Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

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Emily and Enron love each other and want to be together. But Enron is hiding a terrible secret – he is the son of Dracula. And just as Enron wants to tell Emily the whole truth about himself, she is kidnapped. No one knows where she is. But there are all the signs that she was abducted from her apartment against her will.Meanwhile, Emily wakes up in a gloomy room with numerous coffins and the ghost of a little girl tells her that Emily has to hurry in order to be rescued. So Emily and Enron must hurry to find each other. But can they do this? You will learn this from the game Dark Romance: Vampire In Love Collector’s Edition.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Find out who abducted Emily and where she is
  • You can play for both heroes Emily and Enron at once
  • Achievements, zoo and interface shop
  • Re-playable hidden scenes and mini-games
  • Soundtracks, wallpapers, and concept art
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1059 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

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Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

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Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition 3.8 5 57 57
Dark Romance i love vampires and everything on the night. February 8, 2014
Like playing 2 games in one! * Review based on playing complete game and bonus round I had a blast with this one- you take turns playing as both the young woman abducted (Emily), trying to find her way out of the castle, AND as her fianc (Enron), who happens to be Dracula?s son, and is trying to find his bride to be who was abducted by his father. Very much like playing out a novel, seeing it from both points of view- and I loved that. It kept the game fresh. Another cool plus- you collect garlic throughout game which you can buy different looks with the panels of the interface as you play the game. So much fun- I ended up changing the panels each time I changed characters while playing the game (you can do so through the map, which then shows the interface at the bottom)- there are four styles to buy with your garlic, and you can choose however many you wish and switch out as often as you like. To do so with the two I chose (one for her, one for him), made it feel more like I was in their shoes as well. The bonus round took up right where main game left off - only you play just as Emily- this time saving your beloved Enron from (immortal?) danger. It was a good long play, a full length chapter with 10 different locations to visit, only one of them a revisit, which was at end in main game. Both main game and bonus were well worth the hours spent. Main game ends a bit abruptly- not too bad ? but bonus brings satisfying closure with one of the endings (you get to choose what you will do). I chose the more romantic idea, and was very pleased with the way it concluded, like finishing a good story. I looked at the other ending on Youtube - not the best of conclusions, and I think the devs could have worked a bit more on that. One gives you a tragic/realistic view, the other gives you a romantic/fantasy one. The other CE bling was the outside of a castle you get to refurbish with the bats you find throughout game, 15 collectibles of things associated with vampires, achievements, and the usual wallpaper/music, etc - I'm not into that as much so don't really pay attention, though I did "collect" and also dress up my castle. lol The graphics were lovely ? the characters likeable and drawn well, the voiceovers pleasant ? and though many scenes were creepy, with the usual skeletons, gargoyles, etc, not to mention old Drac himself - it was offset by beautiful roses, angels, butterflies, and a romantic feel both in scenery and in some games ? giving it a Gothic dark romantic atmosphere. The gameplay as well as the task finding was both unique and interesting- some of it easy, some of it more difficult. A good mix- and a lot of cool tasks and puzzles. I loved the vampires and the roses with the moonlight game. It took me forever to figure out how to make the roses all bloom with light- but I did! Only one game did I skip after giving it a pretty good go, having to do with counting sides of crystals and rotating rings to equal the sum given (I hate math games, sorry. lol) The voiceovers were nicely done, and the little girl ghost and subplot story about her was sweet but sad. What I did not like- the music sometimes cut off during the HOS, which was jarring. The HOS were interactive and fun, but then suddenly there was nothing but silence, not even ambient felt strange. Possibly a glitch in the system? (Since this only happened on a few of them toward the end of the main game). Also, some of the items were a bit misleading ? a ?pie? for a cherry turned out to be a cupcake (which wasn?t even around in that time period) and there were a couple of other things a bit off besides, but don?t let these minor setbacks deter you from this intriguing game. I am so glad I got the CE for the extras- the content of the bonus game alone was worth the extra price. I gave it a 5 - because I did love it - story, characters, game play, uniqueness, artwork, music - the whole shebang- and I didn't want it to be over when the ending came - but because of the glitches I mentioned, I knocked some down on the techniques. Two fangs up- I recommend for all the dark romance lovers out there! :) September 9, 2014
