Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

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Uncover the secrets of Green Hill in Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians! After receiving a frantic call from your niece, you arrive in Green Hill to discover that things have really gone to the birds. A flock of mysterious crows has been terrorizing the town, attacking citizens and causing them to vanish in their tracks. But they’re just the hired help. A strange man in a feathered cloak has a vendetta against your niece’s boyfriend, and he’ll stop at nothing to clear his path to revenge. Can you uncover the secrets behind his feathered fury and rescue Green Hill before it’s too late? Find out in this gorgeous Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • In the bonus game, the Dead King's crown corrupts an ally
  • Screensavers, soundtracks, and concept art
  • Collectible figures from the game
  • Available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1469 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition 4.6 5 95 95
A Worthy CE game This is based on the one hour demo. Rarely do I give a 5 star rating on games. But in this game, everything fits together very nicely. IThink the developers did a wonderful job. The story line is presented very well. Graphics are clear and sharp, and the voice overs are pleasant. I found the music not irritating at all in fact it is rather relaxing. There are a lot of puzzles but they are not hard. the HOS are also clear and not cluttered. The puzzles within the HOS are easy to do. This game is busy and I did not get bored at all. Map is nicely done and transports quickly. Hint button refills super quick. January 30, 2014
Standing ovation to the Mariaglorum Developers of Mystery of the Ancients... Superb! Superb! Superb! What a delight this game turned out to be. I played the CE version and the bonus chapter was just as intriguing as the main game. Bravo! Excellent artwork/graphics; storyline; VOS and acting; music, sound effects; special effects, HOS, puzzles within the HOS; puzzles within puzzles, you name it! Wow! This is my first Mariaglorum game and you can rest assured it won't be my last! Not only was it challenging but I got so engrossed in the game that I forgot to obtain all the squirrel figures. I was able to find all the statues, and there are many achievements to accomplish within this game. The game-flow was just the way I like it. A multitude of things to do and you will not be bored; I guarantee it! The game is long enough to be sure. Of course the storyline is the norm--good versus evil, but what a delight it is to play a game that is intelligently written. It's a game of logic, common sense, instinct, and quite challenging. However, how I knew where to place certain items from the inventory is beyond me. It just seemed to come together perfectly for a change. By the way, you will be using the "whistle" more than once! Hint! Hint! I highly and enthusiastically recommend this game for beginners, intermediates, and experts! Thank you Big Fish for the great deals you offer your customers and this one is no exception. How does one determine if they are experts? Must he/she play in hardcore mode all the time, and never miss a puzzle; never miss a hidden object? Don't know. Not clear on that, but this game will please all skill levels. February 15, 2014
how it should be This one had the three most important things a game needs IMO. Length.. all the epic adventures are long... gorgeous surroundings.. I could just sit and soak up some of the scenes forever.. and variety. While there were elements of it's locked, it's missing .. they were mixed in with lots of other things to do so it never became a chore. It also had sooo many other things going for it. Like - different twists on mini games.. and there were tons of them. My fave was a whack a mole game where you must hit 15 correct in 60 seconds - 30 squirrels and 9 statuettes to collect -some new achievements like complete X number of mini games without reading the instructions -an amulet that you charged by creating star constellations - HO scenes where you find one object and then use it to find the next one plus list based ones with mini games in them -lots of cut scenes that told you more of the story - a series of connect the dot puzzles to add animals to the amulet - a jump map and a good hint system.. helpful for those what to do next moments which every really good game has -interesting characters and interaction with them -different ways to use inventory objects like making a freezing potion to cross the lake I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Haven't played the bonus chapter yet but I probably will.. which says something because I quite often don't bother. This game has it all. My one and only critique was the VO of the child which was clearly an adult squeaking out the highest pitched voice she could possibly manage. (I don't know why they think if they talk in a high pitched voice it will sound like a child.. it doesn't) Well and maybe a storyline that we have seen before but even so the storyline was quite well done. Really really good game. Worth every penny for the CE version. Don't miss this one or you will for sure miss out. February 10, 2014
Foxy and Fun: MOA: 3 Guardians CE 'these comments are based on completed game including bonus' I have not bothered with commenting on many games this year as so many of them are repetitive and/ or done up in new costumes and the latest and greatest FX. My preference is a game with a solid story told with integrity all the way to "The End" and beyond, if there is a bonus tale. This is edition of MOA delivers a strong strong story line based on one of the oldest of fairy tales that does not flag. Best of all, it is not cluttered with puzzles that impede the story telling. Gratuitous puzzles and HO scenes that fail to move the story forward are the bane of many a game today. So, what we have here is story driven game play, all of which is finely and extravagantly rendered. The Good are handsome and /or beautiful, heroic and have a tragic flaw. The Bad are handsome and/ or beautiful, self indulgent, and retain a spark of goodness. Three Guardians is like reading a good fantasy novel. It grabs one in the first scenes and does not let go until it is over. In fact, the entire time I spent with the guardians, I felt like I was reading a well constructed book. We all know how it is going to end. It is how one gets to the end, that makes for a great game. February 9, 2014
Best Game EVer!!!! I want to thank the brilliant producers of this game. Totally Awesome!!! Hard for me to go to sleep. It has the best graphics I have seen. Love the map and all the fun things you have to do. My eyes are older, yet I had no problems with the HOS. Loved the min-games, too much fun. I play a lot of games, this one needs to be game of the year!!! Thanks to Big Fish :) You are the best site for HOGS February 4, 2014
Great Adventure Game Loved this game. The HOs were fun, the puzzles were a good mix and it was nice and long. Only complaint - why does the little girl's voice sound so whiny? February 16, 2014
