Shadow Shelter

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You have been hired as a private investigator to search for the missing heir to an old estate in Scotland. You might not expect to find anyone in an abandoned manor, but that would be a dangerous assumption! The house has a life hidden away from the eyes of a novice. Spirits and ghosts have long occupied the space within its walls and they will only let you into their dominion if you’re willing to play by their rules!

  • Blood-chilling atmosphere and plot
  • Diverse selection of challenging puzzles
  • Impressive graphics and special effects
  • Adjustable difficulty level for experienced players
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 585 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Shadow Shelter


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Shadow Shelter

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Shadow Shelter 3.7 5 113 113
Wonderful, creepy game and something completely different! REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME I've just finished playing this game and had a great 4-5 hours of spine-chilling fun with it! Played it in one sitting, I couldn't get away from it! The story is not very clear in the beginning, but gets told in small bits and pieces as you play on, and it's a fantastic story! I Always love it when a story unrolls slowly, it keeps my intrest going. Do yourself a favor when you are demoing this game, persevere a bit, give yourself some time to get used to the mechanics of this game,it gets better and better to absolutely great! The music fits the game great, it makes the game even gloomier, which is a good thing in my opinion. The graphics are cristal-clear, they seem dark, but in the places where there is action, more than enough light is available! You get thrown in this game via the first cut-scene, and what a ride it is! A bit strange is that this game starts playing immediately, without asking your name or what kind of settings you like. So my advice is that you stop in the first scene and go back to the menu, where you can do all the things mentioned above. If you do so, IMPORTANT to know is that the fastest way of having the hint button refilled, is putting the slider to the RIGHT, as opposed to the left like in most games. Otherwise you will be waiting for ages before the hint button refills! Even on the fastest setting it still takes about a minute. There are a lot of HOS, very well done in different styles, but it is no pure HOG at all! There is loads of adventure in between, and no real puzzles, but loads and loads of mini-games woven into the game. This gets a lot better and challenging after the hour demo, you'll see what I mean when you get there, and it's also why this game is so different from the usual! It's strange, I've just played a game with a lot of HOS, but still have the feeling like I've played an adventure game. Absolutely great!! The lay-out is a bit different then what we are used to, the diary and inventory are at the top of your screen. So do look good in the bottom left (and right) corners, sometimes you'll find hidden rooms there! You will also notice that changing from room to room is often interrupted by a kind of map where you see footsteps walking. To limit this to a minimum, my advice is that you use the jump-map often, where you can see where there is action so you can minimize the waiting and jump there in one go. I absolutely LOVED, loved, loved this game! KUDOS to the dev's and thanks BF for bringing us this wonderful, refreshingly new game! Have fun everybody! January 20, 2014
Loving the atmosphere! This one's a keeper! I haven't completed the game yet but am enjoying it enough to jump in and write a review! (And I seldom write reviews, preferring to leave that to the experts.# I have to admit I play a lot of these HO/A games but I rarely visit them more than once. This game had me sold at scene one, and I expect I'll play it again one day. It isn't that it's so unusual for this type of game, and the puzzles aren't difficult, but the developers have created the perfect derelict mansion environment! So far there are very few of the anachronisms that often plague these games #e.g., a video cassette tape in a Victorian-era milieu# and the scenes are deliciously, subtly creepy. And then there are some really startling events #um... nice doggy... ) that are quite effective! There are multiple difficulty levels which you can customize, and a journal that helps you make sense of some of the clues you collect and states your objectives. There seems to be a narrative of a battle between good and evil that develops in the journal as you progress. There appear to be no voiceovers apart from that. There is a hint button that I haven't used yet. No map to tell you where you are or where to go. I haven't found that to be a complication. Music is not intrusive, but nicely atmospheric. I gave it a "good" on storyline because I can't judge the complete story yet, but so far it seems okay -- I don't know if it's a story-driven game. Give the game a try. I think you'll quickly decide from the trial whether or not it's for you -- I knew right away I thought it was special! January 22, 2014
Major Creepy!!! Best game I've played lately. This is the first time a game really creeped me out. I've played a lot but this one is genuinely a major creep factor. The game is different than any I've played and it took me a while to get it. There are pictorial hints when an item is needed. Read the task to see what to do next. The hint works to find items, and sometimes to show what to do next, but if you're not sure, reading the tasks helped the most and don't give up! You can use the map to jump to the next room, it's highlighted when there are still tasks to be done. You'll have to wait for each area to load. The game must be memory intensive for it to take a while to load, (and I have a really fast computer), but it's so worth the wait. I did get a little impatient, but I liked the ability to not use the map and travel from room to room, finding the keys and taking them to the HAND to activate. The "hand" (reminiscent of "thing" from the Addams Family) also tells the story of the fight against evil and the releasing of the demon. I didn't understand how to do a few things, but with trial and error I got through it. Clicking around a lot, even with the click penalty was another way I figured out what to do next, there are sparkles as well. This game is innovative and different and unlike any I've played before. It has major creep factor, cobwebs, rotten and decaying mansion, eerie atmosphere, and a possessed little boy who really gave me the heebie jeebies. I played to the wee hours of the morning and had to ask my dog to sleep