Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Collector's Edition

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Brought to you by Elephant Games, the creators of the Christmas Stories series and Mystery Case Files®: Fate's Carnival.

Now you see us… now you don’t. It should have been a lighthearted human interest story, but what Emilie White reported on in this abandoned town scared her witless – and now she’s vanished. Nobody can say what happened to her, and only a few like you know the stories of invisible people living there are true... Return to Raincliff, where what you see isn’t always what you get.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Play the bonus game to uncover more secrets
  • Discover the Secret Room
  • Earn Achievements
  • Collect Mr. Toad figurines throughout the game
  • Get soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers and concept art
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 919 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Collector's Edition

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Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Collector's Edition

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Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Collector's Edition 4.5 5 81 81
Mystery Trackers.Rainclif's Phantom.A GREAT GAME I am a fan of the Mystery Trackers of Elephant games and this one seems to be the best .It could be a 5 stars game with superb graphics, an appropriate music, a very useful Hint and with elf, the cute dog, helping you when in trouble!!Puzzles were great .Some were more difficult but with a little patience I believe you can solve them. Personally I skipped 2.This game will please every Big Fish games player. There is a challenge bonus chapter as well..Buy it .You will enjoy a lot. March 11, 2014
Excellent Game I loved the different levels of difficulty one could choose. It really did get to be difficult. I believe the story could've been a little better written, however. March 4, 2014
I'm hooked on fish Loved this game best in a very long time March 3, 2014
INTERESTING, FUN AND EASY BASED ON ***COMPLETED GAME*** AND BONUS CHAPTER IF YOU'RE A BEGINNER: I think you will find this game very interesting, easy to accomplish (except for a very few of the achievements,) with the bonus chapter completing the adventure. I would recommend that you use the map to follow where you have actions available to accomplish because there is quite a lot of running back and forth. You will enjoy collecting the frogs and keeping your strength up with the morphing objects. You will also enjoy having to use your imagination to come up with some uses for your little dog Elf. If you haven't played too many hidden object games, this story will draw you in and take you on an exciting journey. The puzzles are all doable, but one or two may give you a little challenge. FOR INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS: No doubt you will find the concept of an invisible village of people intriguing, that's kind of a new idea. The story will seem rather the same old "let's defeat evil" concept, but that's what these games are about. I think you will find the helper dog cute if you like those things, but not particularly useful. The mini games will all be doable for you with some of them being a little different. I don't think any of them will stump you. You will like having the map to avoid a lot of running around and the hint system is adequate if you get stuck. You'll enjoy the gorgeous graphics and doable achievements. You will also like how the bonus game ADDS a lot to the ending of the main game. Nothing in the game will be too difficult for you and I believe you will enjoy it from beginning to end. FOR EXPERT PLAYERS: In spite of the "invisibles" story line, I think this game will feel tired and same ole, but it's not bad. The games will be too easy for you. None of the games took me longer than a minute or two to finish. I think Elf the helper dog will just slow you down and maybe irritate you if you're not into those things. I also think having to keep your character alive by collecting morphing objects will disrupt the flow of your gameplay and become irritating. The achievements are simple and easily attained. Basically, this game will be fun for you, but you won't feel like you've accomplished anything at the end. It's just not challenging at all. The bonus chapter is worth having because it adds to the ending of the original story, but it's also easy. If you're main goal is to enjoy a game, this one will do just fine. If you're looking for a challenge, this one will disappoint you. Hope this helps everybody :) Have fun! February 17, 2014
I see footprints Back in the day I demo'd a few Mystery Trackers games and did not care for them at all. I felt they were very HOS heavy with lots of trekking around for no apparent reason, collecting nonsensical things (as in the 4 Aces). So, when I saw this game, I figured, well ok. I'm here in the middle of a real blizzard, may as well try it. I D/L the original Raincliff first and did not find it too bad. My only complaint was lack of a map. Finished that demo and D/L this one. I actually liked it. It has a great map. I did not see a journal, but you do view the reporter's videos. I did like the frost mode although while demo'ing the game I shut it off. The dog helper could stay or go IMHO. Im not a big fan of them. I believe the snowy setting and the mysteriousness of the game is what appealed to me. The gameplay itself was very easy. The HOS and puzzles were simple. There should also be an option for a match 3 or mahjong instead of playing the HOS. Another thing, albeit minor, was the gong noise when you used the wrong tool on an item. Was annoying. I love all games creepy and other-worldy, so this game agreed with me nicely. I loved the graphics and background windy noises. Very nicely done. Since I do not plan on buying any of the other games offered in the bundle sale, I will wait a CE sale as I definitely loved, loved the toads. I had to LOL at some of them. All in all a great game. I'm very glad I tried it. I'd give it 4.5 stars. Not quite 5 stars for lack of difficulty. February 13, 2014