Oh Emily, Did you Not Notice Your Beloved Enron Only Went Out At Night??? I found this a very difficult game to review. Reviewing based on being a CE, the game offers much. There are plenty of achievements, 3 types of collectibles, some which you can improve your castle, some which tell you about the vampire life, etc. There is a hefty bonus chapter that looks good. There is also the assortment of concept art, wallpaper, etc. These things give the game CE status. The game itself, however, is good. Not great, just good. I really enjoyed the playing of two characters. I love when developers think out of the box and try something new. There are quite a few inventory items you will be carrying around with you. Your journal records necessary things, such as notes found, etc. You will definitely need these to solve the puzzles. The map is excellent. It is a jump map and tells you where tasks remain to be completed. My small gripes: The animations appear to be done by two separate teams. In some, the characters look great. In others, they look like cartoon drawings. This was disconcerting to me. The other is the quietness of the game. These are small things, but for a new game, should be included, as should wide screen mode. The puzzles were original. They were on the medium difficulty side for me, but fun. The HOS were crowded and had many interactive items. Luckily you can switch to a match 3 game, but somehow the match 3 game seemed cumbersome to operate. What I needed to do was forget all the fluff and actually look at the story. I liked it. These dark, spooky games (although this one doesn't seem very spooky with a character named Enron) are my forte. This is a "maybe" buy for me at this point. Usually within the first 15 minutes I know whether a game is for me or not. I played the entire demo and still don't know. Hmmm maybe just having a slow day February 8, 2014
Blood Relations Takes On a WHole New Meaning Here! Meeting the parents holds a whole new meaning here, especially when you learn that your father-in-law to be is none other than Count Dracula himself and also your abductor. Apparently Daddy is not too pleased when his only son has turned his back on the family business of blood sucking and holds you responsible. Point of view is switched and you now are Enron, only to discover that daddy dearest has taken Emily and will be turning her into a night-walker so that you can return to the fold and all live together as one big happy family. Playing as both Enron and Emily, it?s almost like you are playing two adventures at the same time by switching from one character to the other which is rather cools as it actually prolongs the game and makes it much more interesting. I wasn?t a fan of the graphics or the animations which at times appeared a bit amateurish, at times you get cartoonish artwork and then at times sharp and more life-like; almost as if a group of artists were involved, each with a different perspective on the over-all look of the game. I did like the artwork but found that the animations were poorly done and there was a lack of ambient sounds and special effects which made the game really look a bit dated. There are voice-overs but minimal and the music is soft and quiet in the back-ground. Nothing really pops with the overall look of the game and sound and visuals could have been better. Dark Romance is a standard HOPA game with extras that certainly actually makes the game more appealing. Main menu offers three play modes along with customized settings. Unfortunately black bar tips cannot be disables and so you do get some hand holding throughout the game. Tools include a journal and a map which will allow you to jump as well as indicate areas of interest. The SG is on the left and thankfully the photos and texts are easy to make out. You have your broach on the right with photos of Enron and Emily which you require that you switch during the game in order to play both heroes. Game mechanics involve picking up inventory items, playing interactive Hidden Objects scenes that are junk-piled and solving a variety of mini-games along the way. I enjoyed the HO scenes which were standard but there was interaction involved. You also have the option to switch over to a M3 game which was slightly cumbersome to play. Puzzles and mini-games were actually well conceptualized and interesting to solve, I did enjoy some of them. Then there are your extras and plenty of them: you have collectables, items pertaining to Vampires that are indicated in a book. You have bats and garlic which transmute into currency that can be spent in your interface shop and also renovating the castles exterior. You also have a list of achievements that mostly involve Hidden objects scenes. I gave this game four stars as I enjoyed the game play but at times found it confusing as when to switch over to the other character. There are no WOW moments to be had and no great challenges. Slightly out dated but does have a slight fun factor to it. Overall I enjoyed the storyline and game play as it got more and more interesting. Not an outstanding game but definitely a purchase for me as there is a great sell on today and in my opinion, definitely worth the time, especially for fans of vampire romances. February 8, 2014
