Fatal Passion: Art Prison Collector's Edition

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One man's art is another man's prison. An eccentric artist's creations have sprung to life, and they're terrorizing a small town. And it just happens to be the day the love of his life marries another man. Can you beat the painted traps and find the missing bride and groom in this exciting new hidden-object adventure story? Find out in Fatal Passion: Art Prison!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Bonus Chapter
  • Strategy Guide
  • Collectables
  • Achievements
  • Mini-games
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 572 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Fatal Passion: Art Prison Collector's Edition

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Fatal Passion: Art Prison Collector's Edition

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Fatal Passion: Art Prison Collector's Edition 3.8 5 32 32
Watch out for the painter! There have been so many great CE releases recently; unfortunately, this is not one of them. You are invited to your niece Adele's wedding to Richard, and you decide to travel by "aerostat" aka balloon, so we can have a great scene where a medieval dragon downs your balloon. Luckily, you escape the crash unscathed and continue to town where you find your two nieces and brother missing. It seems your niece's spurned suitor Edmund, is an artist who can make his paintings come alive and he's decided to paint traps all over town because Adele is marrying Richard. The traps are strange plants, a huge blob of jello, and of course, the dragon. To battle the paintings, you receive an artist's palette that you mix a colored item with a binder you find that turns into paint. With your palette you can bring drawings to life - like herbicide - to conquer the strange traps painted around town. Kind of a bizarre premise. What is not clear is who these traps are for -- you, Adele's family, who? The HOS are varied, which is nice, but the scenes are dark so they are very hard to see clearly on my large monitor. Also, when the HOS is repeated, all the previous items you've found are back in the picture -- a particular annoyance of mine. You have silhouette objects to find, pictures to place into the scene, and a find xx objects type. The mini-games are reasonably hard but not unique. There are 22 achievements awards, and 30 bird collectibles that don't seem to fit in the story, nor are they easy to spot, because the screen is a bit dark. I think I found 2 in the demo, only because they showed up in the HOS so I looked for them after I finished the HOS. There are three modes of play, an interactive jump map made up of dots instead of pictures, a journal, and a hint button. I did not see how to access the strategy guide from within the story, and there is a bonus game. I did not see any CE pluses like art or music or wallpaper or movies, but I don't necessarily care about them anyway. I think the level of play here qualifies this as an SE, not a CE. February 1, 2014
Rather disappointed in this dev...they can do much better. Fatal Passion: Art Prison Developed by Orneon Collector's Edition Review based on demo IN THE BEGINNING... Eccentric artist Edmund has his sights set on Adele, your niece, but she's marrying another. You travel via balloon to attend their wedding but discover a town in ruins, its citizens missing or in hiding. Edmund, it seems, has a magic palette which brings his paintings to life. Unfortunately for Edmund, he's left said palette behind at his last painting?and it works for you as well, as long as you can find the ingredients for paint. Now it's up to you to put a stop to Edmund's heartbroken revenge scheme and rescue your niece before the wedding is ruined. PLAY THE GAME... Three types of HO scenes are offered: silhouette, multiples of the same item, and "put objects back where they belong." Puzzles are mostly familiar with a few originals, but presented in a graphically beautiful way. They range in difficulty from easy to medium. Adventure mode is a bit tricky because it's easy to miss items you need, and there are spots where the course of action is not intuitive. SIGHTSEEING? The graphics are lushly colored and textured, with close-ups being much more detailed than background scenes. The in-game action animation is lovely?smooth and realistic. Cutscene animation is cinematic, with the exception of the characters, who don't lip synch and are rather wooden. SOUND WAVES? I believe this is the quietest game I've ever played. In many scenes, the silence was deafening, making the "you've found an object" game sound rather irritating. The music was orchestral but unmemorable. Voiceovers were well done. TOOLBOX? I didn't use the map during the demo, but I understand it is interactive. You have a journal to record clues. And your magic palette, which becomes the cursor when you can use it. EXTRA, EXTRA? Extras include bonus adventure, strategy guide, performance achievements, 30 collectible birds (and I have no idea how they relate to the game), and the usual developer's portfolio. THE LAST WORD? Honestly, after Orneon's excellent "Secrets of the Dark" series, I'm rather disappointed. They can do much better than this. I wasn't really drawn in by the storyline in spite of the unique premise. The magic palette, I feel, should have played a larger role in gameplay. I may pick up the SE, as I have a bunch of PCC, but I don't recommend the CE for several reasons. The collectibles seemed unrelated to the game and more of an afterthought. The music was forgettable. I don't really care about achievements like, "You've completed one Hidden Object scene without using hints!" So all that remains is the bonus adventure. That's not enough to justify paying double the price. February 2, 2014
Decent game, nothing spectacular I played the demo on this game. But I won't be purchasing it. The game's graphics are nice, items are distinguishable and the storyline is somewhat interesting HOWEVER, there are several one reviewer has said, the fact that one of the achievements is to play the game in under 4 hours indicates its not a very long game. The sounds are rather annoying, especially when you click on an item you need. The cutscenes are kind of cute since they appear to be 'hand drawn' and they allow people who are fast readers to click thru rather than slowing down the game. Another thing that is annoying about this game is that to access the strategy guide, you have to access it thru the menu button, then click on strategy guide. Why on earth does a developer do that? On each new scene, there is a bird to find but I have no idea why, they have nothing to do with the game itsself. There are 3 difficulty levels and the game has a 'bonus chapter' but it still isn't enough for me to buy the game. February 1, 2014