Phantom Difficulty The Mystery Trackers series is one of the best, with each game being a very strong entry. I own five other MT games, with two as CE's. In this episode, you return to the town of Raincliff to investigate the disappearance of TV reporter Emilie White. Ms. White disappeared while investigating the presence of invisible people in the town, hence the "Phantom's" title. The drawing and design are top notch, the swirling snow very realistic (I can attest to that by looking out my window). Voice overs are also very believable, and cut scenes (and they pop up frequently) are well done. Music is very subtle. Playing off the snowy landscape is a unique (as far as I know) wrinkle. On the left of the screen there is a thermometer. When the temperature get cold you have to find an object to warm you. However, the objects are just standard items, not necessarily associated with warmth. There is an option to disable this feature. Another wrinkle is VHS tapes (yes, still using them, my theory on this I'll put in the forum). Each time you find and view a tape you receive a photo (a polaroid type of course). You have to match the photo to its location in the game to find a secret hiding place and objects. This game is clearly well thought out and well executed. My only ding would be that the hidden object scenes and even the puzzles are just so easy. You really won't have any trouble finding anything and the puzzles, while cleverly designed, have really simple solutions. Perhaps this changes as you play further but I'll take of 1/2 a star for now. This CE has collectible "creatures", achievements, a strategy guide, and a bonus chapter as well as the usual pseudo-extras. There are four levels of difficulty. Four 1/2 stars February 13, 2014
4 stars...Elephant delivers an intriguing, enjoyable continuation of the Mystery Trackers series Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Developed by Elephant Games Collector's Edition Review based on demo IN THE BEGINNING... The storyline unfolds mysteriously in bits of tempting information here and there. Naturally, you're the brilliant and unstoppable Mystery Trackers detective, and you've been dispatched back to Raincliff to investigate the disappearance of Emilie White, a reporter trying to get her career-making story. Ms. White thinks she's been sent off to cover another fluffy, human interest story. What she finds in Raincliff?and what is revealed to you through her notes and videos?is an enigma. And a frightening one at that. How do you fight an enemy you can't see? PLAY THE GAME... At least in the demo, there was a distinct lack of "find the weirdly shaped item to open the lock" that has been characteristic of Elephant's games of late. Many items required interaction in the inventory before they could be used, a feature I enjoyed. Adventure mode was unusually complex in that there were many different things to accomplish and nooks and crannies to remember. The HO scenes were all of the list type with a few items being interactive. I do wish they had been more complex. I found the puzzles in the demo fairly easy, but visually stunning. SIGHTSEEING? As you would expect from Elephant, graphics were lushly colored, dimensional, and beautiful. Outside, blues and purples dominated the icy landscape. Thankfully, the rooms indoors were warm and welcoming in contrast. Close-up animation was stunning, as were the cinematics and cutscenes. SOUND WAVES? Although I had the music volume maximized, it remained unobtrusive. Environmental sounds dominated and, in the wintry atmosphere of Raincliff, added to immersion immensely. Voiceovers were professional, as is usual for Elephant. Game sounds varied, which I found refreshing. It does get annoying listening to the same chiming sound with every item you find or unsuccessful action! TOOLBOX? You have an interactive map which indicates where actions are available and transports. In lieu of a written journal, there's a video camera which unfolds Emilie's experiences in Raincliff. Inventory is lockable. And you have your stalwart canine companion, Elf, to help you reach things in tight places. EXTRA, EXTRA? Collect Mr. Toad figurines that are cleverly and "punderfully" named. The touch of humor is welcome, as this is a quite suspenseful game. The morphing objects are actually relevant to the game, as they are items that keep you warm in "frost mode," which you can choose to deactivate. Watch the thermometer to the left. When it drops, look for a morphing object that'll warm you up. A nice touch. Naturally, there's a bonus adventure, the SG, performance-based achievements, and the usual developer's portfolio of sights and sounds. There's also a secret room. THE LAST WORD? Adventure mode stands out in this game, with the HO scenes and the puzzles being fairly standard and predictable (at least in the demo). Required actions are intuitive, but not obvious. This is clearly a story-driven game. The storyline is intriguing precisely because of the way in which it is presented. You are not led by the hand in solving this mystery; it's more like such a mystery would present in real life, with seemingly unrelated snippets of information that require intelligence, intuition, and resourcefulness to resolve into a coherent picture. And I, for one, became curiouser and curiouser as I delved deeper and was taken by surprise when the demo ended. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a mystery to solve. February 16, 2014
Well done but... Another good production from Elephant Games. Graphics excellent, story line okay. However, IMO, it was too short and too easy (completed game, including bonus, in less than 4 hours, which is fast for me). Granted, that was played in casual mode but I play most games that way because I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and find that's usually enough of a challenge. There were a couple of very minor issues - can't even call them glitches (a little slow to respond in bonus game, a couple of points of game play that were counterintuitive) but otherwise very smooth play. The last point is minor but I found the voice of Simona's character very annoying. Overall, solid but not the best of the Mystery Trackers series. March 8, 2014
