the amulet to use it to fight off evil. After using it, you will have to play a mini-game to recharge it, moving stars around to make a shape to charge three symbols. I like the game a lot and will purchase as soon as I finish this review. Enjoy! January 30, 2014
Well done, but... Afternoon all. Another nice addition to the Mystery of the Ancients series. I have the first two and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Like the others, this one has very nice graphics, but the cut scenes were a bit fuzzy. Seems like everyone is doing that these days...must be for effect. Other than that, the colors were very nice and clear. Game play was good, with no problems at all. Music was nice and mellow and seemed to move with what is happening in the scene at the time. I liked the story, a bit different with the addition of the crows. The jump map is a little crowded, but works well and is used often. Locking inventory bar is great and appreciated, but I did not care for the constant moving of the item within the bar when you are looking or clicking on something to use. Hint system is helpful and fills rather quickly. Voice overs weren't bad, but some didn't fit the setting or time period, e.g. Sheriff, and you could not click through the dialog if you read faster than they speak. Very nice sound FX, appropriate for what is happening at the time. SG seemed to be missing a few steps here and there, e.g. shoot what? or use glass cutter...on what? If you are going to have an SG, it needs to be specific with where and what, not just the last step to accomplish a task. HOPs were interesting and quite easy. Rather than straight silhouettes, the items were a single color to clearly identify what they are. You find one to complete another and there are mini puzzles within the HOP...more than there are outside the HOPs. Did not care for the storybook puzzles, as they were extremely simple and moved very slowly. There is a lot to do in this game and you are constantly on the move. You have 33 squirrels and 9 collector items to find. Others have mentioned jigsaw pieces, but I haven't seen any. Guess I'll go back and try to find them. This is not a bad game, not very challenging, but interesting enough to make me want to add it to my collection of ever growing CE's. This will probably appeal to all levels of players. I do not give 5 stars easily and I down-graded this one because of the SG and the same old, same old HOPs throughout the game (so far). They need to change from straight HOPs to silhouettes to whatever to keep your interest. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews. January 30, 2014
How many crows does it take to make a murder? You'll want to find out. Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Developed by MariaGlorum Collector's Edition Review based on demo IN THE BEGINNING... A frantic call from your niece Elena has you traveling to the town of Green Hill to uncover the enigma behind a string of disappearances, including Elena's boyfriend Stephen. Each disappearance is heralded by a raucous murder of crows with glowing red eyes. The crows seem to be controlled by a figure in a feathered cloak who wields a magic staff capable of amazing things. And just when you think you've met your match, you learn that he's just a minion! Fortunately, you've found an amulet that protects you from his magic. Hopefully, once you restore the amulet, you can vanquish him and his hidden mistress. And find those who have gone missing before Green Hill becomes a ghost town. PLAY THE GAME... While there's nothing truly groundbreaking in the gameplay, Three Guardians does still rise above because gameplay is intuitive. There's no ridiculous use of objects here. HO scenes are of two types: interactive list and sequential action silhouette. Puzzles are mostly retreads, but graphically beautiful. Overall, it's a fairly easy game. SIGHTSEEING? Here's where Three Guardians really shines. The graphics are superb with much attention to detail through texture, dimension through light and shadow, and mood through color and tone. The in-game object animation is incredibly lifelike, and the cutscenes are cinematic in direction and production. SOUND WAVES? Loved the music?ambient and moody, never intrusive, totally download-worthy. Voiceovers were extremely professional, as were environmental effects. Game sounds were nicely unobtrusive. TOOLBOX? I used neither map nor journal during the demo, so I won't comment there. Inventory is lockable. And you have the amulet?the pieces to which you gradually find?which keeps the cloaked figure's magic at bay. EXTRA, EXTRA? Extras include a bonus adventure, the SG, performance achievements, several different collectibles, and the developer's portfolio. THE LAST WORD? While this is not at all a challenging game, it is a glorious sensory experience and fun to play. The storyline, thus far, is suspenseful and draws you in. For these reasons, I do recommend it. January 30, 2014
