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The fabled land of Agartha awaits your discovery in Esoterica: Hollow Earth! Experience an edge-of-your seat sci-fi adventure that will take you to the depths of the planet, the bad guys nipping at your heels every step of the way! Dazzling art, professional vocal work, and jaw dropping production values will be your companions as you explore underwater caves, a subterranean jungle teeming with bizarre life forms, and the laboratory of an evil genius. Just be careful who you trust.

  • Three episodes of adventure and mystery
  • 125 locations in stunning graphic style
  • 40 smart mini-games
  • Exciting graphic novel
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1240 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Esoterica: Hollow Earth


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Esoterica: Hollow Earth

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Esoterica: Hollow Earth 3.5 5 26 26
It?s All In The Tale! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS It is clear very early that this game is about the story, first and foremost. As a friend described it, it is like watching (an old) movie, and interacting in parts. If you are not into story, characters, dialogue, you will probably want to skip this game completely. Because there is much more graphic novel to the game than puzzle or adventure. Outside the story, it is a fairly easy old-fashioned HOPA game with the emphasis on HOPs. SIGHTS & SOUNDS This game?s graphics are very pleasant, vibrant and colourful, clear and realistic. While there is nothing astonishing about it, there is also nothing to criticise. It looks good. And it sounds great! The voiceovers are very well done. The young girl?s voice is seriously annoying, but she?s gone as soon as you leave the house. There is a great deal of dialogue, far more like what you would expect of a RPG or large file game, so it is well that it is good. You can skip it all of course, but then this game has nothing to bring to the table if you do. The music is interesting, upbeat and tuneful. The background noises are sometimes overpowering. *grin* WHAT?S HAPPENING? Your grandfather?s another of those crazy scientists who are forever getting kidnapped and you go off to rescue him. But for that, the rest of the story is pure Jules Verne and ?Journey to the Centre of the Earth?. You travel inside the "hollow earth" seeking a lost civilization from the stars. It is also another art deco, 1920s, throw in a robot, period piece. Still, I forgive the game, because I was totally blown away when I ran out of time. The story is engrossing. GAMEPLAY Well, again, remember, it is all pretty old-fashioned and simple, with help if required from a directional hint. There are 2 sorts of HOPs, interactive lists and simple silhouettes (no interaction). And there are a lot of them. Each HOP scene is host to one of each type. There are some nicely simple puzzles, none at all hard at this stage, and some very easy point and click. There is no map. The journal keeps important information. But sometimes it actually gives you more information you won?t know unless you look at it. For example, you must find parts for an instrument panel. You are not told how many or what they are. In the journal, the missing parts are circled in red. BLING! 29 collectible gold punch cards. When translated, they tell the story of individual characters, legends and so on to augment the story you get from the many movies, cut scenes and dialogues. Beware! I saw one in a close up window for a puzzle, and waited till I did the puzzle to collect it. No good, puzzle closed, I?m down one card. *sorrowful frown* If the blurb is correct and there are 40 puzzles and 125 locations, then we are in for a long game indeed, the hour covered maybe a dozen, or 15 locations at the absolute most and only a handful of puzzles. VERDICT If you are not into life and death struggles with a superior and devious puzzle creator, and you don?t mind taking a back seat to the players while they take the stage, you will want to give this a try. [I know that for many this game?s size will prohibit a trial. If you have a specific concern about the game, you?ll find me and others who are busy playing the game through right now in the games forum] As something for a little different, or an afternoon's dawdle, I like this game. January 7, 2014
Old Fashioned 1920's Sci-Fi Right Up My Alley Review of Completed Game STORYLINE: This is a 1920's Sci-Fi. You take on the role of the granddaughter of a scientist/archaeologist looking for a lost civilization underground in the fabled land of Argartha. He has been kidnapped and is being pursued by some sinister men so of course you have to find and rescue him. GRAPHICS: Definitely old-fashioned and dated. Remember the era is the 1920's here so for the time period very appropriate and fitting to the game here. Some scenes is liking watching an old movie This also wasn't true "widescreen" for me. When I first went into the game I had a couple inches of "black bar" but then I typed in my name to actually start playing the game then it fills my screen but graphics definitely stretched just a bit. 2 PLAY MODES: I played the hardest of the two. I had sparkles at times for the HOS on some scenes not all of them and there are some black bar tips at least for me there were stating what needed to be done at times. Hint is directional outside of HOS and not too long on charge up. JOURNAL: You will get this shortly into the game and you will need to refer to it to get through some parts of the game and there is no map. GAME PLAY: This is definitely a story/character driven game. There is lots of dialogue and some done with voice overs that can be skipped but then you'd miss a lot of this game. Having said this... There are also a lot of HOS and puzzles as well once really into the game. While the adventure is on the light side for the most part and will even tell you when areas have been completed but some things can easily be missed so have to be sure to go over the areas pretty thorough and at times I had to go back a few scenes for some things. HOS: There are 2 types: Slight interactive word list and silhouette (not interactive). The word list ones at first I thought the writing was a bit on the small side but more into the game my eyes adjusted to it. Some objects cleverly hidden or some in very dark areas and some scenes a bit on the Sanford & Son junkyard pile side. Overall though not much difficulty finding anything. PUZZLES I am not a fan. Less puzzles the better. This game had too many for me. Having said this... Some the usual run of the mill but some I found to be quite different. Most pretty easy and some annoying. The skip is pretty quick. COLLECTIBLES: There are 29 gold punch cards that you have to find throughout the game and when translated tell the story of the characters. MY PLAY TIME: This was about 5 hours for me. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I must say when I first saw this game I almost didn't download it. It didn't look too appealing but so glad I decided to give this a whirl. This ended up being right up my alley for the most part. With one exception so far anything from the 1920's/30's era is usually a go for me. I'm fascinated with this time era. I thought the graphics were great right along with the voice overs except for the little girl she was downright whiny and annoying. I'm so glad she didn't last long in the game. I also enjoyed the game play for the most part except for too many puzzles for me. I prefer games more on the adventure/HOS side. Oh and them sparkles/black bar tips. Please stop this already. Overall a very good game and well worth the use of my game credit. Thanks Big Fish and developer. As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. January 7, 2014