with me I was so scared! lol. I finished it in broad daylight and loved every moment of it. This is one of the best designed games I've played. From the first time you fall into the basement, until the end, it really grabs you. NOT for the faint of heart! The flow from room to room is logical and there are clues like unfolding origami that gives you instruction. Sometimes you get items that you won't use right away, and items that you have to collect, check your inventory before moving from a room, it shows you how many items you need to find. The HOS are art drawings and word lists where you have to locate the item amidst a closet/table/trunk jumble of junk. Some are quite large, but keep at it, you'll find everything. I highly recommend this game. It's an SE and I disagree with the low budget, no frills, it's just different than what we're used to seeing. Great game, very original story, though the little boy reminds me of the Omen. Truly terrifying! I hope to see many more of these in the future. It's a great game with a story unfolding and an accomplishment of a job well done. January 21, 2014
IMPRESSED I LOVED IT. Great game.Bought it about 7am and still playing it. only thing I didn't like was the loading for each scene.Very enjoyable.Try it you will like it January 20, 2014
fun hidden object great graphics,fun hidden object January 20, 2014
Loved this game! Except for the transition between scenes with the foot prints walking towards the next room I loved almost everything about this game. It was very creepy and made me feel like I was really walking around and investigating in the castle. The storyline was engaging and really hooked me in so I wanted to see what would happen next. Although some scenes were a little dark, the art work was phenomenal. I enjoyed the originality of the mini games and the different types of HO scenes. It was a challenging game but not so difficult that I got overly frustrated. I could tell that a lot of hard work went into producing this game. The ending was great, hope there is a sequel. Warning; This game has many demonic/occult elements which may be offensive to some. If you are not offended by the subject matter I urge you to try this game and dare you to play at night with the lights off! January 24, 2014
A tour of the Addams family mansion I tried this game first for the free hour and was drawn in then immediately bought it !! I am a little older so i remember shows like the Addams family and always wondered what was in the other rooms of the house ..this game kinda gives you an idea of what the house may have been like abandoned. the storyline is that you are a detective called on to go find the heir to this abandoned old is rumored that one still lives in the house. It is heavy on the Ho`s but for this game i didn't mind at all, it made it fun they had two different kinds of Ho`s one with words and others with pictures for the most part the objects were pretty easy to find ,however there were a few that i had a hard time finding so there was a bit of a challenge.There were puzzles in this game but they too were pretty easy .this game was spooky and there were 2 places that i jumped at creatures coming out .(because of the ghost this game may not be suitable for children under the age of 7. ) i thought the graphics were well done(i played this game on my large screen TV) everything was crystal clear .the story i thought was done pretty well it drew me in and i couldn't stop playing till i got to the end its a good 5 hrs for me may be more or less for you .i am an intermediate player (i played on the casual option so i cannot rate what the game may be like on the hard core level) I would recommend this game for beginner to an intermediate players or for anyone who just wants a enjoyable game with not a lot of thought or stress put in to it .there is some back and forth but the map provided is a jump map which is what i liked . you also have a journal that has 3 parts the history part which when there is a new entry that is narrated and the pictures move( I thought that was kinda cool) you have a task list so if you get stuck you can refer back to that ..As well the evidence/clues that you gather is there . There are no other voice overs other than the narrator and i thought that was well done .this game was simple good fun and a little bit of scary spookiness. i did enjoy it and in the future will probably play it again.Try and choose for your self. January 21, 2014
Beautiful, Realistic, Creepy This game is very good quality for a single edition. The graphics are beautiful and realistic. There are tons of creepy moments in the game, ghosts, demons, creepy noises and visuals. If you like creepy, this game is for you. There is a book that opens as the game progresses that tells the story with voice overs. You can do custom settings to make Hint recharge fast and you can turn off the penalty for clicking on the wrong objects in the HOS. You can open the map and rooms that require action at that time will have a red ! on it. You can map jump by clicking on the room you want to go to. The only gripe I have is some rooms have a loading screen but they are very short, maybe a few seconds or so, but thats not really a deal breaker for me. I really hope they do a sequel to this game. January 22, 2014
BRILLIANT SPOOKY GAME!!! I knew I'd love this as soon as I played the demo. This game is full of spooky stuff with well made graphics. Loved the detail of the 'spooky hand' that helps you unlock the rooms and writes down the info for you on the house itself. The setting is brilliant for the period it is set in and there are loads of rooms to explore. You really get a feeling for this house as you wander through it. The detail of the house itself was brilliant and I didn't want this to end. Loved all the interactive parts and hidden objects, there was so much to do. I hope the makers give us more of this genre. WELL DONE TO THE PRODUCERS!!! BRILLIANT!!!! January 21, 2014
WOW!!!!!! I am a chicken. There I said it. This game terrified me. It's like my nightmares come true. I go to investigate this old castle. I open the door and fall through the floor. It's dark and dank wherever I am. The wind is whistling/groaning through the broken areas of the building. I can't see much. The hairs rise up on the back of my neck. I try to spy out in the gloom to see where to go. I am trapped!!! I recommend this game to all of you who are brave enough to enter. Not for the faint hearted...ME!!! I am so in love with beautiful scenery, fairies, in the Awakening series so that these kind of games terrify me. Bravehearts enter in and enjoy. January 28, 2014
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Shadow Shelter

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