I enjoyed this . Not partial to hidden object games generally. If there's a good one , I'm tempted. The graphics were very good on this. Delighted that the "Objects" were not too small. You don't need a memory like an elephant for this one. Also, quite a variety of puzzles which I enjoyed very much-particularly the "pairs puzzles". February 6, 2014
Never underestimate the power of an old woman!!! in the game you get to play an old or middle aged woman who has a beautiful niece that plays the damsel in distress she can't find her handsome fianc. Because some crazy guy with crows has been attacking the town. The crazy guy underestimates you because you look like a helpless old woman. when in reality you have a smart detective sense this game is very interesting however I will just wait For the SE version February 2, 2014
Nicely done I've only played the Demo, and can't wait to play the remainder. Very nice graphics, voice overs that's not too chatty, puzzles aren't too difficult which is good as I don't care for the puzzles. HOs were well done with silhouettes and list versions and not overly difficult. Story wasn't new but still interesting. I think everyone will find something they really like about this game. I gave 4 stars as 5 stars should be given to the refreshingly new games. January 30, 2014
Not the most challenging... this game has one huge negative for me... the cursor is sooo sloppy! i like a tight movement, not one that swings around. i almost stopped playing because of this and the challenge level, which borders on chldish. but, there is 'something' about this game that kept me playing. it isn't a bad game overall, and i had some fun while playing. i definetely wasn't ready for the hour demo to be over, but not sure it's worth the cost of a collector's edition. the biggest challenge in this game was to be able to pick up an item from the inventory and not the one next to it...that darn sloppy cursor! lol if the necessary tweaks were done to this game, and a bit more challenge put into it, it'd be a game i'd buy. i'm going to say i'd recommend this game, not so much because i do, but because of the potential it has...does that make sense??? January 30, 2014
Almost a Five star. I give this game four and a half stars. Almost as good as 13 Skulls, Dire Grove, and all the Ravenhurst games. Right up there with the tipy top. I bought it as soon as the demo was over. Wonderful play out of the whole game. Could find nothing to complain about. Love it. February 1, 2014
Good game, not outrageous, but good I really enjoyed this game, though I was a wee bit disappointed in the bonus chapter and don't care that much for the other frills and whistles. I enjoyed looking for the squirrels, that for once was a fun little "extra". There really wasn't anything wrong with this, except I didn't get a "wow" while playing and nowadays that's the bar for 5 stars in my book. What I found the nicest by far in this were the puzzles, they were varied, not just the usual and the level of challenge was just right. The story line was a bit convoluted and I am getting seriously tired of evil mysterious forces. Doesn't anyone have any other ideas in making a suspenseful, fun and enjoyable game? I certainly would buy this again, though not the CE and perhaps only with a punch bonus or as DD. March 11, 2014
A Real Treat!! A beautifully done game. The graphics in this game are wonderful, and made playing the game a real treat. In my humble and I admit novice opinion, so many Hidden Object Games, have beautiful graphics, until you actually get to a Hidden Object scene, and then its like looking through frosted glass, as everything suddenly becomes indistinct and muddy. Not so in this game. I really like the story too. An ancient artifact has corrupted a once good spirit, and turned that spirit into a power hungry, and evil monster. The other good spirits, or Guardians, have captured the evil one, and contained it, and thought everything would be fine. But the baddie wants out, and enlists the help of a scholar, to gain its freedom, so as to continue on the rampage of evil. Wonderful stuff! This game made sense, in that if you needed a hammer to build something, then you played a Hidden Object scene, or,(grrrr) a puzzle, (I don't really like puzzles), then you got your hammer. I can't comment on music, I don't have the music playing. My one real complaint, and it is a personal bug; who chose the voice for the little girl in the tower?? Nails on a chalkboard, comes to mind. Other than that, this is a great game. I played this one back to back with Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, which is another game which I thought was wonderful, so I have had a very satisfying few days of game playing March 10, 2014
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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

The town of Green Hill has really gone to the birds!

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