Teeny, Weanie but interesting Seek and Find Story I am only able to review what play time I could get in between all the reading about the story. However, another reviewer said it right, in my opinion, that if you skip the reading materials you will miss important aspects of the game and could possibly get lost on what's going on. Yes you are not given a lot to work with (extras) but there are 2 game play modes. Average graphics. Standard, slightly interactive HOP's which are fairly easy to read. But my chief complaint is that the reading (story,personal interactions and pertinent information) is extremely small. Even with my reading glasses on I found my face up to the monitor. I too, didn't get to the bulk of the story of getting to this mythical underearth locale because I guess I took too long, but I did feel disappointed when the game cut off. I am truly torn on whether to use my only promo code on this game or not. I am so curious to see what else happens next, but then again was it fun enough to hold my attention? Maybe you the reader can read faster than I did and can share more of the story(game) with us. Just keep in mind this is just a Standard Edition not Collector's. Good Luck! January 7, 2014
Now where did Grandpa go? This is another great soft release sent our way. This one is set in the 1920's. The drawings are cartoonish, but not in a bad way. Your scientist grandpa is missing and evil people are after him, and you must find grandpa. You board a flight from NY to London to look for him. This is definitely a character driven story. If you are looking for a colorful, blingy, magical looking game, this one is not for you. There is a lot of dialogue to read. You can certainly skip it, but then you wouldn't know a thing about the story, and that's really what this game is about... the story. There are 2 types of HOP that I came across, standard list and silhouette. Both are well lit and easy. You do get a journal a few moments into the game. No map. The hint button is helpful in both HOS and directions. The puzzles are cute and different. Mostly, the game is HOS. There are 2 modes of play. I always demo a game in casual or easy, so there were sparkles. You really do have to look around for items you may need as they're easy to miss. There are also gold punch cards to collect which tell you about the story. I didn't find the graphics grainy. They are suitable for this particular game. I enjoyed it and it is a buy for me. Happy gaming :) January 7, 2014
need to think about this one based on playing the full demo I am not sure. it is okay but not the most exciting game. the hint button worked okay. a map would be nice but maybe not essential. the story line is interesting but finding things got tedious and there were times when I was a bit confused so just not sure what I will do with this one and not sure if I can recommend it although don't really want to not recommend it. I am really torn on this one. January 7, 2014
Not a bad game... Interesting game today. Graphics are very cartoon like, including the written dialoge. Game play isn't bad. Bright colors. Music isn't bad, but gets annoying after a while. Nice voice overs. Didn't care for the dialoge cut-outs here and there. Hint system is quite helpful and fills very quickly. There is a lot to do in each scene, so you really need to "click" around and look. Not an extreme amount of back tracking, but some and HOGs are played more than once. HOGs are simple, items are large enough to see clearly, are a bit junky and give you something you need to play the game. You have 29 cards to collect that also give you a story to follow. So far, the puzzles are quite simple as well. This isn't an extremely challenging game, but was okay for an SE. The story was nothing new, but the setting was very nice and different. As I said, this is a simple game and one beginners will find entertaining. If you just want a nice little game to fill some time and not tax your brain, this is it. For now, I will put this in my puddle and decide later if I am going to buy or not. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may find this one to be exactly what you are looking for today. Thanks for the reviews. January 7, 2014
It was okay, but not for me After playing a soft release titled "Fall of the New Age" recently, this was not near as good. I did not care for the graphics. It was cartoonish. It reminded me of looking at a comic strip magazine from the 20's. And there is a lot of dialogue. Too many for me and a little too many HOS. I gave it 3 stars, because some of you might enjoy this game. January 8, 2014
Love the Art Deco, but This game has me writing my first review. The graphics are fantastic, the Art Deco designs, and vivid coloring make it a joy to look at. The characters are well defined and believable. Skip button refills quickly and the cut scenes' can be skipped. But...the ending was a huge letdown! I also have to lower what should be a 4 or 5 star rating to 2.5 because of glitches that interrupted the smoothness of my game play. I recommend this game with reservations. January 17, 2014
High hopes Based on the demo I was expecting a mind-puzzling game but was disappointed. :( Puzzles became easier as the game progressed and the hidden object scenes seemed somewhat waste of time - there was no challenge! The storyline was ok with it's twists but it could've been better.. Overall a ok game but nothing more. January 10, 2014
Nope. I didn't even make it through the demo. HOS after HOS after HOS. And right up front, a Simon-sez musical puzzle. {{{Shudder}}} Professional voice acting? Oh, please. Awful, cheesy, and the kid (who is she, anyhow?) in the beginning was about as annoying vocally as any v/o in a game I can think of. Then there was the rummaging through cosmetics, etc., and putting the wardrobe together. Music was okay - I don't remember it annoying me, but I don't remember it at all. Artwork is pretty, and kind of reminiscent of Snarkbusters. Story same old, same old - missing relative, etc. Evidently a lot of folks like it, but it ain't my cuppa joe. Too easy in the adventuring and puzzles, and waaaay too many HOS. January 18, 2014
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Esoterica: Hollow Earth

The fabled land of Agartha awaits your discovery in Esoterica: Hollow Earth! Experience a sci-fi adventure that will take you to the depths of the Earth.

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