My Kingdom for the Princess IV

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My Kingdom for the Princess IV is the long awaited sequel to your favorite time management game! A great gift for the entire family!

The King has appointed Prince Arthur as chief of the Royal Service for Rescuing Lost Princesses. The service is in great demand as any princess must be kidnapped by a dragon, bewitched by an evil sorcerer and rescued by a handsome prince at least once in her life. To deal with all of the quests, Arthur will need his courage, ingenuity and most importantly, your help!

  • Special effects and five unique sky kingdoms
  • Beautiful cinematic comics and hilarious plot
  • Bonuses, enchanting music and trophy castle
  • Play My Kingdom for the Princess
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 308 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
My Kingdom for the Princess IV


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My Kingdom for the Princess IV

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My Kingdom for the Princess IV 2.5 5 138 138
Ignore the negative reviews Loving this! They've finally gotten rid of the annoying clickfest minigames. I'm in chapter 3 now, & no, there's no warehouse so far. But by being able to pick up supplies one by one, it's much easier to manage them. (as explained in a thread in the forum). Is it the best of the series? No, it's not, but the others, especially 2 & 3, have those (in my opinion stupid) minigames, which makes it almost equal. Pro: storyline, no minigames, visuals, queuing tasks Con: levels are a bit too much alike. Matter of taste: no warehouse, but pick up supplies one by one February 16, 2014
Not as bad as one-star reviews would have you believe. I almost didn't even sample this game because of the bad reviews. However, whatever typos early players had to deal with have been corrected. The player who said it was impossible to get gold on all levels is mistaken. I purchased the game and only have 7 levels I haven't gotten gold on, though it did take some strategizing to earn gold on the harder levels. My biggest complaint is that the voiceover will tell you to "Build a temple," when it means, "Build a barracks." There is no temple available in this game -- that was one of the previous games. The dragonets are annoying, as they're meant to be, however, what bugged me most about them was the lack of animation. They just float over the various levels. All in all, the game was worth the game credit I used to get it. February 22, 2014
The latest of saving My Princess Loved it, like I have loved the previous ones. Its one of those games you can play over and over. There were a lot of really easy levels and then some I had to play 6 or 7 times to get gold. February 10, 2014
More Fun Adventures This is a good series and this is a nice addition. A large number of typos in the opening story made me concerned for the quality, but it's a fun TM game overall. Some new elements keep up the tradition. February 4, 2014
Pretty and fast I liked the whole series. But this one seems faster paced. Much less waiting around and more to do at all times. Finally, there are larger piles of resources instead of hundreds of little piles, which totally helps the design. Also, the new landscapes are indeed very pretty and definitely something different. I do like the gentle shifting of the islands. That one can turn it off seems a very good idea though, it might distract some... August 26, 2014
queing is here! this is my favorite mkftp game. i got very frustrated with the first 3, there was no task queing, which i hated. i don't mind getting resources 3x because i can que them and not have to sit and wait. the graphics are beautiful and the story is ok. if you want an excellent, beautiful tm game go to sw and play demigods, its new this week. February 16, 2014
Different but similar Bought this game because I loved the first 3...Disapointed with first 2 levels...Really different to MKFTP 1,2 & 3....Second level is extremely hard to comprehend as the screen is very dark & course of action is not there in front of you. Scenes are very "SciFi" & hard to follow. Also the cursor sometimes won't click on items you have to collect... However when I reached Level 3, the game was very similar to the original 3...Thank goodness. Hopefully the developers will correct the cursor problem & return to the original style of this great collection...:) February 11, 2014
Not as good as the first 3 games. This review is based on the 1 hour trial. I wanted to love this game so bad. I am huge fan of the first 3 MKFTP games. I go back and replay them all the time. So when I saw the 4th game in the series I got super excited. Unfortunately this one is a little disappointing to be honest. The first thing I noticed was a bunch of spelling errors in the storyline. Not a super big deal, but it does give the impression that it was rushed. The game play in general is still the same compared to the first 3 games in the series. Here are there the changes that I didn't like: - There is a visual sliding of the screen going on, which made me dizzy and I found rather annoying. (I did notice halfway through the trial that you can turn this off in the settings) - Your workers can only pick up one resource at a time. So you have to run to each pile multiple times. The same goes for the obstructions. You just find yourself running back and forth to the same place a lot, which makes it a bit boring. - Some of the bridge construction sites look like a pile of wood before