Three Guardians=Three Cheers!!!! I'm the 38th reviewer. I don't think I need run down every feature that you must know by heart already. Instead, I'd like to highlight a few things that I thought were just amazing: a. This game is absolutely the very definition of HIGH DEF. It is crystal clear. It's like looking at a perfect photograph of an object. b. Some very fun "follow-throughs." For instance, if you recall the brackets/huge staples on the basement door (I think it was the basement). I don't know about you, but i tried the pliers and was certain they were the key to getting the brackets out. They didn't work!! The game let you go through the motions of using the pliers, though. It was like a planned failure! Instead of the item just bouncing back into the inventory, it went though the action. I loved it. c. And another: there was a rusty lock. I forgot that the oil can was empty. They game went through the motions, even shaking the can a few times over the rusty lock before the script said that the oil can needed to be filled. This is a little detail: the art of discovery. The designers didn't short circuit this process, the made realized it. They didn't remove one bit of the fun and possibility that this game held. d. The cutest thing of all, in the ENTIRE GAME: the feisty little hamster or whatever he was/is that was scared by the whistle the first time, but not the second time. Did you catch that the animal raised his hand and wiggled his finger at you in that "no no no you don't" motion? It is PRICELESS. It happens early enough in the game that I will absolutely replay it just so I can see that scene again. e. There was significant back and forth, no doubt about it. But it was never annoying to me. Going back over the frozen pond/lake time after time was no problem. It was just part of the game. f. The HOGs, unlike the mini-games which I'll refer to shortly, were a great challenge. The regular list-pick HOGs were good. The silhouette-progressive usage HOGs were unbelievably good, And now, I want to point out a few things that were less than amazing: a. The mini-games were not good. In fact, they were absolutely a huge disappointment. The "outline" game...punching numbers from one to fifty-five or whatever to draw a bat, a bear, a whatever...was a total waste of time.xxxTIMES SIX. (I believe the game was repeated 5 times). One of the achievements was for solving puzzles/mini-game without instructions. Well, that's no achievement. It would be almost embarrassing having to admit needing directions for many of the games. Sadly, I cannot think of one, good, challenging game. One note: I'm not at all sure what people are referring to when they say the majority of games are within HOS. That's absolutely not true. At the beginning there several mini-games as part of HOS but that was by no means the only place you found mini-games. There were many, many games (as bad as they were) that were completely independent of HOS... the majority, in fact. b. The one exception to the great voice overs was the girl in the tower. OMG. That was the single most annoying voice I've ever heard in a game. I wanted to muzzle her. c. The collection of squirrels was not annoying as some collectible can be. I like the "challenge" of a GOOD collectible, as this was. At times, however, the squirrel was so small as to have been un-viewable and it just incited a mad click session by me to find them. SO: Aside from the mini-games, Three Guardians was an overwhelming hit in my opinion. Unfortunately, the sorry nature of the games cannot be ignored, no matter how good everything else was. It's not only premature to call this the game of the year, it's wrong. (Now, I can only speak for myself. I understand that this is absolutely subjective and this may certainly be the game of the year for anyone. I respect that and do not discount it. We look for different things in games, surely.) BUT, in my opinion... ...when the awards go out for game of the year 2014, what's going to stand in the way of Three Guardians and a trophy is the inadequate challenge presented by the mini-games. Given the general excellence of this game, I think that a real shame. Of course I strongly recommend this game. And I'm gonna guess that a year from now I'll look back on this and it will be in my top 10 for the 5 maybe. But it will not be number one. And you know why. February 2, 2014
Fantastically Long and Fun! A long game, worth every penny! It's been a long time waiting to have another long CE game that makes you feel your many $$ or worth spending. Lots of places to go with a fantastic map. The tool area was so easy without those stupid arrows you have to click to look for a tool when it fills up. Other game designers take note!!!!!!!!!! I loved the Hogs were mostly interactive which I love, I hate the old boring ones. I love the option to play Mohjang instead of a hog but most don't have that option. Lots of different games (a bit on the easy side but still fun) and lots of ways of how to get your tools. Very creative fun game. Finding the squirrel was a bit lame, I prefer collecting coins and using it to buy items somewhere or a pet to help you with things along the way. It would be great if all the games incorporated more intricacies into the game. Bonus content (another important aspect to a CE) usually not long enough and lame. But this one delivers with interest and fun, although could have been longer ;-) Definitely recommend this game. January 31, 2014
Mystery of the Ancients CE is a must for 2014... This is an exceptional adventure you don't want to miss. I played hours upon hours. Lots of inventory, puzzles, and an epic story. Hitchcock would love the scene's with the creepy crows. I really enjoyed the interactive ho's, wish more developers would include this feature. When you reach Stephen (the character who can change into bear) you think you have solved the quest. No you continue until you can destroy the crown. The bonus game lets you explore even further. Thank you Bigfish for offering this awesome game!!! February 9, 2014
Such a great game I absolutely enjoyed playing this game. The graphics are amazing and HOGs and mini games are a lot of fun to play and very interactive. Storyline had me going all the way. There is so much to do in each scene and there are a bunch of locations. The way this game was put together and the imagination that was put into it had my interest to the end. There are a lot of collectables and pieces that need to be put together. I love it when a game has a huge variety to do, not just the usual find and put game. I also recommend the CE because the bonus game involves one of the guardians having to fight off the temptation. Map is very helpful and I like the journal which tells you about the characters piece by piece An absolute joy to play February 2, 2014
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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

The town of Green Hill has really gone to the birds!

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