an hour was not enough well another one of those games where one has to rush through puzzles because they are too complex to figure out if one is to get into the game. the story line leads one to think it will be more modern and detective like, but no, it is rather full of fantasy. The drawing is almost too dark in some places and that would discourage me..but it was not bad enough to be a no as far as I got into the game. However, while some Hidden O scenes are large and clearly drawn there was one where everything was way too small and that would have brought the game down in my consideration. However once during the trial did not make me think it was going to be a regular problem. There were enough different things in the game to spark my interest to buy it. The untie the knot, for eg, required placing the knots in available holes and so that made that puzzle far more difficult than the ordinary one where one only moves the knots out of the way until all the ropes are clear of one another. The Hidden obj scenes had interesting interactions. That is a must have in any CE for me. There were not any morphing objects, but there were some things that were like those in that they had to be discovered. I am waiting for a developer to make a morphing object change into an important part of the movement of the game...but that has not happened yet. This game had some tapes that went into a camera and moved the story along and rewarded one with a photo that then had to match to a place in the game in order to solve a step. That was a nice new addition although kind of a combo of things done before. There was an interesting problem of retaining one's warmth in the cold environment by finding things that were warming. This along with many other aspects of the game meant that one had to pay attention to things peripheral to the ordinary ongoing of games we have played before. Another good aspect of the game was that it had a nice balance of Hidden O to ongoing adventure. I will be looking to hear from those who buy the game to see if it continues in fulfilling that interest and change that make this game have some originality. I am inclined to get it at this point and that too is the opinion of my partner. February 14, 2014
Fantastic Sequel to Raincliff I was quite disappointed with Silent Hollow, on many levels, so when I learned Elephant Games was making a sequel to Raincliff as their sixth installment to the series, I was a bit worried they make take it along a similar path. Sequels generally are not better than the original. This installment isn't better necessarily, but it stands very much alongside Raincliff as one of the best of the series to date. The visuals are stunning. The city very much comes alive, even in it's desolation, with crisp, clear scenes and good sound quality. This is a huge improvement over Silent Hollow. One of the things I enjoyed about Raincliff was the, at times, visually violent interaction scenes with the Invisibles, and there are similar scenes here in Phantoms. As well, the HOS scenes are beautifully crafted and well put together. Music is again sparse, a theme I think with Elephant Games in general. Although, in Phantoms, it seems to work with the icy desolateness. You can hear the cold wind blowing surrounded by the sound of silence, and it's in that absence of ambient music that sets Phantoms in that wonderful atmosphere. It was nice to hear familiar tracks from Raincliff, but at the same time also a bit of a disappointment not to hear any new ones. The opening scene (from when the reporter starts speaking) I felt was quite weak: the voice acting, the visuals, the story, all seemed quite poor. I'm glad I didn't base the rest of the game on this scene. The storyline as a whole is OK. Without giving details away, the "good" character's storyline seemed out of place somehow. I was expecting (and wanting) to see more of the original characters. On a side note, I am very thankful that Elephant Games decided to ax (at least for now, but I hope forever) the supernatural powers that were bestowed upon the Mystery Trackers order in Silent Hollow. Technically, the game is not very challenging, which may prove to be a frustration to some. Both the HOS and puzzles are quite easy to solve and, in fact, I was able to solve most puzzles in less than 10 to 15 seconds and most HOS took less than one minute. However, I enjoyed this, as it moved the story along faster, and I was eager to find out more. I found the use of the videotapes a faux-pas, as that technology is outdated; however, I overlooked it because of the incorporation of the Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake-like detail of matching a photo to reveal a hidden area. Loved that touch. Also loved the use of Elf to navigate through a maze. Cute. I found the translation was excellent, apart from multiple (I counted five to six) times that Raincliff was misspelled as "Rainfall" in the dialogue bar. Autocorrect? Not sure! Nit picky details are, again, the use of handwritten notes to talk to oneself (e.g. the note the reporter leaves to herself at the beginning of the game reminding herself why she wants to resign). Awful. Only one of the handwritten notes that was written was believable (i.e. that it could have been written on a notepad). Please, please, please, Elephant Games: incorporate more modern technology in your games. THE BOTTOM LINE: Excellent sequel to Raincliff, on par with that game, and exceeds it in terms of visuals, sound quality; however, not in storyline (although the storyline is OK). Easy challenge with quite easy HOS and puzzles to solve which move the storyline along faster, which is good because you'll love it. Technically, there are minor flaws which are easily overlooked with the overall quality of the game. If you loved Raincliff, you will want to play this sequel. Well done, Elephant Games! March 14, 2014
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Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Collector's Edition

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