Interesting Concept I downloaded this game due to getting to play two players in one game. Thought this seemed like a very original idea. I liked switching between players, however you play much less time as the vampire, and much more as the girl. The puzzles were tricky but not so much that I had to take a powder and skip them. Most of them were easily figured out with a bit of thought. Not so much of the flip all these one way sorta things, which for some odd reason I have no ability to do. Like many games, it came to an abrupt ending, I really thought there was more game to be played. The bonus chapter was fun, and in some respects better than the actual game. I loved the ending of the bonus, one gets to choose ones own ending. There is stuff to retrieve that has nothing to do with the game. One set allows you to change the graphics surrounding the inventory, and the characters pictures. The other restores an old castle. Neither one of which I thought added anything to the game. March 3, 2014
Who Wants Garlic? Well, quite the mixture in this one! Over the top thinking, so good on devs for that. I enjoyed playing two roles which added a very unique quality to the game. There was so much to do and yes, at times it seemed to take forever to finish things or find an item to complete a task but because it was easy to get immersed in the story I was able to overlook the slowness. Although I enjoyed the game I found the collectibles, interface shop etc. a wee bit much. It's okay to be busy but you can overkill and I think that's what was happening here. There was enough going on already and IMO all that other stuff was a waste of time and really, was it necessary in the big picture of the game and storyline? In fact it took me a bit to get the gist of the interface shop? It wasn't really explained. Oh well, most all has already been said so I can only say that overall I had fun playing this game and will more than likely purchase it. I do wonder though, if the SE will be jeopardized as a result of the too much CE goings on? If too much is taken out, the SE game could be spoiled. We shall see, but for now, this is a keeper! February 8, 2014
Vampire vs human, Dracula vs ghost girl? The interface on this game is so unique, I haven't decided if I really like it or not. It is a good story -- nice human girl falls in love with vampire, and they decide to marry. Daddy Dracula says they can marry if girl becomes a vampire, so he kidnaps her. You spend the game alternating between the girl's point of view and the vampire's. You can flip back and forth easily. Separate maps, separate inventories, separate objectives! The game is very well done, easily allowing you to move between the two characters. I just kept forgetting where in each story/quest I was, although the interactive map really helped. There is so much to do -- it is definitely a CE. You collect garlic to "purchase" upgrades for your inventory panel and medallion head shots. You collect bats to trade for upgrades to a castle - Dracula's? Plus there are an additional 15 items to find -- silver, a cross, other objects. And of course, there are achievements. There are the normal CE extras, including strategy guide and bonus scenario. The mini-games are unique but easy -- didn't have to skip any so far! The four modes, including custom, should make every one happy. The HOS are a bit cluttered, but are all lists. You can switch off to a Match 3 instead. I like this game, because when you get stuck, you can switch to the other character. But it takes more concentration than I am used to spending on most games! February 8, 2014
So innovative, too short! Loved this game, loved the idea of switching between characters to play the game, but it was a bit too short...or easy? Not sure Looking forward to something else like this again!! February 27, 2014
something a little different, and i'm all for that If you've arrived at my 2 pennuth, then you dont want a repeat of how the game plays. i liked it to a degree, but theres a lot of backwards and forwards, however the map is a ,massive help with this. some say the music was not intrusive, well i beg to differ, it really got on my nerves! plus some sounds, like a constantly squeaking mouse in the cellar, which carried on into the hog in that scene, thank goodness i can control my sound outside of the game, when this happens. puzzles were good. i hate hos scenes, but devs rarely do an adventure without them mores the pity, so i opted for the match 3 mostly, as its quicker anyway. i dont regret buying it, because its obvious that a lot of work has gone on to produce this game. the vampire lover is most attractive, and you really feel so sorry for him in the end, but which do you choose, a life in darkness, or the light of day, the choice is yours lol lol lol February 9, 2014
Pretty Good I did get a bit tired of it in the Bonus chapter. It seemed to go on a bit long and was really just jumping from place to place to solve riddles and HOGS. I liked the characters, they were pleasant and Dad was very evil, but not frightening :D The graphics are good, the main game is good and finding hidden things along the way was also fine. I did like the game, but got a bit bored towards the end February 18, 2014
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Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

Can a vampire and an ordinary girl be together, if the vampire's father opposes this?

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