you build it and it will look exactly the same after you build it. I like to visually see that I accomplished something. And it also makes it hard to see if you have completed a bridge. - The obstructions are not distinguished enough from the surroundings. I found myself trying to click on the decorative shrubs a lot, rather than on the ones I was supposed to get rid off. -There are no goals listed on the screen. Although it is clear what you have to do, I like the feeling of accomplishment when something gets crossed of the list. Instead the prince will show up each time you complete a goal and he takes up half your screen, interrupting the game play. On the plus side, the graphics are nice and the music is still the same familiar sound. Overall I would recommend to play the trial before you buy it unseen, if you liked the first 3. February 4, 2014
Not nearly as good as the first three... I really enjoyed the first three My Kingdom for the Princess games, so I bought this one without even trying it as a demo first. And while I don't entirely regret doing so, I will say it's not nearly as good as the first three. They have unfortunately tried to "improve" it a bit too much, instead of just continuing with what they had that was working so well. The graphics are almost too shiny for my preference, especially the cutscenes, but there's ultimately nothing wrong with them. They're fine basically fine - nothing "Wow!", but nothing particularly bad about them either. I don't love the shifting floating islands, and the game would be unplayable if it wasn't for the fact that they allow you to turn off the shifting of the floating islands. That was at least one smart move. It may not bother some, but the shifting started to give me a headache after a bit, so I was glad I could turn it off. The music gets a bit annoying after awhile, and I ultimately turned it off. It's not horrible, it just annoying after listening to it for awhile. The change in music is not an improvement to me, but some may enjoy a change from the first three games. My biggest complaints with this game as compared to the first three are the gameplay "improvements". The resources (food, wood, gold) piles are now sized in the sense that the workers go grab one, and the pile reduces a bit. Then they grab another, and the pile reduces again. Then they grab the last part of the pile (assuming it's a three-resource pile, as there are some that are two), and it's finally all picked up. And you have to click for each pickup, so you end up having to practically hover over the pile sometimes to click it again to get them to pick it all up, as that part can't be queued like other actions. I preferred the method of the earlier games in just picking it all up in one sweep. Adding in extra clicking doesn't make it more challenging, it just makes it more tedious. I don't like how you now have to mouse over an image in the upper left-hand corner to see your goals for the level instead of having them constantly displayed. And the smarmy-looking prince popping up with a rather large speech bubble each time you complete one gets annoying rather quickly. The pop-up critters that scare your workers away are annoying, though not new to the series. Now they pop up in larger quantities and more rapidly, but they're dismissed with only one click and you can occasionally build defenses to help get rid of them. I didn't care for them in the old game in their old style, and I don't care for them in this game in their new style, so that's sort of a wash for me. The defenses are nice when they're in a useful format, but they're not always useful. But they are an improvement over having no defenses over the pop-up critters. The same very basic gameplay from the first three games is still there, though the storyline is a wee bit cheesy this time around. I think this would have been a better game had they left out the most of the gameplay improvements. Sure, a few changes wouldn't have been bad, but there's just too many in this one, and many of them are not good changes. Try the demo before buying, even if you played the previous games and really enjoyed them, as this one is different enough for me to wonder whether anyone working on it had worked on the previous three at all, other than the voice of the narrator. (He's the same!) I'll end up playing through the whole game, but I can't totally recommend it. If you've got a coupon or some way of getting it for cheap/free, go for it. Otherwise, this one just isn't up there with the previous three. If they decide to go for a fifth installment, I really hope they reconsider some of the gameplay changes that were made and go back to some of what made the first three games good. February 4, 2014
What happened? I don't know maybe I am old fashioned, but I like the old look of the game. I understand that they wanted to put some improvements or changes so it is not the old same thing, but that was what made the old games. Why changing what it's good. However the game is not bad, just a disappointment when I saw the game is out finally and I am not sure if I like this floating islands. This is based on demo play and maybe the game will grow. Still recommend it as it is some fun and it will appeal to some people. February 4, 2014
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My Kingdom for the Princess IV

Princesses have a tendency to be kidnapped, and a service for lost royals is in high demand. Start your own Lost Princesses Agency and find your one and only!

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