Good Moments and Not so Good This review is solely based on the demo of the CE. My review would definitely give another star for the SE. Your niece has invited you to her wedding, so you hop in your hot air balloon to travel to her, but alas, your balloon crashes. You brush yourself off and walk into town to find everyone gone except a crazed painter who is able to paint things which come to life. But ahh, not to be alarmed. You are equipped with your own magic palette and can paint things to deter these objects. The storyline is interesting and different (actually, very different, not sure in a good way or not). The HOS are varied from put the items back into place, to silhoutte, etc. The mini games I encountered are fairly easy but they were of the annoying variety, such as press one flower petal to get them all to close, but by doing that more open... I so dislike those :) The graphics are great. Cut scenes are nice and the little video clips give you a bit of background story. I didn't notice music, but it could have been there. There is a loud gonging sound whenever you click on an area of interest. That could have been omitted. There are 30 birds to collect. They are easy to find. Other than the bonus chapter and SG, I dont see any extras except for the usual gameplay achievements. I think the game is good. Not great. Not fair. Good. I do not think it warrants CE status. It appears to be a fairly short game even with the bonus chapter. I shall be waiting for the SE on this one. Trial the game and decide. Happy gaming and have a wonderful weekend :) February 1, 2014
Not Impressed While the hidden object scenes were fairly well done, the one thing I really dislike in any game is when you return to the same scene and the objects you found previously are still there. I really thought developers had progressed beyond this point. VO are good and graphics are lovely. HOWEVER, (and this is a huge annoyance) the Strategy Guide is only available through the menu. This is a disruption in the flow of the game and should have been addressed in the beta version. I will not purchase the CE; I do not feel the value is there. Nor can I get immersed in the story line, just not a connection for me. February 1, 2014
Not the best I've ever played. This wasn't the best game, nor was it the worst. I don't think it was worth the price of a collectors edition though considering that the extra game play was unusable unless you complete certain things in the main game, and once you are done with the main game play you can not go back and do that thing you need to do. (Sorry for the confusion I didn't wanna spoil it for anyone else.) The art is wonderful and the scenes are very well done. The interaction between player and game is very smooth. I just wasn't impressed with the story line. It seemed a little forced and I was disappointed with the fact that I couldn't use any the extra features with replaying the entire game. Was the game nice, yeah, it was ok, was it worth the CE price of 13.99 no way. March 13, 2014
Kitty's Thoughts: Has Potential, but Lacks Something Special Yo! Kitty is in! I would like to explain to you about the latest game I played known as Fatal Passion: Art Prision. This Review is based on an hour full play, so let's begin: You start off seeing this person panting on walls (more like grafiti, but I am not going to get technical), and it comes to life. You have to wit your way through this guy's monstrous painting creations that either block your path, or even prevent you from gaining any valuable evidence to the story. I had to say, the story is pretty simple, but I feel like it was just lacking a spark of interest. The Lure in this game is just not as strong, but I am sure that would change when you get to the challenge. The puzzles in the game are pretty strait forward. However, you might run into a few brain scratches on the way that might involve using trial and error. Not all puzzles are easily solvable, but there are some puzzles that are easy peasy. The thing that really breaks the camels back is the sound and the visuals. Regardless how good the fun was in this game, the visuals and the sounds are pretty much going to be the deal breaker to most people. This company has it's own style, and it really shows. However, their style is going to lose it's edge a bit. The good thing I like are the quick transition to scene from scene, and I believe the map has teleport which is quite helpful in this game. Overall, I deemed this game a three star. It has potential, and I don't mind seeing a series based off Fatal Passions. However, things do need to be improved, and worked on before I can call it Collector Edition worthy. I'll recommend this game but more for Standard Edition. Kitty Out!! February 14, 2014
Not great, just ok I was a little disappointed in this game although I did like how the HOS were varied between silhouettes, find x amount of one particular item and taking items already in the inventory bar and placing them in the scene. This makes HOS so much more interesting. The graphics were just ok to me and could have been better. The storyline was kind of interesting and collecting colored things to mix and paint was good to do. Mini games were fun and with a good variety also. It was good to collect birds and a few achievements but not excited enough about the game to buy it. February 1, 2014
only buy if free! This game was so easy, and I played it on Hardcore mode. The graphics started out ok, with bright colors, but ended up being 2 colors: beige and beige. Not exciting, not creepy, not fun. The collectors edition differs from SG only because you look for the little birds in each scene, btw they don't morph. Thank god I bought this game on special, I watched Enders game while I played and missed nothing. On both accounts. February 24, 2014
Game Should Have Stayed in Prison Based on Demo: Dreadful game. Graphics are colorful but the characters are cartoonish & have no animation. The HOS, mini-games & VO's are okay. The plot is nothing special. You are chasing after another no-goodnik who is wrecking havoc on a town & putting your nieces in jeopardy. Ho hum & yawn. Where have we seen this story before? Game is plodding & just did not grab my interest. I'm sure there will be folks who are over the moon about this game & will give it their usual 5 stars. Not me, to each his/her own. Give it a trial & see whether it meets you gaming standards or not. February 1, 2014
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Fatal Passion: Art Prison Collector's Edition

An eccentric artist's creations have sprung to life, and they're terrorizing a small town.

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